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bluepalleteuniverse · a month ago
For Vary & Shift
13. You’re given an unlimited budget to build anything you want!  What do you build and where do you build it?
Tumblr media
Vary and Shift: "Pillowfort! Here !"
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betasnow · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌬️ Look at them !
Sorry, i'm late @bluepalleteuniverse. That's my entry for the contest.
The thing is: They're all shapeshifters, and Sirian loves kids (even if he refuses to admit it). So they get along pretty well, while Sirian tries to keep his tough reputation XD
(ALSO! I changed Sirian design a bit, and gave him a mask)
I tried to make a comic with them all meeting, but gave up in the middle, here's the wip anyways
Tumblr media
It was funny in my mind, maybe 🗣️
Sorry if I misread any information of Vary and Shift XD i tried my best and it was fun
Vary and Shift belongs to @bluepalleteuniverse
And Sirian by me 🤲🏻
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vfdinthewild · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Exact reproductive strategy depends upon the species. The breeding season is usually based upon where the animal lives, so it can even vary for different populations of the same species.
Most species have a gestation period of over a month or nearly a month and a half. The young hares, called “leverets,” are born with their eyes open, and are capable of walking and running quickly after birth.” -Jackrabbit Information page on
submission by @arrowhearts
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zu-is-here · 10 months ago
Hi Zu!
I just finished 2 new kiddos. So now I have 6 kids! Oh boi, that's a lot of kids XD
Hi Blue! Oh my– they're so cute!! ;3; aww what a big family <3
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dragon-tamer-1 · 10 months ago
Andromeda and Eclipse Meet Vary and Shift
Cross carried Eclipse as he exited the portal, Shattered coming through shortly after with Andromeda shyly holding his shirt. They decided to visit a nature park in a random AU that Cross had scouted beforehand. Their kids deserved to have some actual fresh air sometimes, though they'll always make sure it's safe before bringing them anywhere. Eclipse looked around in awe of all the colors, so many new colors to see! Andromeda noticed her brother's growing excitement and looked around as well. She was amazed, so many things she never saw before!
        Cross smiled at their excitement, putting Eclipse down on the grass. "Go have fun, but remember not to go too far." "Yes fathew, c'mon sis!" Andromeda looked back to Eclipse, having been distracted with her surroundings. "Coming Ecipse!"(she still can't pronounce his name, yet) They both ran across the park, at some point making it into a game of tag. Cross and Shattered watched them play together, and sat down with the food they brought along.
       After a while, the twins stopped running around and decided to sit in the grass. After a few minutes, Eclipse noticed that there was some others nearby(thanks to his empathic ability). He decided to check it out, bringing his twin along. They came to a bush between two trees and decided to peek in. Eclipse called out, "Hello? Someone ovew hewe?" Andromeda noticed two skeleton looking kids a little past the bushes, and nudges her brother to get his attention.
         "Oh, thewe you awe! I knew I felt feelings ovew hewe." He went over to see them better, his sister following behind him. The two kids they saw noticed them and shifted into Eclipse, which startled the twins. "Aaah! Why you look like Ecipse!?" Andromeda cowered behind Eclipse, peeking from behind his back. Gloopy also warily "watched" the now shifted skeletons, not liking that they scared its "owner"(or host, that could work in this context).
         "Hi there, sorry we scared you. We didn't mean to," said the "Eclipse" on the left. She pointed to herself, "I'm Vary, and this is my brother Shift." She pointed to her brother as she said this, and he waved at them. "I'm Eclipse, and this is my sistew Andwomeda. Nice ta meet you." Eclipse took a step forward to hold hands with Shift, but Vary went to bite him. "No, my brother!" Eclipse holds his hand with his tentacle, it didn't hurt much, it was more of a shock.
      "Sorry? I was just going to shake hands." Eclipse looked down, a little upset that he didn't get to shake hands with the new kids. Andromeda went to hug him, Gloopy curling itself around Eclipse's tentacle. "Sorry about that, Vary gets protective of me. And also jealous sometimes." "Do not!!" Vary pouts, but is fighting not to smile. They shifted into Andromeda next, which made Andromeda more curious about them.
      "How do you do tha'?" She waves her hands ina a way to try and imitate what they did. "We don't know, we can just do this," Shift answered. Before anyone else could say anything, they heard someone yell, "Kids!? Where did you go??"
       Cross couldn't believe he took his eyes off his kids, where did they go?? They were right there a minute ago! 'Dang it, Shattered, why'd you have to distract me like that!?' He walked quickly across the park looking for his kids, while Shattered was looking in the opposite direction. 'Maybe that wasn't a good idea, but I couldn't help it, it's fun making him blush. AH just focus on finding our kids!'
       Cross notices his kids behind the bushes, and calls Shattered over. Andromeda and Eclipse look a bit ashamed, because they forgot to tell their parents where they were going. "There you are, what are you doing over here?" He then noticed Vary and Shift. 'Did... did Andromeda clone herself??? Can she do that??'
      Cross comes closer and hugs his kids, and asks them, "Did you make new friends?" He also noticed the eyebrows the other two had. 'Huh, at least I can tell which Andromeda is mine.' But then Vary and Shift shifted into Cross, which startled him. "Wh-what?"
      "It's just something we do, sorry for scaring you," Shift said, "I'm Shift, and that's my sister Vary." Before Cross could respond, Shattered finally made his way over to the rest of his family. But upon seeing three Cross's, he was dumbfounded. "What the he- heck?" Barely remembering to censor himself with the kids nearby. "Who are they? Did you clone yourself? Cause if you did, you got the eyebrows wrong," looking at the hands, "and the hands as well."
        "No, they're not clones, and they were Andromeda a minute ago. I think they're shapeshifters?" Turning back to Shift, "Am I right about that?" Receiving a nod, he turned back to Shattered, "Yeah, they're shapeshifters. Apparently our kids found them over here."
       They heard someone calling for the twins, and Vary grabbed her brother. "We have to go now, bye!" "Bye-bye!" As they left, they shifted back to normal, which actually shocked Cross and Shattered. 'They look very young, I guess the person calling for them was either their parent or guardian.'
      "Well, I hope you two had fun with them. Now how about we go eat lunch?" "Yay food!" Exclaimed the twins. Cross chuckled a little at their enthusiasm, then picked up Andromeda, while Shattered used one of his tentacles to pick up Eclipse. "Ok, ok, let's go."
        They went back to their spot where they had sandwiches ready. They ate while the twins told them about their side of the encounter, and when everyone was done eating, they packed up and went home.
@bluepalleteuniverse Here it is! Took me a bit because I was trying to figure out how my Dark Cream twins would react. That, and I had forgotten to flesh out their personality when I came up with them. But that's figured out now. Hope you like it! Also, it was Lint(Blue's Dreamberry ship kid) who called them.
Shattered Dream belongs to @galacii-gallery /@shattereddreamsau
Cross belongs to @jakei95
Andromeda and Eclipse belongs to me
Vary and Shift belongs to @bluepalleteuniverse
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moist-panini · 9 months ago
vary nais
Tumblr media
im losing my shit 
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dwellordream · 7 months ago
Sansa and Arya aren't really super important hostages at the time of AGOT, post ACOK and the reported deaths of their brothers, sure, but not beforehand. If anyone should be kicking himself on not kidnapping Sansa sooner, it should be Varys. You're losing your touch man.
Varys had the perfect opportunity during that riot, too. Could have got Tyrek and Sansa in one fell swoop.
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buyerchoice · 4 months ago
Maxell 190319 Stereo Headphone, Black (Packaging May Vary)
Maxell 190319 Stereo Headphone, Black (Packaging May Vary)
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Tumblr media
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bluepalleteuniverse · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Day 1: Alone
This is Vary (human version). One of my 5 years old shapeshifters ocs. I thought about what would happen if she was separated from her precious twin...
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ngif-net · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Jack Link’s Zero Sugar Beef Jerky, 7.3 oz. Bag, Pack of 2 – Paleo Friendly Snack with No Artificial Sweeteners, 13g of Protein and 70 Calories per Serving – No Sugar Everyday Snack, Packaging May Vary
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o0whiterabbit0o · a year ago
HEY VARIAN Have you and Lashanie ever been turned into birds after drinking a strange tea?🤭😊☺
Varian: No, no we haven't. But Rapunzel has told us about that tea and her little adventure.
To be honest, I'm not sure if I'd want to drink it anyway. Would be a waste, when we could analyze it's ingredients instead... But I bet Birdy would love to try it.
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nostalgialover808 · 9 months ago
Yet, another Snow Globe has been created Thanks to @o0whiterabbit0o‘s newest art pieces and Amy Grant’s Version of Let It Snow. Happy Holidays and Remember, I don’t own anything. 
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vfdinthewild · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
“Their proportions varied from district to district, but sometimes over half the houses had these secondary units.”
-from Vancouverism by Larry Beasley, pg. 195
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iamyours-bby · a year ago
Είσαι περήφανος για μένα;..
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dragon-tamer-1 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Here's my participation in @bluepalleteuniverse contest. When I saw the contest post, I immediately thought of Vary and Shift as cotton candy.
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hardgraphics · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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bluepalleteuniverse · 10 months ago
Ok I don't think the family is big enough so here 2 new kiddos...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Birthday : 31/09
Vary is a girl
Shift is a boy
Padishiscuros (a specie I invented)
5 years old
Want to do everything together
Can and will shapeshift into a person near them
If there are more than one person, they choose one person (the same, they would be really distressed to look different) and change of target every so often
They actually copy the magic
But not the soul
So curses and other glitches don't affect them when they shapeshift
But they aren't given the manual on how to use the magic they copied
So if, for exemple, they shapeshift into Error. They would be able to produce strings but not to use them without a proper training
They aren't very solid physically (a bit foggy) when they are in their original form
But they are as solid as anyone when they shapeshift or when they sleep
Tumblr media
They can't shapeshift in their sleep or inconscious
They always sleep together
They doesn't really like hugs, especially surprised ones
They will bite you if you do that
You can pet their head but that's all
The only hugs they accept are from each other
To recognize them when they shapeshift, it's not this hard. Just look at the eyebrows or the hands
Tumblr media
To tell Vary and Shift apart physically ? Actually I won't tell you right now but there are a few differences
Vary is protective of Shift
She will bite you if she doesn't like you or if she become jealous- It's her brother not yours
She likes birds
Shift likes music and people with "musical" voices
Shift is always ready to play with Vary
He bites less than Vary
Shifting is something polite for them, they're adapting to their auditory
When they're alone, they're actually inconsciously copying each other appareance
They became really distressed if separated
They don't have any magic on their own apart of shapeshifting and copying magic
They love to play in the rain
Picky eaters
They have little pointy teeth (I'm not the best to draw teeth tho so you won't see it often
Yes balls for hand, if they focus they can have real hand but most of the time... Round hand thingie.
This 2 made a nest in the depths of Jonquille's laboratory (wich is the Alphys of Mynn's universe). Jonquille isn't aware that they're here since they often shapeshift into amalgamates. Jar (daughter of Jonquille!Alphys and Eyes!Undyne) discovered them and has a habit of bringing them food and she did them clothes. Lint found them while exploring the au and helps them leave the au quite often. The twins don't always sleep there and crash often into random homes. They aren't scared of strangers as far as they are together. They didn't learn yet to read or write but speak well.
17 years old version (future timeline)
Human version
Having fun with picrew 1
Christmas art
Meeting an idol
Awesome writing made by Drag' after I requested it
Vary and Shift as cotton candy (Drag's entry)
Cakes! (Red anon entry)
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clandestine-official · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Vary (as seen above) is one of my favorite characters. She may be blunt, but she is never malicious. Living in the forest, her closest neighbor is Dayia and Lia. Unbeknownst to her, everything she knows is about to change. Nothing in the mountains of books she has read can prepare her for what she’ll discover. Seeing her mother fall apart when her father abandoned them, drove her to be devoted to her schoolwork. The last thing she wants is to be a mess like her mother or a dick like her father. With her grades, she plans to get a scholarship and never return to her home village of Evergreens.  With a steady hand, she has the skill with a bow that can rival and often outdo Dayia. She has gone on several hunts with Collins and Dayia so that she can put food on the table. Don’t think that just because her wardrobe lacks color that her life does too. There is more to her than anyone even herself ever expected. And it’s about time she learns that.
-Mod Mega.
The character reference is drawn by brother Calicochronic (Mod Cal).
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