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#*wearing his face

AHHH tfw you think of a rly good bit of dialogue, real witty yet informative, and you think “this is so good there’s no way i’m forgetting this” but then you get distracted and forget it so hard you don’t even remember having thought of anything related at all until several hours later.

#unrelated but hc: as teru gets older he gets more comfortable leaving the house in his glasses (probably starting with high school), #when they're in street clothes he usually uses (after asking!!) mob's shirt to clean his glasses bc, #mob wears soft shirts and his are usually not the right material for glasses cleaning., #at school he carries glasses cleaner and has an assortment of RLY CUTE lense cloths and made friends by, #offering to clean ppl's glasses when he noticed them wistfully eyeing his cleaning spray, #but one time in the city in street clothes his glasses got dirty and he didn't have his stuff and he briefly lamented his, #choice in shirt--mob was like ''would mine work hanazawa-kun?'' and yes ABSOLUTELY forever oh my GOODNESS of Course kageyama-kun AMAZING, #so now it's a thing, #no one in mob's house wears glasses for myopia so he had a lot of questions, #and something that rly stuck with him was that wearing smudgy glasses can give u a headache/eyestrain over time, #so one time while they were studying (cramming lbr) for a test together and teru lay his head on the table to be dramatic, #mob thought he was sleeping (he wasn't) and carefully took of his glasses and cleaned them with his breath and shirt the same way, #teru does... but oh no! that's good enough for going out and about but is it good enough for studying??, #so he searches for teru' spray and cleaning cloths in order to take extra! good! care! of his friend!, #meanwhile teru is laying there peeking out one eye like ''do i... tell him..? that im awake? he's on a roll tho..., #don't be awkward teruki just pretend to wake up so u don't make this nice moment and uncomfortable one..'', #at least that is his plan. but mob's plan is to sneak his glasses back onto his face. and as someone who is mostly unused to glasses, #and EXTREMELY unused to putting glasses on somebody esle--he stabs teru right in the eye, #so it's awkward anyway 😔. and teru can't rly study with one eye... mob scoots to his side of the table and reads stuff out loud for him, #and you'd think it would be cute, #but the next day they come to class for the test (they are now at the same high school bc i say so), #and teru's basically wearing an eyepatch. mob's lost his voice. and they both look dead disheveled tired, #and everyone is like Are You Okay???, #smh that's just how it goes
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A little more sketch than drawing, but I imagine the selhine’s royal family (the Tsavori family) is both respected out of admiration, and functional/happy.


  • Queen Tempera, who is the reigning monarch,
  • her husband King Ochre,
  • the crown princess Mosaic,
  • the prince Vinyl (who, despite his wings, is completely fine),
  • and the baby triplets, Paper (green and purple), Cloth (green and orange), and Vellum (red. She’s counted as the leader between her and her equally tiny brothers.)

The triplets use ventus, Mosaic and Vinyl use haos, Ochre uses pyrus, and Tempera uses darkus.

Queen Tempera actually has three bakugan she’s partnered with; two of them hold onto her veils, the third hides under the veil out of shyness. All of them are darkus.

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The Huston run makes me so mad dude Marc Spector figuring out how to get past a ableist system that would never let him just live being the way he is should be cool as shit I shouldn’t be sitting there trying not to laugh my ass off thinking about the Marlene Walks In On Marcus Wearing A Face scene and being like ‘yeah he seriously should be in a hospital getting help’

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having this .. intense feeling about a guy that we should date? like we are supposed to. this is so cringe lmao im not even attracted to him (mostly cause i only know him since the beginning of october and because we both have to wear masks whenever we meet). so its not like ‘oh i have a crush on him’ or whatever its just…. like we SHOULD be together. idk 😔 this is so weird

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Back at it again with the clothes and cutes

#Doodles, #Vargas, #Edgar, #Scriabin, #Frickin' help they just keep appearing, #I actually had a lot of fun with these I took a lot of them very slowly and methodically, #Didn't stop me from fricking up Scriabin's hand in the second one >:P We'll get there, #I dunno from where but I got a very strong image of Edgar wearing a loose tunic-style shirt and posing cutely, #I like doing that hand pose now that I think of it, #His legs were a nightmare to try and finagle into a somewhat workable pose while still keeping most of him visible, #Hip positioning and bones and whatnot how inconvient lol, #That second one!! Heck!, #I started off with just the basic idea of snakeeyes - something about luck and a connection to eyes it's a little fuzzy now, #But I drew his hand way too heckin' big and the digital editing took forever lol hopefully it's seamless but heck and dang, #My note margins cut into later drawings as I just grumped about how dispropotionate it was lol, #More chibi Scriabins yay, #The original doodle actually had him saying ''No thank you'' but that seemed too polite lol, #I think I was thinking about how many ways he obscures his face - the obvious with his eyes and then his hair floofs into it as well, #What would cause him to hide such a pretty face? :), #And then more floof because it's fun! The flyaways are really fun, #And then hey look it's the doodle that my complaint notes cut into :) Whoops, #That one was inspired by the specific concept of ''heel of palm to rib'' and that's literally it lol, #And maybe also wanting to work a little more with my blush pencil but that's more of an added bonus lol, #I definitely do need practice lol digital editing comes in clutch but I'd really like for it to look better IRL, #Speaking of looking great IRL gosh I love my red pencil so much ♪ It looks exactly like my red pen without any bleeding! Love that, #Also of course it was Scriabin I was thinking about with untied bowties lol I just wanted to draw him in something Kind of fancy, #Ended up being very similar to something I've worn for a fancy event lol, #And for the last one I was writing a scene for One Way Mirror and that's kinda what their conversation came down to lol, #He doesn't mean it of course but he does act like it sometimes lol
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Posting a drawing of Saeran every day till his AE comes out: day 393

Mystictober day 19: Seven x MC / Mask

Please save him

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve posted the CMC I have for Seven here🧐🧐🧐 That’s So, Seven’s small tiddy goth bf

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