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#...that sounded weird. you know what i mean

Sometimes I regret not joining like a choir or something when I was younger. I mean I’ve always loved playing instruments and learning to play an instrument was my deepest desire before I started grade school, along with becoming a gundam pilot, but it’s too bad I didn’t do voice stuff as well.

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“I’m so sad that WTNV is dead, we should start a WTNV renaissance. Also it’s sick how everyone draws Cecil as a white tall sexyman.” Gurl who tHE FUCK are you following???!

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im gnna try Not to liveblog, tho i make no promises since this is my first time playing anything but an elf mage, but i just gotta say Wow you ever hear a word youve only ever seen written down & think That Is So Entirely Not How I Thought That Was Pronounced bc that was me just now w/ the name “cousland”

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idk if anyone is on, but i have a genuine question, if groups release new songs (not necessarily your fave groups, or not necessarily kpop ones), do you listen to the song/songs once and if you didn’t like it the first time then not listen to it again? Or do you try more times, depending on the mood or maybe just because you want to see how it feels again? The same for playlists especially the ones your friends send you

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I just realised - I tend to think I don’t read much these days because I’m not finishing books. But I just blasted through a fanfic the equivalent of ‘the two towers’ in less than 12 hours. I read libraries every month. I just do it digitally.

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i have a professionally diagnosed Fucked Up Esophagus, and i’ve learned how to live with this, but i still can’t get over the fact that i’ll be in the middle of talking or singing or whatever and then my throat is like “okay so i’ll let you keep doing what you’re doing, but you’re also gonna get weird ass alien noises underneath your voice, hope you don’t mind.” i was just trying to record something for a class and i both felt and heard throat make a noise while i was talking but i was like “surely this will not have shown up on the recording” but. alas. it did. now i have to re-record the whole thing and pray no weird noises happen this time.

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dude my nervous tics are just getting worse aaaaa (in spanish they’re called tics nerviosos so i just translated it literally lmao) (and actually they got worse the past year and then just. Stayed like that,,,,, aaaaaaaa)

#i had them since i was 9. and that's almost six years ago now nooooooo#they just started as a single little thing. annoying? not at all. just s veeery little#then i got over it. and after a while new ones started to come until now that i have like#more. i dont know how many but they aren't like three or even four anymore#i mean. they don't always like. ''activate''. just when im in zoom or another place in which i dont feel comfortable#either because im not familiar with it. or there are lots of ppl. or idk#but still it is ANNOYING that everytime a zoom class starts. all my tics are like the ''its showtime'' meme#i do my best to not like. blink v hard. do weird annoying sounds with my mouth#(did you know that you can somewhat fake a fart or sumn with your mouth closed and no hands.#it doesnt rlly sound like that but it's the closest i can think of lmao)#(ok back to where i was)#or even touch an object harder or sumn because if i did it v slightly it starts to annoy me#or if there's a faint sound. it also starts to kinda annoy me and then i want to hear music or something louder#or also pet one one of my plushies to make me feel less uncomfortable. i dont think it rlly works tho but#i can feel my hands wanting to pet sumn and im just ''>:(((( calm down''#all of it stops after a while tho. but what i feel when it happens is annoyingggg i cant stand it#how do i even stop having those tics??? my mum tells me to try and think of something else and do my best to not do em#which i try but it doesnt work at allll#aaaaaa#ok i dont think i should've written a lot but ok lmao
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