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#..says me while having none of them on my team
cosmicloki · 4 months ago
𝐌𝐘 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 | 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
summary: john walker is flirting with you in front of bucky and he won't take it pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader word count: 2k warnings: john walker (yes, he is a warning), jealous!bucky, some angst, fluff.
english is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if there is a grammatical error. hope you like it!
Tumblr media
You snorted as you dropped between Bucky and Sam, your gaze on everything but the big jerk dressed as Steve sitting across from you. And by the time the vehicle started to move, you knew that you had regretted getting into it in the first place.
"You know we just saved your asses, right?" John Walker, the clown himself, questioned, shooting you an almost mocking look.
"We had everything under control." You replied dryly, finally joining your gaze with his blue one, crossing your arms over your chest. You frowned when you saw how he blatantly moved his eyes from your face to your chest and vice versa, and Bucky could see it too as he immediately tensed sitting next to you.
"And if 'having everything under control' means getting your butt kicked out, of course, you had everything under control." John joked, but seeing that none of the three invited passengers smiled at his words, he sighed. "We're on the same team, guys, c'mon. I don't know why you act like you hate us."
"We're not on the same team, man." Sam was quick to reply, as calm as ever. You found it incredible that he could maintain his composure even in such stressful situations.
"And we do hate you." Bucky added, you nodded at his words.
"My point is, we could work well on the same side." John leaned in, resting his elbows on his knees and by the time his eyes landed on you, you knew some disgusting statement was coming. "And we could use an avenger of your caliber, sweetheart." You raised an eyebrow at the nickname. "You have a hell of potential, but I can see you don't work well with these two. Maybe you're on the wrong team."
John smiled widely when he saw a smile rise on your lips as well and when you approached him, he approached as well.
"Uh, I wouldn't recommend doing that." Sam muttered under his breath seeing John's closeness to you.
"I'm going to give you two seconds to retract all the bullshit you just said if you don't want a broken nose." You said in a low tone against his ear still with that dark smile on your lips and Bucky smiled totally satisfied at Walker's expression, who looked truly terrified for a couple of seconds.
Your lover's vibranium hand rested gently on your thigh, trying to calm you down, which worked almost automatically. He knew how much the subject of the shield and Steve affected you, even as much as him.
The fake Captain America cleared his throat, straightening his body to sit well. "Look, I'm not trying to replace anyone, okay?"
"Oh, so is that why you're dressed exactly as Steve Rogers?" Sam answered wryly, raising his eyebrows at him.
"I'm not Steve Rogers, I'm Captain America."
Sam, Bucky and you laughed, the three of you looking at Walker in disbelief.
"You know that carrying that shield around doesn't make you Captain America, right?" You questioned in a cold tone.
Bucky, still with his hand on your thigh, dedicated himself to gaze intently with narrowed eyes at who, until now, had easily proven worthy of being his potential enemy. He quick noticed how John Walker's disgusting eyes traveled over your body, sometimes stopping at cuts that had ripped open your suit from the previous fight.
And God he wanted to break his therapist's rule number two so badly.
John Walker finally glanced at Sam, pointing at the super soldier with a movement of his fingers. "He always stares like that?"
"You get used to it." Sam replied calmly and proceeded to shrug. "And man, you've been flirting with his girl in front of his eyes all this time, do it a little while longer and I assure you it will be more than a stare."
"I confirm that." Bucky agreed with a darkly ironic look, giving Walker an even darker smile, almost looking like psycho.
John sighed for almost the tenth time in the hour, looking truly defeated. "If you guys joined us, this would be a lot easier for everyone." His blue eyes traveled over the hate-filled faces of the trio of passengers in front of him. "I know it's a complicated subject, but with Falcon, Diamondback, and the Winter Soldier we could― "
You quickly interrupted him in a warning tone, your eyebrows furrowing with anger. "Don't call him that."
"Easy, Walker." Sam spoke at the same time as you did, also looking a little more tense with the name brought into the conversation, gesturing with his hand and pointing at Walker with his index finger warningly.
The aforementioned blinked a few times and then dropped his shoulders, exhaling a great breath of air. His blue eyes fell back on you before he spoke. "I'm trying, sweetheart, I really am― "
"Don't call her that." Bucky snapped this time, annoyed, but John completely ignored him, continuing to look at you in a way that really disgusted you and your lover alike, even Sam got uncomfortable with it, frowning at him.
"I still think you should switch sides here, (Y/N)." You kept quiet, allowing him to keep talking. Maybe you wanted to hear him, maybe you were giving him a chance to say something that would clean up all the garbage he had been saying so far. "I mean, you are an avenger, the last one standing and a very good friend of Steve, you were his partner. The right thing to do now would be for you to be my partner, don't you think?"
You were going to answer something immediately, your trembling lips parting as you felt a strange sensation when hearing the words Steve and avenger in the same sentence, but Bucky, once again, interrupted the conversation, raising his head towards the driver with a clenched jaw. He had enough. You had enough.
"Stop the car!"
Walker rolled his eyes, watching as Bucky stood up as the car came to a stop and moved to the side of the road, his hand entwining with yours, gently pulling you to follow him, knowing full well that all you wanted was to get out of there as fast as possible, just by reading your body language. "You know what? I get it, alright?"
When the blue-eyed super-soldier was on the ground, he turned to look at you, offering his hand to help you down as well, but you turned to Walker, feeling a wave of fury shake your body. "No, you don't get it. You don't understand what this shield means to us, what Steve means to us. You never will, John."
Walker opened his mouth to reply, but you interrupted him with your eyebrows rising ironically. "Oh, I almost forgot."
What immediately came following your words was your fist impacting against his face so fast and hard that not even he saw it coming. He let out a great whine and brought his hand to his nose, feeling how the blood began to come out of the nostrils thanks to, probably, a fracture.
You didn't stop to watch the man whimper and cry down on his seat, as you hurried to get out of the vehicle taking Bucky's hand, who kept a wide smile full of pride on his lips, looking openly satisfied with the situation.
"That's my girl." He murmured against your forehead as his arms pulled you close to his body and placed a soft kiss on the crown of your head. "I'm sorry you had to listen to all that, doll."
Sam decided to stay with John and his partner for a couple of minutes, to, as his good heart requested, listen to what he had to say, perhaps waiting for an apology. While you and your lover were simply holding each other on the side of the road, already away from the car.
You kissed Bucky's clavicle before separating from him and raising your head to join your gaze with his beautiful blue eyes, which, in the contrast of daylight, shone like never before. His orbs automatically softened once they landed on you. "He's a dick, don't worry about him, love."
"But he really choose to flirt with you in front of me. How bold. Switch sides he said, right?" Bucky's hands rested on your waist, keeping you close to him, as if you were such an idiot to want to get away from the warmth and comfort that his body offered you. "You're not going to leave me, are you, doll?"
You could feel your heart squeeze inside your chest when you saw a hint of insecurity flash in the blue of his eyes. Suddenly, he looked like a little lost puppy.
"Oh, baby, no." You released with an exhale of air, as you stood on tiptoe to level a bit with his height and both of your hands were raised towards his cheeks, lowering his face to you, making him focus only on you. "I'll never leave you, James. You're all I have, all I need. Only you. Some fool with a shield won't be able to keep me away from you, Steve couldn't, and neither will this one." You gave him a short kiss, caressing his face with the greatest delicacy in the world. You raised your eyebrows before speaking again. "And hell, there is a big difference between them."
Bucky gave you a little smile, almost dazzling you at how beautiful he was when he smiled. But after a few seconds that warm smile turned sad and melancholic, just before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closer to his body once more, in a strong hug, full of shared emotions.
"Never leave me, baby doll." He whispered against your ear, leaving a soft kiss on the side of your head.
"Never." You replied immediately, showing absolutely no doubt.
"You two finished?" Sam's voice brought you both back to reality. Bucky grunted, reluctantly pulling away his face from your neck. Your coworker was looking at you with a single raised eyebrow and when he saw how you finally separated from each other, he crossed his arms. "You know what the rule is, love birds."
"I hate you." The super soldier responded by shooting his co-worker a short, annoyed look.
Sam smirked. "No you don't."
The three of you started walking across the path back home, Bucky intertwining his flesh fingers with yours, keeping you close to him, as always.
"That punch back there was really necessary, though, (Y/N)?" The Falcon asked you, while he walked to your other side. An amused expression as he turned to you.
"It really was." You nodded your head with a big smile on your mouth, giggling shortly, making Sam laugh too with it.
But you and your best friend were surprised all of a sudden at hearing Bucky laughing next to you as well, both of you turning to look at him with raised eyebrows, totally stunned by his open display of emotion.
"My girl is the most badass of all." The super-soldier said after a few seconds of laughing softly, unable to erase the huge smile of pride plastered on his pretty face. A soft kiss was placed on your forehead, as he brought you closer to him. “My girl.” 
Sam rolled his eyes at you. "No PDA in front of me, guys. You know te rule, c’mon.”
"Shut up, Sam." You declared this time with a smile, while you put Bucky's flesh arm around your shoulders to be even closer to him, passing your arm around his waist, immediately feeling his natural warmth delightfully invade you. 
"I love you, doll." He murmured against the side of your head, his warm breath crashing against your skin.
"I love you too." You mumbled back, leaning your head against his chest.
"That's it, I'm flying."
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hajimesh · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
𝙩𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝙚𝙛𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙩 — olympic team / fem reader
[ atsumu, sakusa, suna, kageyama, gao, bokuto, hinata, iwaizumi, oikawa ]
the stress of the first match seems to be taking a toll on the team's spirit, and you refuse to sit and watch them fail when you know you can be of help. but can you really handle all of them?
(or, where you end up having a gang bang with 8 professional volleyball players, and 1 athletic trainer)
⥅ word c. 7,928
⥅ warnings. sub reader, gang bang, foursomes, voyeurism?, fellatio, cum play, vaginal penetration, anal, unprotected sex, creampie, facial, size + stomach bulging kink, praise kink, mild degradation, double penetration, pussy job (for like, one second), double vaginal penetration, fingering, squirting, overstimulation, someone passes out, aftercare
⥅author n. brought to u thanks to this tweet + @kmorgzz​ who suggested adding iwaoi to the mix
special mention to my wife and love of my life, runa. @tsumue​ u had me laughing at 4am as i read ur comments in the google doc. i don't know what i'd do without u, tysm for beta and putting up with me for the past week ♡ 
ps. im v sorry if ur fave didn't make the cut (╥_╥) i added the ones im more familiar with, in terms of writing
Tumblr media
if someone had told you you’d be attending the olympic games not as a spectator but as part of japan’s team, you’d have never believed them. but here you are, sitting in the same room with the most skilled players in the country as none other than their personal assistant.
“iwaizumi-san! do you think kageyama and i could pull off a quick attack right at the beginning of the set?”
“shoyo-kun, if there’s someone you’ll be doing the quick attack with it’s me,” atsumu’s eyes land on kageyama, smirking at the other setter from across the room, “right, tobio-kun?”
“you’re a disgrace.”
sakusa’s statement earns an offended scoff from the blond setter, the rest of the team rolling their eyes and sighing at the all-too-familiar scene.
“oi! we don’t have time for petty fights!”
after iwaizumi gets everyone’s attention back on him, he barely finishes explaining tomorrow’s match opponents and their plays without losing the team’s attention. he might be there to train them and make sure they’re on top of their game, but he knows when the team is lacking morale and, sadly, today’s one of those days.
the meeting is over and all of you go to the dining hall, fetching your dinner and sitting on your respective table with you right next to iwaizumi.
since you took that part-time job at the msby jackals, you quickly caught onto their small tics and tell-tale signs when something isn’t right. atsumu becomes a complete asshole which makes sakusa lose his temper sooner than usual. meanwhile, bokuto and hinata become very fidgety, often causing a bit of chaos around them as clumsiness radiates off of them.
when the national team was announced, you were offered the job as the trainer’s assistant—all thanks to the jackals who recommended you to their superiors for said position. your pay-check might say you’re just iwaizumi’s assistant, but you’re basically there to cover the needs of the entire team—all of them.
your head snaps to the side as a good-looking man takes the last free seat next to iwaizumi.
“aren’t you supposed to be sitting with your team?” iwaizumi asks him, taking a bite of his food while waiting for an answer.
the unknown man huffs exaggeratedly, rolling his eyes as he too starts to eat, “thought you’d miss your best friend.”
“hanamaki isn’t here.”
the stranger opens his mouth to reply, clearly offended by iwizumi’s words, when he notices you peeping at him.
“oh? hi! i think we haven’t met,” he shoots you a charming smile, bringing out his remarkably handsome features, “oikawa tooru, it’s nice to meet you.”
you introduce yourself, bowing at him and focusing back on your food.
both friends start to discuss tomorrow’s events, which inevitably brings out iwaizumi’s concern for his players.
“they seem off,” he’s playing around with the food as he stares at the players sitting in the table in front of yours, “i don’t know if i should talk to them or let them be.”
he’s clearly concerned for them, you can see it in his eyes—the doubt, wondering if he has been doing a good job with the team.
“iwaizumi-san, i-i… perhaps i could aid them this time?”
his head snaps in your direction, a mix of surprise and worry taking over his face, “no way, that’d be too much for you.”
oikawa’s eyebrows scrunch up as he observes you two but says nothing, choosing to listen attentively at you trying to convince iwaizumi while the latter sighs and reminds you that it’s not just the jackals this time.
it takes a while for iwaizumi to accept your offer, pondering the pros and cons, but he ends up accepting it; for everyone’s sakes.
“i’m lost.”
oikawa’s words make your insides flare-up, looking down at your hands in order to avoid looking at him, his curious eyes switching between his best friend and you.
iwaizumi ignores him, standing up from his seat and walking to the table in front of you with you and oikawa watching closely. the team turns to look at him, waiting for him to speak since it’s obvious it has to be something important by the severe look on his face.
“seeing as some of you are clearly out of it, our assistant here has very kindly volunteered to help you guys for tonight.”
a few heads immediately perk up, looking at you with bright eyes once you answer their silent question with a smile.
“please, be good to her. i’ll be there supervising anyways, so don’t think of trying anything funny.”
“oikawa-san! you’re coming with us, right?” hinata looks expectantly at said male, excitement clear in the redhead’s eyes, “she’s the best!”
both iwaizumi and you freeze on the spot, gauging oikawa’s reaction who only looks more confused.
“you’re welcome to join us, if you so desire,” it’s you who’s offering it this time, surprising iwaizumi and earning a worried glance from him.
oikawa can’t deny he’s dying to know what everyone’s so excited about, and after thinking about it for a few more seconds, he has made up his mind.
“shall we go, then?”
“alright, ground rules.”
just a handful of the team sits in the room, the ones who know what’s happening waiting eagerly for the green light while the rest wonders what the fuss is about. as much as you want to help them all, it’d be impossible; which is why iwaizumi picked the ones he thought needed the morale boost the most.
with a nod in your direction, he lets you know you’re free to speak.
“the jackals already know this,” you say and atsumu snickers from his seat, winking at you as hinata and bokuto nod excitedly, “but i’m not too strict about the entire thing.”
you can feel the pairs of curious eyes burning holes in you—trying to decipher what’s going on. so, after taking a deep breath and getting an awkward, encouraging smile from iwaizumi, you start voicing out the rules.
“please, be patient. there are so many of you and only one of me. i promise you’ll get your turn,” you give atsumu a pointed look, and this time it's sakusa who snorts while the blond setter rolls his eyes, “which brings me to the next rule, no seconds.”
a hand raises in the air, making you advert your attention to its owner. 
“i still don’t get what’s happening,” suna’s eyes narrow down at you, noticing the embarrassment and hesitation in your posture.          
“don’t worry, suna. we’ll show ya.”
“shut it, miya.”
clearing up your throat, you smile coyly at the middle blocker, “it’ll make sense once i finish explaining, suna-san.”
he shrugs but stays quiet. taking into account the jackals’ reactions plus the cryptic rules, an idea has already formed in his mind. but it couldn’t be that. right?
“uh, again, only one round. all entrances are fine,” you pause, going through the rules in your head to see if there’s anything you might be forgetting, “oh! and you’ll be paired up in teams of three to make things faster.”
“one more thing,” iwaizumi speaks up, this time looking at you instead of the awaiting men, “don’t forget to let us know how you’re doing.”
two loud claps break the tense atmosphere, “well, we should get started then,” atsumu raises from his spot and walks towards you. his hands cradle your face between them and lift it so you can face him properly, “what do ya say, princess?”
his lips land on yours before you can reply to him, a small squeal getting stuck in your throat when his hands travel down your body until he’s squeezing your ass.
you’re too caught up in the kiss to notice the new presence looming behind you.
“i’ll take your pussy before anyone can taint it with their dick.”
sakusa’s words make you shudder. you break apart from atsumu’s mouth to turn around and face him, his dark eyes alluring and drawing you towards him.
“oi, newbie,” atsumu calls out to suna who scoffs in return, “c’mere and join us.”
meanwhile, sakusa guides you to the bed, making you sit on his lap as you wait for the other two to show up. once they do, atsumu immediately settles behind you while suna stands awkwardly at the foot of the bed. it’s hard for you to read his expression since you’re not too familiar with him, so you offer him a reassuring smile and pat the spot next to you. 
the rest of the team watches from their seats as the four of you get started. 
suna lifts your chin, his eyes staring down at you before leaning down and kissing the corner of your mouth. he trails down your neck until he reaches your chest, sucking on the skin gently before running his tongue over the delicate area. in the meantime, atsumu unbuttons your blouse, taking it off and playing with your breasts while sakusa busies himself with taking your pants off.
“i get the hype, now,” suna whispers in your ear, blowing air on it and then biting down on your earlobe, making the hairs of your body rise.
his lips capture yours in a slow kiss —savoring your taste— and one of his hands goes to the back of your neck to keep you in place. his teeth play with your bottom lip, biting it softly and pulling away, his hooded eyes calculating your reaction.
“don’t get too excited, suna,” atsumu says from his spot behind you, pinching your nipples between his fingers and prompting a whine to escape your lips, “you’ll only get her mouth.”
“mhm, is that so?” suna’s question is directed towards you rather than atsumu, tilting your chin up and smirking at the dazed look in your eyes, “can’t wait to see that pretty mouth bulging with my cock, then.”
his lewd words earn a few coughs and clearing throats from the rest, which he chooses to ignore when your hand cups his growing bulge.
“enough you two, let the poor woman have a bit of pleasure too,” sakusa’s dark eyes look at you questioningly, silently asking if you’re ready to continue.
in return, you cup his face with your free hand and kiss his cheek—knowing he wouldn’t appreciate a kiss on the mouth when you just finished making out with another man.
they finish getting you out of your clothes until your bare cunt is hovering over sakusa’s lap. he’s quick to undress and ease his cock into you, suna and atsumu observing as they get rid of their clothes as well.
“fuck,” sakusa groans in your ear, the position allowing you to hide your face in his neck and wrap your arms around his shoulders, “always so tight.”
“scoot over, i need to prep her ass.”
suna snorts at atsumu’s words, pumping his cock twice before kneeling on the mattress—right next to you. he pats your cheek with the swollen head, looking down at you with a faint smirk.
“open up.”
your eyes immediately focus on his length, your mouth watering at the sight. you open your mouth and stick your tongue out, looking up at him and observing as he rests the tip on your tongue. 
“looking so pretty with a cock in your mouth,” he slowly slides in, guiding your head down until half of him is inside, “so warm.” 
a cold liquid dribbles on your backside, making you flinch forward and causing suna’s cock to slide in even more.
“relax, baby. it’s just me,” atsumu rubs the liquid on your asshole, playing with it with his finger before finally sliding it in.
your muscles contract involuntarily, making sakusa groan as he keeps still inside your pussy, waiting for you to grow used to the multiple things going on around you.
“hurry up before i start fucking her.”
a second finger slides in and you moan around suna’s cock, spit running at the corners of your mouth which reminds you to swallow. you hollow your cheeks and retract your mouth until only the tip remains inside, running your tongue over the slit and making the middle blocker shudder.
“someone’s hungry,” he muses.
you hum around him, bobbing your head back and forth and pumping the rest of his length with one hand.
“i’m gonna try get in now, okay?” atsumu taps your ass with his cock, lining it up with your asshole and thrusting in. he watches as the head of his cock finally slips in, groaning when the familiar tightness engulfs him, “that’s it, baby. doin’ so good for me.”
you have to remove your mouth from suna’s cock to avoid biting down on him, the stretch slightly more painful than pleasurable which eventually leads to you tensing up even more. 
“you gotta relax,” atsumu says under his breath, strained by the way you feel around his dick.
it takes you around a minute to calm down, taking deep breaths until you feel yourself loosen up and, with one last push, he’s finally inside.
“omi?” you say against his neck, “could you move a bit, please?”
said man grunts as he starts to move his hips, your slick helping his cock glide in, “color.”
it takes you a few seconds to understand what he meant.
“oh! uhh, green.”
atsumu’s thrusts are slow —testing the waters— since the last thing he wants is to get yelled at for being too rough, too soon. but you’re growing impatient, moving your hips backwards and trying to get more of him inside of you.
“m-more, ‘tsumu. i can take it,” you say and he immediately complies, his muscular thighs now slapping against your ass.
suna remains kneeling next to you, cock in his hand as he waits for you to bring your attention back to him. but he doesn’t have to wait too long, your hand wrapping around his cock and guiding it back into your mouth once you’ve set a steady pace with the other two men.
“thought you had forgotten about me.”
he pushes your hair out of your face, watching your lips wrap around his girth. it’s taking all of his willpower to not hold your head and fuck your face until you’re gagging around him, afraid it might be a big ‘no’ from you. and since it’s the first time he’s getting to experience this, he decides to take whatever’s given to him.
“you’re so wet,” sakusa points out as he looks down at where you two are connected, observing his cock slide in and out of your cunt, covered with your slick.
“‘course she is, she’s being stuffed by three cocks.”
“feels good…” your manage to say after releasing suna with a pop, pumping his shaft with your hand, “a-am i making you feel better?”
a hand lands on your ass, causing you to yelp and tighten your hold on suna’s cock. 
“what do ya think, hm? we’re getting our dicks wet in none other but our slutty little assistant's holes,” atsumu plays with your ass, squeezing it and humming when the imprint of his hands appears on the soft flesh.
“mhm, quite the slut you are,” sakusa whispers in your ear, kissing your neck afterwards, “as long as i get to make a mess out of that cunt of yours before anyone else, i will always enjoy these little sessions of ours.”
your eyes land on suna, waiting for him to say his thoughts on the matter.
his gaze drops to your hand, covered in his pre-cum and your spit which sends a jolt to his cock, making it throb in your hand.
“can’t say i hate it.”
you smile at his words, recognizing the challenge hidden behind them. your mouth wraps around the flushed tip, eyes closing when both sakusa and atsumu thrust up into your holes at the same time. you try to keep your hand steady as you suck suna off, but the lewd grunts and moans coming from them, plus their cocks filling you so nicely make your rhythm falter every once in a while.
a hand starts toying with your clit, causing you to moan around suna’s cock. the vibrations make him shudder, scowling at himself when he realizes his orgasm is approaching faster than he expected.
“fuck, fuck– princess? do you mind if i cum inside?” atsumu grunts.
your muscles clench at the thought of being filled with his cum, imagining the thick liquid oozing out of your sensitive holes only to stuff it back in with your fingers.
“y-yes, ‘tsumu. cum inside me,” you pant as your hands squeeze suna’s cock, pumping it faster as you notice his hips jerking towards you. you turn your face to look at sakusa, who has his eyebrows drawn upwards and his mouth open slightly as he too feels overwhelmed by the pleasure, “omi, you can cum inside as well.”
and he doesn’t need to be told twice, his large hands holding you by your hips so he can thrust his cock into your drenched cunt faster.
moans and squelching noises echo around the room. atsumu picks up his pace as he feels his orgasm approaching, his deep grunts fanning over your neck and taking over your hearing. the drag of sakusa’s pubic bone against your clit has you cumming shortly after. your head rolls forward as both men keep thrusting in and out of you, only stopping once their cum fill your clenching holes.
“shit– look at me,” suna orders you, and you barely have time to process what’s happening.
his cum lands on your face, his hand helping you pump his throbbing cock as the ropes of cum cover your skin. he exhales heavily once he’s done, brushing the flushed head of his cock over your swollen lips, and smearing the white liquid around them.
it’s silent for a few seconds, save for the heavy breathing and pants coming from your mouths.
“holy shit,” oikawa’s voice breaks the silence. his cock strains almost painfully against his pants at the sight of what awaits him.
“yeah, holy shit,” atsumu laughs off, brushing his hair out of his face with one hand as he massages the flesh of your ass with the other, “ya never disappoint, princess.”
with a grunt, the blond setter removes his softening cock from you, his honey eyes —plus a few curious ones— observing the way his cum dribbles out from your stretched hole. the same thing happens with sakusa, who lifts your hips off of him, his cock falling on his stomach and the mix of your slick and his cum dripping down on his length.
atsumu’s fingers immediately go to your cunt, pumping the juices back into you, “god, you love this. don’t you, baby?”
all you can do is whine, your hands clenching the sheets until he removes his fingers from your sensitive pussy, and stuffs them inside your mouth. 
“we all get a turn?” kageyama whispers not so discreetly to hinata, who only nods eagerly in return.
you lick atsumu’s fingers clean which earns you a radiant smile from him.
suna has his arm outstretched, handing you a tissue so you can clean your face.
“thank you,” you take it from his hands as you climb off of sakusa’s lap.
you’re cleaning the residues of cum on your face when a hand falls on top of your head. 
“drink some water before you start the next round,” sakusa’s dark eyes suddenly seem warmer and kinder to you, patting your head before disappearing into the bathroom.
after tossing the used tissue away, you turn to iwaizumi and give him a firm nod.
“who’s next?”
your dazzling smile has the rest of the men in awe, silently praying it’s them who get to feel your body with their hands next.
“bokuto,” the wing spiker’s immediately perks up at the sound of his name, “you, kageyama, and hakuba are next.”
the three men raise from their seats and make their way towards the bed—towards you.
“hey, bo,” you offer a loving smile to him, “you ready?”
his strong arms wrap around you, kissing your cheek loudly and making you giggle, “it feels as if i’ve been waiting forever. of course, i’m ready!”
meanwhile, kageyama and gao stand at the foot of the bed, waiting for any instructions or a signal from you that could tell them when to start. luckily, you’re quick to notice their hesitation.
”is there a particular place where you want to be?” you ask them, looking specifically at kageyama and gao, since you want to make sure they feel included.
“dibs on your mouth!”
you blush at bokuto’s enthusiasm but accept his request, stroking his cheek as you wait for the other two to answer.  
“i’ll take whatever,” kageyama says and scratches the back of his neck.
“me too,” gao smiles and takes a few steps towards you, making bokuto move away from you. his large hand tucks one piece of your hair away, his eyes staring at yours before dropping to your lips, “although, i think i’d like it better if i had your pussy gripping my cock. wouldn’t you like that?”
he presses his front against yours, his erection poking at your belly which earns a small gasp from you. you have to stop yourself from taking a look at the tent in his sweatpants, trying to figure out how much of him there is hidden inside the fabric.
the middle blocker smiles at you before diving down to your lips. his hands grab your waist, lifting you up from the ground and making you wrap your legs around his torso. he gently places you down on the bed and kisses his way down your neck until his mouth is right above your erect nipple.
“hey! i want to kiss her too,” bokuto complains, “you can’t hog her like that.”
“s’okay bo, come here.”
he doesn’t have to be told twice, immediately climbing onto the bed and leaning down to kiss your lips.
you grab the back of his head and run your fingers through his soft hair, pulling on it gently which causes a groan to rumble in his chest.
a pair of hands slide over your legs, pushing them apart until your bare cunt is spread wide open for everyone to see.
“you’re dripping, babe,” gao murmurs over your nipple, giving it a light tug before flicking his tongue over it, “do you want my cock that badly?”
you can only moan and nod, your lips still busy with bokuto’s.
but there’s someone who still has yet to join you.
“tobio-chan, if you’re not going to do anything then let me take your place instead.”
oikawa’s words snap you out of your daze. you pat bokuto’s cheek signaling him to let go of you, and the same thing happens with gao as you try to sit up. your eyes fall on kageyama who stands at the same spot with a conflicted look and an obvious erection in his pants. 
“hey,” you crawl your way towards him and sit on your knees, “are you uncomfortable?”
his mouth opens but nothing comes out of it. he can feel the weight of everyone’s stare on him, making him look away from you. 
a few seconds pass and there’s still no answer.
“you don’t have to do this, you know?” you say in a small tone, slightly confused as to why he’s rejecting you, “i just thought… i could help you relax.”
he nods, still avoiding your gaze.
you take a look at iwaizumi –who looks as equally as puzzled as you– before looking back at the setter.
“do you want to leave?”
at this, his head finally snaps towards you, “no, i-” he pauses. his eyes are immediately drawn to your mouth, making him involuntarily wet his lips, “i want to stay.”
relief washes over you, a timid smile spreading on your lips which is quickly mirrored by him. you take his hand in yours and guide him to the other side of the bed, urging him to join the rest of you. there’s a hunger in his eyes that has your pussy dripping with your slick, a sigh leaving your lips when your back hits the pillows as you watch him take gao’s previous spot.
“kiss me, tobio.”
and he does. it starts slow, hesitant, but it soon turns desperate. his tongue strokes yours before sucking on it, spit coating your lips thanks to the messiness of the kiss. the strain of his cock inside his pants becomes too uncomfortable to his liking, causing him to start humping against you, trying to relieve himself.
noticing his predicament, you move your hand between your bodies and palm his hard-on. he groans against your lips, his hips jerking forward seeking more of your touch.
in the meantime, both bokuto and gao pump their cocks with their hands, having taken their clothes off while you talked to kageyama.
gao squeezes the head of his cock between his hands, pre-cum oozing from the slit as he imagines the way your cunt is going to grip him, “babe, you’re making us suffer.”
“get in line!”
“atsumu, shut the fuck up.”
“baby?” bokuto asks from where he stands, his own cock stiff and ready to be inside your mouth, “we don’t mean to be pushy, but do you think you could get to us soon?”
“bokuto-san, you’re going to break a rule!” hinata says, clearly concerned for his teammate, “be patient, remember?”
the rest of the team laughs and you can’t help but join them.
at this, bokuto pouts playfully at you, “you’re just teasing me, baby.”
“then come here,” you gasp when kageyama’s mouth sucks at the base of your neck, “y-you wanted my mouth, right?”
bokuto kneels next to your face, patting the leaking tip on your lips.
“i’m going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours and you’re going to take it like a good girl,” he says, his tone leaving no room for questions, “open.”
you comply immediately, lolling out your tongue and waiting for him to rest his heavy cock on top of it. 
the lewd sight in front of him makes bokuto shudder. his hands grasp your head, pushing you down his length until he feels your throat constricting around him.
“fuck– baby,” he grunts and gives a shallow thrust, “i know you can do better than that.”     
you try to relax your jaw so you can fit more of him inside of your mouth. but as you are about to graze your nose against his pubic bone, a finger runs between your folds causing you to flinch.
“i’m still here.”
gao’s tone sounds stern, even if a playful smile tugs his lips upwards, you can see the seriousness swirling in his eyes.
kageyama sighs and leaves your side, stepping away momentarily to take his pants off. 
the middle blocker takes it as his chance to settle between your legs as bokuto keeps your mouth busy.
“you’re drenched, sweetheart,” he muses, running his digits over your slit, “don’t worry, i’ll fill this pussy with my cock so well that you’ll be cumming in no time.”
your eyes travel to his shaft, watching as he pumps it twice before running it between your folds. your brows furrow when you notice how heavy it feels, making you wonder if it will fit in.
he lines himself up with your hole, pushing the head inside which is enough to have you whining around bokuto’s cock.
“you look so sexy,” bokuto groans, pushing your head away from him and watching your spit run down your mouth. he looks at kageyama who stands awkwardly with his cock in hand, “i guess we’re sharing her mouth.”
the setter’s eyes widen slightly before nodding, mimicking bokuto’s position and nudging his cock on your lips, “suck.”
your breath hitches at his order, caught off guard by his demanding tone. you grab his cock from the base and guide it into your mouth, pumping bokuto’s length with your other hand. you hum around kageyama, running your tongue over the head of his cock before hollowing your cheeks and sucking harshly on it. 
but your attention on them doesn’t last too long, the sudden feel of your pussy getting split open by gao’s cock taking it away.
“so tight,” he grunts, one of his hands running over the skin of your inner thigh until he reaches your soaking cunt. he pulls your folds apart, watching you struggle to take his cock inside you—no matter how wet you are, “i bet those jackals haven’t been fucking you like you deserve.”
“oi!” “not true!”
you free your mouth from kageyama and use both hands to pump his and bokuto’s cock, “s-so big, ugh-”
gao pushes more of him in, half of his cock already inserted in you. but he’s just so thick, so big, that you can’t help but clamp down your walls around him. his thumb starts rubbing circles on your clit, trying to relax your walls, as his other hand settles on your abdomen.
“you’re going to be so full of my cock that you’ll be able to see it,” he gives a gentle pat to your belly, “right here.”
your grip on the other two men tightens as gao finally bottoms out, a whine breaking through your lips at the stretch.
“if only you could see yourself,” his thrusts are lazy, mesmerized by the way your belly bulges when he pushes his cock inside you, “so fucking sexy with my fat cock inside your cunt.”
your lips wrap around the tip of bokuto’s cock once more, closing your eyes as pleasure clouds your head. he thrusts in, hitting the back of your throat and making you gag.
“good girl,” bokuto exhales, “taking my cock so well.”
you quicken the pace of your other hand, looking at kageyama as you obscenely suck bokuto.
the setter’s eyes refuse to leave yours, “who would’ve thought our assistant could be so naughty.”
“as if you’re complaining,” gao says, lifting your leg over his shoulder. the new angle allowing him to press his hips closer to yours.
“i never said i was.”
bokuto curses under his breath when you start sucking his balls, pumping the rest of his length with your hand and squeezing the head of kageyama’s cock with the other.
“you’re going to make me cum,” bokuto groans.
giggling, you lick your way up and run your tongue over the slit, “cum in my mouth.”
the sound of collective groans echoes in the room, a fair amount of players finding your words arousing.
“what a slut, let’s see if you keep talking when you’re covered in our cum.”
gao’s threat goes straight to your pussy, making you cream around his girth. the pace of his thumb on your clit quickens once he notices your walls spasming around him.
“ngh, fuck!” you’re breathing heavily by now, barely managing to keep the pace of your hands consistent, “i-i’m gonna… i’m gonna cum.”
“let go, baby.”
one of gao’s hands travels up your body until he’s pinching your nipple between his fingers.
“shit, shit, shit,” you’re thrashing underneath him, your cunt fluttering around his cock thanks to your orgasm.
kageyama’s way too focused on the way your face contorts in pleasure to notice how his hips have started to jerk faster. that is until the familiar coil suddenly snaps and his cum lands on your chin and part of your chest. 
“h-how did you get even tighter- hah!”
warm spurts of cum fill your cunt, the sense of fullness intensifying as gao frees his load inside of you.
“i’m cumming, baby. fuck, fuck–” bokuto chants your name as he too reaches his orgasm, quickly shoving his cock into your mouth and releasing his thick cum inside of it.   
you make sure to keep sucking him, milking his cock dry. once you remove your mouth from him, you bring his and kageyama’s cock closer to your face and pucker your lips, letting the mix of cum and spit fall on their cocks before giving a few kitten licks to the flushed heads.
gao starts to remove his cock from your insides, cursing at the state of your pussy once he’s finally out.
“holy fuck, she’s tightening around nothing.”
you let out a low moan when his fingers spread your lower lips, “t-too sensitive.”
“i think that’s enough,” iwaizumi intervenes, pushing him away, “color?”
“yellow,” but you continue as soon as you see his face become stern, “relax, i just need to calm down a bit.”
kageyama offers you a towel before awkwardly thanking you for your help. and after receiving a kiss on the forehead from bokuto, the three of them leave to go clean themselves.
“iwa-chan, why don’t you give her a massage?”
you let your body fall on the mattress, extending your arms above your head and moaning at the stretch.
“mm, that’d be nice.”
iwaizumi rolls his eyes playfully when he sees you pouting at him, “get on your stomach, i’ll be right back.”
in the meantime, oikawa and hinata take the spots next to you, eager to finally have their turn with you.
“you’re so pretty,” oikawa runs his hands over the skin of your shoulders, “those idiots are lucky to have you.”
your eyes start closing up, focusing on the feel of his fingers on your skin and making goosebumps appear all over your body.
“shoyo, we should help her relax too. don’t you think?”
you catch the suggestive tone in his voice, but his touch feels so good that you choose to ignore it.
both men start caressing your body, hinata’s hands paying special attention to your shoulders while oikawa pets your hair, murmuring sweet nothings. 
“you ready?” iwaizumi pops back into the room, a bottle of oil and a clean towel in his hands.
the towel rests on your ass, iwaizumi’s warm hands spreading the oil on your back and rubbing at the sore muscles.
“does that feel good, princess?” oikawa asks when he hears you sigh. you are about to reply when iwaizumi hits a sore spot, a groan slipping past your lips and making the setter chuckle, “can you tell me your color now?”
oikawa looks at iwaizumi and both men seem to communicate through their eyes, the latter smirking before going back to work.
at first, you don’t pay too much attention to his movements, choosing to focus on the pleasure. but then you notice how his hands seem to ghost lower and lower until he’s kneading your ass, the towel long forgotten.
before you can comment on it, he moves them to your thighs, massaging the soft flesh. it all goes back to normal –or so you think– until his hands reach higher and his digits start grazing your slit.
“shh,” oikawa coos in your ear, pushing your hair out of your face and kissing your temple, “let him take care of you.”
iwaizumi inserts one finger inside your pussy, curling it until he’s teasing the spongy walls.
whines escape your mouth, your hands gripping the bedsheets which are quickly replaced by hinata’s hands.
“so cute.”
another finger slips in and makes you open your eyes, looking at oikawa helplessly, “o-oikawa-san-”
“tooru,” he interrupts you.
“tooru,” you try his name and he hums, letting you know he’s listening, “could you… uh, k-kiss me?”
“of course, princess.”
he leans down to capture your lips, swallowing your moans when iwaizumi curls both fingers and massages your spot. 
you open your legs, allowing iwaizumi to finger you better as you rut your hips on the mattress, rubbing your clit against the fabric of the sheets and chasing after your orgasm.
“iwa– faster, please.”
he complies immediately, causing wetness to gush out of your cunt and making the distinctive squelching sounds fill the room.
“i’m gonna– ah! i’m c-cumming!” 
“cum for me,” he encourages you, and that’s all you need.
you gush around his fingers, your slick coating them as you squirm under the gaze of the three men.
hinata tugs at your hand, pulling you underneath him and kissing you sloppily. you gasp on his mouth, caught off guard by the sudden movement but quickly melting into the kiss.
he blushes once he pulls away, “s-sorry, couldn’t help myself.”
“it’s okay, shoyo,” you breathe out, caressing his cheek, “want me to help you?”
he beams at your offer, nodding eagerly as he watches you climb on top of him. you straddle his hips and run your cunt over his cock, shivering when his length grazes your clit.
“do you want me to ride you?” you whisper, playing with his hair. 
“wait- i think i have a better idea.”
hinata lifts you from his lap and moves until he’s sitting on the edge of the mattress. he pushes your hips with his hands, turning you around so you’re facing away from him. 
“you can sit on my lap now.”
your ass rests right on top of his cock, but he hooks his arms on your knees, spreading you open, as he lets himself fall back on the mattress.
“what are you–”
“oikawa-san, doesn’t this remind you of something?”
said man laughs, “how could i forget? we had quite some fun back in brazil, huh?”
you’re visibly confused, looking at oikawa with furrowed brows, “what do you want to do?”
“say, princess,” his tone suddenly sounds too sweet for your liking, “have you ever had two cocks in one hole?”
your eyes widen, looking back and forth between oikawa and iwaizumi—who has ridden himself of his clothes and sits next to you, his thick cock in his hand.
“i’ll take that as a no.”
“can we do that?” hinata asks from behind you, his breath fanning on your ear, “we’ll be gentle.”
“there’s literally another free hole for you to use!” someone yells, clearly annoyed they didn’t get the chance to do it.
oikawa clicks his tongue, “where’s the fun in that?”
after taking a minute to think it through, you agree to their offer, “okay… uh- iwa?” you turn to look at him, “what about you?”
seeing as there’s no room for him to take your ass, his eyes land on your mouth. and with two taps of his finger on your cheek, he lets you know his decision.
“think you can suck me off?”
they’re all given the green light when you answer his question. hinata raises you from his lap, aligning his cock with your entrance before letting your weight fall on top of it. you groan at the familiar thickness stretching you nicely, missing the flash of hunger in the setter’s eyes.  
“my turn.”
oikawa presses the tip on your entrance, pushing forward and making room for his own cock.
the burn of having two cocks in one hole is new to you, but it’s surprisingly more pleasurable than you thought it’d be. you lift your eyes to look at oikawa, his gaze already locked on you, and you feel your pussy cream around their cocks at the lust in his eyes.
“enjoying yourself, princess?”
you moan when he bottoms out, watching the muscles of his abdomen contract and feeling his cock pulsing inside of you.
the thrill of being stretched by two cocks, at the same time, has your head spinning; your thoughts becoming lewd as you picture both men cumming inside you and globs of cum dripping from your abused hole.
“oikawa-san, did you feel that?” hinata asks. half-amused, half excited, “she’s squeezing us so well.”
“naughty, princess,” the setter grunts, “don’t forget about iwa-chan.”
you turn your head to face him, catching the irritated look he sends oikawa before looking down at you.
iwaizumi’s eyes immediately soften, but a smirk slowly tugs at the corners of his lips, “you seem busy.”
“there’s always room for japan’s national team athletic trainer.”
he can’t help but laugh, shaking his head at the silly title. he raises from his seat and settles himself above you, his cock hovering on your face and making your mouth water.
“whenever you’re ready.”
you don’t need to be told twice. grasping his thick cock with your hand, you lean forward and flick your tongue on the head, looking at him through your lashes with faux innocence.
“start moving,” iwaizumi hisses, the words directed at the other two men, “seems like she needs a little reminder of who’s in charge right now.”
oikawa and hinata look at each other with smirks on their lips. as hinata said earlier, they’ve been in this position before, so there’s no need for words between them since they both know what’s coming next.
hinata moves his head slightly to the side, allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder and, at the same time, granting him the view of your cunt being filled with their cocks.
“look at her, oikawa-san” his eyes are locked on your pussy, captivated by the way you suck them in, “she looks so pretty with two cocks splitting her open.”
hinata’s lewd words prompt you to involuntarily moan, the vibrations landing on iwaizumi’s cock.  
“hmm, you like it when you’re reduced to nothing but a slut. don’t you?”
you blink up at iwaizumi as you keep bobbing your head up and down his shaft, opting to hum to let him know you’re not ignoring him.
but his words catch someone else’s attention.
“is that true?” oikawa asks, amusement clear in his voice, “you like being reminded you’re a whore? how much of a greedy slut you are by fucking an entire volleyball team?”
you’re speechless, his words –matched with his and hinata’s harsh thrusts– causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head.
“answer me.”
oikawa’s hand wraps around your throat, barely applying any pleasure but it’s enough to send your mind into a frenzy.
after releasing iwaizumi’s cock from your mouth, you take a second to swallow down your spit before answering him.
“y-yes, tooru. i like being treated like a slut.”
his eyes sparkle with mischief, pleased by your words.
“good, because that’s how you’re going to be treated from now on.”
a hand travels to your throbbing clit, rubbing circles on the sensitive nub.
“shh, it’ll make you feel good.”
something wet slaps against your cheek, “don’t get distracted.”
you nod and go back to sucking iwaizumi off, moaning every time hinata or oikawa hit a spot inside your cunt. you dare take a look at where your body connects with both men, and you catch yourself becoming entranced by the way their cocks slide in and out of your pussy so easily.
you are familiar with hinata’s cock, but it’s nice to see the contrast between the two of them. while hinata’s length is thick and veiny, oikawa’s leans towards the slimmer side—but still with a considerable length. either way, both men manage to hit those sweet spots inside you and make you see stars. 
“shit– princess,” oikawa falters a bit when he feels your walls fluttering around him.
“we can cum inside you, right?” hinata asks, sensing his orgasm approaching. after all, he had been waiting for his turn for around an hour.
you pull away from iwaizumi, a string of spit connecting your lips with his cock and causing it to twitch at the sight.
“you can cum wherever you want.”
“oh? the team’s cocksleeve,” oikawa adds, “i see.”
iwaizumi chuckles, combing your hair out of your face and pushing his cock back into the warmth of your mouth, “you like that nickname, sweetheart?”
with his length still in your mouth, you manage to hum in affirmation.
hinata’s pace on your clit quickens as his hips jerk faster, your cunt squeezing their cocks even more in return, “i’m cumming, ah– i-i’m gonna cum!”
he manages to say before you feel him twitch inside you, pumping his cum into your walls. the fullness plus his rapid movements on your clit cause the familiar warmth to take over your body. but it’s your fourth orgasm of the night, and before you can warn anyone, liquid spurts out of your cunt.
you squirm on top of hinata, gushing around his and oikawa’s cock while your mouth remains occupied with iwaizumi’s.
“holy shit.”
both oikawa and iwaizumi cum at the sight of you squirting before them, observing the wetness soaking oikawa’s abdomen and running all the way down onto the bedsheets. they groan as they feel their load releasing into you, oikawa filling your tender cunt while iwaizumi fills your mouth.
you try to swallow a bit of iwaizumi’s cum but it’s useless. your chest heaves in exhaustion, your eyes closing involuntarily as you’re being hit with wave after wave of fatigue.
“hey,” oikawa winces when he removes his cock from you. he shoots a worried glance at iwaizumi before he’s leaning forward so he can take a closer look at you, “princess? how are you feeling?”
iwaizumi nudges hinata with his knee, wordlessly telling him to let go of you.
the following moments become a foggy mess, your mind barely registering the pair of arms wrapping around you and carrying you somewhere else.
all you can feel is tiredness, and the dampness between your thighs, before you finally pass out.
consciousness slowly makes its way to you, replacing the sleepiness and making you aware of your surroundings as a familiar soreness sits heavy on your body.
in an instant, flashbacks from the previous night run through your mind.
you grip the duvet and push it away from you, only to notice the set of clothes you’re wearing: an oversized hoodie and a pair of sweatpants that clearly don’t belong to you. but you don’t have time to dwell on it, the sound of your ringtone blasting all over the room and making you scramble around the bed so you can answer the call.
but it’s of no use when it goes to voicemail—you were a bit too late.
when you manage to find your phone, you tap on the screen to see whose call you just missed.
your fingertips hover on the contact name, debating between returning the call or wait for him to call you again. but a few notifications pop up at the top of the screen signaling you have three text messages from him.
hey, i guess you’re still asleep. don’t freak out when you wake up, you deserve the rest so it’s okay if you stay in bed. i left your breakfast on the nightstand and you can always call me if you need anything else.
and i thought you’d like to see this.
there’s a link attached at the end of the message.
you click on it and wait for the page to load, tapping your nails on the back of your phone anxiously. a headline in big bold letters takes over the screen and you have to stop yourself from squealing.
‘japan men’s volleyball team makes it past the first round.’
you start scrolling down the article, reading how spectacular the match was and how the entire team seemed to be in their best shape. you feel your face heat up when you read the argentinian team won their match too, with multiple comments praising oikawa’s performance.
with a smile on your lips, you go back to your messages to type a quick reply to iwaizumi. only to notice you have one more text from him.
it’s our turn to take care of you.
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ritnaro · 2 months ago
good luck charm
Tumblr media
includes. hinata shoyo, atsumu miya, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kotaro, ushijima wakatoshi, kageyama tobio, iwaizumi hajime, aran ojiro, suna rintaro x f!reader
cw. orgy? fingering, objectification? [they call you their good luck charm], oral [receiving and giving], face sitting, degradation, praise, nipple play, vaginal penetration, size kink, voyeurism, use of pet name "bunny", dacryphilia, mentions of past hookups, creampie, squirting, dumbification, double penetration, use of pet name puppy
wc. 5.8k
a/n. my part for @somecravings gangbang collab!! thank you for letting me join, also thank you to the lovely @iheartkuroorin for beta reading!!
+ @hqintheclub
Tumblr media
it started out nice, like most things do. a nice team dinner to celebrate the upcoming game, and the victory they were sure to win. then hinata pointed out to atsumu they were going to be late.
“late for what?”
atsumu slightly jumps at the sudden question, ushijima’s voice only deepened with the years, strong vocals were sure enough to frighten him. “nothin’ much, we’re just gonna pay a visit to our good luck charm” atsumu says.
everyone except the msby members looked at them confused, wondering what could he mean by—
“good luck... charm?” suna asks, a fire of curiosity evident in his eyes.
“our manager,” atsumu answers. “she’s the prettiest thing you’ll ever meet, a sweet lil’ thing that lets us fuck ‘er every day before a game”
“and we always end up winning the next day” hinata finished his sentence, a drunk look on his eyes despite him not having an ounce of alcohol. he was thinking about you, how pretty you’d looked the last time he and his teammates fucked you, and how you were probably waiting on them with one of your pretty matching underwear right about now.
“come to think of it, since we’re all in the same team... shouldn’t we share her with the rest?” bokuto says, pitching in an idea no one could refuse.
so you stand in front of your small apartment door after hearing the doorbell, expecting the same four men that would visit you every day before a match, certainly not expecting to find nine well built men waiting on you to open the door.
you hesitate to say anything, and for a split second, the thought of slamming the door crosses your mind. it would be rude wouldn’t it?
“hey darlin’” atsumu greets, the first one to step into your apartment and make himself at home. taking off his coat as you watch the rest of the team step in after him. “we brought some company this time” he smirks
“hope ya don’ mind” he places a quick peck to your cheek and walks over to the bedroom. you’re left to look as they follow atsumu to the room, each of them eyeing you out in your crop top and skirt, evidently a little too short for you as it outlines the curve of your ass a little too much. a provocative outfit you'd worn for the expected men, not for the newly visiting.
you're still shocked they could do something like this, a kin to bringing new customers to a lady of the night, after they've been so possessive over you.
your train of thought flashes over to previous nights where they would fuck you, one by one, making sure to put you in your place after being a little too friendly to someone. replays of all of them spitting in your mouth and telling you who you belonged to as they fucked you into overstimulation.
"ya comin'?" atsumu calls from the other room. you follow him like a lost puppy between all the tall bodies that surround you, to find him sitting on your bed, bed resting against the headboard in comfort.
you look at him concerned, "i didn't agree to so many people" you shoot at him while he fakes a pout in hopes you'll join him in bed while everybody watches.
"aww" he coos, opening his arms in a welcoming hug, positioning your hips to have you straddling him when you sit next to him on the edge of the bed. he leans close to your ear. "ya gonna leave 'em hangin' sweetheart?"
you pout at him, clearly mad at the fact that none of them asked you beforehand, even though they knew you could never refuse them.
you're so easy to persuade when it comes to anything sexual, just a slut for them. you bend over so easily, literally.
"you wouldn't want to leave a bad impression, would you babe?" iwaizumi pitches in, you don't notice how close he is to you until you feel his breath fanning over your neck, making you gasp at the warmth.
"n-no" you say, knowing better than to ignore his question.
"good" atsumu says, caressing the side of your thigh with his palms, calloused from all the balls he's served on the court.
"you wanna show everyone this cute lil' cunny?" he mutters close to your ear. deep down, you know it's his way of asking consent, his way of confirming if this is really ok with you and you're not just saying yes for the sake of being coerced into intercourse.
but luckily for him, you nod and turn around, resting your back on atsumu's chest with your spread legs. there's a small breath in unission from all of them, almost as if it had been building up from all this time.
suna is the first to step up and approach the bed while you look at him with awaiting eyes. he leans close to your face and whispers, "god, you're beautiful". then he presses his lips onto yours, the first kiss of the night, filled with hunger and want as he desperately dances his tongue in sync with yours.
he pulls away when he runs out of breath, a small string of drool connecting the two of you in evidence of the kiss you just shared. one of his hands has been tracing circles on your thigh all the while he kissed you, a distraction to his real intentions as he toys with the hem of your panties. a beautiful pair of white, lacy panties, though he finds you more attractive without them. he discards them to some other corner of the room, more focused on the naked skin of your cunt.
he's quick to run his fingers down your slit, watching the wetness gather on his fingertips and reveling in the gorgeous sight of your face. you're almost fearful, he can see it when you suddenly hold his wrist back when he threatens to slip a finger into your drooling hole. his fingers just seem so much thicker than yours, and even if that's the case for the men you'd been sleeping with prior to them, you were still a bit frightful everytime.
"don't worry, bunny" he deemed you a proper nickname, seeing that you were easily frightened just from the feelings of his digits massaging the outside of your lips. "i'll take good care of you"
with that he slips a finger inside you. he would be surprised about how smoothly it went in, but it's no surprise when he sees how you're dripping slick like a faucet, staining the bed sheets beneath you.
"good girl" he praises, slowly pressing inch by inch of his finger into you, careful to look for any sign of discomfort on your face.
he sees none, instead he sees you looking behind him, at all of them peering at how pretty you look when you're getting fingered by rintaro. they find themselves being drawn to you and your responsive body. suna's only put in one finger and you're already gasping and pawing at the bed sheets in hopes of relief.
"you like being watched?" he asks, though it comes off as him pointing it off, saying it in an as-a-matter-of-fact-ly manner. you can't do anything but nod and squirm closer to him as he starts pumping more of his fingers in your tight hole, watching as it swallows his digits whole and letting his imagination run wild. the thought of your tight walls enveloping him in your warmth like you do with his fingers has him hard in his pants.
"she's just a desperate lil' thing, likes bein' watched like the good whore she is right darlin'?"
"oh no, she's the prettiest thing ever" suna says, a big contradiction to atsumu's degradation disguised as praise. "look at her, taking my fingers so well"
"bet you're gonna cum soon, aren't you baby?" you suddenly feel the bed shift in weight. bokuto lays down next to you and plays with your pebbled nipples, watching them grow slightly harder under his gaze and sensitive touch.
small tears roll down your face as atsumu paints himself out of the picture, leaving you to rest on top of a pillow to replace his chest, it only gives you more space to squirm and arch your back against the mattress as you feel your orgasm approaching, your moans growing louder and your breathing becoming more agitated than usual, all things that made you look beautiful to everyone's eyes.
"wait- wait i'm gonna… fuck!" you draw out the last syllable as the tight knot finally snaps and you cum. you're shaking and squirming, cumming hard on his fingers while he doesn't stop hitting that sweet spot inside you, prolonging the feeling of your orgasm. you're greeted with a small smirk when you come down from your high, suna smiles at you teasingly while he drags your hips closer to him and picks you up, shaky legs too unstable to stand up by themselves.
you look back to the bed where iwaizumi is laid back, leaning on his elbows and giving you an expectant look. suna places you back down on the bed, leaving you a kneeling mess at the athletic trainer's feet.
"c'mere, princess" he says, and you easily bend to his will. you make your way to his lap, a perfect spot for his clothed cock between your legs. you feel the fabric of his briefs press against your naked cunt, he's already taken his shirt and his pants off, revealing his perfectly sculpted body to you and everyone else in the room. you grind down on him, your hands pressed on his chest for balance while you straddle him.
"no" he says, a simple answer to your movements. for a split second you thought he didn't like it, but then he lays down on his back and drags your hips closer to his mouth. a trail of wetness follows your cunt, from his waist to his chest, and he loves how it leaves a nice warmth to cover him.
"hajime i-!" you try to resist his grip when he pulls your hips down to meet his lips, but he's quick with his moves, stronger than you too, leaving you to try and move away from his mouth. his hands on your waist hold you down as he eats you out like a starved man, licking, nipping and biting at any flesh he can find, paying special attention to your throbbing clit while you grip the edge of the headboard for some sort of support. "no, please!"
he pulls away, "you don't like it?" he asks with a smirk on his face. he knows you like it, and he knows why you're screaming 'no!'. he purposefully started off with strong movements he knew would drive you crazy in a matter of seconds. he places a kiss to your clit, nothing more, expecting your answer.
"yes" you whine before gasping at the feeling of his tongue running up and down your folds, sucking on your clit and lapping up all your juices from your past orgasm. "oh f-fuck yes" you stutter, the stimulation made your mind feel hazy and all of your thoughts were discarded, the only thing on your mind.
you're too fucked out to notice how you're rutting your face against iwaizumi's lips, desperately chasing after your high while squeezing your thighs together around his head. hajime feels like he's in cloud nine when you're squeezing his head, there's no way he could suffocate from two thighs surrounding his head, but if there was ever the possibility, he would find it to be a great way to die.
"oh! hajime- hajime!" his name's paints your lips perfectly as you scream it over and over and cum on his face, a string of juices dripping down his chin. he does his best to lap at everything, but he finds himself pulling away to gasp for air and chuckle to himself, he's enjoying your taste a little too much.
he finally pulls away after you tug at his hair for mercy, and he lets go of your hips as he wipes his face with the back of his hand. you sit on the bed, as best as you can despite your weak legs barely able to keep you up.
"why don't you take your pick, sweetheart?" atsumu says, leaning closer to whisper in your ear. he takes you by surprise, but you still look between all of them, taking in the sight of their toned bodies. most of them had already taken off their clothes, saved for their boxers. "you deserve it"
you set your eyes on the black haired setter, kageyama. he seems to be the most nervous out of all of them, he constantly fiddles his fingers and looks down at the ground in embarrassment. you get up despite your shaky legs, and walk over to him, to most of his teammates' surprise.
poor boy, he can't even look at you without setting his cheeks on fire with a blush that covered most of his face. you put a hand to his cheek and press your lips against his. the kiss is messy, with a lot of tongue and drool involved as you pull him into bed with you. he's surprised to see when you collapse on the bed, your legs hanging off the edge while your cunt is on full display for all of them.
kageyama is selfish of time, slowly pulling out his cock and dragging it up and down your slit. his cock is could be described as pretty as him, with a nice upward curve and a small girth. it has a nice shade of pink on his tip and his hair is well trimmed except for a happy trail that leads down to the base. sure enough, its big and intimidating, but you can't be bothered to take your eyes off of it.
"please, tobio" you plead, spreading your legs as wide as possible, maybe to appear more appealing to him, in hopes he would stop toying with you and finally put it in to relieve the ache between your legs.
he pops the tip in and you gasp, he was way bigger than you expected. it makes you feel a pleasurable stretch, a burn that only worsens when he keeps pushing in, inch by inch. he's mindful of the tears that linger in the corners of your eyes, but he also can't help but bury himself further into your warm walls while you kick and whine.
"oh-!" you're cut off by his sudden thrust, instantly hitting your cervix and making your breath hitch. when he sees you react like that, he does it again, and again, until he sets a steady pace of his mind-blowing thrusts.
you cover your mouth with one of your hands. hoping to muffle your sounds in embarrassment but he pulls the hand away from your face. he takes your other hand, previously fisting the sheets beneath you as he puts them both under the grip of his wrist and places them above your head, pinning them to the mattress atop of you.
"don't be shy" he mumbles, despite the fact that he was the one who seemed to be shy. he fooled you with his nervous demeanor and his shy exterior, he was a beast when it came to moments like this, when he would fuck young pussy like yours until you were nothing but a babbling mess.
"fuck- i'm gonna cum, where do you want it?" you can't answer him, you're too lost in your thoughts and the way he leans down to suckle at your nipples, leaving slight teeth marks around the sensitive nub. the sound of his strangled groan is what brings you back to the way his uninterrupted pace makes your hips buck in rhythm with his thrusts.
"inside, please inside!" you whine, cut off by the familiar feeling of your orgasm. your back arches off the bed again and you scream his name, or at least slurred attempts of his name, you're too fucked out to realize you can't even say his name properly.
as you come down from your high, you're filled-- literally. the satisfying sensation of his warmth filling your walls and dripping out of your sensitive hole when he pulls out, it would be a heavenly feeling, if it weren't for the sudden emptiness in your cunt.
"poor baby" you hear that same teasing voice as before.
"feel all empty, even after tobio kindly filled ya up?" he coos, a childish tone lingered in his voice as he did very little to hide the fact that he was talking down to you. his hand caresses your inner thigh, though it's evident he has different intentions, and is merely trying to go easy on you. "wasn't enough for you, little cumslut?"
you nod and lean forward, where he's already taken out his cock. it feels heavy in your hand, but you still start pumping it with your fist, and stroking the tip with your thumb. he mutters a string of curses under his breath before pulling your hand away from him.
"don't be so eager, baby, there's people watching," he reminds you, and you lift your gaze to look back at the men in the room. it almost looks like a crowd, expecting to see you and atsumu do something— anything, to relieve their hard cock.
suddenly you're turned around and left on your knees, your ass exposed to everyone. you feel vulnerable like this, left to their disposal and nothing but a toy to be used and abused. you know you'll hardly get out of here without passing out. then, atsumu angles himself against your cunt, running the length of his cock along your folds and finally dipping into your clenching hole. he takes a brief moment to keep moving inside you, the feeling of your walls clamping down on him is a little too much for him to handle.
he can't describe the feeling of your pussy tightening around him when he does anything, if he slightly moves or if he does as little as unintentionally twitching inside of you. it's a vice, and he can't get enough of it, he's developed an unhealthy addiction to your tight core and he's not afraid to admit it. that's why you're more than just a fucktoy to him, that's why he didn't stop coming after hooking up with you just once, and even invited the black jackals team to join him.
“such a pretty pussy, suckin’ me in” he murmurs, leaning close to your ear and running his calloused hand over the skin of your neck. it’s so dainty, so unmarked and vulnerable, it would be so easy to squeeze his fingers and make you choke, leave you breathless and sobbing for him to slow down! like you’d done countless nights before. but he prefers to have that kind of sight only for his eyes.
“you’re such a good slut, wanna have yer mouth full too?” he asks, though it’s one of those questions where it won’t matter what you answer, because you can already feel the bed shift in weight in front of you, as you see a pair of thick thighs positioning in front of you, and you feel the heavy head of his cock tap against your cheek.
you look up to see aran’s face. it’s familiar, you’ve heard funny anecdotes about high school with him from atsumu, but seeing him kneel in front of you while you’re eye level with his waist, it’s undoubtedly intimidating. “c’mon sweetheart” the hand on your neck moves up, lifting your chin to give his former teammate a glimpse of your face. “why don’t you put yer mouth to good use?”
you nod and start with a small lick to the tip, while aran holds it in place against your lips, knowing your hands are too busy trying to hold you up while you fist the sheets, atsumu’s pace is relentless against your cunt, without a moment to spare on your sensitive body. he slowly inches his cock closer to you, until you have no other choice but to open wide and feel his heavy cock on your tongue.
you’re mindful of your teeth, trying your best to keep them away, but he proves to be too big. his girth makes the corners of your mouth ache at the stretch, he’s certainly a little too well endowed. he sighs and throws his head back, you imagine it’s because it feels good, but he’s afraid he’ll cum too quickly if he keeps looking at your face, tainted with tears and looking up at him with your cheeks hollowed out around his length. he doesn’t know how much longer he can go if you keep bobbing your head at the rhythm of atsumu’s hips fucking into you, it leaves him a mess, even if you’re the one who’s getting used for their pleasure.
atsumu sneaks the hand that was previously around your neck to your pussy, rolling small, tight circles into your clit. you’re suddenly seeing stars, feeling the inevitable knot in your stomach start to grow stronger and it’s harder to contain your moans, the vibrations of your voice make him more desperate to feel you. he can only imagine if it was him instead of atsumu who was buried in your tight walls, making your scream until you forgot your own name, until you were a dumb little thing for his cock.
“fuck- fuck!” a string of groans and curses leave aran speechless, gasping at the feeling of his warmth filling up your mouth and surrounding him while you try your best to swallow it, despite already having a mouthful of his cock.
finally, he sighs as he slowly pulls out of your mouth, a string of creamy white connecting the head of his cock with your sore lips at the loss of contact. you can’t have a moment to recover before you feel another one pressing against your lips, urging you to open your mouth. more tears run down your face before leaning in and licking up his length, from the base to the tip, hoping it would ease the ache it would probably leave in your mouth.
if aran was big, then you don’t know what to call ushijima. he’s almost the same in girth, except he carries a few more inches, and a pretty curve upwards, with a small vein running on the underside. you try to lick the head first, and even then it feels like a little too much for you, you’re hesitant to take him all in your mouth.
“don’t be scared, princess, he’ll take good care of you, right?” you can’t decipher if the question is meant for you or ushijima but it’s not like you’re be able to answer, not with the way your thighs and trembling and your pussy is clenching wildly around his cock.
“the best i can” he says, fisting your hair and pushing you to the base of his cock, where you almost gag and choke, if not for the soothing hand he runs along your hair. “good girl” he coos, a calm look on his face to contradict yours, there’s tears running down your face while you sob and clench the bed sheets between your fingers, trying your best to hold back from your impending orgasm because it feels so much stronger than usual.
“mmmh!” you scream around his cock when you can’t hold back, the feeling of atsumu’s cock hitting against your g-spot over and over, combined with the finger that keeps circling your clit, leaves you trembling and whining around ushijima, who doesn’t relent his hold on your hair. atsumu’s too busy to notice how you moan and choke around the bigger man’s cock, instead groaning and panting when you cum around him, your juices squirting and dripping down his thighs while your pussy tries to desperately force him out for any sort of relief, but he’s not done with you.
he gives a few more sloppy thrusts before pulling out and painting your skin with his cum. you were a masterpiece, to his eyes, when you were covered in his seed, he loved watching how it would drip down your ass cheeks, how it would slowly trickle down your cunt and taint the bed sheets beneath you. he moves aside to give the rest of them a clear view of your cum-covered body, how it trembles and shakes in fear. he runs a finger down your slit and you arch your back, keening closer to him in your post-orgasm bliss. you’re so sensitive and perceptive to his touch, he would almost feel bad for leaving you a mess, if it weren’t for the pretty sight of ushijima fucking your throat, using your mouth for his own pleasure as he forces you to take more of him.
“who wants to go next?” he asks, looking at the small crowd of people behind him, seeing a small spark inside iwaizumi’s eyes. he takes the initiative and walks up behind you, taking a hold of your shaking hips and lifting them, since you were practically laying down.
“you didn’t forget about me, did you?” he whispers, and you immediately whine, sobbing at the feeling of vulnerability. you feel as if you might really pass out if you have to go again, but you’re suddenly enlightened when he slowly pushes in through the tight ring of warmth, your cum filled pussy greeting him with an indescribable warmth that leaves his mouth agape.
you moan against ushijima one more time before you’re filled with his cum, overflowing your mouth and dripping down your chin when he pulls out. you choke and cough it out, gasping for air after he finished cumming on your cheeks, and pulling on the sheets because hajime’s already started thrusting into you without any remorse.
he's quick to move your hips back to him, his balls slapping against your clit every time he slams his hips into yours. “you like it when i fuck you like this?” you squirm and shy away from his hold, your body too tired to hold itself up, and your face is squished into the pillow with the hand he presses to the back of your head, making sure to ground your cheek into the bed. “‘course you do, you love it, don’t you?” he answers for you, knowing well you’re too dumb to tell him for yourself, instead squealing everytime his fat cock hit the spot deep within your walls, making you keen and whine under him.
he flips you over and presses your knees close to your body, fucking you in the tightest mating press he could, while you paw at his chest for any sort of relief. his lips ghost over your neck, and slowly make their way to your plump lips, sore after being filled for such a long time. it’s a miracle you still have the strength to reciprocate his kiss as he moves his tongue along yours. you moan at his taste, a few beers he had been drinking before coming over, while he drinks in every little sound you make against his lips.
“pretty girl, cum for me, i know you want to” he says, long and breathy groans shuddering against your cheek when he felt your walls clamp down around him, and his hands squeeze around the fat of your thighs, painful, but easy to ignore when you were cumming around him, gushing and throwing your head back in ecstasy as he never stopped thrusting into you, not even to let you come down from your high.
“s-slow down! please—“
“hold your legs up” he completely ignores and interrupts you, waiting for you to take a hold of the back of your thighs so he can toy with your sensitive nub, rubbing your clit until you’re screaming his name and shaking wildly.
you know you’ve gone too dumb for his cock when you feel hot spurts of cum shooting on your cheek, staining your dainty skin with creamy white, until sakusa has nothing left to give. how did you not notice him stroking himself to the pretty sight in front of him.
he’s the cleanest out of all of them, going to the bathroom and bringing back a few baby wipes to clean the mess he made. he knows they’ll probably make an even bigger mess of your face later, but he couldn’t stand the thought of such a pretty face being ruined with his seed.
“h-hajime! i’m gonna cum— i’m gonna c-cum again!” you scream, letting go of your thighs and instead clawing at iwaizumi’s back as you come undone, leaving red nail prints on his back, evidence of the great time he spent with you. he groans against your ear when he releases inside of you, a feeling of warmth spreading on your womb and overflowing out of your raw cunt.
“good girl… good girl” he praises, sighing and panting, trying to recover his breath after fucking you like that. his hands relax a bit on your body, and instead of roughing tabs of your skin, he runs his hands over your curves, soothing you in praise for taking all of him.
he slips out of your tight walls, and watches as it drips like a fountain, oozing out and joining the other spilt cum on the bed. he leaves a last kiss on your forehead before bokuto replaces his space in front of you, taking in the sight of your sweaty fucked-out body while you look at him with numbed eyes, too messed up to complain that it was too much.
you’ve taken him before, but now that your body is spent out and tired, you’re not so sure if you can make it through without passing out.
it takes you off guard when he lays down next to you on his side and flips you to be on your side, facing him. you find it out of the ordinary, since he would usually fuck you in a simple missionary, but not tonight. then you felt the bed shift in weight behind you and you understood why. hinata laid down on his side behind you, his hard cock rubbing on your exposed ass, covered in dry and new cum.
bokuto roams his hands over your body, kissing your neck while hinata toyed with your pebbled nipples, rolling them between his fingers and grinding against you. can you blame him? he’s desperate after watching you get fucked over and over, and even after he came from touching himself, he just hand to fuck your tight pussy to be satisfied.
both of them position their cock’s to your entrance at the same time, making you tremble in fear and anticipation of the pleasurable burn of your cunt. it didn’t prepare you at all, you still yelp when bokuto slowly pushes in, followed by hinata slipping in inch by inch, making sure to calm you with a few strokes to your perky nipples.
“shh… you’re doing so good” he whispers in your ear, and bokuto nods in agreement.
“can’t take it! ‘s t-too big!” you cry, wrapping your arms around bokuto’s shoulders and burying your face in the crook of his neck. you bite down on the skin of his neck for relief, which only makes his hips stutter against you, wincing in slight pain and moaning.
“sure you can, puppy” shoyo is next to start moving his hips to the rhythm of bokuto’s, making sure to follow his pace and hit that sweet spot within you at the same time. “you’re already taking it, see?” you look down between sweaty bodies and see your cunt, stretched out beyond what you thought you could take.
you pant and look back up, almost scared at the sight before you continue nipping and sucking at bokuto’s neck, suckling small bite marks on his skin and leaving open mouthed kisses all over him, until you reached his lips, which you kissed with more need and want than the rest of his body.
you almost bite down on his lip when hinata starts playing with your clit, as if the torture against your abused pussy wasn’t enough.
“please! i c-can’t!” you sob, new tears running down your face again, only proving just how dumb you were for them, just how stupid and brain-dead you’ve gone for having the two of them fuck you at the same time. you try to shy away from hinata’s touch, but it’s too hard when you’re practically sandwiched between the two of them, no other option left for you but too lay there, all read out for them, and take it.
“you keep saying you can’t…” shoyo says, slapping your sensitive clit and making you cry in pain. “but this sweet pussy keeps sucking us in, are you sure you can’t?” he’s mocking you, grinning like a maniac, you can feel it when he starts kissing your neck.
“no! no no, please! h-hahh!” you whine when you start gushing around them, squirting and gripping onto bokuto’s back for dear life, not enough to draw blood, just enough to leave him panting and hissing in pain while he emptied himself at the same time you came. he fucked his cum into you, spurt after spurt while hinata followed not long after, spilling his cum inside your tight cunt.
“fuck, puppy” bokuto groans, using his hand to slick back the hair that stuck to his forehead with his sweat, slowly pulling out and collapsing on his back to the mattress, with you trying to cuddle closer to him.
“c’mon bunny” you hear a voice, but you’re not quite ano to identify it in your hazy state.”you didn’t think it was over, right?” he asks, pulling you towards him to the edge of the bed, you immediately start crying again, for all the right reasons he slips in carefully and sucks on your chest, leaving hickeys over every part of your body he could cover in his marks.
he’s slow and considerate about you, trying his best to angle his cock to that special spot he’d abused earlier when he fingered you, until you squeaked and bucked your hips against him. he found it.
your tight pussy is sucking him everytime he pulls out, and now he understands what atsumu meant.
good luck charm.
damn right. there’s no way someone is losing after fucking this tight cunt.
Tumblr media
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you overhear that they don’t like you
characters: sakusa, akaashi
warnings: none 
a/n: hi hi idk what to put here but this is the second part of the first request, you can read kuroo and suna’s below
(kuroo and suna)
(atsumu and kita)
Tumblr media
Sakusa was a very reserved person in general, aside from the fact that he dislikes unsanitary things, he just doesn’t like unnecessary human contact. 
He lives in his own bubble and he has always felt comfortable in it, with no plans to get out of it. But somehow, you managed to get in his very small bubble. 
The spiker actually considered you to be a decent friend, having to look forward to your company. You have always made yourself more presentable as possible whenever you hang out with him. At first, it was to not make him uncomfortable, but then it just became a second skin. And Sakusa couldn’t be more grateful. 
He appreciated the fact that you would willingly adjust just so he can feel at ease with you. 
“Good morning, Sakusa!” Sakusa smiled from behind his mask as your cheery voice greeted him. “Good morning.” It was a routine at this point, having to greet him first thing in the morning before tending to your managerial duties. 
“Ah, right. Good morning, Omi-kun.” Sakusa’s blood runs cold whenever Atsumu teases him when you are out of sight. “Shut it, Miya.” 
When he first entered the Jackals, he remembers the way you accommodate him, as if he were a very important guest. Well, technically, for that day he was. But you made an effort to make him comfortable in the following weeks to a point that he looked forward to your daily interactions. 
“Sakusa-san’s staring at our manager again!” Sakusa hears Hinata whisper to Atsumu and Bokuto who snickered to themselves. 
“Shut up.” Sakusa muttered before getting ready for training. Like always, you stood beside Iwaizumi and took down notes. Sakusa didn’t want to get distracted, but with the way you diligently observed and pointed out improvements. He didn’t know why his heart skipped a beat when your eyes met his and gave him a smile. 
“Ah, Omi-kun is in love.” Sakusa stilled and broke off his gaze as he heard the teasing voice of their setter. 
“Shut up, Miya.” Atsumu laughed at Sakusa’s harsh voice. “You only said a few words to me today and both of them were shut up, hm.. What if I complain to (Y/N)?” Atsumu jokes, not expecting Sakusa’s reaction to the banter. 
“What the fuck does (Y/N) have to do with any of this?” The spiker snapped, the unexpected tone reverberating through the gym walls, causing you and Iwaizumi to stop in your conversation. 
As if by instinct, Iwaizumi turned your back so it was facing the team and called aloud. “You can pine over (Y/N)’s attention on your break.” Iwaizumi covered, making you face him. 
“I mean… you and our manager have been really close. You even let them hug you. Dunno, isn’t that an indication you’re fond of them?” From a distance you can hear Atsumu say to Sakusa, a bit quieter this time. 
But the blonde didn’t know that his voice could still be heard from distances away, neither did the ravenette. 
“Tsk. I let one person touch me and all of you make it a big deal.” Sakusa spat, Atsumu and the others almost cowering away in fear. 
“I mean. It’s (Y/N) that you let near you, don’t you like… have a crush on them or something?” Atsumu seems to throw away everything as he asked this question, he knew that he would face Sakusa’s wrath. 
You stilled from where you were, Iwaizumi was observing every single reaction from you while pretending to note down the actions of the players from his peripheral vision. 
Your heart beat quicker, with your eyes affixed to the ground you were lowkey anticipating his answer.
“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Miya.” You felt your heart drop at his words. 
Of course he doesn’t like you back, what the hell were you thinking? All those daily banter and contact were purely platonic. And it was very idiotic for you to even wish for it to have meaning. 
“Excuse me, Iwaizumi.” You excused yourself before briskly walking away from the scene. Unbeknownst to you, Hinata and Bokuto had their eyes on you as you walked away. They looked at each other and sighed, knowing that the spiker messed up. 
“So. If I ask them out, you wouldn’t care, right, Omi-kun?” Atsumu asked, wanting to see the reaction of the ravenette. 
“Don’t even try, Miya.” Sakusa said with so much bitterness in his tone as he continued his stretches. 
Atsumu sighed with a short shake of head before walking away. 
The next training came to a shock to Sakusa as he didn’t see you waiting for him by the entrance as usual. 
‘Might be busy.’ Sakusa thought to himself as he walked in and began his stretches. 
“Ah, good morning, Hinata!” His head perked up at the way your voice sounded excited to see the middle blocker who replied with the same enthusiasm. 
‘Maybe they just didn’t notice me coming in?’ Sakusa told himself, trying not to overthink the situation. But he couldn’t help it, something felt off. 
You’ve always managed to greet each other regardless of how busy your schedules were. Hell, you’ve even forgot you were helping Atsumu stretch a cramp just because Sakusa walked in one time.  
“Ah, what’s got you staring, Omi?” He didn’t realize that Bokuto was beside him. “Nothing.” Sakusa replied, as curt as he possibly could before standing up and practicing his spikes. 
The whole practice, he couldn’t help but eye you in every chance he gets. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even realize that Atsumu was looking at him with a knowing smirk. 
You went on your day as if there weren’t anything wrong, well honestly. There really wasn’t. 
You just came to a realization that Sakusa wouldn’t like you back, and to prevent future heartache. You decided to start putting distance between the two of you. 
But the Iwaizumi and the MSBY wouldn’t stand by and let that happen. Come on, they’ve been shipping the both of you since they saw you hug Sakusa before a game. They can’t possibly watch any of you fall for someone else!
“Hey, (Y/N).” Iwaizumi called out, you hummed as a response, going through your notes. “Don’t you think Sakusa’s form is off?” 
You barely looked up at your notes before shrugging. “Dunno, you’re the trainer.” 
“Well, you’re my assistant. And I need you to correct Sakusa’s form.” You blinked. “Why can’t you do it?” Iwaizumi shrugged in response. 
“I’m technically your higher up, you have to do what I say.” Iwaizumi teased before pushing you to the direction of Sakusa who was looking at you with an expectant expression. 
“Iwaizumi told me to tell you that your form was off.” You say as passive as possible, not even looking at him but on your notepad that had a blank piece of paper staring right back at you. 
“I don’t think I understand.” Sakusa played dumb. He knew his form was off, he’d been doing it on purpose just so you would finally approach him. 
“Neither do I, but Iwaizumi said so. So.. I dunno.” You responded, before you can turn away, you can feel his hand on yours and pull you away from the gym. 
“Kiyoomi, you have practice!” You try to wave your hand to call the attention of Iwaizumi who coincidentally turned his back on you and began talking to Bokuto who winked at you.
Sakusa paid no mind to your struggles before pulling you away to a good distance from the gym. 
“Is there something wrong with you?” “No.” “Then why weren’t you talking to me today?” You scoffed at Sakusa’s tone. 
“I didn’t know being your entertainment was part of my job description.” Sakusa blinked, not knowing why you were so snappy. 
You knew it was unfair on his part but you needed to distance yourself before things got out of hand. 
“Is that all? I still need to watch over your practice, Sakusa.” “Where did Omi go?” You felt his grip on your wrist tighten as he asked this. 
Sakusa didn’t know what he did wrong, but what he did know is that he doesn’t like how you’re acting and he wants to get to the bottom of it. 
“I dunno, Sakusa. I really need to get back.” You pulled away, only to be pinned by Sakusa against the wall. 
“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” Sakusa was getting closer, even going as far out of his comfort zone. 
“There’s nothing wrong!” You stubbornly said, trying to ignore the way your face heats up with the closeness. 
Sakusa only stared at you, the pressure of his piercing gaze made you stutter out before pushing your hands against his chest in an effort to push him away. 
“I just need to set our boundaries, Sakusa.” You say with a small voice with your eyes trained on the ground. 
You could feel his hold against the wall falter, his eyebrows scrunching up in confusion. 
“What the hell do you mean?” 
“I mean, this! I can’t just keep pushing myself on to you when I know you don’t see me the same way I do.” You say, feeling tears build up in your eyes. 
“I like you.” Sakusa said, you snorted at how anticlimactic his confession was before widening your eyes because, holy fuck. Did Sakusa just confess? 
“No you don’t.” You try, ducking under his arm only to be pulled in his embrace. Your heartbeat quickened, pacing in time with his. 
Sakusa didn’t know what came over him. But he knew one thing, he needed to tell you how he feels before you could think otherwise. 
“(Y/N)... I do.” Sakusa reiterates. Your face heats up as you look away, imagining that phrase far into the future. It seemed that Sakusa knew what you were thinking as he smirked. 
“How about we go on a date first before you imagine our wedding, (Y/N).” Your eyes widened. “Omi, shut up!” 
He laughed, putting distance between the two of you before giving you a smile. A smile that you fell in love with. 
“Go out with me?” Sakusa asked, you rolled your eyes with a smile. 
“How romantic.” He scoffed at your statement. “Of course.” You continue, looking at his face only to see his ears turn red. 
“Who knew Omi-kun had it in him?” Both of your heads turn to see Bokuto utter those words to Hinata and Atsumu, who nodded as a response. 
“You-” “Now, now, Omi-omi. I was just walking around because I wanted to ask (Y/N) out on a da-” “Don’t even try finishing that sentence, Miya.”
A clap from Iwaizumi snapped the playful tension that built between the players. 
“Now that Sakusa has a s/o. Will you now go back to practice?” Iwaizumi asked before smirking at you. “And (Y/N), try not to ogle at your boyfriend, okay?” Your face heats up at his words. 
“Shut up, Iwa.” You roll your eyes. “Not even a thank you?” Iwaizumi laughed before walking by you and patting your back. 
“Now, Sakusa. As much as you want to bask in your honeymoon phase, you need to go back to training.” Iwaizumi said before walking away with the other three in tow. 
Sakusa rolled his eyes before turning to face you. “Let’s get dinner after practice?” 
You smiled before squeezing his hand once more. 
“That’d be nice.” 
Tumblr media
You and Akaashi were paired up together in the editing company you worked in. The higher ups thought it would be beneficial and more effective if they paired the both of you up due to closeness in age. 
Luckily, they were right and the both of you hit it off almost immediately. Even going as far as staying over each others’ places whenever there was a pile of work to do. 
Akaashi couldn’t have found a better coworker, the both of you were connected both in thoughts and actions. 
When the two of you worked, it was always in tandem. The both of you found joy in each other’s company. One of your favorite moments is when Akaashi points out a blatant mistake or a hidden innuendo in the text, it even comes to a point that your basis of editing is the amount of innuendos you find amidst the editing. 
You couldn’t help but fall for Akaashi. How couldn’t you? Not only did he understand you the most, but he was also everything you looked for in someone. 
The moment you realized this, you knew you were in trouble. You couldn’t possibly risk telling Akaashi your feelings, because you knew he wouldn’t feel the same way. And you knew that confessing would make things awkward, you couldn’t let the bond between the two of you be put at risk just because of your petty feelings. 
“Keiji! Oh, you have friends over.” You say once you went inside his apartment, you were familiar with his friends, they hung out around the both of you when deadlines were approaching. But Bokuto and Konoha knew when to mind their own business as you and Akaashi chase deadlines down. 
“(Y/N), hey!” Bokuto chirped happily, engulfing you in a hug before pulling away and dragging you to the couch. “Hey, (Y/N).” You hear Konoha say as he goes into your view, handing you a can of beer.
You politely declined, saying that you needed to work with Akaashi because the both of you had a deadline due in a few hours. Konoha nodded before motioning you to the room where Akaashi was working.
When you arrived by the door, you noticed how he looked even more stressed than usual. 
“Help is here.” You made an entrance before plopping down the chair he prepared for you. Akaashi gave you a grateful smile before eyeing the piece that was to be edited. 
“You’re late.” Akaashi lightheartedly said before glancing at you from the side. “Well, traffic was bad and as soon as I came in Bokuto and Konoha were offering me a drink.” You explain, opening your laptop and going over the files your superiors sent you. 
“You seem to have covered most of the part, how about you rest or go join Bokuto and Konoha outside before they raid your entire fridge.” You say, gently pushing him out of the chair. He scoffed before nodding. 
“Just shout or call out if you need help, okay?” Akaashi said and patted your head, you swatted it away playfully. The both of you laughed before you shooed him off, saying that you can handle it. 
Akaashi scoffed once more before giving you one last assurance and heading outside the room. A chorus of “Akaashi!” was heard before the iconic phrase of Bokuto. 
You smiled and shook your head before continuing the section that Akaashi worked on. 
It was around 8pm when you finished editing the piece that was assigned. With a groan, you stretched your back before standing up and walking outside to where Akaashi and the others went. 
From the corridor, you could hear drunken giggles from Bokuto as you hear a beer can hit the floor. 
“Say, Akaashi.” Bokuto started, a drunk lilt in his voice. You hear the editor hum in question, “When are you going to ask (Y/N) out?” You hear Akaashi choke on his drink.
You walked closer to the door, stopping near it just to eavesdrop. You knew that it was wrong, but you couldn’t help but be curious about his answer. 
“Bokuto-san. You’re drunk.” Konoha laughs at Akaashi’s statement. “He is, but for real? When are you gonna ask them out?” Konoha followed up. 
“This is ridiculous. (Y/N) is only a friend.” Akaashi said, leaving no room for argument. 
Okay, ouch. 
You knew that it would take a miracle for him to view you as something more as a friend. But it hurt to hear it in person. Bokuto laughed, too drunk to comprehend what was happening at this point before telling Akaashi that he was stupid to not like you back. 
While you felt grateful for the bicolored male to root for the both of you, you’ve had enough. 
“Uh… Akaashi?” The three of them stopped in their tracks as they saw you by the corridor. Akaashi was alarmed. 
How much did you hear? 
You gave them a smile. “The piece is done. I’ve read through it a couple of times and I think we can submit it now.” Akaashi nodded, still stuck in his thoughts, staring at you as if he saw a ghost. 
“It’s getting late, I think I should head home.” You say, taking your coat from the coat rack by Akaashi’s door. 
“Aren’t you going to stay over?” Konoha asked, as if this was his apartment. 
You shook your head, “I don’t want to intrude.” “You’ll never be an intruder in this apartment, (Y/N).” It was Akaashi who spoke up. You gave him a small smile and a slight shake of head. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Akaashi.” You say, bowing your head in goodbye and closing the door shut. 
A few seconds of silence passed before Akaashi heaved out a sigh. 
“They heard.”
The next day, Akaashi couldn’t stay still. His overthinking kept him up all night, he couldn’t sleep knowing that he caused the unhappy expression on your face as you bid them goodbye last night. 
He knew that he had to do something right before he could possibly ruin his chance with you. With a quick fix of himself, he ran towards the door, hoping to fix this as soon as possible. All common sense leaving his brain as he opened the door and bumped into you. 
“What’s the rush, Akaashi?” You teased, smiling at him but Akaashi noticed how it didn’t reach your eyes. 
Akaashi couldn’t find the words to say, his heart was thumping loudly in his chest. “Oh.. Uh, I was about to go to you, actually.” You raised an eyebrow at his statement. 
“Did you forget that we still had to redo the panels? The higher ups sent us an email last night. But I think you were too drunk to read the email.” You joked before pushing past him and setting your things down. 
“Ah,” Akaashi started. “I actually didn’t drink.” You felt your heart drop. So he was sober when he said he didn’t like you. Why did that hurt even more? 
“I see.” You say quietly, bringing out the laptop from your bag and opening it, wanting to get the job done as soon as possible. 
Akaashi widened his eyes as he saw you plug your earphones in. You never do that. It only confirmed that you knew what he said last night. 
“Hey, (Y/N).” Akaashi tried calling your attention. You barely budged, only focusing on your task. It was as if you didn’t want to talk to him, and Akaashi could understand why.
The editor sighed, knowing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere so he opened his own laptop and began editing. 
After half an hour of silence, he jolted as if he had a brilliant idea. Well, he thought he did. With a quick glance to you, working on a panel and ignoring him, he began ‘editing’ a different panel. 
“Hey.” Akaashi tapped your shoulder, causing you to jolt at the sudden touch. You removed an earphone and looked at him. “I just finished a portion of what Tenma sent me, could you check on it for me?” You noticed the nervous lilt to Akaashi’s voice but nodded anyway. 
When the file was sent to your email, you noticed the file name. 
‘To (Y/N).’ You turn to see Akaashi looking down on his laptop with a small blush on his face. His fingers were on the keyboard, typing what seemed to be corrections but in reality, it was a bunch of keyboard smashes to cover how nervous he was. 
You looked at the file for a few more seconds before clicking it. You couldn’t contain the small smile on your face as a small drawn Akaashi was shown in the document. 
You scrolled down to see his little dialogues. 
‘I like you.’
‘But you heard it wrong.’
‘Bokuto was drunk and you know how chatty he gets when he’s drunk.’
‘So I had to lie. Because I can’t risk you knowing from someone else.’
‘But… I really, really do like you.’ 
‘So if it’s okay...’
You scrolled down further to see the drawn Akaashi with a mini bouquet of flowers.
‘Will you go out with me?’ 
You looked up to see Akaashi looking at you with a shy glance. You smiled at him before nodding. Akaashi then pat the space on the bed beside him, you scoffed playfully but lied down next to him anyway. 
“So… lunch after we’re done? At our favorite brunch place?” 
“Sounds perfect.” 
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kybabi · 6 months ago
Can I request an hc where crush! s/o overhears them saying they don’t like her just to get people to stop asking and she believes it? Your writing is so cool! Thanks 😌❤️
their crush hearing them talk about them behind their back
w/ suna, aran, and atsumu!!
(a/n: whew that title’s weird anyways
thank you for requesting babe :)) i really like this prompt hehe
uh also i accidentally made this one super super long so i apologize !! the endings are also not super fluffy or anything since i didn’t wanna make them any longer :(
for this one only atsumu’s is in the timeskip! everyone else’s scenarios are set before !!)
Tumblr media
you and suna had been good friends since your first year
while you were always attracted to him somehow, you also cherished the friendship you had
even so, sometimes you wished for more
you loved to invite him over to study on your bed, snacking on chips and sharing answers
and you loved coming to his games and supporting them
while he wasn’t the best at showing it, you knew that deep down he held that same appreciation for you
you exhale, finishing the last sentence of your essay, and look outside. it’s alarmingly dark, and you’re surprised that so much time has passed. you check your phone and sigh.
it’s too late to take the train home alone, and you don’t want to walk by yourself either. it’s also raining, and you completely forgot to pack an umbrella before school.
you realize the team should be getting out soon. maybe suna can walk home with you?
you pull your hood over your head and rush out of the library, searching for a dry place to walk under, and head toward the gym.
while you don’t want to face it, your heart is beating wildly in your chest, and you’re giddy with excitement. being alone with rintarou has always made you felt this way, and you smile softly to yourself.
when you approach the club room, you’re about to knock on the door, until you hear a voice.
it’s rin, you think.
your heart picks up it’s pace again.
“will you all just lay off about y/n?”
“hey, if you have feelings for them, you don’t have to be insecure or anything,” a voice teases, and you lean in closer.
“atsumu, don’t be stupid. why would i ever go for someone like them?”
your heart stops.
“well, you’re awfully close to them for someone who—”
“look, the only reason i keep them around is because i need answers for the homework. and no, i’m not insecure, you’re just stupid.”
a bitter mixture of hurt and anger bubbles up in your chest, and tears are stinging at your eyes from his betrayal.
you want to leave, but your feet are stuck to the ground. you want to scream, but you can’t utter a word. and you want to run away and never look back at his stupid face ever again.
you can hear footsteps approaching, but it’s too late to react, and the door is opening.
rintarou stands in the doorway, fingers wrapped around his umbrella, and prepares to go out.
but his eyes lock on yours, widening at the hurt written all over your face, and he drops the umbrella. it makes a loud thunk on the floor, and his heart drops into his stomach.
“i guess i should’ve known, huh?” you laugh, the sound broken and watery. “i should’ve realized it sooner.”
panic starts to suffocate him, and he finds it hard to speak. “wait, that’s not—”
“not what? the truth?” you ask, angry.
suna opens his mouth to speak before closing it, and you scoff.
“i thought maybe you...” you trail off, defeated. “never mind. it doesn’t matter anyway. i’m sorry for wasting your time,” you say quietly, turning on your heel and leaving.
it’s only a minute after you’ve left that he realizes what he’s done, and that the entire team is staring at him.
“uh. suna—”
“have to go,” he mutters, grabbing his umbrella and running after you.
the rain is cold and your vision is blurry, but you try your best to find your way home in the dark. you hear frantic footsteps behind you and pick up your pace.
“wait! please!” rintarou calls behind you, and you wipe at your cheeks, continuing your path down the sidewalk.
“please,” he begs, stopping in his tracks. you’ve never heard him sound like this, and you freeze, turning around slowly.
“why? what could you possibly have to say to—”
“i like you. a lot. probably too much,” he blurts awkwardly, shifting between his feet and rubbing at the back of his neck.
you’re sure your heart has completely stopped beating.
“what?” you whisper, barely audible, and he steps up to you.
“i didn’t mean it. what i said, back in the club room. i just, uh,” he mutters nervously, “i didn’t know how you felt and i didn’t want them to know.”
“but,” you mumble. “you’re telling the truth now?”
he nods. “promise.”
your cheeks feel hot despite the cold, and you move a little closer to him.
“i like you too.”
“yeah?” he whispers, and you nod.
Tumblr media
when you first met aran, you were instantly drawn to him
he was one of the kindest people you’d met at inarizaki and the two of you became friends quickly
he loved to sit with you at lunch and just talk with you about anything
he was your best friend, and while you felt an attraction to him that was more than that, you didn’t think he felt the same
even so, it was lovely having him around, and you cherished his friendship more than anything
once class is over, you sigh, resting your forehead on your desk, and take a few breaths.
today has been exhausting, and you’re glad school is finally done for the day. you hear footsteps leading up to your desk and look up, brightening upon seeing aran grinning down at you.
“tough day?” he teases, and you shrug.
“‘s alright. practice today?” you ask, putting your books back into your bag, and he nods.
“yep. i’ll text you after?” he says, and you smile gently at him before waving him off.
once you’ve got your bag slung over your shoulder, you notice that aran’s water bottle is still sitting on his desk.
“aran, wait!” you yell after him, but he’s gone. so you shrug and pick it up yourself, deciding to drop it off at the club room.
you assume the boys are already in there. you can hear kita and aran talking about something, and you stand just outside the open door, snooping even when you know you shouldn’t be.
“i just want to make sure you aren’t getting distracted.”
“yeah! i think aran has a little crush,” another voice jumps in, and you pause. crush?
“if this is about y/n, i don’t wanna hear it,” aran says, and hope starts brimming in your chest at the mention of your name.
“why are you getting so defensive? are they distracting you?”
“will you all just shut up? they don’t mean anything to me. you’re crazy if you think i’m letting some random person affect my playing skills.”
stunned, you stand in the doorway, staring at the team. you’re not even sure when you made it there, but now everyone is looking at you, and it’s hard to breathe.
you were never sure what you were to him. but you never thought it’d be nothing.
aran is the last to realize that you’re there. he follows the other members’ gazes to see you standing alone in the doorway, frozen. his heart completely stops at seeing you.
“i’m sorry for intruding. i, uh,” you search for words, but you’re coming up blank. “i think you left this in the classroom. i’ll just leave it here,” you whisper, trying not to embarrass yourself by getting emotional in front of the whole team, and leave the bottle on the floor. you leave quickly, ducking your face and dashing away before anyone can say anything.
he starts to panic, looking to the rest of the team for assistance, but they all just send him weird looks, and he sighs in frustration.
“warm up without me!” he calls, running out of the room in hopes of finding you.
what he’d said earlier couldn’t be further from the truth. he’s always felt different about you, but never attempted to convey those feelings to you out of fear of rejection. he supposes none of it matters now, however, because in the end he just hurt you.
“y/n, wait!” he yells after you, frantic, and you freeze.
he finally catches up to you, grabbing your wrist and sighing. but when you turn around and he sees the hurt he caused, guilt washes over him like a wave.
“i don’t understand. why would you lead me on like that?” you whisper shakily, gaze averted. his heart breaks at seeing you so hurt, and he wishes he could take back everything he said. “i didn’t even do anything wrong.”
“look, i didn’t mean anything i said back there, okay? i just said that to get them off my back, that’s all,” he tries to reassure you, but you scoff.
“you know, i don’t get you. behind my back, you treat me like shit. what do you want from me?” you demand, and he scrubs a hand over his face in frustration.
“i really didn’t want to do this right now,” he mutters, and you stare at him, confused.
“do what?! all you’re doing is just confusing me, and i don’t think—”
“i really, really like you, okay?”
you stop in your tracks. that was not at all what you were expecting him to say. you can feel your skin getting hot at his admission, and you stand there awkwardly.
“you,” you murmur quietly. “you like... me..?”
he swallows nervously. “y-yeah.”
“but all those things you said...”
“i know. i’m sorry. i just got defensive and said some things about you that i didn’t mean,” he explains, padding over closer to you.
you can sense that same sincerity that’s always been there in his eyes, and while you’re not completely sure if he’s telling the truth, something in you wants to believe him, so you relax.
“i thought i was the only one,” you exhale, relieved, and he looks at you hesitantly.
he’s inches away from your face now, and you look up at him.
“thank god,” he whispers before leaning down to kiss you.
Tumblr media
you’d actually met atsumu through his brother as osamu had hired you to work at his restaurant awhile back
he was much louder than osamu and quite obnoxious, but he was also kind and funny and sweet, and somewhere along the way you fell for him
the two of you would spend days out on the town and sometimes you’d bring him food from the shop, the two of you eating comfortably at his place
he quickly became your best friend, and you fell in love
atsumu waves at you from below, and you grin, silently mouthing a proud of you and waving back. he throws up a peace sign and you sigh.
gathering your things, you stand up and step down the stairs of the bleachers, hoping to catch the team. you pass osamu on the way out, who nods at you in greeting.
today, you’ve prepared a couple light snacks and a small bento for atsumu. the two of you have had this ‘thing’ for a long time, bringing him food after a game. he’s usually pretty tired and hungry, and working at a restaurant comes in handy.
you see the team having a discussion about the game as per usual, so you wait patiently until atsumu is free to talk to you.
they exit the building and walk out around the corner, and you’re about to follow them when you hear something a little off. you backtrack, dashing behind the wall where they’re talking, and stand there silently.
“who were you waving to earlier? is it... a lover?” a voice says, whom you assume is hinata’s, and your breath hitches.
“i’ve never seen you so distracted before,” sakusa notes, voice muffled, and someone snorts.
“it was just y/n, calm down,” atsumu mumbles, and hinata laughs.
“so i was right! why won’t you just admit you have feelings for them?” he teases, and you can hear a faint smack.
“i think it’s a touchy subject! little tsumu is embarrassed,” someone else joins in, and you shift nervously.
“you know what?” he starts, and your heart beats rapidly in your chest. “i have nothing to be embarrassed about.”
hope starts to rise in your chest, giddiness making your pulse race.
“why would i have feelings for someone like y/n? they’re annoying and i can’t get rid of them,” he laughs, and your heart stops completely. “i guess they’re not that bad, though. the food y/n makes is pretty good,” he says, and your heart breaks into two.
you feel empty and used, but most of all you just feel stupid. he was right. why would he ever have feelings for someone like you?
but you’re more upset that he never even cared about your friendship in the first place. he lied to you and strung you along, and now you’re lost.
so you turn on your heel and walk away, bento clutched in your hand, and don’t look back. but you hear excited footsteps approaching you, and something in your stomach stirs bitterly.
“y/n! where have you been?” atsumu asks eagerly, and you don’t turn around. “i’ve been looking all over for you. i didn’t get a chance to see you, and—” he explains, but pauses when you turn around. you can see the exact moment that his expression drops, and you wipe at your cheeks angrily.
“y/n? what’s wrong?” he asks softly, and you want to curse him for making you feel this way, but instead you just laugh dryly.
“i heard what you told the team about me. about how you felt,” you mutter, and watch panic replace the sympathy on his face.
“t-that wasn’t—” he tries to explain, sputtering.
“look, i don’t really care if you hate me. i just thought you’d have the guts to say it to my face,” you spit, shoving the bento into his chest and leaving.
he wants to chase after you, but he knows you’ll just resent him more for it. his eyes sting as they watch you leave, and atsumu’s never felt so helpless in his life.
the bell jingles and you look up, ready to greet whoever has entered the shop. your mood instantly falls at seeing atsumu in front of you.
“y/n,” he says nervously, and you look down. “do you think we could talk?”
you look down at the desk below you, picking up a pen and twirling it.
“i’m working right now,” you answer coldly, and he swallows.
“i talked to samu about it,” he explains, and you look up at him hesitantly. “just— please?”
you look around. the restaurant’s not too busy, and you’ve got a little time on your hands. you sigh, irritated.
“you’ve got three minutes,” you mumble, leading him into the back room, and he follows you, relieved.
“what do you want?”
he sighs. “i’m sorry. for everything. i didn’t mean anything i said that day.”
“why did you say it then?” you ask, incredulous.
“i don’t know, okay? i kind of just blurted it out and i just get really nervous when people bring you up ‘cause i think i’m in love with you and, well... yeah,” he rambles awkwardly. “sorry. it all kind of just came out,” he murmurs, cursing himself for his clumsiness.
you stare at him, holding your breath. “do you really feel that way?”
he nods, and you sigh.
“you— you really hurt my feelings, you know?”
“i know,” he mutters guiltily, and somehow you know he’s being truthful.
“i’m in love with you too, tsumu.”
he freezes.
Tumblr media
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frogtanii · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
your palms were sweaty as you adjusted your slacks, making sure the pleats were where they should be with not a wrinkle in sight. you wanted to look professional and put together, at least on the outside, because you knew you were actually about .2 seconds away from falling apart.
your palms were sweaty as you adjusted your slacks, making sure the pleats were where they should be with not a wrinkle in sight. you wanted to look professional and put together, at least on the outside, because you knew you were actually about .2 seconds away from falling apart.
a quick glance to the boys at your sides notified you that they weren’t faring much better. atsumu kept fidgeting with his cufflinks, sakusa was so stiff you could knock him over with your pinky, kenma looked like he was about to pass out, bokuto was debating on squeezing under the table in front of you, kuroo was tapping a pattern on his pants (akeelah and the bee style), and akaashi kept reciting ominous poems under his breath.
the only people in the room who looked even remotely fine were osamu, oikawa, sugawara, daichi, and, surprisingly, yachi. osamu was munching on some peanuts that he pulled from... somewhere, while oikawa and sugawara were holding their own conversation by the window. daichi seemed to be minding his own business but you could never really get a proper read on him anyway.
well, you supposed yachi was okay because she knew what to expect. i mean, you were meeting her boss.
after you and kenma had posted your “exposing the hype(r) house” youtube video, an email had come to the both of you, inviting you to visit the “big boss” along with the rest of the crew.
you weren’t necessarily afraid of losing your job; the hype(r) house was already being dissolved and you were (finally!!!) getting to move in with makki and mattsun until you found your own place. you were genuinely excited to put the drama and literal hell behind you and begin to live your life again but...
that didn’t mean meeting the Man™ wasn’t terrifying. it was like being called into the principal’s office, complete with the existential dread and occasional bouts of gassiness.
the door opening made you flinch as you quickly moved out of the way to let the newcomers enter. while they walked past you, you couldn’t contain the shock that overtook your face, your jaw practically on the floor.
the man was massive.
built like a brick wall, the man who you assumed to be the “big boss,” had a chiseled jaw, broad shoulders, and massive fucking pecs, his white button up barely closing around them.
beside him stood a tall, lanky man who was dressed suspiciously un-office-like with a red buzz cut and wild eyes that seemed to cut into you as he took his place at the table.
the final man seemed a bit awkward in comparison to the other two, but he was trying to seem unaffected, his purple bowlcut, despite being rather juvenile, fitting perfectly with his slim but toned build and bright complexion.
yachi hurried to greet them, giving all three a blinding smile before motioning for everyone else to take a seat. you ended up between the redhead and atsumu, the former being way too entertained by just your general being. his eyes rarely, if ever, left your face sending shivers down your spine. the remaining members all hesitantly took their seats and “big boss” began.
“it is an honor to meet you all. i am ushijima wakatoshi but you can call me ushijima or wakatoshi or ushiwaka or toshijima or just ushi or just jima or just waka or just toshi.” for a moment you thought he was joking but his face never moved, not even with the awkward silence that followed. redhead seemed rather amused by the whole display and bowl cut looked like he was on the verge of spontaneously combusting.
it took an uncomfortably long moment for ushijima to proceed but he did as though nothing had happened. “these are my associates, satori—” redhead gave you a mischievous grin “—and tsutomu.”
“goshiki,” bowl cut interrupted, his voice wavering but his eyes gleaming with righteous indignation as though he was challenging wakatoshi to say something in defiance. instead, ushijima just gave him a nod and he visibly deflated back into his seat.
“goshiki is the social media manager for imla and satori is... satori,” big boss continued, not a hint of emotion on his face. the rest of the table perked up at his comment but atsumu was the only one who apparently had the balls to say anything.
“so yer the one who wrote that shitty among us tweet?” goshiki flushed horribly and sunk further into his plush leather chair, his body language showing he must’ve already gotten an earful about it. “thought it was a good idea,” he muttered while averting his eyes, completely ignoring satori’s cackle from across the wood.
ushijima put up a (massive???) hand to calm the both of them and it instantly worked. satori quieted down though he never lost the mirth in his expression and goshiki straightened up, a new wave of determination crossing his features.
you sat up as well, feeling the shift of energy in the room but you were startled to realize the boss had decided to focus his energy on you, his deep baritone voice calling your full name. “i am extremely sorry. we have failed you as a management team and as men. i have failed you.”
he sounded remarkably remorseful, his brown irises conveying heavy emotion and guilt. you had no idea what to say but he wasn’t done.
“although i do not have full control of the decisions that have been made here, i should have fought harder for what i believed was right and for that, i will forever be sorry.” you shifted uncomfortably under his weighty gaze, not that he noticed because his attention was swiftly taken by kenma at the opposite end of the room.
“who is in charge then? aren’t you like the ceo or whatever?” he asked. ushijima took a moment before nodding very slowly, his attention clearly on something in his head.
thankfully, satori rapidly took over the thread of conversation before the room could fall in tense silence yet again. “there’s a board of old, stuffy guys who basically kicked miracle boy wakatoshi to the curb and make all their decisions without him.”
...miracle boy? what did he have to do to earn that kind of nickname? you shook your head and tuned back in, just as the ceo spoke up once again.
“because i have not succeeded in doing my job properly, i have something to give to you,” ushijima deadpanned, sliding a thick envelope towards you. you carefully grabbed it and opened it up to reveal a thick, thick, wad of cash.
a gasp caught in your throat, words not coming to you as you thumbed through the money. there had to be at least $60k in there, your eyes filling with tears while you took in his generosity. “thank you,” you whispered, not trusting your voice to speak any louder.
wakatoshi nodded at you before addressing the rest of the table about something but you weren’t even listening.
you were so overwhelmed. for the longest time, you’d hated whoever management was for ignoring your pleas for help and trying to placate you with nice dresses and fancy dinners so meeting ushijima was quite the welcomed surprise.
despite everything that occurred, you could tell he felt horrible for letting things slide even though it was technically out of his hands and you couldn’t even articulate how much that meant to you.
the fact that he had gone out of his way to pay you extra, assumingly without the permission of the board, was heartwarming, confusing, shocking, and staggering all at once.
i mean, you could probably describe the past few months as exactly that. so much had happened, so much had changed, and while you could do without some of the life adjustments (the nightmares, spare trauma, and fear of public bathrooms to start), you felt blessed with new friends and the experiences that helped shape you to the person you were now.
the boys didn’t hate you anymore (well, not all of them at least and none were actively antagonizing you), you were seeing dr yamada again, you were getting to move in with your two best friends, you were just given enough money to expand your channel drastically, and you were finally feeling good. better than good.
meiko was behind you and though you missed the person she once was, you were so glad she was out of your life in a way where she couldn’t harm you or the boys any longer.
a grin spread across your face, your cheeks nearly burning from the intensity of it. things were definitely looking up.
a soft call of your name jolted you from your thoughts, your eyes landing on all the boys already standing as they got ready to leave the room. you could sense their worry and you shot them a genuine, reassuring smile before standing yourself.
you waved goodbye to the three men at the table, thanking ushijima profusely for his kindness but he shook you off, insisting that he had just been doing what he should’ve done a long time ago.
what a nice guy.
as you followed the boys out of the building, you took a moment to observe them together with fondness written all over your expression. they were laughing and joking around, the happiest and most carefree you had ever seen any of them. bokuto was begging yachi to get them ice cream, the rest of them piling on until she gave in with a playful roll of her eyes, giggling at the cheer that went up from the group.
atsumu seemed to notice you lagging behind, falling back to join you. “ya okay angel?” he asked, eyes focused on your feet as he slowed down to match your pace.
you didn’t answer for a while, instead focusing on the sun warming your cheeks, the cool breeze messing up your hair, and the sounds of pure joy swirling above you.
“i’m absolutely perfect.” you replied and you actually meant it. “race you to the van?” you sent him an impish grin before taking off, his yells of indignation making you laugh freely as the rest of the boys joined in, right on your heels.
this is it, you thought. no matter what, i’ll have this moment and i’ll be okay.
you’d been through hell and back and you’d survived. you’d been cursed at, choked out, hospitalized, and been beaten at mario kart more times than you could count and you had still made it through. you were resilient and strong and you’d never given up, despite how badly you’d wanted to, multiple times over.
things weren’t perfect, they rarely are, but you knew that if you could make it through all that, you could get through practically anything, especially with the boys by your side.
yeah. i’ll be just fine.
“told you it sounded stupid as hell.”
“gah, stop talking about it!!”
“you sounded sooooo old ‘shiki, what are you, 92?”
“what’s up miracle boy?”
“...what is ‘sus’?”
Tumblr media
℗ poker face
i’ll be just fine
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Dean and Cas are both nightmare PTA parents, because their usual personality issues are switched. In this setting, dean is the one who causes problems on purpose (flirting with pta moms, homewrecking) and cas is the one who is like “i must control everything.” 
The slippery slope of shared involvement in this organization is that cas develops a vendetta against a rival mom named Helen, and takes dean, who is just having a fun time flirting with the moms & being a homewrecker, and recruits him to run interference and gather intelligence on her campaign for PTA presidency while CAS launches his OWN ruthless campaign for PTA presidency. 
Importantly, nobody knows the first thing about either of them,
because they are trying to live simultaneously in the smalltown settled-down world and also their world of incredible violence
Nobody knows what the angry trenchcoat dad’s deal is because they have never had a normal conversation with him 
but the moms speculate WILDLY about dean
and they hear weird things from their kids who know Jack
But in order for the scheme to work, none of these women know that Cas and Dean are associated with the same kid, never mind with each other.
It’s been abt a year since Cas became an overly involved PTA parent and established himself as a rogue element in the Smith Center United School District, where Jack attends the high school and plays trumpet in the marching band. Cas is off on a hunt, asks Dean to go to the wednesday meeting for him. 
Dean goes, and is colossally bored
Until the coffee hour in the gym
Bc the PTA moms are VERY interested in this new hot dad 
Dean of course enjoys the attention and flirts back shamelessly
talks up his kid jack like “Oh yeah his mom is dead, it’s so sad :(” (because Dean is a terrible person) 
so normally, Jack just takes the bus or flies to school if he’s going to be late (bc he overslept after staying up late playing Portal 2, or just wanted to hang out for breakfast). But once Dean starts getting attention from the moms he can’t resist the drama and offers to drive Jack to smith center HS. 
Jack says yes of course
Dean waves ‘hello ladies’ to the carpool moms, roguish wink
this will backfire later on when one of them starts following him around town to figure out where the fuck he lives
Next PTA meeting rolls around, cas is heading out, and dean asks to go with. cas is like wtf?
Dean’s agenda is: 1. i love attention and flirting and destroying the nuclear family. and 2. if I piss off cas enough, he will make out with me IN the back seat of the Impala IN the school parking lot
so at the post-meeting coffee hour in the gym
Cas is late bc he’s discussing something w another parent
Dean is flirting with the moms again
and they are complaining about mr kline, the angry trench coat dad
cas comes back into the gym and sees what’s going on, gets jealous/territorial, drags dean out
after dean’s goal #2 has been achieved and he is fixing cas’s collar in the back seat of the impala, cas is like okay hilarious (not) but do not flirt with those women again. 
And dean’s like (fixing cas’s tie) dude, those women, the other moms, they do not like you. especially not helen, and she’s running for PTA president — and cas is like, wait hang on, she’s doing what? 
little does Dean know that helen is cas’s #1 PTA enemy, and if she wins, she will cut the music/theater budget in favor of increasing sports funding. cas cannot allow this to happen, but this is useful intel
So cas is like well....... what else did you find out? 
so begins the campaign of conspiracy and cahoots
the local moms fawn over dean every wednesday at the pta coffee hour and then on sunday at the church coffee hour they discuss him extensively
his cover story is that he’s a bartender at a place called doyle’s up in webber (40+ miles away, no one would ever drive out and check, right?). prevailing theory is that he’s ex-military 
[looking at Jack's soccer registration forms] "Their address is on Bromfield road. but there aren't any HOUSES on bromfield road"
after witnessing dean do some special ops shit, a new theory is born that he’s in witness protection
they also hear things through their kids cause 1. Jack is a bad liar and 2. He IS doing magic tricks to look cool for the other kids.
Dean’s cover story about the bar is a shield for reality, which is that he and cas run a hunter pub/diner, called rocky’s or the roadhouse 2.0 or w/e, but it’s in a weird secret off-the-beaten path location that no Lebanon/normal people should stumble upon
Because Dean—now that he is out and settled down and going to AA and living a stable life—now lies about new stuff. His child. His family. His normal human job. Just because. 
No one knows what the angry trenchcoat dad does or which kid is his bc no one has ever had a normal or personal conversation with him.
“What is he?” Accountant? Community college accounting professor? Realtor who only sells business parks? Lawyer for realtors? Is he in publishing? 
whatever it is that he does for work, it is causing him a LOT of job stress, that much we can tell. He is using this as an outlet for Something. We have concerns. 
Cas knows all of Jack’s teachers personally and has also menaced various administrators, but in the PTA meetings he is just sort of a nondirectional force of nature not associated with any specific child.
Jack is a band and theater kid of course. He plays trumpet in the marching band in the fall, and the colorguard girls love him. Additionally he is also in the crew for the musical, and he’s also a weird forensics kid (speech team). 
jack on the trumpet from a distant room in the bunker: doot. doot. doot. doot. doot. doot. 
Dean in the kitchen: 😐😐
Cas, putting a hand on dean's arm: we're being supportive
Sports subplot: Dean gives Jack a (relatively gentle) hard time about doing music and theater but not trying any sports. To gain dean’s approval Jack is trying out the soccer league this fall but it’s not really his thing. 
This is relevant shan’t elaborate.
Eventually Jack gets roped into the scheme, but he is not happy about it because he does not like lying.
Cas must destroy helen because of her anti-performing arts agenda but also because she was the first person to be rude to him at his first-ever PTA meeting, and bc the moms function on midwestern church lady politeness rules, they all exclude him together (sin of exclude the freak)
So Cas, in response, commits the Sin of Nemesis
(in his eyes she represents the threat of local (and more broadly, human) culture excluding Jack) 
bc Sin of Nemesis is Cas’s fatal flaw in this story that means when the stakes get higher he will Go Too Far (gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss); his numerous Sins of Jealousy are just a fun subplot
Once, one of the parents witnesses Cas doing some angel magic when he doesnt think anyone is looking. Like he spills something, tries to mop it up, then gives up and just snaps it. 
Later on in the election when things have gotten heated, someone else spots him using his super strength to move a large object (for sabotage purposes) and thinks they imagined it.
kathleen (friend of Helen) is suspicious of Dean’s whole deal, even more so after she and her husband actually end up stopping at the bar in Webber, and she casually tells the owner that she knows Dean, and the guy is like ? who? 
“you know? dean campbell? Tall, chiseled, dresses like a lumberjack?”
“ma'am, I don't know anyone by that description, and the only people allowed behind this bar are me and my wife”
kathleen already doesn’t like dean because publicly flirting every wednesday isn’t proper, and also he’s distracting helen from her campaign and also from her, like, there’s a little jealousy there
but when she tries to tell Helen, of course, helen brushes it off
Dean is running interference on the enemy campaign
By distracting Helen and the moms and being a homewrecker
but also by infiltrating / getting inside info about Helen’s plans
He keeps it above-board — he never meets outside of the pta meetings and never accepts invitations to drinks/sunday dinner (gotta go, night shift at the bar. etc) bc if he actually started going to knitting circle or the pyramid scheme container parties he would definitely get too deep into it and also blow their cover 
And where is Sam in all this you ask? He and Eileen live a 2hr drive away with their newly adopted child. Though they come down for sunday dinner once a week, the campaign is never mentioned by dean or cas. they know absolutely nothing about it. 
This all will culminate when Cas eventually wins (he will, of course, win, despite a near-miss when he almost goes too far with the schemes, gaslight gatekeep girlboss), with grand reveal, when cas is up on stage in the gym, giving his big acceptance speech, and finishes it with “and last of all, i would like to thank my husband... dean :)” The chaos is instant and complete.
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wandaromanova · 2 months ago
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings: none, just fluff
A/N: hello! this was a request! hope you all enjoy! happy reading <3
anon requested: Okayy hear me out, Fem!R is a lab scientist on the tower and her gf murderous badass assassin gf Natasha keeps following and cuddling like a lost puppy while she does her experiments. She often visits the lab that the whole gang have to search the whole building just to find her being clingy top to her nerdy gf. At the end, Fury has to literally drag out her out for corrupting (you're his youngest daughter in his eyes and you should be protected at all causes because you're too pure for this world) you
Summary: If Natasha has the opportunity to be near her girlfriend; she takes it.
Word Count: 1.4K
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Tumblr media
You were a scientist that had been hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. You were assigned to do various experiments for the agency and in return, you got a pretty paycheck for your efforts.
You were an absolute nerd who loved all things science-related, so you honestly would’ve worked for them for free. You were the best scientist S.H.I.E.L.D had, achieving more successful projects than any other scientist in the department.
So, Fury, your boss and father figure, had decided to give you a promotion. You had been transferred to work alongside the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in the Avengers Tower.
To say you were a fangirl was an understatement. Tony and Bruce were like your two biggest idols in your career field. Tony’s a technology genius and Bruce is extremely knowledgeable in gamma radiation. They were two of the greatest minds in the world and the fact that you got to work with not one, but both of them was a blessing in itself.
While working in the Tower, you had grown close to the entire team; most especially, Natasha Romanoff.
When you first met Natasha, you were absolutely terrified of her. She was extremely intimidating to your nerdy self. You had heard many stories about her in your time working at S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters. You were impressed with her achievements and admired her work ethic, but you were still scared of her nonetheless.
Although, you quickly learned that she was very much the opposite when she actually liked someone; more like.. liked you.
Natasha would come down to your lab frequently and converse with you while you worked. She would ask all sorts of questions about your life and that made you nervous. You felt like she was analyzing you to see if she’d have to take you out or something.
You were half right; she was analyzing you to take you out… just not in an ‘i’m going to murder you’ way. Natasha had immediately taken a more than friendly liking to you. Unbeknownst to you, she wanted to take you out, but on a date.
No one had ever expressed romantic interest in you before. You were rather introverted and quiet, you guessed that came with the territory of being such an obsessive scientist
So, you took Natasha’s behavior as simply platonic. You were completely oblivious to Natasha’s crush on you. Even when she bluntly asked you out to dinner, you still refused to believe that the assassin actually fancied you.
All your doubts flew out of the window when you saw Natasha nervous for the very first time since you’ve met her. When she met you in the parking garage of the Tower after your shift, she nervously stood in the middle of the room with a bouquet of your favorite flowers in hand.
You had smiled widely at the gesture as Natasha nervously scratched the back of her neck and stuttered out a ‘you look beautiful.’
The date went amazing and you guys had gone on a few more. Three dates in, you guys finally kissed. You’ve kissed people before, but none of them could compare to Natasha. She was like an expert at it. You’d say you were surprised by that, but you honestly weren’t. Nat was seemingly good at everything she did.
•❅──────────────── ‎⧗ ────────────────❅•
Now, you both have been dating for a year and a half and things have been going extremely well. Nat’s visits to the lab only increased when you both started officially dating.
She was extremely clingy, but you didn’t mind it at all. Nat would waltz into your lab like she owned the place and hug you from behind while you were looking into a microscope.
She’d shove her face into the crook of your neck and place delicate kisses there, making you blush profusely. Her breath would tickle your neck, prompting a fit of giggles to erupt from you.
Your laughs made Natasha laugh. She was a completely different person around you and it warmed your heart to know that you were the only person who she allowed to see the real her.
Natasha’s teammates noticed the change in the redhead. She seemed less grouchy ever since you stepped foot into the Tower and they were all grateful for that. However, it did get a bit annoying at times for one reason only; she was always in the lab.
They would spend a good amount of time seeking out Natasha; only to find her in the lab every single time. They’d walk in and see the same sight they always did.
Natasha following you around and watching your every single move like a lovesick puppy dog.
You didn’t understand why Nat enjoyed being in the lab with you. Your work wasn’t even half as exciting as hers was. You just stayed in one room all day in a lab coat and did boring science stuff (well to you it wasn’t boring, but you knew to others it was).
However, you quickly learned that Natasha truly didn’t care about what you were doing; she just cared about you. Whenever she was in the lab with you, a part of her body would be in contact with yours at all times.
Whether it was her hand resting firmly on your thigh, an arm around your waist, or even interlocking your pinky with hers as she swayed your hands beneath the table. Natasha always craved your touch; it was her favorite thing in the world.
•❅──────────────── ‎⧗ ────────────────❅•
One day, Fury had decided to pay you a visit in the lab to see how things were going for you. However, he was more than shocked as he walked in on you sitting on a stool with Natasha snuggled into your side. The redhead was staring up at your face, observing you as you focused on the task in front of you.
“Oh, no. Absolutely not, Romanoff.” Fury spoke, causing both of your heads to shoot up at the man.
“You’re not going to corrupt my interim daughter.” Fury walked over and stood behind the two of you. He stuck his arm out and placed it between yours and Natasha’s bodies; effectively separating your girlfriend from you.
“Oh come on Fury, we’ve been dating for over a year and a half now. You say this all the time.” Natasha let out a small whine as she attempted to move his arm out of the way.
“And I’m still not happy about it.” Fury’s tone was serious, but he was attempting to hold back a smile. Nat was like a daughter to him too and truthfully, he was happy that you two were together. He just liked to mess with you guys.
“Babe, back me up here please.” Your eyes widened as Natasha looked at you with her big green eyes paired with a pout of her pink lips.
“Um… I don’t mind her being here with me, Fury. She’s not going to corrupt me, she makes me better. I get more done when she’s around.”
Fury rolled his eyes at your words in fake disgust while Natasha beamed. She was smiling brightly at you and you sent a smile right back.
“Nope, let’s go, Romanoff.” Natasha let out a yelp of surprise as Fury picked her up by the waist and threw her body over his shoulder.
In all honesty, Natasha could’ve had him on the ground in no time flat, but she knew this was just a lighthearted situation. You were pure and Fury was playfully looking out for you like a father would.
“No… baby.. help.” Natasha dragged out the syllables of her words as you laughed at the sight in front of you. Your girlfriend was making grabby hands at you behind Fury’s back as she was carried towards the exit.
“I love you! I’ll see you tonight.” You said to Natasha as Fury opened up the door and began to make his way out. She gave you a stern glare as she flipped you off; a loving smile on her face nonetheless.
“I love you too, traitor.”
You laughed loudly at her antics as the door shut and they were out of your sight.
Natasha was terrifying and adorable at the same time. She could take out an army of aliens and have the deadliest men in the world cowering in fear. But when she’s with you? She was the softest, most cuddly person to ever exist.
You loved Natasha Romanoff with every fiber in your body; clinginess and all.
───────── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──────────
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trutrustories · a month ago
Bad fighter Mobius M. Mobius is the best kind of Mobius M. Mobius, Actually.
I already loved Mobius more than most of the MCU characters before episode 6 came out, but THAT scene in Ravonna´s Office was really game changer for me. Until then I was actually sure, that this man is a great fighter. Because HOW THE FUCK COULD HE NOT BE, RIGHT? I mean...
Tumblr media
he looks so sure of himself, He´s going on those missions with trained hunters all the time, he´s fearless! And then Ravonna says: “even with that, you´re of no danger to me” And I was like: Ha! keep dreaming girl He´ll show you! And Mobius was like: “Is that what you think? Let´s see..” And I was like: Yeeees that´s my boyyyyy!!!”
Tumblr media
And then Ravonna was like...
Tumblr media
Mobius in the air in like a split of second. And I was like 
Tumblr media
But Mobius freaking smiled and was like: “Yeah you were right”
Tumblr media
ok. OK. HE´S MY FUCKING FAVOURITE NOW. THERE IS NO ONE BETTER THEN HIM SORRY.  Suddenly I was lost. I was blown away. It was HE BETTER STAYS IN MCU FOREVER OR I WILL SCREAM type of feeling. So let me get this straight. He can´t fight. He probably knows that he is not a good fighter, and he...  HOLY SHIT. THE WHOLE SERIES IS SO MUCH BETTER!!! .... As much as I love the idea of strong Mobius with long hair and daggers, looking for Loki through entire universe… I´m not sure, if I really want to see that in canon. I just love this cute and non-combatant version of Mobius too much, I´m sorry! Let me explain my weird brain please: we have lots of strong heroes in MCU – those who are great fighters, or those who had to learn how to fight.   The one thing I always loved about Iron man was the fact, that he really needed his brilliant brain, his technology (suit) and bravery to fight. And in the end he was the hero who saved them all. I mean… yeah. There are side-kicks, like Happy Hogan, or Luis (Ant man´s best friend) and I LOVE them! But none of them has got as much screen time and importance, as Mobius. When I think about what I love so much about him and his dynamic with Loki, there is always this one thing that prevails: one of them is an incredibly strong but also very careful god (not when he´s drunk though) who uses a lots of strategies and plans, while the other is a tiny man in a suit who can´t fight shit but runs into the throat of a danger every chance he get and no one can´t stop him. just look at him!!!
He goes on missions with these trained hunters to just look around for clues and has no concerns about potentional harm whatsoever.
And he even finds the time to stand up for normal people and be kind to them in the process:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Once Loki has no collar, on his neck he could break all Mobius´s limbs in a matter of seconds if he wanted to, but Mobius is completely sure he has nothing to worry about around his Loki. He´s not scared of ANYTHING, especially  of Loki variants. Like EVER! :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let me break it down in detail for ya. I made a list: When they are taking Loki on his first mission outside, Loki asks, if no one is concerned that he is going to has his magic back...
Tumblr media
well, maybe someone actually is concerned by that but it sure as hell isn´t Mobius. He just simply says that he could get Loki to Time keepers if he won´t try anything and like... this one line is getting on Loki so much, that Loki even tries to use it few moments latter xD And here is the best scene ever: 
Tumblr media
LOKI: “we can go anywhere!” 
Tumblr media
MOBIUS: “I´m not taking you for a stroll along the promenade, much less an apocalypse” FEW MOMENTS LATTER:
Tumblr media
Hang on. Wait. So you telling me, he took this man outside without  permission, without backup (you know, hunters, that actually CAN fight), right to the apocalypse, knowing that Loki can use his powers anytime, however he wants.  It´s just...  God. I love him!!! And then he just hands him the daggers like it´s no big deal!
Tumblr media
Like are we all aware this man has no any super powers, no big strength, nor any impressive fighting skills and he is willing to give him daggers for a mission, where this god is capable of magic and everyone else in team ECCEPT mobius is at least able to fight????? And he just has that small bulletproof vest,  and a raincoat and he chats with Loki in a rain like it was a fucking another apocalyptic DATE?
Tumblr media
Ok. Let´s jump to the episode four He goes and persuades Ravonna to let him interrogate Sylvie and he is straight up arguing with her, even when he´s told how dangerous Sylvie is. This man LOVES danger!!! 
Tumblr media
Once he has doubts he  decides to risk it all and  swaps TemPads right behind Ravonnas back. 
Tumblr media
And he is watching it OUT LOUD in a place where anyone can show up at anytime! 
Tumblr media
no but serously. This is a face of a man who is EXCITED for a dangerous adventures with Loki. Yeah, lets bring this whole place down together! 
Tumblr media
And then we have this scene. Mobius really has a nerves to pull “ ha ha I had to take it by mistake” line right there. 
Tumblr media
But once he understand he´s gonna die, he just take his fate with bravery and talks to Ravonna about life he really desires. 
Tumblr media
And remember that time Ravonna warned him about this variant and how dangerous she is?  He casually saves her, just like that. No big deal. 
Tumblr media
He even has a time to make teasing notes about how  Sylvie should be more careful jumping to a strangers car like that and how she really is one of the Lokis. 
Tumblr media
And after he saves her, he manage to apologize to her  and make her to like him. EVERY FREAKING LOKI LIKES HIM! - that has to be his super power I swear And then Sylvie is like: well actually let´s go back there, I think It´s the best idea ever.  And mobius is like:  What back to the angry cloud? - oh great. fuck this why the hell not. Lets do it. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so... while Loki and Sylvie are getting closer, lets show us, how literally every Loki likes Mobius (like not even alligator loki wants to hurt him, even when Mobius suggests that he is a liar I CAN´T) And just random (AGAIN) during the chat  saving Loki and Sylvie (without even knowing) when he inspires Classic Loki to change. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He offers free tickets straght to the TVA to kid Loki, classic Loki and an alligator. I mean... What a LEGEND. 
Tumblr media
when he gets there he just knock on Ravonna´s door and is like - lets talk about it xDD
Tumblr media
And he isn´t even suprised to lose that fight. He makes himself comfortable on the floor: yeah you were right. Here we go again. Just prune me already, doesn´t matter, I have my Lokis there anyway.
Tumblr media
But make no mistake, I don´t think he is stupid, or naive. That is the most fascinating thing about him.  He is brilliant. He can makes great plans (it surely as hell was him, who come up with the high school scheme) He is a great  investigator, he  is familiar with psychology very well, he know how to manipulate people just as well, as Loki. He can  interrogate flawlessly (when jealousy is not involved) And when he woke up in the Void, he was able to escape certain death, choose a car and drive around looking for Loki - and eventualy save Sylvie. He is a very capable man. I dont think he shouldn´t have any power. Like - he has his inteligence, his knowledge of all  languages  (I want to see him chat with Groot please), his knowledge of psychology,  knowledge  of how TVA works... He can have his pruning stick, TemPad, bulletproof vest and a raincoat for what I care. but most importantly he has his kind heart, love of adrenaline, and he is a freaking Loki expert. And let´s not forget, every Loki loves him. Also, he has a damn luck as well :D It´s like - Loki always ends up loosing, so Mobius  is fine  - even when he should be dead about million times already. (one man´s void is another man´s piece of cake) So when they are togheter. There is no way for Loki to actually die. Not by his side xD So I don´t think he needs to become great fighter. I believe, that this is a hundred times better. Creators should explore this dynamic to it´s bottom before they make him fighter with super powers or something like that. ( I wouldn´t mind long hair though)  I´m sorry. But I just really love that. I love how small and fragile he is, but he wont be scared of anything. And now he´s Loki best friend (while having masive crush on him, let's be precise ) So just imagine all those amazing scenes that could come with that.  Imagine there is some very dangerous Loki variant that everyone has problem to deal with, and Mobius is gonna be like - you´re so cute guys, nice try. Now let me talk to him, will ya.  Imagine some big battle where our Loki and Mobius are fighting side by side with Avengers and Loki is using all his potential, and he is so stunning in his leather but he can´t focus very well, because few metters from him is a small, fragile man in a suit just using TemPad an afucking pruning stick. And Loki didn´t even want him there in the first place. So they are arguing like married couple right then and there and every avenger AND enemy in  close distance just can´t believe these two are real.  also Loki saves Mobius by taking him in his arms right on time and running to safety with him
Tumblr media
Maybe this post is  completely useless and has  incredibly bad english like every text I write, but I don´t care. I just wanted to loudly  appreciate this mans non-fighting skills and his hilariously huge courage. End of the post.  have nice day! Bye!
Tumblr media
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rendevousz · 6 months ago
the favourite
avengers x fem!teen!reader
summary: you are the baby avenger and everyone is platonically whipped for you.
genre: fluff, crack
warnings: none, maybe just my inability to write good endings
word count: 3497
note: um second oneshot hope this one's good gaaah
"hey, doll. whatcha' reading?" you glanced up to see bucky, who then plopped down next to you on the couch in the common room. "it's called 'shadow and bone'. it's a novel that's turning into a netflix series in like a month," you smiled at the super soldier, lifting up your book a little to show him the cover. his eyebrows raised at the information, lips tugging into a knowing smirk.
"yes, bucky, i'll watch the series with you." you rolled your eyes playfully at him. ever since he officially became an avenger and moved into the tower with the rest of you, you've been helping him 'get with the times' —as sam likes to call it— just as you did steve a few years prior.
steve had told his best friend that you were the best at stuff like this. after all, you were the youngest avenger. and you had a lot of free time on your hands; having no school since you were pretty much the only one besides vision who could compete with tony's or bruce's intelligence.
so really, school wasn't mandatory for you according to tony. at least, after you had asked him if you could just not attend and he cracked ten seconds after you pulled the puppy dog eyes.
you also had significantly less trainings than the rest of the team. this one wasn't because you were an expert on the field or something —well, you were, but so were the rest of the team but they still had almost daily trainings while you had half the amount they did— this was because you had cap wrapped around your tiny little finger.
and as for the team, they couldn't even be mad about it because if they were in the captain's position, they would probably be the same. everyone just loved you too much.
"do you mind if i turned on the tv?" bucky asked, afraid that you wouldn't want background noise while you were reading but obviously you didn't mind so you shook your head as you continued to read. not long after, you closed your book with a bookmark between the pages you stopped at before shoving in into bucky's hands and running up into your room to quickly grab your blanket.
he watched you run out of the common room in confusion before chuckling when he saw you run back in looking tiny with a huge, fluffy blanket in your arms. you went back to your spot on the couch next to him, spreading the blanket over both your laps, bucky smiling fondly as he watched you fix it before turning to him. "comfy?" you asked and he nodded, giving you back your book as you cuddled up to him. he smiled down at you and wrapped an arm around you while you leaned against his chest.
"what's this? movie night without me?" you two looked up at the owner of the voice and saw sam walking in, making his way to the kitchen, probably to make himself some coffee. "what movie are you guys watching?" he asked, leaning against a pillar to look at the tv, trying to figure out what movie was playing.
"actually, only bucky's watching the movie—it's mean girls, by the way—and i'm just reading my book." you told sam without looking at him, lifting your book up high to show him before lowering it back down to continue reading it.
"barnes, what are you doing watching a movie while y/n is reading? she won't be able to focus with all that background noise, shut it off." sam told him off, now back in the kitchen to make his coffee. you shook your head at the man's antics. "sam, it's fine. i told him it was okay,"
"of course you did, you're too sweet to say no to anyone." he quipped back, now standing nearby, watching the tv too, seemingly interested in the movie playing. you only rolled your eyes playfully at him before going back to the book. after a few minutes of him just standing, bucky spoke up. "just sit down if you want to watch the whole movie, birdbrain."
and sit he did. on your other side, snuggling comfortably under your blanket after putting his now empty mug on the coffee table. this caused bucky to huff as he pulled the other end of the blanket which led to them having a tug-of-war over the blanket, you unfortunately stuck in the middle of it. deciding that it was too distracting to read while squished between two grown men who were also fighting for the blanket, you finally closed your book.
"sam, can you help me put this on the coffee table?" you handed sam your book and he immediately took it, stretching his body forward to place it on the coffee table. with the book out of the way, you could finally settle comfortably and the blanket was now shared between the three of you equally. not long after, your head was back against bucky's chest with his arm around you while your legs were over sam's lap under the blanket, one of his arms resting over it above the blanket. if it had been someone else doing that to sam, they probably would've had their legs chopped off already.
"movie night and you didn't invite me?" you chuckled at the question by the newcomer, tony, finding it funny how sam said almost the exact same prior to him. "you're welcome to join us, tony." you offered kindly, to which he replied with a small chuckle.
"i'm just kidding, cupcake. i came up for a drink and a little snack but that's it, i have stuff to finish down in the lab." you nodded understandingly, turning back to the screen in front of you.
"hey, stark, while you're there can you grab me a bottled water from the fridge?" bucky asked him. "oh yeah can you grab me chips from the snacks cabinet too?" sam added.
"you guys have legs for a reason, get them yourselves, i'm not your maid," tony sassed and you bit back a chuckle. bucky and sam then decided to rock-paper-scissors the situation to decide who had to get up and get the water and chips. bucky ended up losing and he begrudgingly got up and came back quickly with his water and sam's chips.
shortly afterwards, tony approached the three of you on the couch, with a juice box and a small bag of pretzels; your go-to movie snack. "here you go, cupcake." he handed them to you and you accepted them happily, beaming at him while he ruffled your hair.
bucky and sam shared a look of disbelief at tony's actions. "what gives, man? we asked for stuff and you didn't want to do it but y/n gets her stuff without even having to ask for it?" sam complained.
"that's because y/n's my baby. now shut up and let her watch the movie in peace." he scolds before leaving the common room, leaving the two men to huff in annoyance. it soon washed off though when you laughed out loud at a scene and they returned back to normal, loving the sound of your contagious laughter.
when the movie ended, it was already late and you had fallen asleep on an also asleep bucky. sam took a look at you and chuckled. he slowly removed the blanket from over himself and you, gently scooping you up into his arms and taking you back into your room, laying you down on your bed. he noticed the lack of blanket on your bed and remembered the blanket you brought down to the common room. he opened your closet for a spare blanket, retrieving it before covering you with it, tucking you in. "night, kiddo." he whispered, kissing your forehead before leaving the room.
next morning came and you groggily stretched, noticing that you were in your room. last you remembered was falling asleep mid movie. you deduced that it was most likely either bucky or sam who carried you back to bed. you went to your closet to grab work out clothes since you had training today, before realising what day today was. wanda's breakfast day. you quickly ran to the bathroom and got ready.
once you were done, you dried your hair and left your room, practically bouncing with excitement when you thought of what wanda probably made for breakfast. the week had been a bad breakfast week since everyone who had so far been tasked breakfast duty, sucked at cooking. the only good cook of the team was wanda, explaining your overexcitement.
before you could get far though, you slammed into a solid body, being caught by your wrists before you could fall. "be careful, lady y/n!" a deep voice spoke and you look up, a large smile on your face before you jumped happily, taking the man into a big hug. "thor! you're back!"
he laughed, returning the hug, you almost disappearing due to his big frame before you let go of each other. "where were you headed to so eagerly?"
"it's wanda's breakfast day, thor! i haven't had a decent breakfast all week because no one in this tower except wanda can cook to save their lives. come on, big guy!" you cheered, trying to get onto his back for him to give you a piggy back to the kitchen but he was too high for you to reach. he watched your attempt in amusement before bending down so you could get on his back. you gratefully got on, lightly patting his back and dramatically pointing ahead of you. "to the kitchen we go!"
when you two arrived in the kitchen, clint and wanda were talking as the latter made breakfast. thor's booming laughter echoed through the room as he zoomed with you on his back, laughing your heart out. "we have arrived to our destination, my lady." clint and wanda turned to you, adoring smiles on their faces when they heard you giggling uncontrollably.
"i thought you had more important things to do that you couldn't even walk 10 feet to grab me a spoon." clint raised his eyebrows at the demigod. "yes but y/n needed a ride so i provided her one." thor gave your hair a ruffle before he left the room, going to do what he initially left the kitchen for before you managed to get him to bring you back there.
"morning, kiddo." clint ruffled your hair right after you just fixed it, causing you to glare at him before fixing it again. "morning," you grumbled, sitting down next to him.
"morning, y/n!" wanda greeted, placing your plate of perfectly made blueberry pancakes with extra blueberries neatly placed on top, butter in the middle of it with maple syrup dripping down. your mouth watered. had it really been that long since you had a good breakfast or was it just because it was wanda's creation? or was it both? "here ya go, bubs. your favourite," she grinned at you, placing your glass of orange juice beside the plate.
"thanks, wands! i love you!" you thanked her, already beginning to dig into your breakfast.
"what the heck? you gave me burnt pancakes and didn't let me have extra blueberries because you said there already were some in the pancakes," clint whined to wanda from beside you, watching you eat happily.
"that's because the extra blueberries were for y/n, she loves them. and about the burnt pancakes...yea i just didn't want to give her burnt ones. look how happy she looks," the two turned to you, looking at your cheeks being filled up, making you look like an adorable squirrel.
"okay, fair point." clint slumped down on his chair, continuing to look at you fondly, like a proud father.
after breakfast, you made your way down to the training room where steve, nat and peter were training. when you entered, peter immediately noticed, waving and you from the treadmill with a huge smile on his face. nat, having just flipped steve over her her shoulders, smiled at you. "hey, bub." you smiled back at her and steve who struggled to give you a wave but did it anyways from his position.
"alright, y/n, you can warm up and run 2 miles first before we start." steve says once he had gotten up from his position on the ground. you mocked a salute before walking to the treadmills.
"what?! how is that fair? i'm running 5 miles!" peter exclaimed from beside you just as you started your run. "you're enhanced, peter. if anything, it's unfair for y/n/n. actually, that's right, it is unfair for her. y/n/n, you can go ahead and just do a mile."
peter's jaw dropped at this, his mouth opening and closing like fish out of water. "b–but.."
"get back to work, peter. once you're done, we'll start both your and y/n's training." the boy only huffed in annoyance, focusing back on his run while you smirked, internally cheering in victory.
"boy, that was tiring!" you dramatically plopped back onto the mat, limbs spread out as you tried to catch your breath. it had been a gruesome 3 hours of training and you were beat.
"y/n/n, get up. sam, bucky and clint's gotta train soon," nat tells you after steve and peter left and you were still sprawled out on the ground. "but i'm tired!" you whined childishly.
"y/n, if you don't get up, i'm gonna leave you here to be trampled on by the boys when they train." nat nagged, hands on her hips as she made a disapproving face at you.
"no you're not. you're gonna carry me to my room so i can shower and sleep soon." you tell her, eyes already closed as the fatigue washed over you. after a few seconds of silence, you heard her sigh out loud before you felt her crouching down beside you.
"get on my back in five seconds or i'll leave you." she threatened. you quickly opened your eyes, grabbing your small towel and water bottle before getting on nat's back. she mumbled something about you being lucky that she loves you or else she really was going to let sam, bucky and clint trample on you.
"what's wrong with her?" you could hear steve's concerned voice asking nat when you two reached—you assumed— the lobby. you were too tired to keep your eyes open so you left them closed while your arms were around nat's neck.
"nothing," you heard nat reply as she walked you both into the elevator. "kid's just too lazy to get up and walk on her own so she made me carry her." you internally rolled your eyes. she made it seem like she was forced to do it when everyone clearly knew she would do anything when it came to you.
you heard steve chuckle before nat started walking again, probably towards your room. you heard the door open and nat finally let you down, prompting you to open your eyes.
"do you want some food after you shower?" she questioned as you looked through your closet for comfy clothes to change to before ultimately deciding on cow print pyjama pants and an oversized tee you stole from steve.
"i'm good, nat, thanks. i just wanna take a nap." as if on cue, you yawned right after. "okay, bub. you'll have to get up later for dinner and movie night though, okay?" she reminded and left the room after you replied an 'okay' back.
when you were woken up a few hours later, it was by an annoying scream and a body bouncing on your bed. "y/n/n, wake up! it's dinner! mr stark ordered your favourite!"
you groaned, putting your pillow over your head to block out peter's annoying voice. "come on, y/n/n wake up! you haven't eaten since breakfast and it's movie night tonight!"
"okay, okay, i'm up. you can shut up now, pete." you grumbled crankily. it was quiet for a few seconds before peter yelled out once again. "wake u–"
he never got to finish though because you kicked him off the bed. "i said i'm up, dude." you then sat up, stretching before getting up to wash up, ignoring peter who was on the floor rubbing the side of his head which hit your lamp when he fell off your bed. he then got up, deciding to tidy your bed up a bit while he waited for you to finish washing up so that you two could go down together.
"is that my shirt?" was the first thing you heard when you walked in with peter. the team were all sitting, eating your food from your favourite place. "i uh, maybe?" you answered sheepishly, sitting down next to sam and peter settling down on your other side. "i've been looking for that shirt since forever."
"aw, let her have it, steve! she looks better in it than you do, she looks so adorable!" wanda screeched, absolutely adoring how tiny you looked in cap's enormous shirt. she continued to gush over you, even taking out her phone at one point to snap a picture of you. you chuckled at her antics, proceeding to eat your dinner while the team talked.
after dinner, everyone slowly made their way to the common room for team movie night. you guys collectively agreed to watch 'white chicks' after steve revealed that he hadn't watched it.
you sat down next to bruce, who gave you a tired smile when you smiled at him. he must've been working in the lab all day, you thought. halfway through the movie though, a bathroom break was called by tony. a few took the chance to get up and get snacks while you told bruce you were gonna sit closer to the tv since you couldn't hear properly with sam and bucky squabbling over every little thing they could. you could even hear them arguing in the kitchen at the moment over hot chocolate.
when tony came back, you told the two bickering children in the kitchen that you were starting the movie again. not long after you started, you could hear them still bickering, except now they were closer, probably back in their seats. poor bruce, you thought. you escaped the two but he was still stuck next to them.
meanwhile in the back, sam and bucky were still busy fighting over the hot chocolate. you paid them no mind as you focused on the movie, having not watched it in a hot minute.
"dude, i made this for myself! go make your own hot chocolate!" bucky whisper-yelled, moving his mug away from sam's reach when the latter tried to reach for it. "you took my snack now i'm gonna take your drink so it's fair!" sam countered.
before the two of them could stop it, the steaming hot chocolate spilt. not on the carpet, but onto the doctor whose patience had already been running thin with the two quarrelling next to him for the past hour.
his face slowly turned green, clearly a sign that he was fighting so that the other guy didn't come out. the team stared in horror, preparing for a fight to break out with the big green monster.
you, being the closest to the tv, didn't notice this all happening as you happily watched the movie that you couldn't hear properly for the past hour.
you laughed joyously when your favourite scene came on, trying to control your giggles that were starting to get louder and louder. bruce was currently hunched down, trying to even his breathing. but when he heard your laughter, he immediately looked up at you.
the team panicked, thinking that you could be a target for hulk since you just attracted attention to yourself. they were about to get up to protect you as they looked at bruce apprehensively, when the doctor smiled, the green on his neck slowly, but surely disappearing.
the team looked at each other in confusion and bruce smiled weakly at them. "sorry about that. i'm...i'm gonna move up and sit with y/n." he got up and made his way to you. you smiled when you saw him. "got tired of them too?" you joked and he nodded, making himself comfortable next to you.
you nodded and turned your attention back to the tv. it was clear you were oblivious to whatever just happened and the team couldn't help but chuckle at the situation. you really just unknowingly calmed down the hulk.
the team didn't know if you were aware of how much power you actually held over them. nevertheless, you were their little baby and they were willing to do anything for you.
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buckysbabygorl · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky’s flirting with Y/N seems to be going nowhere; but today he’s going for the win.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: swearing, suggestive themes
Word Count: 1.6k
Alright, enough with playing games.
Bucky was going to really go for it this time; pulling out all the stops.
He’d gotten his hair cut; freshly shaved; put on his tightest black tee. He even asked Sam for cologne.
He was going hard today.
He joined the group in the public conference room; today they were discussing the Stockholm mission. It went fine, but it could’ve gone better. It was just going over an old strategy; reviewing details, maybe mixing up the next planned strike teams and pairings. Nothing too serious.
So Bucky had some wiggle room for other priorities.
Today he was determined to get Y/N’s attention. He had been trying for ages; ever since he’d first set foot in the compound.
Tony hadn’t been entirely pleased, Y/N had been his right hand for years. Pepper had taught her all the ropes; and Tony couldn’t ask for a better admin.
“I don’t want your dirty old man hands on my employees,” Tony warned, “besides, you’re not her type.”
But the warning had only made Bucky try harder. Not that it amounted to much.
She was just so… god, there wasn’t even a word to describe it.
He couldn’t tell whether it was obliviousness or just smooth dismissal on her end; it seemed like nothing he did worked.
Y/N was a very serious, hard working woman. She was reserved, and incredibly intelligent.
And blunt. Deadly blunt.
She took no shit; she had no filter; and she didn’t hold back.
She made sure everyone knew exactly what she thought of them; but only when asked.
Honesty as an embodiment was Y/N L/N.
It was so. fucking. hot.
God he couldn’t get enough of it. She told people to shut up, she told people when they were slacking, she’d given him hell a couple times too. And he loved it.
Which he told her, countless times.
“You know, I like a woman that takes charge.”
“Most people do.” She’d said to him.
It made him laugh how quickly she’d respond, how easily the retorts came to her.
But when it came to his assertive flirting; he couldn’t tell if she actually understood that’s what he was doing. Every compliment was either responded with a straight thank you or a clever but honest quip.
“You look incredible by the way.”
“I know.”
“You know, we really couldn’t have done this without you Y/N.”
“Thank you, I’m aware.”
“You’ve got some good moves. You could probably teach me a few things Y/N…”
“You’re one of the most incredible soldiers on this team Barnes, me mentoring you would be unnecessary.”
Every time. Every single time she shot him down. Beautifully and respectfully of course, and boy did he admire her for it.
But he couldn’t tell whether it was politeness or obliviousness.
So he was going for it today.
“Thanks for showing up Barnes, we were waiting on you.” Sam teased as the man walked in the door.
Immediately Bucky looked for Y/N. As his eyes landed on her he was disappointed to see that she was facing away from him, looking at her notes with intensity. Her glasses slid down on her nose, and her tongue darted to lick her bottom lip as she reviewed the structure for today’s meeting. Unfortunately, she hadn’t seen him in all his glory.
Nat noticed the man’s attire and new trim, and she smirked ever so slightly. She knew what he was up to, in fact they all were, they had developed a plan to be wing-men as best they could.
“Well look at you Sarge, you’re looking spiffy.” She commented.
Bucky flashed his pearly whites, “Well I had to look my best, I knew this pretty little lady was making an appearance today.”
He strode up to her chair confidently, his hands resting on the back of her seat, he bent down to speak gently in her ear.
“And how are we today, Miss Y/N?”
Nat could hear the huskiness in his voice from across the large conference table; she could tell he was trying. It was certainly effective; the man was sexy as hell and was well aware of his strengths. Any girl would melt at the low rumble in Barnes’ voice. Like liquid honey, so smooth and rich.
Y/N, however, wasn’t phased in the slightest.
“I’m fine Sergeant Barnes, yourself?”
He smirked, of course that wouldn’t work. But he’d keep trying.
“Better, now that I’m seeing you.”
She flipped to the next page, scribbling down a note that was incoherent to Bucky. For such a polished woman, she sure had messy handwriting.
“Good to hear; Tony is caught up with Bruce unfortunately so we’ll have to postpone the meeting another ten minutes. You’ll have to push back training with Steve, but it shouldn’t affect your schedule too much.”
Bucky nearly laughed, her reserve almost stopped him. But he wasn’t giving up yet.
“Fine by me,” he said as he sat himself in the seat beside her, “More time with you the better.”
Sam shook his head; the blatantly obvious flirtations disgusted him.
She pulled out her phone, checking a text from Tony.
“Well I know how important your training is; I’m not sure how much of a help I could be for your endurance.”
“I can think of a few ways.” He said, running his tongue along the inside of his lower set of teeth.
Sam and Nat shared a look. That was damn suggestive. Thank god Steve wasn’t around to hear such dirty language.
“Yeah Y/N,” Sam piped up, “I’m sure you could get our Barnes’ blood pumping.”
Nat could barely hold back her smile as she chimed in, “Yeah, young girl like you and a young man like him—”
“He’s 108 years old.” Y/N corrected.
The three nearly burst out laughing; was this girl that clueless?
“Just saying,” the redhead continued, “don't think it’d be the worst pairing in the world.”
“I second that.” Bucky stated.
Well now he was practically spelling it out for her.
Hey, I like you. Fucking do something please.
She sighed as she took off her reading glasses; and bit the arm as she reviewed what she’d written.
“Well,” she said, starting a new page, “If there’s anything you recommend for improving your workout regimen, I’m all ears.”
Bucky reached out a hand and slowly urged her to set down her notes on the table. She looked up at him calmly; her visage was serious, and as she slightly tilted her head with pursed lips, Bucky almost forgot how to breathe.
She didn’t even have to do anything and it worked wonders. Yet Barnes was doing everything and it got him zip.
“Y/N, I’d certainly love to add you to my workout regimen.”
Sam choked on air as Natasha giggled, raising a hand to her lips to quiet her laugh.
Y/N’s smile was small; seemingly not registering the clear implication behind his words.
“I’ll bring it up to Tony, he can run it past Steve and see what we can implement.”
Bucky looked over her features; feeling somewhat defeated. Only other obvious thing he could do at this point was kiss her and profess an undying love for her. But, while he still had some dignity left, he chose to leave it alone.
Besides; at this point, he felt that even that wouldn’t cross her radar.
The man was out of options.
He leaned back in his seat, he’d gotten all dolled up for nothing.
“New cologne?”
The question surprised him; coming from the ruby red lips of the woman in front of him. He shot a glance at Sam, who shot a glance at Nat, who shot a glance at Y/N, who was completely nonchalant.
“You noticed,” Bucky teased, “You like?”
The woman smirked, “No, you smell like Sergeant Wilson.”
“Ouch,” Sam said, “Hurting my ego here, Y/N.”
Bucky rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassed. Now he felt stupid, of course she’d notice something like that. This woman probably had their dreams logged into a catalog; what didn’t she know?
“It’s not bad cologne,” Y/N stated, “But I like your normal cologne better, Sergeant Barnes.”
Unable to speak, Barnes stared at the woman shocked.
“My, my.” Nat said, equally as surprised. “That’s awfully unprofessional for a work meeting Miss L/N.”
Y/N smirked as she set down her notes, “Tony’s not around, my reserve’s a little more loose when the boss isn’t motivating me to work.”
Again, the woman’s words shocked the room, still leaving Bucky speechless.
Was she joking around with them? And did she… did she just flirt with him?
“Well Miss Wild Card,” Sam said, “if we’re ‘letting loose’, why don’t you tell Sergeant Barnes over here how pretty he looks today?”
The smile that crossed her features was devilish, as she glanced in the soldier’s direction, Bucky couldn’t help but gulp.
There was a dark glint in her eye, something that they doubted anyone had ever seen before.
The woman turned, crossing one leg over the other as she faced Barnes. Twirling her pen in her hand as she gave him a once over, she smirked happily to herself.
“You look nice,” she said.
Though it was simple, it was enough. All the hard stops Bucky had planned before had gone out the window; any partial scheme he’d created was completely forgotten. Three little words and it nearly gave him a heart attack.
None of them expected, or were prepared for what she said next.
Turning back to her notes, she continued to write as she spoke.
“Look so good that I’d ride your thighs every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.”
Sam’s booming laughter fell on deaf ears as Bucky fell out of his chair.
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ara-mitsue · 3 days ago
better in mine
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; maybe it's a good thing you didn't bring a jacket
- pairing; s.kiyoomi x gn!reader
- genre; fluff
- w.c; 1.4k
- warnings; drinking
a/n; for @xrux <3 as you can tell, i had a lot of fun writing this one hahaha hope you like it! sakusa + 6 + fluff
*this fic is a part of my 100 follower milestone event. the event is now closed! prompt by creativepromptsforwriting
Tumblr media
You really wish Osamu had eaten Atsumu in the womb. Maybe then you wouldn’t be here, shivering in front of a roaring fire. Or what should have been a roaring fire if someone wasn’t so stubborn.
“Should I get Meian-san?”
Atsumu turns to you, teeth bared like a feral animal. “Will ya shaddap? ‘M almost done.” You glare at him and not so discreetly kick his butt.
“You said that ten minutes ago!” You cross your arms when a breeze passes by.
“And I’m ten minutes closer to being done!” He turns back to the pit, grumbling under his breath, and throws a log on top of the small flame. The fire goes out, gray smoke curling into the air. You sigh.
When you’d been invited to the bonfire, your first reaction was to say no. You planned on staying home and ordering takeout, eating until you couldn’t move, and catching up on your favorite shows. But Atsumu wouldn’t stop nagging you— for whatever reason, you definitely had to go. It was with the promise of a month’s worth of your favorite snacks did you finally concede.
You crouch down and try not to shudder as another gust of wind blows through your hair. Atsumu frowns when he notices. “Why didn’t ya bring a jacket?” He asks, crinkling newspaper into a loose ball.
“None of my jackets look good with my outfit,” you mumble. “Plus, they cover my ass.”
He raises an eyebrow. “And?”
“And my ass looks fantastic in these jeans. I’m not letting that go to waste.” He laughs.
“Well, that I understand,” Atsumu says with a cheeky smile. “But who ya tryin’ to impress?” he flutters his eyelashes. “Little ol’ me?”
You scoff. “I’ll kick you into the fire once you get it going.”
A shadow looms over you, eclipsing the setting sun. “Not if I do it first.”
“Sakusa!” You stand up, straightening your clothes, and give him a bright smile. “Hi, didn’t think you’d make it.”
“Mandatory team gathering,”  he says, making you purse your lips. Funny, Atsumu never mentioned that part.
“Aha!” The setter pumps his fist into the air and he points at the tiny flame. “See! I got it!”
“Congratulations,” Sakusa says in a flat tone. You bite the inside of your cheek, a smile hidden behind your fist.
Before Atsumu can retaliate, the wind bursts through, blowing up sand and whipping against your face. You sputter and turn away from it, trembling as the cold bites through your sweater. You vigorously rub your hands up and down your arms. Atsumu looks at you in mild concern. “D’ya want my jacket?”
Sakusa sneers. “Trust me, they don’t want your germ-infested clothes.”
“Oi! I just washed this!”
“And yet it still smells like sh—“
“Look!” You point down the beach, hoping to distract them before the bickering gets worse. “Meian-san is here!” Atsumu perks up, immediately standing to find his captain. He grins and waves at the figure walking towards you.
“Meian-san!” He shouts. “Look! I got the fire going!” He runs off, nearly tripping in his haste.
You laugh, leaning away from the sand he kicks up while Sakusa takes two large steps back. “Disgusting.”
You shrug and wipe down your jeans. “We’re at the beach. It’s bound to get messy,” you say but then freeze when the revelation that you’re alone with Sakusa smacks you.
You are alone with Sakusa.
You hope the hissing fire and rolling waves mask the sound of your stuttering heart. “So…” you clear your throat when your voice cracks. Sakusa turns his head to cough and you’re ready to bury yourself into the sand. “Didn’t expect to see you here tonight.”
Sakusa arches his brow, the one below the two moles you’ve daydreamed about kissing. “Why wouldn’t I?” You uncross your arms and gesture to the ocean.
“I don’t peg you as a beach person.”
“I’m not,” he says, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “But as I said, it’s a mandatory outing.”
“Oh,” you say with a strained giggle. “You did mention that.” You wonder if you can justify throwing yourself into the fire. Sakusa’s cheeks lift, the sides of his eyes crinkle and you think he’s about to say something (you can’t really tell behind his mask) when a massive arm bears down on your shoulders.
“Don’t ya look cozy,” Atsumu purrs, smirking at you.
“G’off,” you grumble even though you’re grateful for the distraction. You elbow him in the stomach, ignoring the ‘oof’ he makes, and beam up at the MSBY captain. “Meian-san! It’s been a while. How are you?” The man laughs, already used to your and Atsumu’s antics. The rest of the team slowly trickles in, greeting you in various levels of enthusiasm and gather around the fire. You’re lost in the crowd, unable to connect back with Sakusa until later in the evening.
With a beer in hand, you huddle closer to the bonfire. Multiple people have offered you their jackets (Bokuto the most insistent) but you declined each time, convinced that you were fine. You quickly realize that wasn’t true as the temperature dropped lower than you anticipated. You grip the bottle tighter and try not to whimper when a shudder runs down your spine.
“You don’t look too good.”
You chuckle nervously, glancing at Sakusa as he stands next to you. His mask is gone, probably tucked into his pocket. “Ah, am I that obvious?”
Sakusa eyes you, his lips drawn in a tight line when you lean closer to the fire. “A bit.”
“I thought I’d be okay since it’s a bonfire party and all…” you down some beer, hoping it would be a good enough excuse to not talk. It’s hard not to get tongue-tied when you have such a pretty man staring at you. “Maybe I should ask ‘Tsumu for his jacket…”
Sakusa’s lip curls up in disdain but he says nothing. A moment of silence passes and you shiver again, both hands clutching the bottle for dear life. At this point, you’re so close to the flickering flames, you’re surprised you haven’t caught on fire. You debate about giving in and stealing someone’s coat when a flurry of black and gold slaps your face.
“Oh,” Sakusa says after a short pause. “Sorry.” You pull the material down and stare at the jacket in your hands. It smells like burning wood and Bleu de Chanel.
“This… is yours?” You sound as faint as you feel.
Sakusa looks at you from his peripheral. “Who else’s?”
You shake your head and hold it out to him. “It’s okay,” you say. “You don’t have to give it to me.”
“Take it,” he insists. “You look like you’re about to get hypothermia.” You shift from one foot to the other, hesitant but also screaming on the inside because it’s Sakusa Kiyoomi’s jacket. You pray your heart doesn’t give out as you carefully slip your arms through the sleeves. It’s big, the sleeves dangle over your hands, and the bottom reaches past your bum. It’s also very warm and smells like him. You try not to bury your nose into it.
“Thanks,” you mumble shyly, pushing the sleeves up and unable to look Sakusa directly in the eyes. When you do have the courage to look up, you’re startled to find the outside hitter staring so intensely at you. You immediately pat the material down, hoping in the ten seconds you’ve worn it, you didn’t accidentally stain the jacket. “Is there something wrong?”
He doesn’t respond, only steps closer and reaches for you.
You’re hallucinating. You have to be. Because how else can your brain comprehend how his fingers skim along the zipper track, gliding down until they grab the slider. How he takes his time, connects the bottom two pieces then slowly slides the zipper up until both tracks meet at the top, right beneath your chin.
You stare up at him, mouth agape as he busies himself with rolling the sleeves up. In the distance, Atsumu slaps Hinata's shoulder so he has someone to witness the proof that Atsumu's matchmaking skills are legendary. All it took was a party and a cold windy day.
“I’m glad you didn’t take Miya’s jacket,” Sakusa says, eyes concentrated on the task at hand. A light breeze that fans the fire, forcing it to flare and crackle. Shadows dance across his complexion, emphasizing the sharp lines of his jaw and cheeks. He looks at you through his lashes, his obsidian eyes reflecting the heat of the fire and a devastating smirk grazes the lips you can’t stop staring at. You’re pretty sure you’re about to have a heart attack.
“You look better in mine.”
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burnedbyshoto · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
— Shouto becomes victim of a quirk accident. In that he become two people who get along as well as fire and ice do. They clash at every moment, and only seem to agree on one thing: their love for you. Or in which Shouto gets split into two by a quirk that spilts chimeras and in order for peace to be found you find yourself in a threesome with two halves that make the one you love most.
pairing: split!todoroki shouto x fem!reader
warnings: 18+, smut, threesome, split!shouto, anal, double penetration, blowjob, rimming, cunnilingus, cursing, degradation, praise 
word count: 8,930
a/n: LMAOOOOOO this waas actually fun to write the names I gave them were super easy because I am uncreative. I used an anons rec for shoutos hero name: reisho so that’s what that is. and thank you to my lovely canasian for finding the original drabble I wrote. pls enjoy!
kinktober day 6 main kink: threesome
“What’s going on?”
It was a series of words that often came out of your mouth because, as a Pro Hero, there were many times where you had no idea what was going on. It usually ranged from asking why Kaminari and Kirishima were giggling and avoiding your gaze when you walked into a room to coming onto an active battle where Bakugou and Midoriya were bloodied and crazed. There was nothing off-limits to those words, as they were, after all, said in complete confusion. 
“Where is he?!” you tried again, watching as nineteen different eyes look everywhere but at you.
However, it was without given when you watched your twenty -- wait, was that twenty-one? -- former classmates both stumble into one another as they turn to face you.
“Y/l/n-chan!” Mina squeaked, stepping up from the crowd, trying to cover up the two people in there that you couldn’t quite recognize as your classmates. “How was patrol? I heard that Todoroki-kun left you midway!”
You wished that last comment didn’t make your cheeks burn as intensely as it did.
Today had been one of the rare days that you had gone off on your route with your boyfriend, Todoroki Shouto. Both of you watched the busy streets and whispering between yourself as you avoided the masses, not wanting to get caught up with fan interactions that were rather unneeded. But there had been a large altercation that required Shouto’s expertise. Specifically, the voice at headquarters commanded that you stay on patrol while Shouto would leave. So you had watched as Shouto placed a hand on your cheek, his thumb softly petting your cheek, his smile warm.
“I’ll be back,” he had promised before taking off in a mist of ice and fire.
You continued the rest of your patrol with a rather childish pout on your face, you hadn’t enjoyed being sidelined like this, but you calmly assessed the situation. It probably wasn’t a fight you would be much aid in, and there was never a reason to send more than enough heroes onto a single area. But your route was coming to an end, and Shouto had still yet to reappear. Trying not to overthink it, you frowned while passing a store with TVs out in front.
Staring at the bright, flashing screen, you suddenly felt a sense of panic at the headliner: Chimera Quirk-Wielding Villain Apprehended by Pro Heroes Froppy, Pinky, and Reisho. (slight injuries on the hero team.)
With concern pitting up horribly in your stomach for your friends and boyfriend, you finished your assignment as calmly as you could, before finally getting to rush back to your agency. You had taken to the rooftops to get there as quickly as you could.
Through all that, you found yourself right where you had been in the beginning, staring at Mina, who despite the few scrapes of dirt and soot on your costume, looked normal. Your eyes glanced over at Tsuyu, who, like Mina, was unharmed -- which left Shouto.
“Something strange happened during that battle,” Momo spoke up, her face set with concern, her eyes, although not horrified, was definitely a bit at a loss for an explanation.
“The person we fought against could make chimera’s out of people, but the limits of their quirk meant that once they made a chimera, they couldn’t add more to the creation,” Mina explained, her head nodding as she looked from Momo to you. Her fingers were tugging at her pink curls, and you tilted your head.
“Is Shouto still smashed together with someone or something?” you asked, a bit hesitant to see what potentially horrific creation your boyfriend could have turned into. “I’ve seen Shouto show up home after the poop-villain fiasco, I swear I won’t cry if he’s ugly!”
“Well, no, kero,” Tsuyu frowned, her finger pressing to her lower lip as she tilted her head. “Mina-chan and I were a chimera for a bit, and the quirk has a limit when they make a chimera.”
You didn’t like how that was worded.
“Just fucking show her the idiots who threw the match!” Bakugou snapped, his eyebrows furrowed as he shoved the crowd away in the middle, parting them like Moses did the red sea. 
Idiots? You thought, your confused expression growing as you looked from Bakugou’s frowning face onto what they had been hiding from you.
And you instantly understood why when you were greeted with two heads. One entirely redheaded, the other entirely white-haired, each with identical faces who looked at you with the same tone to their eyes.
“You see, their quirk can also separate chimera’s, and well… I — we, guess that Todoroki-san is one,” Momo informed you as you stared at opposite replicates of your loving boyfriend. “The villain said they’ve never split a natural-born human chimera before, it had been their first time, so the lasting effects of the quirk are unknown.”
The redheaded Shouto still sported a scar on his face, but he felt completely different. His face was cold, stare distant, and burning with a suppressed, denied fury that you couldn’t recognize on him outside of a battlefield. But even with the cold look encompassing his body and stature like a thick sheet of ice, when he looked at you with his set of two burning turquoise eyes, you knew his feelings for you were still the same.
The white-haired Shouto had no scar, and he looked much closer to the man you knew currently, except maybe a bit more open? His face quipped into a smile, his eyes swimming with mirth, joy, and content with finally seeing you here, all good emotions but emotions you weren’t used to him exposing to the public like this. But even with the warm, loving look burning softly around him, his set of grey eyes shone with feelings you knew were true.
“My boyfriend is split into two?!”
There was something wrong with that sentence, something that carried heat because the moment you said those words, both Shouto’s seemed to freeze next to each other. Icy and fiery glares meeting in an electric firestorm as Deku promptly dragged you out of the room with Momo and Mina. You struggled against Deku’s iron grip, only seeing white-haired Shouto’s jaw drop in the beginnings of a speech while redheaded Shouto glowered at him with all the intensity he could muster.
“Y/l/n-san, we need you to never, ever mention that they’re the same person,” Deku immediately spoke as soon as the door between the hallway and the room where the Shouto’s were closed. “He’s — they’re — not handling that information very well, and are acting rather… immature about who the real ‘Todoroki-kun’ is.”
“They’re not connected by the same mind?!” you spluttered, your own mind feeling like it was split down the middle at the hypothesis that your boyfriend was both of these men, but none of them. “So, it’s like a split personality manifesting completely?”
“We’re a bit sure on how to compare it to something such as dissociative disorder,” Momo spoke calmly, undoubtedly her mind working a mile a millisecond to make sense of the strange predicament you all were in. “He’s been in here for some time now. And from what we’ve managed to question from him, both parts of Todoroki-san remember everything. It seems they differ in just how they felt about it on an emotional basis.”
You blinked once, twice.
“Do you mind giving me an example?”
Goddamn idiot you were.
“Well, I guess the bigger emotional differences were during our high school years,” Midoriya mumbled, his fingers pinching his lower lip in thought. “A good example would be why he challenged me during the sports festival. Redhead Shouto said he did it because he hated Endeavor so much back then he was willing to prove his strength no matter what. White-haired Shouto says it was an overreaction on his own part and that he’s truly sorry.”
You frowned.
“It almost sounds like if Todoroki-san’s quirk had been only one of his parents, and his two halves are insights to the life he would have led if he had only one,” Momo offered a pursed stare. She didn’t seem too sure of her conclusion, but for you, it was enough.
“Honestly, you were the only one I saw both Todoroki-kun’s act the same toward!” Mina exclaimed, her hands grabbing your shoulders as she leaned in close, a sly grin on her face. “It’s like the two of you are destined lovers, no matter how the world is!”
“Mina!” you whined, feeling utterly embarrassed as she snickered loudly, her eye falling into a wink before straightening up.
“Alright, so just a recap: don’t mention which one is the ‘real’ Todoroki,” Mina warned, already moving back into the room.
“What do we call them then?” you whispered, feeling not at all prepared to stare at two, stupid hot versions of your same boyfriend.
“Ah-ha, well,” Midoriya smiled embarrassed, his hand rubbing the back of his neck as you all walked back in. “Only Kacchan brought up a nickname so far.”
“YOU STUPID FUCKING RED HALF!” Bakugou’s voice roared the moment the door opened, and immediately, you were pulled back into the mess of the situation. “I’LL MURDER YOUR ASS!”
“Someone was clearly not raised on manners,” came the snide remark from Shouto’s white half, and you watched on in horror as your old male classmates worked together to hold off all three rambunctious boys to keep from fighting.
But you stared at the apathetic face on Shouto’s red half, his eyes somehow empty, dull, and angry as he glared at Bakugou.
Red half.
You looked at Shouto’s white half that was grinning at the challenge, icy frosting off his body akin to the explosions on Bakugou’s fists as he egged him on. 
That would be easy enough.
You snorted, before walking forward, grabbing your boyfriend(s) hands in yours, and they quickly turned to look at you. Their gazes turning warm and full, their demeanor utterly different as the raging Bakugou faded into the background. 
“So, I’m sure you both know what’s going on at the moment,” you spoke clearly, just loudly enough to be heard over the popping explosions on Bakugou’s palms. “I also know you’re both confident in who you are, but the truth is you both have the same name, so we’re going to need a new thing to call the both of you. Is that okay?”
“Ah, I see,” white-haired Shouto nodded, his hand tightening around yours, his thumb running along the backside of your palm. “You will continue to call me Shouto, and we will call him, the Imposter.”
Wait, what?!
“I’m not the imposter,” redheaded Shouto rolled his eyes, taking the hand he held up to his lips, pressing a gentle, warm kiss to your knuckles — it contrasted chillingly with the cold, aloof tone he continues to have with his white half. “I am, after all, the one with the facial scar. It is the most recognizable feature of me. Clearly, you’re the imposter.”
You had to ignore the way your stomach fluttered and how your cheeks exploded in heat as both Shouto’s were suddenly kissing your knuckles. They only went further after leaving warm, chilling kisses on your skin. For they pulled you closer by your waist, a physical challenge between the two to claim you. Even though they both were for you.
It was only made worse by the wide-eyed, cheek splitting grins, and spluttering noises made by your old classmates who relished in this rom-com type embarrassment.
“Oh my god, enough!” you squeaked, trying to shove both overpowering men away from you.
“See, you’re being too much,” white-haired Shouto snapped, ripping you from redhead Shouto’s hold.
“Let. Y/n. Go.” redhead Shouto growled, hand exploding with fire, and you wrestled yourself out of white-haired Shouto’s hold to press your palms flat against each of their chests.
“You both better calm down right now, or else I’ll send you off with our friends until you’re back to normal!” you snap, your cheek radiating with explosive heat. With the threat heavy on their minds, redhead Shouto took away his flame, and white-haired Shouto took a less defensive stance. Relieved with their current treaty, you thrust a finger at both halves, looking between your way too amused classmates and your boyfriend(s). “You will be called Red--” you jabbed redheaded Shouto with your finger-- “and you will be White!” you spoke clearly, tapping white-haired Shouto with your other finger.
“Am I understood?”
You glared at your boyfriend(s) who were staring down at you with wide eyes and gaping jaws.
“I said, am I understood?”
“Yes, ma’am,” your boyfriend(s) sputtered.
Highlight of Day One of Living with the Todoroki Twins Boyfriend(s):
“Where is Red going to sleep?” White asked as you settled into the, thankfully, large bed the two -- now three -- of you shared. “On the floor?”
The bed had been a present from Endeavor when Shouto had moved into your apartment with you. It was much bigger than anything you owned, and while you hadn’t been fond of the length and stretch of the bed, you indeed were grateful for it now.
“Y/n likes to be warm when she sleeps,” Red duly noted, glaring at White the entire time it took him to crawl onto the right side of the bed. He settled right by you, arm wrapped around your waist, chin grazing against your temple. “You sleep on the floor.”
“You need comfort to stay beautiful, and since you’re eliminated from being that because of the scar on your face, you can sleep on the floor!” White countered while reciprocating the same position Red was doing.
Red’s eyebrow twitched at that before his glare soured and became icy cold, “I have the bigger co--”
“Both of you shut up now!” you snap, the palms of your hands shoving their faces away from one another. You were feeling more like a mother to a pair of troublesome twin toddlers than the girlfriend of your boyfriend(s). “I don’t want to hear it!” you groan as both their jaws dropped to attempt to speak their mind. “If you can’t shut up and sleep, I’ll sleep on the floor!”
“Then shut up, love me more, and let’s go to bed!”
“You don’t have the bigger cock--”
“Oh my god!”
“Please don’t go, my love, White is an idiot.”
Highlight of Day Two of Living with the Todoroki Twins Boyfriend(s):
“Well, this is certainly an interesting thing to be experiencing,” Rei’s gentle voice filled the room as both Red and White sat at her sides. Neither one of them touching her, but their gazes warm and soft for their mother. Rei touched the cheeks of both her son(s) and sighed softly before returning her attention to you. “Has it been hard? I do hope they’ve been behaving themselves.”
You smiled in hopes it would help to hide the grimace on your features as you laughed.
Just this morning, the two of them nearly burned down the kitchen while trying to outperform one another in making you breakfast in bed. It was of ample notice to realize that just one Todoroki Shouto was not to be trusted in the kitchen, but putting two Todoroki Shouto’s in there had caused them to somehow burn water and melt the stove.
The eggs they managed to pull together were burnt yet undercooked and had eggshells in them.
It wasn’t the worst meal you’ve had fun enough.
“They’re doing just fine,” you lie, your smile warm at the woman you would hope to one day become your mother-in-law. “Just a bit odd to deal with two people when I’m so used to one.”
“Oh, I’m sure it is. In fact, they initially saw Shouto was to be twins, but he absorbed the other one in the womb,” Rei admitted, a small laugh on her tongue as she politely covered her mouth, her eyes closed in her mirth. “A bit funny how it seems like this could have been the outcome of that life.”
You feel a cold sweat drip on the back of your neck as Red straightens, his eyes darkening as he makes contact with Rei’s arm, and fear thrums through every fiber of your being.
“Yes, Shouto?” Rei asked, her warm grey eyes taking in Red’s gloomy form.
“White called me ugly.”
Highlight of Day Three of Living with the Todoroki Twins Boyfriend(s):
“My love, I’m not feeling too well,” White groaned on the couch when you first arrived home.
Unfortunately, or fortunately for you, you were still being cleared to work during this time of split Shouto. After a much-needed relatively short time away from home, you had returned after a patrol to a clean apartment living room and Red sitting on the singles armchair, and White sprawled on the couch. 
You froze, Shouto hardly ever got sick! His internal temperature was always so in tune to the things around him that no virus, bug, or bacteria ever managed to infect him with sickness. For all five years of knowing him, you had never once seen him sick.
“Oh my god!” you panicked, rushing to remove your coat and shoes as you ran over to the couch to feel his forehead for a temperature.
He was running a bit cold, as he always did on his right side of his body, so you internally freaked about if this was normal or not! Your Shouto always had a specific spot on his forehead that was considered normal, but this was not your normal Shouto.
You were fucked, so wildly fucked.
“Are you okay? What do you need? I can go get you a blanket. I’ll get some soup going! What medicine do you think you need?!”
“There’s…” White trailed off in his exhaustion, his hands rubbing his face in probably his sick delirium. “There’s only one thing that will help…”
“What is it?” you asked, leaning in closer to him so that his flushed lips were centimeters from your ear.
“I need... “ he trailed off, and you leaned in closer, only to be suddenly trapped in his arms and pulled on top of him. “Some one-on-one time with my beautiful girlfriend!”
The scent of burning leather filled the room.
“Princess, I’m not feeling good.”
Good fucking grief.
Highlight of Day Four of Living with the Todoroki Twins Boyfriend(s):
“Hot soba.”
“Cold soba.”
“Hot soba.”
“Cold soba.”
“The store has both!” you sobbed, your boyfriend(s) adopting their possessive hugging on your body while out in public as you had attempted to get them out of the house because you thought that maybe, just maybe, they were feeling stir-crazy.
“But we always share our soba noodles, y/n,” Red looked down at you, tilting your chin so that you could look at him clearly. “I know you love cold soba more.”
“We get it, Ice Princess, daddy hurt your feelings, and now you still hate everything hot! Get over it; y/n always buys hot soba when you’re not around.”
“G-Guys,” you whimper, suddenly feeling drowned out with the clashing of ice and fire personalities around you as the crowd watched on in bemusement. “Please stop.”
They suddenly both turned on you, their eyes narrowed, faces fierce as they both exclaimed at the same time: “Which soba do you like better?!”
You’re too exhausted of them to even scold them like you had used to anymore.
In the end, they tried to settle it via arm wrestling, which resulted in a horrible tie. They had both tried to use their quirks to win, somehow forgetting in the heat of their battle that their quirks not only canceled each other, but their strength was painfully equivalent. 
Highlight of Day Five of Living with the Todoroki Twins Boyfriend(s):
To be frank, you missed kissing Shouto.
With them being the way they were and how horribly chaotic they acted, you knew if you kissed one, it would lead to them both impregnating you and slipping an engagement ring on your pretty ring finger well before you were ready for either one of those things. So instead, you stared at both of their equally perfect lips.
Full, slightly pouty pink lips that were somewhat chapped as they always were due to his quirk elements. Full, soft lips that you had felt pressed to your hands and cheeks for the past five days, and yet you craved it to be pressed against your lips, but that was undoubtedly dangerous.
But you continued to stare at Red’s lips, at White’s lips.
You liked seeing how their teeth exposed themselves when they smiled, or how he had barely formed dimples on his cheeks, the smile lines that had finally formed on his previously smooth face. You liked seeing the way he bit on his lower lip when he held his tongue, or how his tongue seductively swiped his lips when he caught you staring.
You snapped out of your daze, staring at the suggestive, all too pleased look on White’s face as he leaned in close to you while Red was busy performing his daily workout routine.
“You want to fuck while Not-the-real-Shouto’s busy? He won’t know, I promise.”
You flush.
It was day six of split Shouto when you woke up.
Your eyes stinging with exhaustion as you stared up at the ceiling as bodies of ice and fire sandwiched you between them. They snored softly, breathes deep and full in perfect harmony as they slumbered. You hated Shouto. You hated him so much.
This could have been a fantastic experience in your fantasies. Cloning quirks were a thing, and often you would hear about the sexual endeavors many partook in while in the company of someone with such quirk. It seemed like so much fun. Someone existing solely to be fucked, replicated from someone you already trusted.
It seemed perfect.
But here you were. Living the life of many porn fantasies, but the clones — not clones — hated one another. You couldn’t even so much as breathe next to one of them for too long before the other came to rip you away, annoyed, and ready to reclaim you. They were behaving as if you didn’t already belong to them.
Maybe you could have handled the lack of horny, lusting out of your mind sex if they had simply allowed you to kiss them without starting a war. But they claimed they would rather die than see you kiss someone that wasn’t them (singular them).
So, you were struggling.
The internal struggle only grew when they woke up at the same time. Growing when they both exposed their scarred, perfectly muscled, and toned body. It grew when they pressed their sinful body against yours, and you could only look up at them with eyes like a full moon, heat wet in your panties. You wanted something to happen because watching them go at it again for the fifty-third time today suddenly made your mind snap.
Since they wouldn’t seem to quit fighting, you might as well be fucked while they fought amongst themselves. You were a big girl, you could handle two cocks around your body.
At the moment, you were in the communal kitchen living room area. You sat at the table, trying to enjoy your cup of tea while they stood a few strides away from you… arguing.
“Would you both put those mouths to better use than fighting with each other?!” you finally snapped, your hands tugging at the roots of your hair after you placed down your cup of tea. They had been fighting for the past hour as to whether or not Shouto’s first costume idea was created because of Red or because of White. 
Neither one of them claimed responsibility on that one funny enough.
They fell silent immediately. Both their eyes wide, brows furrowed, and jaws gaping like a fish as they tried to separate their conversation from what you just said.
“Better use?” Red stated, his blink slow.
A curling, devious smirk spread on White’s face, “Oh, did my love finally cave to being fucked?”
“I didn’t think you would be into cucking,” Red admitted, his own smirk growing on his face while White frowned and glared at him. “What? It’s obvious it would be you tied up, White. You can’t expect y/n to trust either one of us to sit there, so she’d tie us up. My fire would easily destroy the bonds.”
Ah yes, how could you forget that they’d adopted only one half of the one quirk Shouto possessed. Now while you definitely wouldn’t mind cucking both sides of Shouto at some point, that wasn’t what you were craving at the moment.
“Y/n loves ice trailing down her body, I can definitely satisfy her better!”
“Like I said a few days ago, I have the bigger cock, so shut up and watch us.”
They were going to drive you insane.
Standing up from the table, the chair screeching against the floor as you did so, their attention fell on you. You felt heat rushing to your cheeks, your heart fluttering in your chest as turquoise and grey eyes that you could read like nothing gorged into your form. 
You settled between them, feeling dwarfed between their taller, muscled forms. Red was in a white t-shirt and sweats, White in a black shirt and dark jeans. You were unsure as to why you felt so shaken when you pressed your fingers between the valley of their pecs, your tongue heavy in your mouth. You blamed it on the six-day dry-feast the idiots put you in, and the mere thought of finally getting your way was exhilarating. 
“This is what’s going to happen,” you say with no room for arguing, your gaze meeting theirs through your eyelashes. “We are all going to fuck. There’s three of us, and I’m the one who wants to be satisfied, so this will be a threesome. Fuck me any way you want, I don’t care, but whoever starts fighting first gets cucked.”
Red is staring at you with his piercing turquoise eyes, White’s gaze dropped to your tracing finger on his chest. But the consensus was the same.
“Yes, ma’am.”
A warm, fluttery smile breached your face, and you nodded.
“Good… now, fuck me.”
They begin almost immediately. Two initially contradicting forces of fire and ice abandoning their internal surge for power to appease and please you. There’s no stopping the shiver and the moan trapped in your throat when two identical sets of hands you knew and craved the touch of finally made contact with your body. Red’s hands were on your breasts, groping and massaging your mounds of flesh while his mouth pressed tantalizing kisses along the curve of your neck, along the length of your clavicle. 
White had dropped down, his mouth pressing hot, kisses against the flesh of your thighs and your ass. His fingers pushing the sleeping shorts you still wore, his calloused fingers brushing against your clit. 
You openly moaned, hands pressing against both White and Red for some form of support.
“You’re already so wet,” White groans his observation, his finger slicking itself against your wet folds. 
You shake, your head nodding in full understanding as you began to rotate your hips against his finger. Of course, you were so wet, you thought, goosebumps flashing against your entire body when Red pinched your nipples through your light tank. 
“You try living with two of me and be denied every physical need,” you gasped, your voice pitching the moment Red’s teeth sank into the sweet spot on your neck the same time White’s finger curled within your walls. “Fuck…”
“It’s so cute when you whisper like that,” Red noted, his hands lifting your breast, tongue smoothing over your irritated skin. “I bet you didn’t mind our quirk accident because you wanted something like this.”
Now that was definitely something you couldn’t disagree about.
But with the way your body was so desperately deprived and how there were two sources of knowledge on you. Knowing the perfect sensations on your sensitive parts of your body, you pushed them away.
Grey and turquoise blazed into your skin, but you huffed, grabbing them by the hands and pulling on them.
“I want the bed,” you affirm, your cheeks feeling warm, your eyes keeping on theirs. “We’re fucking on the bed.”
“Of course, my love,” they responded together. And the heat in your body seemed to multiple when you pushed through into the room. 
Guiding them into the bedroom, you didn’t release their hands until they were sitting down onto the bed—Red on your right, white on your left.
Their stares are expectant, already clouded with horny, lustful need when you let go of their hands. Before they could ask what was next, you leaned in, opposite hands pressing to each of their crotches, and they both groaned lightly in their chest. You palmed them through their clothes, your cunt throbbing with the fact that you enjoyed watching their hooded, lusting expressions bore into your figure. Biting down onto your lower lip, you stopped a tethering moan from escaping when both their hands grabbed onto your ass.
They fondled the flesh as you continued to palm them, the cock buried within their clothes growing harder and larger with every quick movement of your hand. They both were so hot and dangerously heavy hidden away in the confines of the pants, and you wanted nothing more than to be choking and stuffed full of them both.
But you don’t get your way just yet.
“On the bed,” Red suddenly commands, and you stop a squeak from embarrassingly ripping from your throat. You stumble on the large bed, and both Red and White shift so that there’s enough room for you to be perched between them. Ass on Whites side, face on Red’s, and you feel your body freeze when everything picks up speed.
White’s lips are on the back of your thigh, kissing and nibbling on the sensitive skin while his fingers take up rubbing your cunt again. Your body trembles under his ministrations, hips shifting, and bucking against him as he once again buries his fingers into your blistering core.
But with the moans singing from your lips, you felt transcended. The way that your eyes rolled to the back of your head with each shift of White’s fingers proving that point, you focused in on Red, who had shoved your breasts over the hem of your shirt. You whimpered loudly when his fingers pinched at both nipples, tugging at the pebbled flesh. 
“Such pretty noises,” Red whispered, his nose brushing against yours, and you throbbed with the need to be kissed. “Are you enjoying this?”
“Yes,” you breathed, “Please give me more, more, please.”
Red inhaled sharply, his eyes blazing like blue fire before finally, he crashed his lips against yours, unable to hold back anymore, and you cried in glorious acceptance. You kissed Red back with everything you had. Your lips slick with your joining, mixing saliva while he continued to press bruising, heated kisses to your mouth. Your hands at one point had attached themselves onto his biceps, and you found your fingernails to be digging through his skin, but Red didn’t care.
He continued to play with your hanging, sore tits, his tongue entering the barricade of your mouth as he kissed you again, and again, and again.
His name spilling from your mouth until you froze, your back tightening the second something more was happening behind you.
White’s finger, covered in the slick of your essence, was probing through your ass all while he continued to finger fuck your cunt.
“Aw, you do like it when my finger goes into your ass!” White chirped, his finger pressing further past your tight rim, sending your mind into a flurry of thoughts and feelings at the sensation of being stretched out, while you collapsed onto the mattress. Red abandoned you. “Your ass always looks so fucking hot when it takes in my finger. It’s like it's sucking me back in whenever I try to pull out. So. Fucking. Hot.”
You could do nothing but choke out White’s name the second the finger curled in your ass and the fingers buried in your cunt came together to press between the thin wall separating the two cavities, and you keened at the feeling.
“White!” you yelled, your eyebrows furrowed in your pleasure, your hips bucking back against his hands. “More! I need more!”
It was at that moment his fingers abandoned your holes, but before you could cry at the loss, Red was back in front of you, naked as the day he was born. But his cock was hard, pressed against his stomach, standing tall and erect for you to suck.
“Come on, angel,” Red spoke, tilting your chin up so that he may press another sizzling kiss to your mouth. “Play with my cock.”
Still, on your knees, your back arched, mouth entirely occupied with Red’s mouth, your hand blindly grabbed his cock and began to jerk him off. You kissed him harshly, thoroughly, not wanting to let him go without exploring and feeling every little thing you could offer while you run your hand up and down his length.
You fully moaned into his mouth when his fingers lightly brushed against your neck, showing how sensitive you are. He runs his hand all the way down to your hips and latches onto your ass cheek. You mewl against him, wondering just why he was doing that when something hot and wet pressed against your cunt.
Breaking off the kiss immediately, you turned around to see White’s face buried into your ass, but his tongue was meeting your cunt with every languid lick.
“Shit!” you curse, your hips bucking and moving to better find White’s tongue against your core. But before you could find your spot, his tongue abandons your cunt and presses back against your tight, tight rim.
Trembling, your eyes roll to the back of your head, all while Red reclaims your lips.
Your hand encompassing his cock began to pick up in speed as White seemed to interchange between tongue fucking your ass and cunt. Whimpering needs only resonated from your mouth into Red’s as you jacked him off sloppily, messily at heightened speeds while you begged for more.
It didn’t take long before they both pulled away from you, and you in your heat daze, teared up as you watched both Red and White step onto the floor, their twin, identical cocks out, leaking with precum that called your name. You didn't need to be told what to do at this point as you stumbled out of bed, falling to your knees right between them.
With Red’s cock in your left hand, you pulled him into your mouth, your right hand expertly, yet blindly jerking White off. You pushed your head as far down as it could go along Red’s cock, your eyes trying to keep on his the entire time. 
Relishing in the fact that his cock went unchanged, your tongue swirled around Red’s cock, your head bobbing along his length, and Red smirked down at you, pressing the tears in your eyes away. Pulling away with a string of saliva connecting his head to your lip, you alternated onto White’s cock, your left hand continuing to jerk off Red.
White groaned at the sudden heat, immersing against his length, his hips snapping into your mouth as you took him all the way in. You had been dating Shouto for a few years now. You were definitely capable of taking him in your mouth in one go without trouble. But it just felt so different with one of your hands stroking off Red, and White’s hands grabbing your head while he thrust into you.
Before you could settle on White’s cock, you switched back to Red, who decided to command your every little instruction.
It quickly became a game between Red and White on who could make you choke and moan the loudest as they fucked your mouth and throat mercilessly. You, thankfully, were entirely enjoying it, your soaked pussy rubbing against your tight panties, and you rutted against the fabric trying to relive the building, fast pressure in your core. 
“Fuck,” White snarled when Red had you completely choked against his cock. His cock was shoved as far down your throat as it could manage, and he kept you there. Painful tears falling from your eyes while your throat struggled to remain relaxed despite the burning lack of oxygen. “Keep her there, Red. Don’t let her move.”
Red, who was only entranced by you for quite some time, looked up with amusement at his other half.
“What, you like this?” Red asked a taunt hidden in his voice but was buried under so much more throbbing lust. “You like seeing y/n choking against a cock?”
You whimpered against Red, your throat muscles fluttering and flaring along his length-- what was he planning?
“Who wouldn’t want to see y/n like this,” White breathed, and you shook at the nonverbal agreement that passed between the two of them.
You whined at the unknown, finally being released from Red’s cock, and you spluttered and coughed, drool and saliva drenching your chin while you turned towards White, ready to do the same. But you shrieked, the wind knocking out of you when they both picked you up from the floor and tossing you onto the mattress. You bounced when you landed. 
Both Red and White quickly moved to remove your clothes until you were naked as well, their eyes glimmering with their treaty, a million ideas undoubtedly pouring through their mind. 
White is on you first. He joins you onto the mattress, his lips pressing and languidly moving against yours, and you moan against him.
“We’re going to start fucking you now, baby,” White whispers against your mouth, his thumb running up against your still spit slicked chin. With just his finger alone, he moves you so that you’re on your hands and knees before him, waiting like an obedient pet. Your eyes flutter open, just barely opened so that you could meet his stormy grey eyes while his thumb slips over your bottom lip and into your mouth. “I hope you’re ready to be fucked… Red?” he called, his thumb pressing down on your tongue, instinctively flaring your gag reflex.
“Hm?” Red answered back, and you stilled when something hot and heavy smacked against your ass. 
Once, twice.
“Fuck her right.”
You whimpered against White’s thumb, your eyes watering while you studied his determined, playful face. There's a chuckle from behind you, and you shiver at the fact that you could practically smell the knowing smirk on his face.
And then it happens.
Red slams his cock into your awaiting, wet pussy with a pleased groan while you lurched forward onto White at the mighty snap of Red’s hips. Naturally so, you screamed Red's name, your pussy singing in absolute love over the fact that he’s buried entirely within you, undoubtedly claiming you once again.
Before you could sing your praises for Red, White’s shut you up by replacing his thumb with his cock, and you’re forced silent.
When they worked against each other, they were annoying, irritating, and often horrifying, but together? Well, as Red’s cock shoved more profound and deeper into your womb, and White’s cock conquested your throat, you hummed with the pleasure they brought. Together they were powerful, commanding, and unbreakable, and if the sounds of your wet pussy and choking mouth were to prove it, it was more than just a fact. 
You struggled to keep up with Red’s slamming hips, the girth of his cock stretching you out in an all too familiar way, and White driving cock that choked you out every time you moved. You felt dizzy with the thumping, tingling pleasure, your hand that held onto White’s hips clutching his skin, while your other one manipulated and circled your clit.
You wanted to cum. You wanted to so badly.
“You sound so hot choking on his cock,” Red laughed, his hand coming down to spank your jiggling ass with a single, powerful thwack. You bristled at the sensation. “Do more, sweetheart, I know you can do more; we’ve experienced you doing more.”
You garbled as White smirked down at you, your eyes just barely open enough to see the knowing look in his eyes.
“Use that little slut mouth of yours better, baby,” White taunted, his hand coming to pat your hollowed cheeks roughly, quickly, in a few stinging slaps. 
This is what you liked, you realized as you pulled away from his length, mouth swallowing his balls with heightened eagerness, your hand rubbing his length as you did so. White moaned your name, his head dropping in his pleasure as you did so. 
It must have done something for Red, too, because his fingers dug into the skin on your waist, his powerful thrusts becoming quicker, shorter thrusts that moved you against his cock with rattling power and craving lust. You whimpered against White’s balls and cried out in pleasure-filled pain the moment Red spanked you again, and again, and again.
Your cunt was fluttering, squeezing, and beating in time to your heartbeat. The pleasure within you grew from a light warmth to a blazing heat. You cried for more, your knees and thighs shaking for more.
More friction, more fucking, more of Shouto.
“Turn around, you little cockslut,” White grinned, removing you from his balls. “It’s my turn to fuck your pretty little cunt.”
Whining, you did as you were told, your limbs feeling like lead as Red smoothed back the hair falling on to your face.
Before you were ready, not that you minded, their cocks reclaimed your holes.
It was different this time.
They fucked you differently, you realized when White enjoyed pulling nearly all the way out before thrusting back into you. His strokes and powerful thrusts send the coil in your stomach to grow tighter and tighter. But Red, fuck, Red had his fingers in your mouth, choking you with them as he slapped your cheek with his cock, his precum mixed with your slick smearing all over your cheek as he did so. 
“I want to make sure that you realize that me putting my cock in your mouth is a blessing,” Red coldly smirked, his eyes blazing with a whole other story. But despite it all, you nodded your head quickly. Altogether agreeing with the claim that you needed to earn his cock in your mouth again. 
“I kno thath,” you whine against his fingers, saliva shamelessly dribbling past your lips, your mouth closing to suck on his fingers. “I promith I’ll apprethciate your giff.”
He could try all he wanted, but Red was whipped for you too.
His cock immediately replaced his fingers, slamming to the depths of your throat, all while the wet noises of your throat and choking voices joined the squelching of your cunt. Your eyes rolled in your pleasure, your cunt thrumming with energy as Red’s hands encircled your throat, choking you while he fucked straight down your throat.
“You looked so pretty earlier when you couldn’t breathe,” Red snarled, his cock twitching in your throat the same time White’s cock twitched in your cunt. “I’m just -- fuck do that again -- trying to get you there… faster… Your throat really feels like your fucking pussy at times, shit.”
You whimper at that comparison as you forcefully clench your throat and cunt around both of your boyfriend's cock. 
But you vibrate when White’s finger traces your rim, his finger not disappearing into your wrinkled muscle, but stimulating it well past teasing. You pull off Red’s cock with a spluttering cough, your eyes burning, but you find White’s gaze immediately. 
“What’s going on, sweetness?” White asked, his eyes glimmering with knowledge of what you want already, but the slick fucker just had to ask.
Too bad you weren’t ashamed of shit around him.
“I want you to fuck my ass,” you moan, your hips slamming back against White’s still shifting cock, your hand clenching one of your asscheeks as you split yourself open for White. “Please fuck my ass.”
“Fuck!” they both seemed to growl, and without so much as a break, White switches from your ass and buries his length slowly into your needy, tight ass.
The pitchy, unstoppable moan from your mouth sends both Red and White into whimpering messes as you collapse onto the mattress, your chest heaving with your heightened stimulus. It was starting to hurt, your lack of orgasm, you just needed a bit more done to cum, and you wanted to.
“Where’s my dick?” White finally growls at you as he bottoms out entirely within you. You tremble at the question, body shaking with every stroke of his cock he makes afterward. “Where is it?”
“I-In my ass!” you wail, your ass clenching around him, trying to make him feel this heated pleasure as strongly as you were. “It’s in m-my ass!”
“Do you love my cock in your ass?” White snarls, his hands gripping your waist and slamming you back onto him, your ass squeezing with the sensation. You can’t speak; your mind is overloaded with feeling and emotion. “Why do I even bother? I know you love my cock in your ass.”
Red comes back into the equation, his hands grabbing your jaw and pressing your mouth against his into a searing kiss. You can hardly kiss him back, your mouth pathetically hanging open as he kisses your teeth, mouth, tongue. So, it shouldn’t shock you that in your near blissful blackout, Red hands your limp arms to White, who holds onto them.
His grasp and hold on your arms elevates you slightly off the bed, your back arched, and breasts exposed as he begins to jackhammer into your ass. You want to scream, you want to shudder and cry your sensations to the world, but Red interrupts once more by pressing his swollen, purpling head into your mouth, silencing you with gags and chokes while they both use you.
They both drive into you with ferocity and power, your body nearly limp and twitching with your ever still denied orgasm that refuses to back down, and the way the lack of oxygen makes you spin as Red’s balls clash against your throat in quick, succinct, patterns.
“Sit down, White,” Red snaps at White, and White, who was ever so entranced at how your ass was swallowing his cock, dumbly nods. “Y/n is about to cum, we need to make sure she cums correctly.”
You whine against Red’s cock, unsure if you heard him correctly when White drops your arms. But instead of falling forward as you thought you would, his relaxed arms wrapped around your waist tightly, bringing you down with him.
Your back was pressed against his chiseled chest. And you moaned at the sensation this angle brought in terms of depth and stretch. Your mouth, freed from Red’s cock, opened in a loud, scratchy moan, undoubtedly raspy from the abuse it went through from the vigorous face fucking.
“R-Red!” you cried, your legs shaking when White hooked his arms under your knees and spreading them out, exposing your wet, slick core to Red, who was merely watching. You shifted pathetically, wanting to have both of them on you, not just one. “Red, please!”
But, White’s hips began to thrust upward, resuming his fucking of your asshole, and you howled in pleasure as he breathed heavily, gasping in your right ear. But as your legs trembled, unsure if White would be able to keep your legs in such position, Red pressed on top of you, his weight keeping your legs spread, and his cock quickly slamming within your cunt.
You had one hand buried in White’s hair, the other slipping behind Red’s back when he pressed onto you. The second their cocks rubbed against each other through the oh so thin wall between your ass and your cunt, you screeched. The hand in White’s hair tugging at his roots harshly, and the hand on Red’s back drawing bloody mountains on his skin.
But this didn’t stop them, the slight pain you gave them doing nothing but making them growl in your ear, making your eyes cross in your oblivion while they continued to fuck you.
Sandwiched between them, your breasts crushed by Red’s chest, and your back buried into White’s chest, White let go of one of your legs that immediately latched around Red’s waist. Your eyes crossed, rolling to the back of your head, your mouth agape, but no noise coming out as every massive, hard thrust sent your soul into a new dimension. White’s hand sneaking between Red’s drilling hips and your cunt to pinch and pull at your clit as you shook like a leaf in a windstorm. You came without realizing it, your walls clenching like a vice against Red’s cock, and your ass clenching around White’s in tandem to your orgasm. Both of them moaning against your salty sweat skin, but neither one of them stopped.
Faster and faster, they thrust into you, gaining such speed and power that you felt akin to a ragdoll as they fucked you. They praised you for taking them both at the same time, senseless names, and wordless praise as you took them without a single wince of pain. You were theirs, they claimed, and they were yours. 
The sounds of their cock drilling into the wet caverns of your cunt and ass, the sticking shivering sound of their balls smacking your ass and cunt.
It was so much, growing to be more and more, until your orgasm was once again growing as you attempted to shift your weak, still trembling hips up and down their length, wanton gasps shrill on your tongue. Your body begging for more.
“Gonna cum,” they whispered together, his deep, raspy voice filling both of your ears, and you wailed as your own orgasm tipped once again.
“Cum in me, please cum in me!” you begged with everything you had.
And with your pleading heavy in the air, they came with you. You moaned at the feeling of the hot, sticky thick ropes of cum filling up both your holes, the cocks spasming uncontrollably within you as their hips continued to ride out their orgasms. Your chest heaves as their snapping hips become rolling thrusts until finally, they stop.
All three of you still joined, all three of you sweaty and tired.
When you pass out, you can barely hear them saying goodbye.
You wake up, your body sore and bruised around midnight.
You groan, stretching out your neck as you realize that there is no body on top of you or beneath you as that was definitely how you all had fallen asleep a few hours ago. Panic filled you when the bed was empty, and you rushed to your feet, cursing when your knees buckled out from under your weight.
Crashing to the floor, you groaned as you lay there.
“What are you doing on the floor?” an all too familiar voice asked you, and you looked up to see if it was Red or White.
You blinked when instead the once two distinctive heads blurred into one, and you stared at your finally normal boyfriend.
“S-Shouto!” you cried, your body weakly pressing off the floor, your arms stretching to you.
Shouto smiled warmly, softly, the perfect in-between of the facial expressions Red and White would give you.
“I’m back, sorry for scaring you like that,” he whispered as he joined you on the floor, letting your arms wrap him into a firm hug, not wanting to let go as you pathetically began to cry.
The two of you lay naked together on the floor, his soft apologies gathering in your ear as you held him tightly, having missed him entirely.
“Do you remember?” you eventually asked long after Shouto managed to bring you back into the bed. You lay curled into his side, your fingers tracing the marks on his body that you had left on both Red and White. “Do you remember what happened?”
“Yes… and I remember how it all felt too.”
“Ew… perv…”
“Try that again? Ms. ‘I-want-your-cock-in-my-ass’.”
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rae-writes · 4 months ago
Heterochromia Soulmate AU
Dream, Punz, Philza, Schlatt, DreamXD x reader (separate)
word count : 1.k
warnings : none
synopsis : Everyone is born with Heterochromia. Your right eye is your own natural eye color while your left eye is your soulmates specific eye color; Only once you meet your soulmate, face to face with your eyes meeting, does your left eye fade to your natural eye color, signaling that you’ve found them
Tommy, rightfully so, didn’t wanna go back to the prison after his first and hopefully final visit, which is why you’re walking through Pandora’s Vault yourself 
You weren’t really worried, sure you’d been in a few scuffles with Dream and his team, but who on the server hasn’t? You were actually excited- Tommy was free! Something you got to rub in Dream’s face for him
Only thing was...Dream wasn’t wearing his mask
The lava had fallen back in place, leaving the two of you frozen in shock with an underlying feel of terror. What was supposed to be a cocky and condescending tone came out meek as you whispered his ‘name’. 
His eyes were locked onto your left eye, feeling lightheaded when the green slowly faded to e/c. “Y/n…” he was breathless; he felt powerless under your gaze. 
Managing the courage, you stepped over the barrier line, feeling under your left eye curiously. “Is this real?” You blinked, and both of his beautiful green eyes were staring back. 
“I...think so.” Dream never imagined he’d meet his soulmate, much less that it’d be you : Big sibling figure to Tommyinnit and the minors, peace maker Y/n L/n- the one who stood up to literally anybody and everybody. Either way, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling. 
You gulped, fighting down the instinctive smile that wanted to crawl up your face, “Dream, I-“
“Clay.” He was right in front of your face with a single step. 
You shut your eyes tightly, “...C-clay.” His lips were warm and chapped. 
“My soulmate.” You’d been right in front of him this whole time; now he had you. 
Punz was a well known mercenary- a well known ally of Dream, too. Everyone knew who they were and everyone stayed out of their way; everyone but you
Anytime they tried to do something “wrongen” like, as Tommy would put it, you got in their way and trashed their plans. So Dream finally ordered Punz to kill you
Now, you hadn’t met the blonde face to face before, but you had a feeling he was gonna be sent after you sometime or another, so you were ready for him. Although, you weren’t exactly ready for what he strutted around with
Punz was leaning back against your front door when you returned home, brandishing his trident smugly. You kept walking, unbothered, until you were just a little ways away. Taking off your hood, you looked up with a sarcastic comment on your tongue- one that quickly faded. 
“Well I’ll be damned.” You regarded Punz’s left eye with a small grin, feeling giddy when it’s color faded back to ice blue. “You’re actually pretty cute too~” 
Without hesitation, Punz put his trident away and smirked, “Yeah?” Fuck the money- you were priceless. “You’re not so bad yourself, troublemaker.” Punz jogged over and pulled you into his chest.
Although you were filled with the adrenaline of finding your soulmate, a frown still settled on your face, “Aren't you gonna take one of my canon lives?” A kiss over your left eye had you smiling again. 
“Fuck no, Dream can take his money and go somewhere else with it. I’m not laying a finger on you...a harmful finger, anyway.” He couldn’t stop his hands from roaming over every inch of your body he could reach; he was already addicted.
Your head tilted back slightly to give his hand more room to settle around your throat, “I’m Y/n, though I’m sure you’re already aware of that.” 
“And I’m sure you’re already aware of my name but…” His grin made you breathless, “You can call me Luke instead.” 
Phil had lived countless mortal lifetimes and not once did he meet his soulmate, but unlike every other person, he had a small symbol under his soulmate eye : 3 green hearts
He didn’t know what it meant, not until he stumbled upon the Dream SMP decades later 
You were just tending to your flowers and feeding the murder of crows that always came to your doorstep when Technoblade appeared with a winged blonde 
It was surreal to say the least, to look up at someone and see your own eye colors looking back. It was even more surreal knowing exactly what that meant. You were sure your face resembled shock, but the blonde man just took a step back and laughed.
“Oh gods, I never...I never thought I’d find you.” Phil’s winged fluttered happily as he continued to laugh in disbelief, looking over at his friend with mirth. 
Your finger came up to run over your small tattoo : A row of three hearts, but two were black, and one was red with smaller designs inside. “You’re the one with only a single canon life, aren’t you?” 
Phil’s eyes widened slightly at what you were hinting at, going to rub over his own tattoo, “Canon lives? That’s what this has meant all this time?” His brow twitched in irritation at his own idiocy.
You snickered, shuffling over to lean against him, “I assume, then, this is your murder of crows?” Smiling at the embarrassed smile he gave you, you lifted a hand, allowing one of the crows to land on you. “They like to tell me things, you know.” 
The Angel of Death began stuttering, tripping over his words before quieting at your boisterous laugh. His eyes softened when you told him you were joking, caving in to the instinct of wrapping his wings around you. 
“I’ve waited thousands of years for you, you know?”
As Wilbur’s little sibling, and the esteemed middle child, you were forced to accompany him to his political meetings when Tommy didn’t want to. Lucky you. 
Seated there today would be George, Fundy, that Quackity fellow, and a man named Schlatt- someone your brother thoroughly warned you about beforehand 
What he didn’t warn you about was the dreaded feeling of discovering that your other half was on your family and friend’s opposing side
Quackity was the first to notice you, fluttering his pale yellow wings in greeting, “Nice of you to join us again, Mi Amigo!”
You grinned at the man, waving enthusiastically to make up for your lack in wings to flutter. You went around the table to ruffle your nephew’s hair and respectfully nod at George before looking at the Ram hybrid, who had his head tilted down, “I assume you are JSchlatt then, correct?” 
“Depends on who’s askin’ sweetcheeks.” The brunette swung his head back, glancing up at you with hooded eyes. His lips formed a cocky smirk at seeing your left eye : it matched his right one perfectly. “Oh? What do we have here then?”
Your mind felt fuzzy at the way he practically purred out his words, dazed at the sight of his left eye color slowly melting to mirror the other. “No fucking way…” You swiveled your head around to see your brother’s lost expression; neither of you knew what to do.
Schlatt’s calloused hand caressed your cheek rather gently, “None of that now, look at me.” He gripped your chin firmly to turn your gaze back to him and whistled lowly, “What a beauty, and you’re all mine, too. Aren’t cha?” 
You could practically taste the ‘yes, I am’ on your tongue that your mouth was more than willing to whimper out, but a hand grasped your wrist and yanked you back. 
“No fucking way! I don’t give a damn if the universe paired you with them, stay the fuck away from my little sibling!” Wilbur snarled, spine shooting up straighter to his full height. Ignoring everyone in the room, he began ushering you out the door, “We’ll finish this meeting at a later date.”
Your eyes caught Schlatt’s one last time before the door was slammed shut and you knew you’d be back tomorrow to seek the hybrid out. 
You thought George was fucking stupid. Yeah, you knew how much he loved Dream- you used to be friends with the blonde, but making a deal with a god? For forever? You didn’t think so. 
You interrupted their little meeting and laid down what was really gonna happen : George would get his netherite in exchange for you being friends with X for forever 
He happily accepted, despite George’s protests, so now you were bound to DreamXD. Maybe it wasn’t all bad though, considering what followed
“Go back to Kinoko Kingdom George.” You sighed, shaking your head disappointedly, “Get some rest too, maybe it’ll clear your head.” You took off towards your house, seeing the winged god follow in your peripheral vision. 
“Say, why do you wear sunglasses, Y/n?” The god pondered, ducking down so he could enter your home. 
“Why do you wear a mask, XD?” 
He tilted his head, “That is a fair response...I suppose, since we are friends now, I should show you what I look like in my mortal form.” 
Your eyes widened, not expecting him to answer in that way. You watched in awe as his form changed, leaving a golden blonde man in his wake that was decked out in royal clothing. 
“There. I have to admit, I haven’t been in this form in a long time.” His nearly fluorescent green eye glanced at you from the side before he motioned upwards.
A small ‘oh’ left your lips, your hands moving to slide off your sunglasses in response. “I always got weird stares because of my left eye so I had to…” the black glasses cracked as soon as they hit the ground.
X’s mouth parted, letting out a small ‘huh.’ before he turned to face you, showing off his own left eye. “A mortal is my soulmate?” 
The beautiful green fluorescence swam in both of his eyes now as you involuntarily stepped forward, “Pretty…”
A green thread wrapped around your ring finger, tying and breaking off on its own. 
“Stay with me forever.” 
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inarizahki · 4 months ago
can I request the twins, suna, kita and aran with a clingy s/o <33 tysm!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cast: atsumu, osamu, suna, kita, aran, gn!reader warnings: none a/n: this was so cute to write!! i leaned more on physical touch for this, hopefully it’s what you were looking for! thanks for requesting and hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
↳ absolutely obsessed with your attention, it makes him so proud to have it
↳ can be just as clingy. it’s time for you to leave? he won’t let go of your hand. curled up in his lap during movie night? you’re staying there until the end of the night. visiting him during practice? will demand kisses from you during breaks (also partly to show you off to his team)
↳ avoids his fangirls’ touches like the plague because he knows it makes you unhappy. during games, instead of silencing the crowd like he used to with his fist, he points at you in the stands instead, both making sure you’re watching him and also letting everyone know just who he belongs to
↳ social media hoe, he loves it when you tag him in your posts or like his posts, nothing is ever too much. posts mirror selfies with you all the time. if he posts thirst traps, he’ll literally stick “property of y/n” in the description. will also flat out flirt with you in the comments, unsolicited. whenever you like his pictures, which there are a lot of, he’ll tag you with, “yeahh babe, like what you see? you should say it to my face then ;)”
↳ doesn’t mind it at all, will adjust to accommodate you. will also always know when you’re not feeling great either. he’ll take time for you and just be there for you, even if it’s just in silence
↳ he loves the casual intimacy you give him, the way you hang on to his arm during walks, lacing your hand through his when he’s driving, pinching the back of his shirt so you don’t lose him in the grocery store. 
↳ is able to just continue normally whenever you’re being clingy, like if he’s in the kitchen washing dishes and you come up behind him to give him a back hug, he’ll rest a hand on your arm briefly to acknowledge you before carrying on. sometimes when you won’t let go, it's hard for him to walk so he’ll end up shuffling around to get to places, but that’s okay, he can make do
↳ if you get insecure sometimes and let go, he doesn’t look at you, just grabs your hand to pull it back as his lips curl up into a small smile, “lettin’ go so soon? breakin’ my heart, sweetheart”
↳ like osamu, just doesn’t mind. he’ll look unbothered no matter what you do, in fact, he secretly likes how much you need him
↳ teases you sometimes for it, “so greedy,” but at the same time he’s wrapping one arm around your waist and tugging you close. always pretends like you’re the clingier one but he’ll do similar things without even realizing, like brushing the back of your hand with his, rubbing his thumb along your knuckles when you’re holding hands, absently touching your knee when you’re eating in a restaurant
↳ is disgruntled but secretly loves it when it comes to pda for the two of you, because you can always see the small blush spreading on his cheeks. if you ask him for a kiss, he’ll drag it out, taking his sweet time before lazily ducking his head down and capturing your lips. does it more in front of the miya twins though, just to remind them how single they are and how he has such a loving significant other
↳ if someone ever comments on how clingy you are, he’ll just narrow his eyes in a lethal stare combined with a single, “and?” one dares say anything further after that
↳ gets flustered at first and embarrassed because he wasn’t expecting all your attention but ends up finding your clinginess so adorable
↳ is the cuddliest person ever, he doesn’t mind it at all when you jump onto his back for a spontaneous piggyback session, he’ll just end up carrying you around no matter where you are
↳ whenever you want to spend time with him, he gets so excited. he loves planning out your dates, always doing research into the places you say you want to go. asks for your input when the two of you are curled up in bed together and you’re pressed up against his chest while he browses websites on his tablet, one hand stroking your back
↳ people sometimes make fun of him for how whipped he is for you, atsumu in particular, but he always rises to defend you. “you’re just jealous you’re not gettin' any piggyback rides from me” 
↳ is so understanding about it. will ask you up front what he can do to make you feel secure, wants to have a serious conversation about you because he doesn’t want to unintentionally hurt you
↳ goes out of his way to make sure he’s there for you when you need him, and always does things to let you know he’s okay with your needs through casual gestures: lightly touching your waist when he passes you in the kitchen, kissing you on the cheek whenever you bring him a drink when he’s out working in the fields, quietly murmuring just how much he loves you at random times
↳ indulges you whenever you follow him out onto the fields. takes off his shirt more often than he usually does and purposefully leans close to show you how to separate the husks
↳ always returns your affections. if you rest your head on his shoulder, he’ll rest his head on the top of yours in return. if he’s sitting and you ambush him with a big hug, he'll wrap his arms around your waist and rest his cheek against your stomach, closing his eyes and just staying there peacefully until you’ve had your fill and even after that, “mm...stay a little longer” 
Tumblr media
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criminalmindzjunkie · 11 months ago
In Case You Hadn’t Noticed
Tumblr media
Summary: In which Spencer is in love, and the reader is oblivious. 
A/N: This is probably the fluffiest smut of all time, so be warned. 
Pairing: Spencer Reid/Fem! Reader
Warnings: some angst, smut, vaginal penetration, unprotected sex, swearing
Word Count: 7.9k because apparently I am the most long-winded bitch in the universe.
           I had only been sat at my desk for about five minutes when a coffee cup was placed in front of me, causing a pleased smile to stretch across my lips. Today was supposed to be a fairly uneventful one, as Hotch had declared it to be a day to catch up on paperwork. I was more than glad for the reprieve. The team had taken part in two different cases the previous week, and from the way my teammates slowly trickled in with tired eyes and their own cups of coffee, I could tell I wasn’t the only one that had been affected.
           I eagerly reached for the coffee, taking a swig of its contents and humming contentedly. I closed my eyes, relishing in the way that the warm liquid chased away the chill in my bones. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know who my benefactor was; it was always Spencer. It had become sort of a thing between the two of us not long after I started at the BAU two years prior. The two of us were arguably the most coffee dependent individuals on the team, a fact that everyone seemed to catch onto relatively quickly.
           After one particularly hellacious day where I had attempted to detox myself from all forms of caffeine, I arrived at work the next day to find a large to-go cup of coffee on my desk. I didn’t have to look far to find the culprit; Spencer’s desk was adjacent to mine and he was looking my way, all too eager to take credit.
           “Caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system, and regular use of caffeine does cause mild physical dependence. But caffeine doesn't threaten your physical, social, or economic health the way addictive drugs do, so there’s really no need to cut yourself off completely,” he had said, the excitement in his voice only growing when he saw that he had my complete attention. “If you stop taking caffeine abruptly, you may have symptoms for a day or more, especially if you consume two or more cups of coffee a day. Symptoms of withdrawal from caffeine include headache, fatigue, anxiety, depressed mood, difficultly concentrating, and, uh… irritability.”
           I had taken a seat at this point, sipping the coffee and raising an eyebrow at him.
           “Is this your polite way of saying I’m too crabby without caffeine to justify making the lifestyle change?” I teased. Spencer had tried and ultimately failed at concealing the smile that tugged at the corners of his lips.
           I chuckled at that, flashing Spencer an appreciative smile.
           “I’m thinking you may be right. Thank you, Spence. You’re officially my favorite now,” I announced, relishing in the way a pink tint had spread across the apples of his cheeks. “But now I owe you. Don’t bother stopping for a cup on your way to work tomorrow. I’ll bring you one.”
           “Y-You don’t have to, if it’s a bother. I was just thinking about you this morning, I mean, uh, I was thinking about your h-health, and I figured you could use it. To stay concentrated on the case, of course,” he rambled, wincing as he stumbled over his words on more than one occasion.
           “Nonsense. You’re not a bother, and I want to do it. It can be our thing,” I breezed, leaning forward and resting my elbows on the desk. Spencer seemed perplexed at my proposition, his eyebrows drawing together in confusion. Before he could ask, I decided to elaborate. “You know, like a trademark of our friendship. A lot of friends have secret handshakes, or something of that nature, but seeing as you don’t like shaking hands and I have a crippling caffeine dependency, a coffee exchange seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to do.”
           Spencer nodded to himself, no doubt cataloging the information away in the vast recesses of his brain. His brain held an astonishing amount of information on nearly any topic you could imagine, but the ins and outs of friendships, relationships, and social cues had seemed to evade him. Spencer was a little awkward, sure, but I found his lack of social skills endlessly endearing. Pair that with the fact that he was the only other younger member of the team and he was obvious choice for being my work best friend.
           “Okay, I’m in,” Spencer said, tucking a few stray hairs behind his ear and leaning forward as well. His enthusiasm was palpable, making me think that it wasn’t often that people took interest in being his friend, which was a damn shame, in my opinion.
           “Now that we’ve established that this is happening, I have one question for you, Spencer Reid,” I whispered, creating an air of secrecy. Spencer immediately responded, his voice lowering to match my cadence.
           “And that is?”
           I smiled at him, a giddy feeling encompassing me. The prospect of striking up a friendship with Spencer was enticing, and from the way he was smiling back at me, I could tell that he thought so, too. I couldn’t help but think that this was the start of something beautiful.
           “How do you take your coffee?”
            “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re a godsend,” I sighed, drawing a laugh from him.
           “I figured you might need it. You guys were gone for a week straight,” came a voice that was definitely not Spencer Reid. My eyes snapped open and I was greeted by the sight of dark brown hair and icy blue eyes that belonged to none other than Noah King.
Noah worked on a different floor in the building as a forensic accountant. I was fairly familiar with him, having exchanged pleasantries on more than one occasion. Noah was a nice guy; intelligent, kind and more than a little bit funny. He was your typical tall, dark, and handsome. I wasn’t really the type to date, but I hadn’t failed to notice that Noah was very attractive. Elle and JJ certainly liked to point it out, and it wasn’t like I was blind.
           All of that being said, I was more than a little bit confused as to why he was standing at my desk at 7:45 in the morning.
           “Uh, yeah, it’s been a bit hectic here lately. You know how it is,” I murmured as my eyes scanned over him, searching for any clue as to why he was here. Does he want something? What kind of help could I offer to a forensic accountant? I barely scraped by in Algebra II.
           “I’m afraid that I cannot relate, because I probably have the most boring job of anyone in the FBI, but I can imagine,” Noah chuckled, shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his dress slacks. I couldn’t stop myself from profiling him as I took note of the way he was rocking back and forth on his heels and chewing at his bottom lip. Even if I hadn’t had the expertise in reading people, it wouldn’t have been hard to denote that he was full of nerves.
           “Hey, math can be cool,” I argued. “Plus, I don’t think anyone’s ever gotten shot at because of math, so your job is definitely more appealing. On the other hand, math makes me want to shoot myself, so the fact that you made a career of it is a testament to your patience.”
           I cringed internally. Spencer wasn’t the only one who could ramble, apparently. Perhaps he had rubbed off on me.
           Noah let out a loud laugh, and by my observation it seemed genuine. Maybe my jokes aren’t that terrible.
           “Funny and pretty. A deadly combination,” Noah said, flashing me a shy smile. I could feel my face heat up and I let out a strained laugh.
           “I’m glad you think so. Elle always tells me my jokes are terrible.” It was a poor attempt at avoiding the compliment, but I wasn’t sure what else to do. It had been an embarrassingly long time since I dated anyone, let alone attempted to flirt with someone. The job had consumed my every thought for the last two years, and when I actually did get free time it was usually spent sleeping or traipsing through book stores or thrift shops with Spencer. That didn’t exactly leave much time for dating.
           “So, you’re a bit of a jokester, then?” Noah mused, leaning against my desk and crossing his arms.
           “I try to be. Laughter is the best medicine, and all that.”
           “I’d love to hear more of these jokes of yours. Maybe over dinner sometime?” Noah said, his words tentative. I was immensely thankful that I hadn’t been taking a drink of my coffee at the time, because I surely would’ve choked on it. Am I hearing this correctly?
           “You want to go on a date?” I asked, my voice incredulous. “With me?”
           Noah nodded enthusiastically.
           “Yeah, I really do. I’ve wanted to for a while now, but I kind of thought you had a thing going on with Reid, so I backed off,” he explained, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. “I may or may not have asked Garcia about you.”
           “Me and Reid? What gave you that idea?” I blurted out, laughing at the absurdity of it. Spencer and I were close, yeah, but no more than anyone would be with a friend. It was almost as if Spencer was an extension of my own mind at this point, albeit a more intelligent version. We shared a lot of common interests, much to the surprise of the both of us.
           “The both of you are together all the time, and he’s always walking you to your car at the end of the day, so I assumed there was something there.”
           Is that not typical friendship behavior? There isn’t anything inherently romantic about walking someone to their car. Spencer was just watching out for my safety. Given our occupation, it wasn’t exactly unreasonable. He was just a caring guy. I’m sure he would do the same for anyone on the team.
           “We’re just good friends, is all. Nothing going on,” I said, shaking my head at the thought. Noah breathed a sigh of relief before raising his eyes to meet mine.
           “So, uh, what do you say to dinner then? I was thinking we could go to this new Thai place that just opened up near my apartment. Unless you don’t like Thai food, in that case we could do something else. Anything you want.” Noah had removed his hands from his pockets and was now fidgeting with them.
           I paused for a minute, contemplating the offer. There wasn’t any reason I could think of to turn him down. Noah was FBI, too, meaning that he would be more apt to understand my tumultuous schedule. He was kind and cute and most importantly he actually laughed at my jokes. Noah seemed to tick all the boxes, but for some reason I found myself hesitating. It had been so long since I had done this that the whole idea was daunting.
           Noah was visibly growing more anxious the longer it took me to answer, so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. What could it hurt?
           “I’d love to go on a date with you,” I said, smiling up at him. His posture became visibly more relaxed, and he let out a sigh of relief.
           “Thank God. I wasn’t looking forward to getting rejected first thing in the morning. Would kind of set a piss-poor mood for the day,” he chuckled.
           “How could I say no? You already know the way to my heart,” I said, holding up the cup of coffee in example.
           “I was hoping that might work,” Noah murmured as he dug into the depth of his pockets, producing a business card and handing it to me. “I know it’s kind of hard for you to set plans when you don’t know when a case will come in. When you get some free time, call me.”
           I took the card and examined it, running my thumb over its shiny surface.
           “Yeah, of course,” I said, placing the card on my desk. Noah stood and ran a hand through his hair. I tried to ignore the fact that he looked damn good doing it, but at the end of the day I was still a red-blooded female who hadn’t been laid in so long it was honestly pathetic. Sue me. “Oh, and thanks for the coffee, Noah.”
           “Anytime. I look forward to hearing more of those jokes of yours,” he teased, shooting me a wave before heading towards the door.
           I watched him leave, my mind a befuddled mess. When I woke up this morning, I certainly didn’t see myself procuring a date with anyone. If anyone had told me this was how my day would start, I would’ve laughed in their face.
           “So, are you gonna break the news to the kid, or am I?”
           I whirled around in my chair at the sound of Derek’s voice. He sat at his desk across the room, looking at me with an amused expression.            
           “What do you mean?”
           “It’s gonna break his heart, you know,” he continued, shaking his head at me. What in the fuck is he on about?
           “What in the fuck are you on about?” I asked, my eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. What is with everyone this morning?
           “Don’t act like you don’t see it, Y/N,” Derek chuckled. “You’re a profiler for Christ’s sake. Not that you’d need to be - he’s so obvious about it sometimes that it’s actually painful to watch.”
           “Well, if it’s so obvious, then why don’t I know what you’re talking about?” I asked, irritation clear in my voice. It was entirely too early for Derek to be throwing around vague inferences.
           “I’m talking about how you’ve got Reid wrapped around your finger,” Derek said, a sly smile on his lips. “He’s so far gone; I don’t know how you don’t see it.”
           I frowned, taking my lip in between my teeth. I knew Spencer better than almost anyone, but I’d never had an inkling that he felt anything other than platonic feelings towards me. Surely, Derek and Noah were making a mountain out of a mole hill.
           “Probably because there’s nothing to see. We’re just friends. Kind of like you and Garcia.”
           “Don’t even try to compare the two. Yes, I love Garcia and she loves me, but you don’t see either of us having sleepovers and bringing each other coffee every morning.”
           Okay, so maybe the sleepovers were a bit unconventional, but no one would question it if I had a sleepover with Penelope or JJ, so how was that any different?
           “You’re seeing things that aren’t there, Morgan,” I sighed dismissively. “Quit trying to play matchmaker.”
           “Humor me, then. Just pay close attention to how he is around you for a few days. If you don’t see it by the end of the week, I’ll drop it,” Derek proposed.
           “Fine. But promise me you won’t bother Spencer about this.”
           “Bother me about what?” Spencer asked as he swept into the room, his curls bouncing with every stride. In his hands were the usual two cups of coffee.
           Derek began to open his mouth, but I was quick to cut him off.
           “About being late. It’s 8:02,” I reprimanded. Spencer shrugged.
           “The line was long.”
           Spencer arrived at my desk and I was instantly enveloped by the scent of his cologne; a pleasant mix of something woodsy with a hint of cinnamon. He moved to placed the cup on my desk before halting completely when he noticed the one that was already there.
           “You got coffee already?” His words dripped with confusion and he turned to me, his eyes full of something I couldn’t quite decipher.
           “Actually, Noah King got her coffee,” came the sing-song voice of one Penelope Garcia as she entered the bullpen with a flash of hot pink and clacking heels.
           Spencer’s face twisted up into an awful kind of expression.
           “Why would he do that?”
           “I’m assuming it was so he could ask her on a date,” Penelope explained excitedly. She took a seat on the edge of Derek’s desk, facing me. “He came by my office while you lot were gone, asking all sorts of questions about you.”
           I forced myself to look away from Spencer, my eyes drifting over to Penelope.
           “And you didn’t think to tell me about that?” I asked, my voice coming out in a slightly higher pitch than usual. Penelope just shrugged.
           “Didn’t want to ruin the surprise,” she offered in explanation. “So, did he ask you out, or what?”
           I was still painfully aware of how Spencer’s eyes were burning a hole in the side of my head, no matter how hard I was trying to ignore it. I didn’t think me getting coffee from someone else would be this big of a deal to him, but then again, in the two years I’d been working here, I’d never not held up my end of the bargain.
           “Yeah, he did,” I murmured, uncomfortable under the watchful eyes of my teammates.
           JJ and Elle entered the bullpen then and I groaned internally. My audience had grown far too big for my liking.
           “What are we all gathered around for?” Elle asked as she placed her things at her desk.
           “Y/N got asked on a date by Mr. Hottie Forensic Accountant,” Penelope announced.
           Why hasn’t Spencer said anything yet?
           “No fucking way,” Elle laughed, her eyebrows raised. “What’d you say?”
           “We, uh, didn’t set a date for it but I said I’d go.”
           Two things then happened at the same time; JJ and Penelope squealed out in excitement, and Spencer dropped both coffee cups, spilling their contents all over the floor.
           I yelped as the hot coffee splashed my legs, jumping out of my seat and reaching for a roll of paper towels.
           “Jesus, shit, I’m sorry,” Spencer apologized, taking the roll from me and busying himself with cleaning up the spillage, all the while refusing to so much as look at me. A terrible feeling began to settle in my gut.
           “It’s okay, Spence. Here, let me help,” I offered as I knelt down.
           “Hotch is gonna kill you when he sees that big ass stain,” Derek teased, watching on in amusement as he made absolutely no move to help us. I rolled my eyes.
           “Nothing a little elbow grease can’t fix,” I assured Spencer. His eyes momentarily flicked up to meet mine and I blanched at the sight. His beautiful brown eyes were so full of betrayal and disappointment and he wasn’t even trying to hide it. Spencer gave me a tight-lipped smile before looking away.
The two of us continued to clean the mess before tossing the sopping wet paper towels in the bin. I turned around to face Spencer, who was already looking at me. His face was entirely expressionless now, all traces of emotion wiped away.
           “I guess it’s a good thing you already had your coffee, then.”
           The bitterness in his voice made me think that Derek maybe wasn’t so far off, after all.
           To say that things had been tense since yesterday morning would be the understatement of the century. Spencer had spent the entire day avoiding me like the plague, even going as far as to leave early to avoid walking me to my car. Every time I tried to speak to him, inevitably leading to him brushing me off, I couldn’t help but replay mine and Derek’s conversation in my head. Was it actually possible that Spencer had feelings for me that went beyond the friendship level? It seemed impossible; Spencer was never one to express romantic interest in anyone. He was always so focused on giving his all to the job or expanding his knowledge on whatever tickled his fancy at the time. When he wasn’t doing those things, well… it seemed that he spent the rest of his time in my apartment, entertaining me with his musings and watching my TV.
           Okay, so maybe it wasn’t impossible.
           After a night full of tossing and turning in bed, I came to a conclusion. Regardless of if Derek was right about Spencer’s feelings, I had clearly done something to upset him, and the two of us needed to talk.
           I practically ran into the bullpen the next morning, filled with a newfound determination as I balanced two cups of coffee in my hands. I figured a little liquid bribery would certainly help sweeten the pot.
           When Spencer had failed to show up almost fifteen minutes later, a sinking feeling settled into my gut. I pushed myself out of my chair and marched right up to JJ’s office.
           “Hey, JJ? Where’s Spence?” I asked as I peeked my head through the crack of the door. JJ looks up at me, mouth pulled into a frown.
           “He called in sick about an hour ago. Said he felt like he’d come down with something.”
           I have to bite my lip to keep from screaming. Of course, he called in. Stubborn little shit.
           “That’s really too bad. I think I might go check on him, just to see if he’s okay. Will you pass the word on to Hotch?” I ask her, words dripping with faux concern. I knew damn well that Spencer wasn’t sick, and I was more than a little pissed that he was going this far just to avoid me.
           JJ nods at me and I call out a quick goodbye before walking briskly across the bullpen, only stopping long enough to scoop up my messenger bag.
           Nice try, Spencer.
           When Spencer opens up the door to his apartment, his eyes are wide as dinner plates and his mouth is hanging open.
           “Uh, w-what are you doing here?” he stutters out, knuckles clenching onto the side of the door so hard they’ve turned white. He’s dressed in baggy plaid pajama pants and a loose t-shirt, paired with the usual adorably mismatched socks. A pair of glasses are perched atop his nose and he absentmindedly pushes them further up. He looks incredibly cozy, and on any normal day, I’d coo at the sight.
           But not today. Today, I was mad.
           “JJ said you called in sick. I didn’t take you for a liar, Dr. Reid,” I tut. Spencer opens his mouth to argue, but I’m quick to cut him off. “Are you going to invite me in, or are we going to have the conversation in the hallway?”
           Spencer’s shoulders slump and he relents, stepping back and gesturing for me to follow him inside. He slinks dejectedly to the couch, plopping down hard amongst the cushions. I remove my jacket, placing it on the back of one of his chairs before joining him on the couch.
           Spencer’s eyes are everywhere but on me and he fiddles nervously with his hands in his lap. It’s abundantly clear that I’m going to have to get the ball rolling here, so I breathe in a shaky breath.
           “You’re angry with me.” I don’t phrase it like a question, because it isn’t one. Spencer shakes his head, still refusing to look up from his lap.
           “M’not mad at you. I don’t think I could be mad at you if I tried,” he murmurs. I shift my body so that I’m looking directly at him. 
           “Then why have you been avoiding me? I must’ve done something to make you upset.”
           When Spencer makes no move to answer me, I place a hand on his, effectively halting his movements. His breath hitches and his eyes snap up to mine. Spencer’s tongue darts out, running across his lower lip nervously. That’s the thing about Spencer Reid; he had this way about him that always tugged at my heart strings. He gave off this doe-eyed innocent vibe that had always fascinated me, though I couldn’t put my finger on why. Something in the way that he was looking at me then, completely open and so painfully nervous – ignites something deep within me and can’t suppress the smile that tugs at the corner of my lips. You know why you liked it so much, the voice inside my head teases. And you also know that Derek was right.
           Heaven help me if I’m wrong, I think to myself, and then I take the plunge.
           “I think we should talk about how you reacted when Garcia mentioned Noah asking me on a date.”
           It was impossible to miss the way his lips downturned at the mention of Noah’s name. Spencer Reid was a lot of things, but a good liar wasn’t one of them.
           “Don’t know what you’re talking about,” he whispered.
           “So, you weren’t at all jealous?” I asked, scooting closer to him. “You didn’t mind the fact that he asked me out?” I begin tracing my thumb up and down on his hand, relishing in the way that he gulps.            “Why would I?” he squeaked out, his voice betraying his attempt at being coy.
           “Because both Noah and Derek seem to think you’re interested in me. I told them both that they were crazy to even suggest it; that we were only friends and you’d never look at me in that way. But you know what I think now?”            “W-What?”
           I lifted my hand to his chin, forcing him to meet my eyes.
           “I think you do like me,” I stated, letting my eyes drift to his lips. Spencer’s breathing was coming out in haggard puffs, his chest rising and falling rapidly as his eyes darted from my eyes and my lips. For someone who didn’t want to look at me earlier, he sure wasn’t having a problem now.
“I think you’ve liked me for a long time. And I think you didn’t like the idea of me going on a date with Noah, because you’d much rather me go on one with you.” I traced my fingers along his jawline, causing Spencer to shiver under my touch. “Am I right, Spencer?”
           “Y-Yes,” he choked out. His pupils were blown wide and his face was growing more and more flushed with every passing second. Spencer was so pretty like this; hair in complete disarray, lips parted slightly, damn near panting after receiving the smallest of touches.
           Spencer had always had an innocence about him, as much as he liked to try and deny it. He didn’t have to tell me that he was a virgin; it was apparent in the way his face turned beet red anytime sex was brought into the conversation. It was even more apparent now that I had him squirming underneath my touch, desperate and whiny for more.
           The way he looked now, completely pliant and at my mercy, I couldn’t help but to want to completely wreck that innocence.
           “You know what else I think?”
           Spencer shook his head, his wide eyes never leaving my own. I gave him the sweetest of smiles, gently raking my nails down the side of his neck.
           “I think you want to fuck me.” My hands drift to the hair at the back of his neck and I tug, causing Spencer let out a deep groan.
           “Please, God, yes. Want it so bad, you have no idea,” Spencer babbles, his voice thick with desire. I lifted an eyebrow in surprise. I’d expected as much, but what I hadn’t been prepared for was how quick he was to admit it. I also hadn’t been anticipating him to melt into trembling mess under me so quickly, but here we are. I move my hand until it rests on his lap, inches away from the growing desire in his pants.
           “So, how long have you been holding out on me?” I asked, absentmindedly running my hand over his bulge. Spencer let out a low whine before bucking up into my touch. I chuckled lowly as I removed my hand completely, much to his chagrin. “Not so fast, Doctor Reid. You haven’t answered my question.”
           “A-A while,” he squeaked out. “P-Pretty much the w-whole time.”
           “The whole time? You mean to tell me you wasted two whole years pining for me, when you could’ve been fucking me instead?” I shook my head at him, leaning forward and brushing my thumb across his bottom lip.
           “I-Is this really happening?” he asked, disbelief coating his words. “Am I dreaming?”
           “It really is, no thanks to you,” I hummed. “If I left it up to you, we wouldn’t be here. You were just going to deprive us both of this, weren’t you?”
           “I-I didn’t think,” Spencer stutters out before letting out a low moan when I place a kiss along the underside of his jaw. “I didn’t t-think you’d w-want me back. You’re so p-pretty and y-you could have anyone. I’m s-sorry.”
           His words shot straight to my heart and it lurched pitifully – but I wasn’t ready to let him off that easily.
           “Are you? I don’t know if I accept your apology, Dr. Reid,” I tease, nipping playfully at his skin. “Perhaps I should make you prove it to me.”
           Spencer is a complete mess under me, wanton moans rolling from his lips as he circles his hips in a desperate search for friction.
           “Y-Yes, please, I’ll do anything,” he pants out, causing me to laugh against the exposed skin of his neck. I pull back, my face inches from his as my eyes scan his face. Spencer looks up at me from half-lidded eyes, his breath hitting my face in tiny puffs.
           “Those are dangerous words, Doctor. Are you sure you want to do this? We can stop right now and pretend this never happened. I won’t be mad, I promise,” I murmur, my hand coming up to cup the side of his face. Spencer leans into my touch, nuzzling his face against my palm.
           “I want this,” he whispers, and for the first time in a while, his voice is steady. “I just…,” Spencer trails off and a lovely blush dusts across the apples of his cheeks. “I’ve never done this. Any of it. I don’t want it to be bad for you.”
           My heart swelled painfully in my chest. What a sweet, nervous boy.
           “Spencer, this could never be bad for me because it’s you,” I reassure him. “Do you trust me?”
           His answer is instantaneous. “More than anyone.”
           I nod to myself. Okay, we’re really doing this.
           “Good. Normally, I’m more of a take the reins kind of girl, but since this is your first time, I want to make sure you’re completely comfortable. I’m not going to do a single thing that you don’t ask for, okay? I need you to talk to me, Spence. Communication is important. Can you do that for me?”
           Spencer nods, before smiling sheepishly. “Y-Yes. I can do that,” he corrects himself. I can tell he wants to say something else from the way his brows scrunch together like he’s thinking.
           “Use your words, baby. What do you want me to do?”
           “C-Can I kiss you now? Please?” he asks shyly.
I smile and nod, and Spencer rockets forward so fast that he nearly knocks me back with the force of it. His hands are on either side of my face and his lips are on mine, soft and frenzied as they move against my own. When I get over the initial shock of it, I reciprocate, lips moving against his with equal enthusiasm. This kiss is a bit sloppy at first, the kind of sloppy that is to be expected when someone hasn’t much experience, but the longer it goes on, the more comfortable Spencer seems to get. His movements become more calculated, lips coming down on mine with more precision.
After several minutes I decide to up raise the tempo by running my tongue lightly against his lower lip, earning a delighted groan from Spencer as he opens up for me. Just as I expected, his tongue is just as eager as he is, dancing with mine deliciously. One look at Spencer Reid’s lips was all it took for me to decide that he had to be a fantastic kisser, but the real thing was so much better than I’d ever dreamed.
I break away from the kiss and Spencer whines. He’s looking down at me with lust filled eyes and his lips are bruised from our kiss, puffy and pink and oh so pretty - so pretty that I lean forward and place another kiss to them just because I can.
“Lean back, baby. Gonna sit in your lap now. Is that okay?”
Spencer nods fervently, shuffling backwards and looking over at me expectantly. It’s with a light laugh that I move to straddle him, relishing in the way that he groans when our clothed centers touch. His hands twitch at his sides but he doesn’t move them. Instead he looks up at me, eyes wide and pupils blown.
“C-Can I touch you?”
“You can do anything you want, sweet boy,” I murmur against his lips before closing the space between us. Spencer’s nothing if not responsive – the way he moans into the kiss paired with the speed in which his brings his hands up to my hips makes my head spin. One hand stays on my hip and the other tentatively raises to my breast. He pauses in a silent question, and I roll my hips against his as my answer. Spencer gasps against my lips and his hand clamps down on my breast, kneading it carefully, experimentally.
I let out an appreciative hum before pulling away long enough to remove my top and toss is aside. Spencer’s eyes run over my frame as he unabashedly checks me out, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t flattering.
“Like what you see, Doc?”
“You have no idea,” he sighs out, before adding, “Can I take off your bra?”
Gone is the shy boy that wouldn’t even make eye contact with me ten minutes ago.
The smile on my face only grows as I nod. Spencer gets to work on the clasp at my back, tongue sticking slightly out of his mouth as he concentrates. After several failed attempts and more than a few whispered curses, the clasp give way and I let my bra straps fall from my shoulders, exposing my chest to him.
Spencer looks very much like a kid in a candy store as he takes in the sight. I open my mouth to remind him he can touch when he leans forward at the same time his hand presses against my back, arching it until his lips come in contact with my nipple. He wraps his lips around it, tongue darting out to flick against the bud.
I let out a low groan, eyes fluttering shut at the contact. I feel Spencer smile against me as he raises his hand to my other breast, taking it into his hand and rolling my nipple between his fingers. His mouth moves against me, alternating between flicks of his tongue and taking me in between his teeth, and if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve sworn he’d done this a million times before. His ministrations send shocks of white-hot pleasure straight to my core and I absentmindedly begin to rock my hips against his in search for more friction. Spencer switches to my other breast, spending ample time teasing it with his mouth before he’s breaking away with a loud groan.
“F-fuck, that feels so good,” he whimpers, sounding every bit as wrecked as he looks, brows drawn together and mouth hanging open as he focuses on the way I’m rocking against him. He looks beautiful like this, thoroughly fucked out despite the fact that I hadn’t even taken his clothes off yet. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, needs to happen now.
“Why don’t we get you out of those clothes? Wanna see you, Spence – want to see my pretty boy.”
I dismount from his lap and slip my jeans from my body as Spencer removes his shirt and pants, both of us now in equal states of undress, clad only in our underwear. Spencer reaches his hands out, a dazed smile on his lips as he looks up at me.
I’m quick straddle him again and he pulls me in for a long, passionate kiss that steals the breath from my lungs. Spencer was beginning to feel more comfortable - I could feel it in the way that his lips dragged against mine without reluctance. The thought made my chest feel warm and I sighed contentedly into the kiss.
Spencer pulls away first this time. “Can I… touch you there?” Spencer asks me, shy and hesitant.
“Like I said before, you can touch me anywhere you want,” I remind him, but honestly, I’m finding it a bit hard to control my own breathing at the moment. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that I’m here, on Spencer Reid’s couch, almost fully naked and dripping with arousal. Not that I was complaining – at all.
“I-I know but,” Spencer pauses to run his hands down my sides, gulping hard when he sees me shiver. “I can’t believe this is happening - that you’re here and you’re saying yes. I’ve thought about this so many times, about what you’d look like and how you’d feel and what you’d say – but nothing came close to this. To really having you here. And I just… I just want to make sure that you’re okay with this. That you won’t regret it.”
That you won’t regret me.
He doesn’t say it, but it’s implied by the way his head hangs low and his voice barely comes out louder than a whisper. I find myself frowning at the implication. How could this beautiful boy ever think that he could be something that I would regret?
“Spence, I can tell you right now that I’ll never regret this,” I murmur, and he raises his eyes up to mine. I see a plethora of emotions swimming in those beautiful brown eyes of his; lust, desperation, nervousness, worry.
“But what if it’s not good for you?”
I let the hand that’s resting on his shoulder drop and I wrap my hand around his, leading him to my dripping heat. Spencer lets out a sharp gasp when his hand comes in contact with the fabric, saturated with my arousal.
“Y-you’re so wet,” Spencer stutters out, disbelieving, as his hand cups my sex. His eyes never leave me as I grind down against his palm, letting out a sigh of pleasure when it brushes up against my clit.
“Still worried that I’m not enjoying myself?”
Spencer lets out an almost imperceptible shake of his head, gaze still zeroed in on where I’m rubbing myself against him. I take his silence as an opportunity to latch my lips to the side of his neck, leaving sloppy, open mouthed kisses against his skin.
“How do you want me, Doctor?” I murmur against his ear, nipping lightly on his earlobe. Spencer moans loud, deep and guttural.
“I-I get to choose?” Spencer chokes out. I can’t suppress the chuckle that leaves my throat. How can he be so damn endearing without even trying?
“I told you, this is all on your terms, baby. You tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”
Spencer lets out a shaky breath.
“Ride me,” he begs, before tacking on a, “Please? I’ve thought about it so many times, but that’s not the same and I just want to see it-” His words are almost hysteric, coming out rapid and so, so wrecked. I cut him off with a kiss before I clamber off of him and slip my panties down my legs.
“As you wish, Doctor,” I tease, tapping lightly on his hip, signaling him to lift up his hips so that I can rid him of his underwear. He obliges, only somewhat reluctant, and I pull his boxers off, eyes widening at the sight before me.
When I fail to speak, Spencer takes my silence as a bad thing and begins spluttering out apologies.
“I-I’m sorry, I know it’s not that big. I understand if you don’t want to keep going-”
He only stops his rambling when I let out a disbelieving laugh. Spencer flinches at the sound, hands rocketing down to cover himself and I realize that laughing when a man shows you his penis is never the way to go.
“Oh, baby, no. I’m not laughing at you. It’s just that,” I let out another low laugh. “I’ve never been with someone as big as you. You really were holding out on me, huh?”
Spencer visibly untenses at my words. “Really?”
I nod. “Yes, really. God, you have no idea, do you, Spence? So perfect for me, baby. Prettiest boy I’ve ever seen. Can’t believe we came this close to never doing this,” I mumble, caressing the side of his face. He seems to melt at my words, hips bucking up as a low whine escapes his throat. “Impatient thing, aren’t you?”
“I’ve been thinking about this for two years now. I think I’ve waited long enough,” he pants out, and yeah, okay, he has a point.
“Do you have any condoms?”
Spencer’s entire body stills.
“N-No,” he groans in the oh fuck I came this close to losing my virginity and now I’ve fucked it all up kind of way. “I’ve never needed to have any. I was definitely not expecting this to happen, so.”
“I’m on Depo shots, so if you still want to do this, I’m down.”
“Thank God,” Spencer sighs, and then I’m crawling back onto his lap and dragging my aching heat against him. Spencer’s eyes roll back into his head and his hands clamp down on my hips, pressing me down harder against his cock. He’s letting out a slew of desperate moans, fingers pressing into the skin of my hips in a way that I’m sure will leave bruises tomorrow. The thought makes me smile and I lean forward to suck a bruise of my own into the side of his neck.
“P-Please, Y/N. I need-”
I lick a stripe up the side of his neck and his hips stutter.
“What do you need, baby?”
“Please, fuck me, I need it so bad,” he cries out, sounding close to tears as he writhes underneath me. “I can’t wait anymore, need to feel you, please-”
I lift my hips then and, without warning, I begin to slowly ease myself down until Spencer is fully sheathed inside of me. His head snaps backwards, hitting the back of the couch as he lets out a positively obscene moan that sounds a lot like my name. I bite down hard on my lip in an attempt to keep from crying out. Having Spencer inside me felt heavenly and I couldn’t stop myself from whimpering pitifully as he bottomed out.
“A-Are you okay? Can I move now?”
Spencer answers with a nod of his head, and for once I don’t remind him to use his words before I slowly begin to rock my hips, relishing in the pleasurable burn that spreads through my core. Unintelligible words mixed with high-pitched groans are falling from Spencer’s mouth as I move against him and his eyes alternating between watching himself go in and out of me and watching the way my face contorts in pleasure when I drop myself back down on him.
“You’re so fucking pretty, Y/N. Can’t believe I get to see you like this. Touched myself thinking about you so many times, you have no idea,” Spencer rambles between broken moans. “Never thought I’d have you. Fuck you’re so tight.”
“You feel so good, Spence. You’re so fucking deep, oh my God.” I let out a loud whine when Spencer brings his hand down in between us and his thumb begins to rub tight circles against my clit. “Fuck, Spencer, don’t stop.”
My head drops down to the crook of his neck and I busy myself with sucking another love bite into the skin directly below his ear.
“D-Don’t think I’m gonna last much longer, feels too g-good,” Spencer chokes out at the same time his thumb quickens its onslaught on my clit. His entire body was trembling beneath me as I continued to grind my hips against him relentlessly.
“Me either, just don’t stop touching me, please.”
I bring our lips together then, and this kiss starkly contrasts the ones from earlier. Where those kisses had been sweet and exploratory, this kiss was hot and hungry and full of desperation. As I felt my orgasm build and build until I was just on the brink of falling off the edge, I pulled away from the kiss and smile a wicked smile at him.
“Can you come for me, baby? Want you to come in me. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? To fill me up until I’m dripping. Want to make me yours, don’t you?”
           Spencer let out a loud groan, simultaneously fucking up into me and pressing down harder on my clit. The added pressure was the catalyst to my release, and with a breathy moan of his name I felt my walls begin to spasm as I came undone on his cock.
           Spencer was right behind me, giving two more powerful thrusts before spilling inside me. I watched from above him as his face contorted into an expression of total ecstasy as he came, mouth falling open into a silent yell as it washed over him.
           We stayed like that for a moment, catching our breath as we clung to each other, not yet ready to part ways. I rested my forehead against Spencer’s, prompting his eyelids to flutter open. He gave me a small, contented smile before pressing a chaste kiss to my lips.
           Another minute passes and I reluctantly get off of him, only going as far as plopping down on the couch beside him. Several minutes of silence pass, and just when I begin to worry that Spencer actually was regretting this, he breaks the silence.
           “Don’t go out with him,” Spencer says so quietly that I wonder if I’d heard him right.
           “What?”            “Noah,” Spencer clarifies. “I-I know he’s probably a lot more appealing than I am, but I promise that if you give me a chance, I-I could make you happy.” He’s doing that thing where he’s refusing to look at me, and in that moment, he looks so small and so scared that I can practically feel my heart break. “Plus, I’m kind of in love with you. In case you hadn’t noticed.”
           “It took me a while, but yeah, I noticed,” I murmur, reaching out and tilting his chin towards me. His eyes meet mine and I smile up at him. “But that’s okay, because I’m kind of in love with you, too. In case you hadn’t noticed.”
           The smile that stretches across Spencer’s lips is the embodiment of hope and joy and love. I want to be on the receiving end of that smile for as long he’ll let me.
           I answer him by pulling him down into a long, slow kiss.
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yamagucji · 8 months ago
Embarrassing moments
warnings. just for shits n giggles, 14+ readers preferably, mentions of vomit, poop, choking, etc.
Tumblr media
HINATA was extremely constipated and needed to use the bathroom quick. but there’s a long line to the mens bathroom (what’s the occasion anyway??) and he’s standing all the way at the back. poor hinata felt a fart coming so he just couldn’t... hold it in. mans SHARTED. shitted and farted at the same time. it stunk so bad that the guys in front of him said, “damn, you need the toilet more than me,” and let him cut in line.
USHIJIMA and tendou stopped to pet this dog during their walk. tendou’s conversing with the owner while toshi’s petting the dog. dog likes it, it’s all good. until... it got bored and decided that toshi’s butt smelled good. dog just wouldn’t stop sniffing his ass. “please, stop smelling me,” toshi says with desperation, which now catches the others’ attention. the owner has to pry their dog away from toshi’s ass cheeks, please. the awkward tension kinda dies down until tendou utters, “so, what’s your secret? what product are you using?”
YAMAGUCHI drank water in the middle of silent class reading. this boy started choking— and i mean choking on his water. you can hear his muffled coughs in the distance and when you turn around to look at him, his face is all red and his cheeks are puffy. none of his classmates say anything but you can practically feel second-hand embarrassment oozing around. the assistant teacher even has the audacity to say, “drink some water.”
KENMA’s calling this one his last try. he sticks his remaining coins into the slot and tries to get the brand new nintendo box thats in the machine. mf has been going at this for over twenty minutes now. his pouch is empty and there’s a crowd of kids waiting for him. no miracle happens in his last try (shit got stuck!!) so he has to move away only to watch in horror— as the kid after him manages to get it. you’re gonna have to hold kenma down before he hunts that kid with every bit of his soul.
DAICHI had a fat one coming in, that’s for sure. thought it was a free real estate just because everyone else in the camp seemed asleep. so he let that monster fart come out (even partly stuck out his thigh for better airway). whole team was awake in a matter of seconds. nishinoya’s jumped off his sleeping bag and asking everyone if they heard that “loud bang.” tanaka’s over here sniffing around because he knows that no one has got some kind of bomb that stinks.
SAKUSA’s not gonna admit to this one. but one time he opened a bathroom stall (it was unlocked) only to find that it was occupied. there are no words to accurately describe just how horried the sight was. sitting on the toilet was a man taking a shit, with his dick on full boner mode, staring back at sakusa. they only made eye contact for just 2 seconds but sakusa’s seen enough. he’s heard enough too, when said stranger asked him, “you wanna join me?”
ASAHI projectile vomited at the theaters. you should’ve known it was a bad idea to take him out to dinner before going to watch a scary movie. man had no courage to tell you he had an upset stomach nor tell you he’s not a fan of horror. it’s twenty minutes into the movie and he’s poking your arm— but you don’t notice because you’re too engrossed. another twenty minutes, and a jumpscare comes on. man beside you vomits like there’s no tomorrow. ya’ll spend the rest of the movie secretly trying to clean his throw-up.
TENDOU was watching anime in his dorm peacefully. until... the whole shiratorizawa team opened the door just in time for the show to switch up to an inappropriate scene. out of all the times they could’ve walked in, they really had to come when 2d clown man was moaning and fighting a kid? tendou scrambled to close his laptop but now he’s just staring back at his teammates; silent, except for the fact that his show is still playing and you can still hearing moaning in the background.
TSUKISHIMA turned his house upside down and still couldn’t find his glasses, nor his extra pair. he was about to leave bare eyed until his mom caught him and forced him to wear his sports glasses. yeah, the one with the whole strap and everything. mans looked like a fool coming to school with it on. people who didn’t know it was his sports glasses mistook it for swimming goggles. he’s so utterly humiliated now, he can’t even bite back when hinata or kageyama says something.
GOSHIKI... i don’t even know what to tell you. who let this kid go further into the lake by himself? it’s all fun and games for everyone until you hear an ear-defeaning shriek by your one and only goshiki. he’s yelling out, “help me! please! help!!” the lifeguards start kicking in and everyone’s trying to make way. is he drowning? is there something there? no for god’s sake. you find out he just made it 5 ft deep and happened to swim over a bunch of seaweed. never take him swimming again.
ATSUMU decided to check himself out using someone’s car window. he’s fixing his hair, picking at his teeth, and even checking to see if he has any boogers. all of a sudden the window rolls down and there’s a senior citizen staring back at him. “boy do you think my car is your mirror?” the man says in a gruffy voice. atsumu’s knees nearly buckle from how scary this man is and how embarrassed he is of all the four minutes he probably spent with this stranger.
SACHIRO’s job as a vet sometimes makes him do really questionable shit (from an outsider perspective). once he had to ejaculate someone’s dog in front of their owner. uh huh... jack them off, for the sole purpose of examining the dog’s semen. he’s never felt such a wave of regret wash through his body during that whole procedure. it didn’t help when the owner was looking at him mortified, nor the fact that it took such a long time.
OIKAWA does this thing were he shows up unexpectedly behind iwaizumi and slaps his ass. everytime he does it iwa always hits him back (but not the ass). today he learnt his lesson when he mistook a stranger for iwa and slapped the guys ass from the moon and back. when i tell you just how quick all the blood drained from oikawa’s body when the man turned around— you can hear a bag of chips fall at the other end of the aisle and it’s the iwa, who had to witness that whole ass-slap event.
ARAN is gonna knock the shit of the miya twins one day, he swears to god. they sent him a mysterious video during his morning walk, where he stopped at a busy street. it starts off quiet, so he goes to turn the volume up full blast. damn video suddenly started blaring ‘lick my pussy and my-’ please... he’s shaking. passerby’s are looking at him with distaste. aran’s now flushed from embarrassment and running towards the miya house. you can guess what happens next.
BOKUTO walked into the wrong house. spent a whole ten minutes rummaging around the kitchen because his friend said to “make yourself comfortable, i’ll be on my way.” little did this man know that there’s a whole family upstairs waiting for the cops to arrive because they think it’s a robbery. poor bokuto, dragged out of the house by some cops but had no idea what was going on. man was literally just vibing— thinking he was in his friends house.
OSAMU swore this size pants still fit him (hint: it doesn’t). he’s walking through the snack section of the store, lightly limping because damn his dick can’t breath. his truth is tested when he goes to pick something off the lowest shelf and his pants literally go, ‘let er rip.’ fabric tore, and what’s worse is that he was wearing onigiri undies. osamu goes to check if there’s anyone else in the aisle and there is— a group of underclassmen girls from his high school.
KUROO tried to make his chemistry presentation more interesting by putting in jokes. he thought they were funny; kenma even huffed a breath. kuroo’s at his third joke by now and literally no one has laughed. not a single one. except for kuroo himself, who’s awkwardly laughing in a dead-silent room. man was embarrassed. other people are getting second-hand embarrassment by the way they avoided eye contact with him. he vented to kenma later only for kenma to say, “it wasn’t funny. it was just stupid.” poor kuroo.
SUNA accidentally connected his bluetooth to the bus. you know, the one that drives all of inarizaki to their games. wanna guess what the fuck he might’ve been listening to? it’s porn. he’s watching porn in broad daylight. suna doesn’t realize what the issue is until he goes to turn up the volume and notices that the sound is off. he take his airpods off and that’s when he hears pure moaning sounds blaring inside the bus. everyone’s laughing— except for kita and their coach who’s still outside. mf calls himself lucky for that.
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in your face (pt. 1) || batfam x batmom reader + the avengers
Tumblr media
✧・゚ Credits to the owner of the gif!
Summary: Learning how your old team, the Avengers once turned their backs on you during your lowest, your entire family couldn't pass up the offer of following you to New York, not when they have a feeling your old team is planning to reconcile with you.
Characters: Bruce Wayne x Batmom!Reader, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Duke Thomas, Damian Wayne, Kate Kane, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, The Avengers & SHIELD (Mentioned)
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: Angst with Fluffy Ending, Swearing, Humor, Protective BatFam!
A/N: Enjoy this short intro to the new two or three-part series! Read a lot of angst fics where the characters are trying to make amends with the MC. This piece won't be as angsty as your usual—a combo of fluff, angst, humor & reconciliation!  .
Disclaimer: This café owner & ex-agent Batmom is NOT canon to the café owner Batmom (who was never an agent) that I’ve always written. But for this fic, it's up to you, whether you want this Batmom & my usual Batmom to be the same!
↬  Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Thus, we're honored to invite both the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and the owner of Mother's Touch Café, Bruce Wayne and (Y/N) Wayne respectively, to the campaign," Bruce leaned in his office chair after reading the message aloud. He patiently waited for a response from any of the eight people in the room to which, as he expected, did not happen.
He, too, had to reread the email when it first arrived, especially since it came from the CEO of Stark Industries, Pepper Potts.
None of his children commented. Either none of them dared to, or just didn't know what to say. Now, he had to explain how this had to do anything with you, other than being invited.
Oh no, it's so much more.
"Way before the café, she was affiliated with the Avengers at one point in her life," He didn't know if he should spare the details or lay it all out, but, based on their wide eyes at the newfound information, he got the idea that they'd rather hear from A to Z.
"An agent to be exact, and a good one at that, thanks to her knifemanship. They recruited her during their early Avengers days. She even told me she and the team became close," While he wasn't a big fan of the team, it's how fondly you spoke to him of the team before...
Well, about that...
"Then, another agent came into the picture," His voice grew low, which, everyone noticed, "I hate to say this but they started to think your mother's not very... cut out for the team anymore,"
Each and everyone's backs straightened, sadly knowing where this is going, although they hoped Bruce is only doing it for some sort of suspense-building. He wished, believe him, 'cause it took everything in him not to just call the Justice League or even any of them in the room with him to start a war. But, he kept his cool, knowing it's not something you would've wanted at all—gosh, bless your soul, (Y/N).
He paused before looking at them with a small but nonetheless proud smile. He knew he wasn't being dramatic for his protectiveness, not when he knew the 'gory' things some of them could do for your safety alone.
He's not trying to point any fingers, but yeah, he's talking about the 'mama's boy and girl', Jason and Cassandra, respectively.
Well, Damian too, if you think about it.
"Nothing ever worked between them, no matter what she did to be acquaintances at the very least," Just this sentence alone was enough for them to know that you're definitely not the one at fault.
Why? 'Cause no matter how much of a bitch that certain someone is, you, being a miracle to this godforsaken city, manage to work it out, thanks to not only your charm but most importantly—your patience. Your 'Princess of Gotham' title didn't come around so easily, y'know?
"Long story short, one mission went horribly and the agent was found injured and unconscious. Your mother, sadly, was at the wrong place at the wrong time," The offense in their faces would've been hilarious if the context had nothing to do with you being accused of hurting anyone, "SHIELD packed her stuff before they could even give her a chance after the so-called interrogation. Her team, her ex-team, didn't even ask her and she came straight back to Gotham,"
Bruce could tell this whole arc story of yours was giving mixed feelings—anger, especially, but not at you. How could they ever, when you're basically the family's personification of hope?
What would life even be if you stayed in New York?
"Months after she opened the café, SHIELD contacted her," Oh, it's not over yet? Refocusing on the father figure of the manor, he continued, "They found out the agent's been a part of some foreign terrorist group,"
HYDRA, if he's not mistaken.
"You could say she turned their offers down," As you should, they were a little too overjoyed by your decision. Did you feel some sort of pride when the team pretty much came crawling back, because your kids would.
Who would've thought that days after the call, Bruce stepped into the café for the first time?
"What happened to the agent, then?" Tim asked what's been in everyone's mind.
"Stripped off the agency and locked up," Bruce closed his eyes and sighed as if he had a long day. The weight on everybody's shoulders lifted, despite wanting to argue for the lack of punishment. Your life was nearly ruined and that bastard gets away with it? Sure, stuck behind bars, but alive? They could only hope the prison is the same level as Arkham Asylum or even Blackgate Penitentiary.
"Y'know what's funny?" Bruce questioned, although there was no sense of humor in his tone, "Even after all that, she pleaded me not to make a big deal out of it since the team didn't know truth,"
Well, of course everyone's going to make a big deal out of it! How can you sell yourself short this way?
"So, what I'm trying to say is, you're all welcome to join her and I to New York in a few weeks. You know how she'll love some extra company but she also wanted to let you know that if you can't make it, she'll understand,"
Oh nah, you expect them to leave you with the same people that turned their backs on you?
Hah! Not a chance, mother of ours!
In the end, all but Barbara and Kate agreed to tag along. As much as they'd like to join in, someone has to stay when most of them aren't around, especially Bruce. Soon, everyone dispersed, some went to their rooms while others left the manor for obvious reasons. Bruce relaxed in his seat, content at how well everyone's taking this, though he didn't expect his whole family to accept the offer but hey, the more the merrier.
He placed his hands behind his head, smiling at the thought of telling you about how everyone in the house is game to take a trip to New York.
Plus, this campaign might be a little fun, knowing Stark's going to be there. It wouldn't hurt anyone to flaunt you a little for finding a better life here, right?
All jokes aside, he couldn't help but recall the conversation he had with you a while ago. How you accepted Pepper's offer even when he saw your hesitance.
"I get it, I get it," Your smile was tight—forced, to be exact. Bruce tried not to grimace at your involuntary nature, "For the company. Yours and mine,"
He ran one hand down his face—the things you and him do for Gotham. They’re lucky they're dealing with two very calm and collected people to this little tea party of theirs. 
His guts’ just telling him that this visit isn’t just for the campaign alone, no. 
Tumblr media
Days have passed, and the media's been picking up on the upcoming event, so one could imagine how invasive the paparazzi have been, both from Gotham with the Wayne’s and New York with the Stark’s. Some of your kids, mainly Duke and Cass thanks to their free time, were kind enough to escort you home whenever the crowd’s been too much.
You've been fidgety since the big day's around the corner but one thing that makes up for it the fact that you're family's following!
As in, you didn't expect Jason and Dick to text you about it.
Bruce peeked his head in the bedroom, only to find you tilting your head at something on your phone.
"Everything okay?" He approached you and rested his hand on your back. You blinked before nodding.
"Yeah, Jason and Dick texted me," You showed him the screen and raised an eyebrow.
"You didn't like, twist their arms to get them to tag along, did you?" Your concerns was enough for Bruce to snort before shaking his head.
"No, they'd probably twist mine before I could ever get the chance. They told me they wanted to on the spot," You still seemed unsure. Dick, a bit surprising but you could understand, but Jason too? Bruce took your free hand, warming it between his, "You can ask them. Jason, especially, because even if I somehow managed to convince him, he'll only say he's doing it for you,"
Your heart fluttered, knowing how difficult it is to convince Jason, for others at least. But, for you? He either gives you a quick answer or he'll need a bit of time to think, which basically means he's doing whatever you asked him to.
What did I tell you—a mama's boy.
You took a deep breath and nodded slowly, unable to control the radiant smile everyone seems to love. Hey, you're going on a little trip with your entire family, live a little, (Y/N)!
"Come on, Alfred's got dinner ready," He gave you a reassuring kiss on the forehead before bringing you to the dining room with him.
Tumblr media
Wow, who knew time could move so fast when you're either enjoying or dreading the time of your life?
Bruce and the rest, minus Jason, of course, you'll meet him in New York, were hauling everyone's bags with the help of the chauffeur whereas you were still in the house, together with Kate, Barbara and Alfred.
"Take care of Gotham for us, alright?" You bent down and bear-hugged Barbara before giving the same amount of affection to Kate. It's only for a few days but you haven't left the city for a while, especially with your whole family. You don't doubt the girls would have this under control but with your mother instincts kicking in, how could you not worry?
"Call us whenever you're free!" Barbara grinned in hopes of calming your nerves. Kate, catching onto what Barbara was trying to do, gave you a thumbs-up.
"Send us some pictures," You chuckled at their requests before Damian called you over by the door to get ready. You gave him a quick 'just a sec' before turning to Alfred.
"Call us when trouble comes," Alfred curtly nodded like he usually he, but what you didn't expect him to do is placing both of his hands on your shoulders.
"You'll do great out there, Mistress (Y/N)," You couldn't help but reciprocate the smile and gave him a quick hug as well.
"Thank you, truly," You pulled away before rushing to the door. You knew the second you step your foot out of this house, there's no turning back.
It's now or never, (Y/N)!
✧・゚: END :・゚✧
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