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Hargreeves Quarantine

  • They all decide that they might as well stick together in the mansion rather than on their own
  • Most of them change their mind after a week
  • Allison buys a bunch of cute patterned masks for everyone
  • Klaus tries to knit some for everyone but he’s not the best and masks with that many large gaps would be kind of inefficient
  • Ben both lectures everyone on protecting themselves and others by staying inside and then goes and bothers Klaus about going out as long as it’s someplace not too crowded
  • Five and Diego will not stay inside no matter what
  • Luther is one of those people that wears a mask but takes it off when talking to people
  • Vanya and Allison try to come up with ideas of what to do so everyone’s not bored out of their mind
  • Monopoly was not a good idea
  • Klaus likes sliding down the stairs on a mattress
  • Whenever they go to the store they bring the whole crew because “Come on Luther, we haven’t had any good snacks for two weeks!”
  • Luther tries to sneak out and go to the store on his own in order to get more healthy food like apples
  • Klaus almost always catches him and goes along to make sure he gets Cheetos and Scooby-Doo gummies and stuff like that
  • Luther, Allison, and Vanya are the only ones with healthy eating habits
  • Diego once cracked a raw egg into his mouth so you know when this boy is hungry he just finds whatever is closest and puts very little time and effort into anything he eats
  • Klaus and Five will both forget to eat until Grace or Pogo reminds them and then it’s rare that they eat and actual meal
  • Ben doesn’t eat since he’s a ghost but when he was alive he ate like everything was his last meal
  • He and Five always ate things with high calories because both of their powers used a lot of energy
  • Grace and Pogo are both fine in quarantine since they were confined to the house when Reggie was alive but it’s a bit difficult to try and get the kids to try and not be as chaotic as possible
  • It is hard to try and get everyone together for a meal, or make sure everyone is inside the house at night, or make sure that they are sleeping and not dead
  • Klaus summons a different ghost each day to try and learn something new like Spanish, or calligraphy, or sewing, but he usually loses his focus after one afternoon
  • He does get into photography, and uses a big, old-fashioned camera to take pictures of his siblings at unflattering moments
  • They have a chart that says how many time one of them almost killed another
  • Luther: 4
  • Diego: 17
  • Allison: 6
  • Klaus: 11
  • Five: 49
  • Ben: 2
  • Vanya: 4
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@rumorsabound​ continued from here X

Klaus listened to every word Allison told him. They felt like words coming straight from her heart. Words that finally found their way out of her system, hoping to get caught up by someone who at least would listen to them. 


“If you’re calling yourself a shitty person then I’m definitely going to call myself a saint from now on.” he paused as his eyes locked with hers. “Come on Allison, if there is something you clearly aren’t then it’s a shitty person. 
Who wouldn’t love to use the ability you have? I know I would” He said with a huge grin, trying to at least lighten the mood a little bit. 
“I would have ran for President” he laughed, the idea of being THE President was just way too much fun. “The American flag would look so much better” a chuckle followed his comment before he tried to get serious again. 
“So…. you’re done using your powers now?” 

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“bak, kötüler yaylarını geriyor,

temiz yürekli insanları

karanlıkta vurmak için,

oklarını kirişine koyuyor.”

-mezmurlar, 11:2

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TUA Inktober Day 9: Dancing (@totallyevan)

This is the first time in a while I’ve used markers to make a full color drawing *phew* some of my supplies are like five years old so they don’t work very well (her skin came out grainy because I had to ink-watercolor it and I did NOT do this on the paper for that but I’m pleased with her! She’s happy and cozy!!

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Yeri geliyor kendin olmayı özlüyorsun

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☂ Wednesday || March 27, 2019 ☂

  • Allison Hargreeves Appreciation! Show the queen of Hollywood and our hearts some love!
  • What is your most memorable scene, and why did it impact you? Which made you laugh? Which made you cry?


1. FUCC YEAAAHHHHHH. allison is the best but she needs to get her shit together. she doesn’t know how to be Good Sister but she tries and i can appreciate that

2. THE FUCKING- THE SCENE WHERE GRACE HELPS WITH DIEGO’S STUTTER. i have a small stutter and that scene made me almost cry.

3. the scene where we find out delores is a mannequin

4. when allison shows up to vanya’s concert and SHE SMILES LIKE SHES SO PROUD BUT SHES ALSO SO SAD AND DJJDNSJX VANYAS S M I L E

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