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robarazziofficial · 3 hours ago
sometimes i’ll write out a post, add tags, and everything, and then realize that i do not need to advertise certain things on the internet publicly
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venser · 7 hours ago
aaaa don't get me wrong i'm still very glad to have free magic story articles back but. it feels kinda :/// to have another set's story just. rush right past us
#im very tired and maybe i'll elaborate more when ive had some sleep#but the combination of 1) strict five chapter limit 2) outsourcing to writers who might not have a#deep understanding of magic's lore and 3) NO FUCKING FOLLOW-UP TO THE END OF AN ARC#THEY HAVE BEEN BUILDING UP FOR LIKE??? A DECADE??? CLOSE TO A DECADE???#and these stories aren't bad!!! they're fine. but aside from the first chapter or so of kaldheim they really didn't#sink their claws into me like the old articles did#and i get from a gameplay standpoint it can get boring to spend six months on a plane but???#why cram the entirety of the story into the weeks before the set launches???#why not continue it throughout the duration of the set??#like the thing that would help IMMENSELY is to reinstate the in-house story team#kaldheim (though rushed) felt more cohesive than zendikar rising because the writer is on the worldbuilding team#i can deal with RUSHED for a little longer if we just. go back to the better overall quality#and i like that wizards is reaching out to BIPOC and LGBT writers for their stories#but do you know what'd be better? hiring on people from those groups FOR YOUR WORLDBUILDING TEAM#i promise you there are PLENTY of BIPOC and LGBT people who are passionate about magic story#(and you cannot tell me money is an issue not after their ludicrously profitable 2020)#ok jeez i didnt mean to go on like this dfjdskjfdjdfk i just. im bummed yknow?#i want to feel STRONGLY about the latest stories like i did back in high school not just 'ok cool!' and be done with it#like? am i making any sense?
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rohanmutual · 8 hours ago
Ppl look at Rohan and assign a lot of stereotypes onto him I feel, sometimes the other characters he interacts with as well
people will see a male gnc character and are like “is anyone going to project homophobic stereotypes onto him” and not wait for an answer
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n7punk · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
DITM Extra #1: Original vs. Edit 
I’ve finished editing Drawn Into The Music, and now all that’s left is to add the epilogue! I’m only doing this for one scene, but I wanted to show the differences between the original and the edit. Some parts were basically untouched, but this scene is one of the more heavily edited portions. I've lined up each paragraph from the original (left) and each corresponding paragraph from the edit (right) for the very first scene of DITM. This picture is over 3000px, so you kinda need to open it up to read it, but this was the most elegant way to compare it that I could find.
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