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Lenders and agents and those of you that use our services. This is our latest put a pin in it break out session where we wanted to know if Zillow is intent on doing to real estate what Amazon did to retail? Now Zillow does loans. Is Home advisor and Angies list on their vision board? #zillow #trulia #angieslist #yelp #thumbtack #homeadvisor #agents #realestate #syndication #acting #handsome #10 #santaclarita

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10 Reasons to be my friend:

1. I will do everything in my power to make you happy.

2. I will be there for you regardless of when you need me or even if you don’t need me.

3. I’ll constantly remind you of how important you are to me and how much I love and cherish you.

4. I’ll always tune myself to fit your mood/comfort.

5. I’ll go out of my way to keep you smiling.

6. I’ll understand. I’ll always understand. I know how humans are. It’s always okay.

7. I’ll listen to you for hours together if you want to vent and talk to you for hours if you want to be distracted.

8. You can literally say anything to me and I’ll say that it’s okay because it is.

9. I’ll hold you very dear and will get attached to you and love you unconditionally like you’re my first born child or smth. I will choose you over literally everything.

10. I will say and do the cheesiest shit to make you happy regardless of whether you’re in a bad mood or not.

Bonus: I’m very easily replaceable and you won’t dwell on me one bit. So you can fuck right out of my life according to your convenience and I actually won’t say anything.

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‘cause i’m dying to be, your everything, everything…

If there ever came a dark day
That crushed us out and took you away
I’d chase you to the end
I’d chase you to the end of the world

Waterparks - I’ll Always Be Around

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