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#10 short parts of Secrets

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The Walking Dead is almost heading to the middle of it’s season and we can that there are still a lot of things to happen! Well, I must say that that little brat “Sophie” is driving me crazy not appearing.. I mean, she is holding the guys…

Anyway, I belive that the next sunday’s episode called “Secrets” will really bring us some nice things!

Right below there are a few parts of what will happen in the next episode:

1. "I’d say she’s ready for the advanced class.“

2. The episode’s title is not a misnomer - secrets come spilling out by the bucketload!

3. "You shoot like a damn girl!”

4. The episode begins with an example of animal cruelty.

5. "You’re old - you know things.“

6. Following Glenn and Maggie’s steamy session, another couple get jiggy this week!

7. "Don’t give me that gangster shit.”

8. Hershel has a few interesting theories about the walkers…

9. "Is there anything else I should know about?“

10. Dale has a keen eye - he may know more than he’s letting on!

That’s it, hope you enjoy!!

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