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dykerightsmp3 · 2 months ago
thinking of my tumblr mutual who referred to war and peace as ‘wap’ today
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cumaeansibyl · 26 days ago
Any story which refers to Haiti as an impoverished nation, which is all of them, should also mention that when Haitians won their independence from France, French gunships showed up and demanded they pay something like 22 billion dollars in today's money to compensate France for the stolen land and enslaved people they could no longer exploit
It took Haiti over a hundred years to pay that ransom and it's difficult to explain just how badly that fucked up their entire development, especially since France also demanded a 50% discount on everything they bought from Haiti just to make it harder. Like! No wonder they're impoverished!
Anyway if France would like to assist Haiti in its current difficulties they could always pay back the fucking money they extorted
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spontaneousmusicalnumber · 3 months ago
A guest looking at the timber rattlesnake in the reptile exhibit: Do the snakes have names?
Me: (Launches into my speech about how No, they don't even though the nonvenomous snakes do, because they're wild animals and dangerous to handle. The reptile keeper is wary of over-familiarity becoming carelessness, so we don't give them names as a mark of respect and a reminder of caution.) You can call them anything you want though!
Guest: Oh... That makes sense. I was going to say this one's name should be Justin. You know, Justin Timbersnake?
Me: I am going into the reptile room this second and asking him to change the name policy
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cwmw · 28 days ago
directors putting mirror shots in things like oh the tumblr users are going to have a great time editing whore onto this
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baradragon · 29 days ago
so many people hate shinji cause he whines like a bitch but hes 14...... some of yall are pushing 30 and lash out when the military propaganda movie doesnt have enough gay baiting
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aardvaark · 17 days ago
im avoiding schoolwork! take my uquiz to see what pokemon type you are <3
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rythyme · a month ago
in retaliation j*red makes a sequel series set after dean's death about sam's epic love story with his faceless wife. it's genevieve with a bag over her head. the two shows air simultaneously to compete for viewership.
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celestialcastiel · 2 months ago
i’m learning very useful phrases thanks to duolingo 👀
Tumblr media
“Translate this sentence: You are rich because of my rent, sir.”
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dittydipity · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
character development
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technobladehd · 9 days ago
“ranboo do you like strippers?”
“yeah! i mean all it does it make the wood look different :)”
“it does …. it does. ..”
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planet-her · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TOP TEN TELEVISION SHOWS (as voted by my followers)
1. Derry Girls (2018- ) “It doesn't matter that you've got that stupid accent, or that your bits are different to my bits, because being a Derry Girl, well, it's a fucking state of mind.”
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wyvernscales · 9 days ago
Things in Dragon Age: Origins with the absolute worst vibes:
Writing Xs in goat’s blood on a bunch of doors in Denerim
Sprinkling ashes on the ground and summoning a demon who fell in love with a woman who later cut out a man’s throat for proposing to her because the demon got jealous
The terrified spirit of an elven child calling for its mother
Tossing corpses into the well beside the Chantry right next to Templars and Sisters
The corpse of King Caillan strung up naked by darkspawn at Ostagar
The camp in the Brecilian Forest that seems warm and inviting until you wake up and realize you slept in an ancient camp surrounded by the remains of victims to a sloth demon you had almost fallen prey to
The Mad Hermit????
That Irving trusted Uldred to weed out the blood mages by planting tomes in the library and waiting to see who picked them up, and Uldred only outed the weaklings to forward his rebellion
All of Haven really
Finding a torso, head, and limbs in bags scattered around the Deep Roads and using them to summon a pride demon
Sophia Dryden’s centuries’ old walking corpse
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