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nadja-dyke · a day ago
guillermo is a serial killer he has catholic guilt he has a piss kink he is fucking ripped he is hopelessly in love with a man he’s genetically dispositioned to kill he is a short king he is literally the only man ever
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brookheimer · a day ago
greg: um, your son is, like, relatively gnc now, actually? with the, uh, the uh.. buzz cut? yeah, he’s, um, pretty gnc, as of the present moment,
logan: what the fuck .
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lesbiantiana · 2 days ago
can we talk about how cute julieta is??
Tumblr media
look at those soft eyes 🥺
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cutyouofff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When the curtains close and all of the lights go down
Safe to say I’ll stay I will always stick around
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gothteddies · a day ago
not to talk about the same thing constantly but I really do think the cutest form of cnc is when you can pick someone up and force them to ride you, lifting them up and down on your cock with your arms as you lay back. Its utterly humiliating, you’re able to completely control them to the point that they’re fucking you in a position where they’re supposed to be the one doing all the work, forcing them into the same role as a partner trying to give you a memorable night, except they have no choice in it and couldn’t stop it no matter how much they squirm or fight.
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bts-hyperfixation · a day ago
Frisky Limo Ride
With not enough space in the limo, Y/N needs to sit on Namjoon's lap to make space
Prompt: you're in a big party limo with a lot of drunk friends, you're on namjoon's lap and things get really frisky ;) nobody knows because everyone's drunk out of their mind and you're both seated in a corner
“That party was awesome! Where are we going next?” Jungkook yells over the crowd as you head back out to the limo.
“There is an after-party at the Park SeoJoon’s place if you fancy that, he goes all out for the holidays” Taehyung suggests. There are nods throughout the group and you all clamber into the limo. Only this time you don’t seem to fit properly…
“Jimin who the fuck are they?” Yoongi asks gesturing to the two girls clinging to the dancer.
“My new… friends.” He smirks.
“We don’t really have enough room for guests Chim.” Hoseok tries to reason.
“Sure we do, Y/N can just sit on Joon’s lap. It’s not like she hasn’t been clinging to him all night anyway.” You roll your eyes at Jimin. Of course, you’ve clung to Namjoon he is 6 foot tall and easy to find in a crowd, and tonight has been non-stop crowds as you’ve hopped from Christmas party to Christmas party as the boys tried to make appearances with all of their friends.
Still, you clamber onto Namjoon’s lap so Jimin’s new dates can squeeze into the crowded vehicle. The rapper circles his arms around your waist and pulls you back into him.
“Safety first.” He whispers into your ear. You’re the disco lights have started so he can’t see the way you flush. His voice is so deep normally, even deeper with the alcohol that he’d drunk, it took all your focus not to shiver as his warm breath hit your neck.
“So how long have you guys been together?” One of the new girls asks.
“Oh no we aren’t toget…” You start but Namjoon squeezes you tight making you shut up.
“Just over a year.” He responds, shifting you onto one of his knees instead of both. This way he can flash you a big grin and a wink that suggests you just run with it. You shake your head, but he continues. “Yep, the best year of my life. I’m so deliriously in love with this girl. Isn’t she just gorgeous?”
He continues to ramble on about this fake relationship for a while. Your fake first date, fake first kiss, fake future plans. Even you start to believe him. You're completely wrapped up in the story of you and him. So wrapped up that you don’t feel his hands start to wander at first.
He starts slowly, one hand lies across your lap while the other draws circles on your back. You roll your shoulders into his touch. You guys are close, physical touch isn’t exactly uncommon. What you had failed to notice at this point is: you are his only audience for the little reality he has created. Jimin had reclaimed his date's attention as the other was now occupied with JK
He stares deep into your eyes keeping you entranced as the hand on your thigh switches from innocently holding you in place to stroking upwards to move your dress out of his way. It’s when his nails dig into the tops of your thighs that you finally snap out of it. You push his hand away and glance at the others around you. Thankfully no one is watching.
“What the hell Joon?” You hiss into his ear.
“I don’t know, you looked pretty into the idea a minute ago.” He leans into the side of your neck and kisses along your jawline. “Everything I just said we could have that you know?”
“How much did you drink?” You laugh nervously, but you don’t move away.
“Enough to make me confident, not enough that you need to worry this will go away.”
“Okay.” Although you aren’t overly sure what you’re agreeing to at this point in time. You just know that looking at Namjoon practically makes you ache for him on some days.
“Okay?” He raises an eyebrow, the hand on your thigh squeezing for confirmation. You nod and settle fully against the side of the limo and his chest wedging yourself in nicely. He drags his fingers slowly across your skin until they fall between your legs, you open them a little allowing him to trace a line along with your panties.
You glance around nervously. This is not where you saw your first time with Namjoon going. A crowded party limo filled with your closest friends and some strangers. But everyone is too drunk and loud to pay attention to what you’re doing. It’s exciting actually, any one of them could look over and bust you. Even if they don’t see where Joon’s hand is they will see how close you are and turn it into a joke for weeks to come.
“Pay attention to me Y/N,” Namjoon growls as he bites your earlobe. He lightly pinches your clit through the fabric of your panties, the rough lace brushing against your nerves. “Nobodies watching.” One finger dips under the elastic and runs along your folds gathering slick you hadn’t realised was already there. “I think you’d like it if they were anyway…”
His dimples are far too sweet for that sentence. He looks evil as he smirks. You’re so tempted to lean in and kiss him but the look in his eye tells you not to; just sit there like a good girl and take what you're given.
“How long have you been waiting for me to touch you like this angel?” A second finger slips underneath the fabric, and he circles your pussy briefly before landing on your clit. You clench around nothing as he rolls the sensitive bud gently. “I know I’ve been waiting forever. I wish I could get my tongue on you right now.”
He lifts his fingers away from you and licks them to prove his point. When he is sure all that’s left is his spit he drags them along his tongue and pushes them against your lips. You’re about to check no one is looking again when he snaps the band on your bra.
“I said pay attention.” You don’t argue, you just open your mouth and let him explore, he presses down on your tongue and you suck on the digits. “So warm.” He moans. “Can’t wait to see what you can do with this later.” You’re reluctant to let him take his hand back, suddenly feeling far too empty.
The empty feeling doesn’t last long when he taps on your thighs, daring you to spread them wider for him, giving him a much better angle to play with you. This time he pushes your panties fully out of the way and places his thumb against your clit as his pointer and ring finger enter you slowly. He rubs harshly with his thumb as he pumps slowly with his fingers trying to make it as unnoticeable as possible.
“You feel so good around my fingers angel, imagine how you’d feel around my dick.” He grinds up so you can feel him. His hard length presses against you making you moan. The two of you freeze but no one in the limo even bats an eyelid, too busy pouring a new bottle of champagne as Jin shows off his latest party trick excitedly.
The heat pools slowly into your stomach as his fingers scissor to hit all the best places and his thumb changes the pattern and plays faster. You tilt your head fully into his neck, biting at the exposed skin to help keep yourself as he brings you over the edge. He slows the motions down as you cum onto his hand, helping you to ride out the wave before removing his hand and replacing your underwear.
“We waited far too long to try that, I’m not sure I can wait any longer to try anything else.” His lips are so close to yours; you can’t help but lean in to catch them in yours. They are just as plush and pillowy as they look against yours. You are brought out of the kiss to wolf whistles and yells from the others around you.
“About fucking time.” One of them adds as you hide your face in Joon’s shoulder embarrassed, praying that the kiss was the only part of the show they saw.
Happy Hoe-lidays
Feel free to leave an ask with any wintery fluffly/smutty thoughts in my askbox!
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nadja-dyke · 2 days ago
someone make a greyscale emo edit of derek saying “i guess i just do fucked up shit now. i guess that’s just who i am” bc i think that would be really funny
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brookheimer · a day ago
Tumblr media
i feel ill
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lesbiantiana · 21 hours ago
tío felix invented love when he said “I'm sorry mi vida go on”
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teasingbrat · a day ago
Tumblr media
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self-loving-vampire · a month ago
They really should teach people how to cook in school.
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