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#100 days challenge

Day 5/100 days of productivity

It’s currently spring break and I have 2 weeks off of work due to the coronavirus. So i spent most of the day relaxing and trying not to push myself too hard. You know. Self care. I did make my bed, which is a habit I’m trying to form. I also read up on exercise physiology for fun and worked on a diamond painting. Recently I’ve found diamond paintings to be quite calming.

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2/100 Days of Productivity 🦉

Day 2 of trying to put my mouth where my money is ft. food, reading and my ambitious to do list.

Today (27th of March 2020), I:

  • Worked a little but on my internship tasks.
  • Read more of The Sword of Destiny.
  • Did my necessary grocery shopping.
  • Did more of the Japanese revision.

I’ll still do some drawing practice and watch a film while doing it to progress on both my practice and my endless to-be-watched list.

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100 days of productivity, day 15🕷

Today is Thursday, and I have a lot of plans! First of all, I have to complete all the tasks on my list. I need to do all the lessons (chemistry, literature, English and history), after which I’m going to watch a movie that was released recently. It is “Little women”, a review of which I will definitely post this evening. And after watching the movie, I will prepare for the computer science exam. Wish me luck! 😬

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Day 1 / 100

Wednesday 25.3

  • Did some schoolwork/homework (my schools closed but we don’t have any online classes/lessons we just get daily homework)
  • Read for like an hour or so

I haven’t managed to do that much today. This whole quarantine/isolating thing is really getting to me. I need a plan or just some sort of structure for the next weeks (definitely gonna set up a schedule for myself this evening).

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Day 41/100

100 Days of Productivity Challenge


Listening to podcasts and eating homemade scones today.

I am determined to get shit done!

Last night, me and the boyfriend made a ‘quarantine resolution’ to read every night together on FaceTime since we can’t see each other. I was honestly really afraid for all of my relationships, how they would be affected overall by the quarantine orders… but i know it will be okay.


Originally posted by tenaciousroberto

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Day 40/100 - Monday Refelction -

100 Days of Productivity Challenge - entries by @sagegreengloss


Wowowow have i been procrastinating on these entries… a lot has happened!

With covid-19 my school has been shut down until April 28th for now. I joined a studyblr group chat which has been amazing for motivation! But I still am constantly fighting with myself to get shit done…

Today’s successes include: baking scones and cookies, moving around my room and having an overall chill day despite the anxiety looming over the house.

I hope you all are having very chill social distancing days.



Originally posted by sailormoonreblogs

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6/100 non-consecutive days of productivity

Yay I have two consecutive days!

Today continued working on statistical methods and finished all the lectures up to today. I’m going to continue on Wednesday with the problems.

That feeling that I had yesterday about understanding statistics?

Yeah, forget about it.

🎶 - “US Bombs” - Psychoterror

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22 Mar // 11/100 days of productivity

Tired. This week is full of deadlines. But the going gets easier when once you start!

Tea: I actually haven’t been drinking much tea lately (contrary to my name). Finished a litre of Pepsi over the week because I needed the sugar rush. Too much caffeine makes me jittery.

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22.03.2020 [day 31/100]

My uni has decided it is not stopping the exams so guess who still has 9 assignments and 3 exams to go.

Really stressed rn.

Tried doing some thematic analysis but the way my mental and physical health are going can’t do much.

Will speak to a mentor and see if I can get better.

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21.03.2020 [day 30/100]

Just now getting notes done at 11pm because today has been wild.

Learnt to do my own injection this morning

Then slept due to being ill

Been so weak and neausous I’m unable to eat

But I have managed to get some notes done so at least being stuck in bed has been productive.

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100 days of productivity ➭ 5/100

friday, march 20, 2020, 7:47pm

i spent the last few days cleaning, got my chem quizzes done and a few discussion posts as well. i have school off for another week which is quite odd, and when we got back it’s gonna be online. i’m trying to spend a lot less time watching the news since it stresses me out so much.

on a fun note, i went to an empty park late in the evening to take a walk and started northanger abbey by jane austen!!

i hope everyone reading this is taking care of themselves xx

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21/100 Days of Productivity

Today I studied History and got my classrooms all set up for my other classes. School starts up again on Monday, and I’m trying my best to be prepared. I’m working on French on Duolingo, but my pronunciation is garbage parce que j'ai seulemente le lu (is that right? we’ll see), so it’s challenging. I found these stairs on my walk today. I want to head back here to take more pictures. It’s so inspiring.

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20.03.2020 [day 29/100]

I know I didn’t post yesterday but that’s because I had training and then was taken to hospital please forgive me.

Nothing too serious we now know what’s wrong with me (yay).

Today I had mentoring and massively edited my essay, rewriting a third of it. Not going to lie it was stressful but I did it and I am very pleased with myself.

Tomorrow I will focus on one of my lab reports

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20.03.2020 II 11:20 p.m. II India


So… I didn’t do any studying today. Reason- PMS: body ache, bad tummy, headache.

But I did:

• Read 50 pages of LoTR

• Finished Harrow Lake, by Kat Ellis (it scared the shit out of me. horror fans, this one is for you)

• Attended one lecture out of two.

• Did a little (v v little) reading for said lecture

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