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#100 days challenge

So I have a pattern now, I post every 3-4 days (because I’m trying to get off my phone for at least 80% of the day) and I think that’s working well for me.

These past days have been okay, I guess? Like I couldn’t study much but in my defence, work was pretty crazy so, that explains. I caught up with like one third of my online classes for one subject but then I thought I could save those for later and start with the one that demand less time and efforts since work has been and will be quite busy over this month and the next month and a hard subject is probably not the best motivation.

Also, we celebrated Friendships Day here, so I thought I would take this time to thank and wish all of you that have been the most amazing bunch of people I have had the honour to know, a very happy friendships day!

Especially to:

1. @randomsworld​ for being the first friend I had on here, and for still being only a text away. I know we are gonna ace this 100 DOP journey gurl! Thanks for supporting me every time I needed someone and for keeping me accountable. You’re a gem, Dee!

2. @hideerie for being an amazing friend and an even amazing teacher! I’m so glad to have found a friend and a teacher like you, who is always ready to talk all-things that I fangirl over! Extremely grateful to you for teaching me Italian, can never express it words. I really do owe you! Will forever be thankful to tumblr for it. 

3. @appreciating-apricity for quite literally being my journal. Thank you for always being so patient with me, even when I vent unnecessary stuff or don’t get back to you for days. I absolutely love and appreciate the bond that we have come to develop in the little time that we have known each other and I really hope we can still be each other’s rock throughout the journey.

4. @philosophynerdforlife for being a wonderful friend, and for making me feel welcome on this community when I first joined. Thanks for just being here when I need to someone to talk to, really appreciate it!

5. @studyally for offering the best advice, on every subject, every single time. Be it on continuing on this journey, or just general productivity advice, you always have the best advice! (I’m going to keep coming back for more advice, haha)

And to every single one of who I have had an interaction with. You studyblr lot are the most amazing people I have ever seen on an online community, with zero hate and such a welcoming attitude towards all the newbies. Love that so much about our community, extremely proud to be a part of it! Happy friendships day guys! <3

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🏛15/100 days of productivity🏛

I’ve got a shift at work today which means i probably won’t have the energy to any of my projects. Buttt that’s okay because i’m still technically being productive.

My plan is to get through three more chapters of The Picture of Dorian Gray today. I’m currently midway through chapter five :) And I am also looking into creating a study blog for when I return to (sixth form) college in september, i’ll probably create it today and then start posting when I go back.

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Day 5 out of 100 days of productivity / yay!!!

Today wasn’t that productive, but I feel good with how it went. 😬

One of the things I missed when I set this challenge for myself was to set also some goals… But it is never late, so here they are (I’ll say the “problem” I have n then where I want to get aka. My goal):

  1. I spend like way to much time scrolling on social media. I want to reduce this amount of time, reach a decent number of hours a day, a maximum of 2… (maybe less?).
  2. By reaching goal 1, I will be able to be more organized. I want to be able to plan my day or week and get that f*cking stuff done! You know, fulfill all tasks according to specific schedules (time has always been difficult to manage for me).
  3. I’ve been working on mantaining clean and organized my spaces. I want to keep up with it.
  4. To mantain this “clean order” in my spaces, I need to kind of build new furniture to storage some stuff. I think in this point I could add that I want to create or set a personal space to work on my projects (clothes, jewelry, shoes or furniture).
  5. I want to work on my projects. I need to! I’m a designer and I need to create, I’m stucked rn but I’ll get it!!
  6. Finally, this is a combo I think. I want to get any workout challenge done! N with it, taking care of my nutrition too. I’m gonna get it n grow this butt!

Hellyeah! This are my main goals to get in the short term. By getting them, I’m gonna get greater stuff. These last five days I don’t care if what I do in a day is almost nothing, as long as I fulfill at least one task. Sometimes getting out of bed and getting a shower is a big task. So feel proud of yourself when you are finally out of bed, you are gonna get it, too!!

Today I did that, I got out of bed, showered and talked bout business with a possible future client (this is mooore than I could do weeks ago), also I try to finish one of the projects I left incomplete months ago and started to repair my old beloved stuffed cow (well, I just chose the fabrics to do it, but it was a hard task to dig in that big pile of bags with fabrics inside).

Oh, and I forgot the biggest goal of all. I want to recover a decent sleeping hours.

I am leaving more beautiful music for your ears. Something I’m listening while journaling rn.

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25 | 100 Days Of D.A.

It’s a rewarding feeling, when you hit a milestone - no matter how small it may be! To celebrate, here’s a look at my cover page for my 2020-21 BuJo, since that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

I can’t be BRITbrainspill without tea, and I thought the bold, black steam was a nice little nod to my D.A. project, which will hopefully keep going even after the allotted 100 Days.


… I’m actually not at home, right now, which is why I have my travel pencil case/tin, and a slightly nicer looking desk!

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I went to the park to read today! It’s was so beautiful but I unfortunately was right next to a construction site that got a bit noisy later in the day! I definitely recommend going to your local park to read, it was so calm.

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Day 1 to 4 of 100 days of productivity

Yes, day 1 to day 4. As you may know by the post of “updates” I really struggled with motivation (and organization too). But here we go!

Day 1

  • I didnt journal but I was kinda productive…
  • I cleaned part of my bedroom (yay!) it was all dusty n now it’s all shinny.
  • I went for a 45min walk and registered my steps n burned calories in my phone (I’m gonna keep track of them during next months).
  • I bought flowers to put on Franci’s tomb.
  • Also I did my house chores…

Day 2

  • More house chores.
  • Some clothes folding and keeping them in place.
  • I had talks with friends.
  • In general I had a bad day, or a bad mood during the day (not sure if it was day 2 or 3)

Day 3

  • I am sure I had like a bad mood but anyways I did house chores.
  • Had a nap cuz I had headache in the evening.
  • More clothes folding…

Day 4

  • Today I talked to a few friends promoting food that another friend is selling. So even though I spent a lot on the phone it was like an act of friendship (?)
  • I talked to other girls bout changing their hair, and possibly I will help em n earn some money from it.
  • Again, more clothes folding, lol.
  • Besides I finally journaled!!!!! Yay!!! (this really concerned me).
  • Also I felt kinda good today, like with good energy n.n
  • I recieved some resistance bands i ordered and this makes me feel more commited to workout consistently. I"ll let you know my progress over the next days…

And that was pretty much it. So once again, I will leave you some music that cheered me up in the morning :)

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Day 8 of 100 Days of Productivity

13 August 2020, Friday

I am exhausted! Today was a tiring day.


Today I…

  • Finished my Chemistry Assignment
  • Revised Basic Proportionality Theorem
  • Did two MCQ worksheets for Triangles
  • Did a LOT of work on my travelogue

Total time spent studying/working: 4 hours

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🏛13/100 days of productivity🏛

Yes, i have missed a few days. The weather has been very hot and honestly who wants to do work while it’s uncomfortably hot? But i’m back on track now!

  • I’m continuing with all my summer projects, mainly focusing on geography because it’s the one I want to do least!
  • Hopefully it won’t take too long, there’s just a lot of research that goes into it.
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So… A lot of days ago (weeks actually) I started one of the Chloe Ting’s challenges and guess what? Nope, I didnt make it… Stuff happened (a member of my mom’s side family had an accident and we had to take care of her for some days, which tbh have been the most hard n stressing days I’ve ever had, also at the time my pet bunny was pretty ill during those days…) it was hard, and I didnt have enough strenght (neither emotionally nor physically) to accomplish it.

One or two weeks after those stressing days I had, finally my bunny seemed like he was getting better (his name was Francisco aka. Franci, btw) and I really felt happy, but one day after he even made some binkies, at night he passed away (I dont like saying “died” cuz it gives me a bad emotion/feeling, call me crazy if you want). And it was so terrible, the saddest situation I can remember in my whole life. I lost sleep, apetite, strenght, joy, I felt like I lost almost everything… Fortunately, days have gone by and I feel better, I still miss him immensely but I have recovered some strenght (mostly emotionally) so I felt in the mood to start a new excercise challenge, and this time guess what? Yep, again I didnt accomplish it. I lasted like 3 days, just like the previous time.

The thing is I’m fed up with my lack of commitment with stuff like this. And you know that sometimes life/god/destiny/universe puts stuff in your way, so that it helps you do something or learn something… Thats when I found the 100 days of productivity challenge through @rainbowsnsunnies’ blog, and I dont know how to journal but I’m gonna try my best, I mean *do* my best, not only try. Like tomorrow is supposed to be the third day and I hadn’t written bout it because I dont know why, but it’s never late to start, you know?

So from this moment on (like Ella Fitzgerald’s tune <3) I’ll do the journal of 100 days of productivity so I can see how much I can reach and grow and keep pushing myself to get goals done. Thats the important part, set and accomplish goals, it doesnt matter if they are little ones, but get em!

Finally, I leave you that beutiful tune by Ella Fitzgerald. It makes me feel love, joy and motivation. I hope that I can help someone on this journey just as one of this posts helped me.

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