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#100 days of productivity

100 Days of Productivity 006/100… September 26, 2020

Today for School I:

  • Did nothing because today was my mental health day

Things I Need To Get Done:

  • Take quiz 2 for Science, Society, & Environment II
  • Finish the study guide for Ways of Knowing
  • Study for my first exam in Ways of Knowing
  • Study for my first exam in Modern World History
  • Study for Midterm in U.S. History

Media of the Day: Nonfiction Podcast (History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps by Peter Adamson / 4 Episodes)

I really did nothing worth noting today. I played Sims 4, which I haven’t done in a while. It was truly a relaxing day. I did get to see my score for my econ midterm though - I GOT A 94% AND I ONLY MISSED 2 QUESTIONS (I am very proud of this)! And my U.S. History teacher posted the grades for the Abigail Adams quiz and I got a 100%, which I am also very proud of.

Song of the Day: “my tears ricochet” by Taylor Swift

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| 9月27日 | 28/100 Days of Productivity | 🥮

今天我取回了月饼 — 它们很可爱,我高兴极了。除了对着月饼流口水以外,我做完了我的语法作业。太难了 (´-ω-`( _ _ )

Today I went to collect the moon cakes I ordered for Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节. I was going to try one - but look! They’re too cute to open (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) I’ll show you a proper picture on the 1st! Today I did grammar work for tomorrow. It’s really difficult, I bet I only have 1/10 totally correct, but if I do have one correct, I will be so happy! Small victories are still victories 🤎

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5&6/100 Days of Productivity

Didn’t do much in terms of studying, I’m just barely keeping up with Duolingo. But I’m sure I can make some extra room for language learning at the beginning of the week.

  • Packed ~ 15 boxes for the move. 📦
  • Dismantled most of my furniture. 🛋️
  • Meditated. 🧘 I really should meditate more regularly. Not just when I’m extremely stressed out.
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26.09.2020 | 5/100 days of productivity ✨

Yesterday was an awful day mentally for me and I spent most of it in bed. Today was a lot better and I tried my best to be productive. I spent my morning at a cafe as usual and went ice skating with a friend in the afternoon - practising my three point turns and backwards crossovers for anyone who skates!

  • Figure skating practise
  • Finished taking notes on L9 & L10
  • Read for a bit before bed
  • Listened to audiobook
  • Tidied room a lil’

Kept it kinda chill after skating cos I had a horrible tummy ache. Took a long hot shower, put on a face mask, journaled a little bit and listened to calming french music in bed.


Originally posted by sweet-cider

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Today was a bad day. I starting wasting time from around 11, in the midst of a math paper. I watched my daily allowance of a single episode of my show and I should have gone back to work but nooooo I made a terrie mistake and went to youtube. Then in the afternoon I continued with that stunt there and read fics then youtubed again all until right before bed. Overall I have been a terrible disappointment and I’m disturbed by the fact that even while being aware of the bad decisions I was making I still continued. That’s going to be a problem because really I have no time. This is the last week I have and I’m still wasting time like I have time to spare.

I still have many things not done like how I haven’t sat through a single math paper, or revised the recent topics for physics and chem and bio, topics which I don’t know at all, or how I haven’t touched the other subjects that aren’t so studyable (and I do need to study for them its just harder?? i guess). I really need to buck up and do so much better because I WILL regret if I don’t and will most certainly hate myself a lot more than I do at the present moment. I must be productive tomorrow and the days to come and I really hope that I will have the strength to do so. Stay productive folks, I hope no one is in a position like mine.

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27-09-2020 | 3/100 days of productivity

Happy Sunday!! 🪐

Woah today was a big day.

Didn’t get a lot of study done today because of work. But I felt very productive at work, and getting groceries and everything sorted for my 8 week challenge that starts tomorrow! I’m both scared and very excited to see what changes I can make to not only my body but also to everyday habits! Obviously I kept safe whaler shopping and wore my mask even though things are very okay where I live. But I did end up doing my microbiology quiz for the week and absolutely smashed it!

What did you get up to today? Let me know 😊

Love and elbow touches,

Emily x

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20/100 days of productivity:

Sunday 27th September, 2020

hello!! we are officially 1/5th of the way through the challenge!! that is amazing :) today, I had a showcase from a tech competition I participated in, and we came 1st in our state!! I also continued reading this book, which is the sequel to Alex’s Adventures in Numberland. I really like it, it’s really good :)🌱

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Forgot to do a post for each day with pictures cause woowww it was a busy few days 

6/100 - Sept 24 2020: attended lectures, went through witchcraft blog for class, looked at potential sources for ww1 paper. 

7/100 - Sept 25 2020: sent in my paper proposal to prof, did advanced abnormal psych quiz

8/100 - Sept 26 2020: worked, got feedback for my paper ( probably going to dig deep for a more specific topic. i am not a history major this is hard to do. probably gonna have to devote some more time to this), made this blog post. 

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Day 17-18/100 of productivity: 25/09/20-26/09/20

I’ve been swamped with school work the past few days and unfortunately fell asleep last night before I could do my productivity post so you get 2 in 1 today 😂


  • Bio lecture
  • Anatomy quiz
  • Nap
  • Babysat my cousin
  • Studied for biology quiz
  • Made a bunch of flash cards for biology
  • Worked on my annotated bibliography


  • Went grocery shopping
  • Printed off, read, and highlighted research articles
  • Started my reference list for my thesis essay
  • Read a huge chunk of my APA manual for info lit (the most boring book 😭)
  • Did a quiz for info lit

Question of the day

what’s your favourite type of pet?

I’m a cat person but I absolutely adore corgis and I would die for one 🥺

Song of the day: bad 4 us by superfruit

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9.26.20 - 27/100 days of productivity

i had a breakthrough about why i hate what i’ve been writing in my personal statement, so i’m excited now about how to fix this. sent an update email to grant advisor. still not looking forward to the inevitable arguments this is going to lead to but. fuck. it. it’s my application, i make the final decisions.

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9.26.20 | day 27/100 of productivity | this is a very random set of photos yes but it’s a reflection of my life rn lol. ok first, we bought a cake for my brother’s birthday. second, my to do list is probably longer than it looks there. third, i went to campus today for a piano lesson and i decided to stop at our museum (i parked under it actually) to take a photo of the sculpture in front.

accomplishments today:

  • had my piano lessons
  • bought kimbap for lunch at h mart!
  • started spirited away (i am working my way through all the studio ghibli movies)
  • studied a bit for molecular bio- like finished a set of lecture notes
  • really worked on my bujo and set up my october monthly spreads
  • exercised to round out the day
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