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#100 days of productivity

2/100 Productivity


Today I had my first THREE HOUR drama workshop. It was better than I thought it was going to be. Ringfit adventure also arrived so I can have a more solid plan for getting fitter from now on. I also finalised a surgeon I wanted for top surgery, which was scary but also freeing. My friends tried to include me on a zoom call but my hearing isn’t good I could only hear about half of what was being said.

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100 days of productivity

Day : 21 & 22/100


Song of the day(s) : glory & gore by Lorde

So these couple of days were kinda same. Did accountancy, latin economics, studied with a friend & missed gym. World feels a little colder lately

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Days of Productivity • 021/???

Thursday, 21/01/2021

i recovered some of my energy today.

i worked on a proposal for a client and took the opportunity to update my price list for services as a designer.

i started my review and preparation for the next month and organized a list of the next books i intend to read.

i wrote in my grimoire some ideas of devotion to Aphrodite that i like to do or that i would like to try.

in the night i did a great cleaning in the house, Saturday we will receive some visits. it was not as clean as i wanted but okay.

i read a lot and trained drawing too.

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100 days of productivity

22/100 (22•01•21)

• Japanese review + Japanese geopolitics class! Now, I’m going to read The Secret History 👀

• Revisão de japonês + aula de geopolítica japonesa! Agora vou ler A História Secreta 👀

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Jan. 22nd, 2021

100 Days of Productivity Challenge Day 32/100

Good morning! I don’t really have much to say today. I woke up really late and woke up exhausted. I managed to get half of my Friday cleaning done but was too tired to do the rest. I solved an assignment too but that’s about it.

I took a hot bath in the evening which made me feel a lot better but I was still pretty tired. I’m gonna try and hit the gym tomorrow since it makes me feel better and I’ll finish my cleaning and uni assignments.

Today’s goal was to do what I could and try to rest if it’s too much.

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100 Days of Productivity Challenge-

Day 0: 22 Jan 2021 10:13 pm

Hello, Tumblr and y'all beautiful ppl reading this!!!

This is my first post ever🙂

I’ve started this blog for accountability reasons.

Lately, I’ve been very inconsistent in studies because of my procrastinating vice and therefore dealing with anxiety.

Not been able to set up a daily goal and not been able to complete it when planned has left me with a pile of work which stresses the hell out of me. And I so wanna change it and I hope I’d be able to change it eventually as I take the first step by taking this challenge.

I wanted to try and do the 100 Days Of Productivity Challenge to better my habits academically and in my personal life. My main goals for this challenge is to study at least 12 hours every day and syncopate myself with the schedule I’ve made and overall just find a study plan that works best for me. So I may periodically switch up methods. During this challenge, I would also like to log on to this account every day and update what I got done and briefly write about how everything went. I want to learn how to properly study for different subjects and get my work done on time with little to no procrastination (because I’ve been preparing for my pre-med exam and it is my drop year, Pray for me. WHEW!) I am still not exactly sure how I’m going to format this blog or my day to day routine so I guess that will be my next task to figure out. Join me on a 100-day journey to learn being consistent and better myself!

My ultimate goal for this challenge is to cover the backlog with on-going syllabus simultaneously and inculcate patience, consistency, punctuality and discipline in my skillset.

If you’ve read it this far, thnx! Feel free to reblog, and consider following, and send me a message if you’d like to be friends.

Love to you all x

Have a good day.

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Day 115/100 days of productivity - 21.1.2021

  • Drops Portuguese
  • Duolingo Italian
  • 3.5 hours online class
  • 1.5 hours tutoring
  • Wrote another chapter of my Communication seminar paper
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Day 2 of 100 DOP 📖

It was a not so productive day today. But nevertheless did get some of the work done and hopefully will finish it tomorrow.

List of things to get done tomorrow

  • Complete ADAPT case study
  • Literature survey
  • Edit the ppt for major project
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22/01/2021 day 14/100 :

my orthoptist appointment got cancelled so my goals for today is :

- call to get another one ✔️

- go to the pharmacy ✔️

- cook something for my family ✔️

- do my probability exercises for monday (i started it and then sat down and are an entire bag of pistachio and my mum was like “oh si on mange des pistaches autant prendre l'apéro” and now I’m drunk so goodbye probabilities i loved you)

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11/100 days of productivity

I had classes in the morning and then made frosting for a cake I had already made. I also took out the compost, cleaned the catboxes, gave my cat his medicine, and loaded the dishwasher.

Most of the rest of my day was spent just hanging out with my brother and then talking with my friends. I had a quick speech and debate meeting where I checked in on what I need to change for my radio.

After that my friends and I watched the rest of our show and then talked for a bit.

I ended my night working on a survey that I finished most of and am looking forward to finishing it up and hearing some responses.

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21 Января 2021

Четверг, день 21

○ Перевела деньги на карту

○ Работа 4,5 часа

○ Поздравила брата с днём рождения

○ Написала в страховую

○ Полтора поста

○ Приготовила завтрак и мясо на обед

○ Посмотрели Касла

○ Чтение

○ Написала терапевту

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210122// 14/100 days of productivity

didn’t feel the best today, but at least i still managed to get some things done :)


  • studied korean
  • revised and added some things to the plan of a chapter i’ll be writing tomorrow
  • drops & duolingo
  • sent out the homework exercises for my students
  • wrote another 1000 words in footnotes (haha oops)
  • planned my final presentation i’m having next week and drafted the powerpoint i want to prepare
  • read and annotated another journal article

22nd January - Ice skate or rollerblade?

i suck at both, but i believe ice skating is more fun (even if you’re bad at it!) :))!

today’s focus: 6h 30min

listening to: taeyeon, wildfire

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22/1/2021 | 20/103 Days of Productivity | Winter Studying Challenge

Last semester of my undergraduate degree and a clear path for my master’s degree, one final push.

22nd Jan: Ice skating or rollerblading?

I love love love ice skating, it is such a shame that I haven’t been able to skate lately

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This How I Feel ATM

DOP 9/100 210121

Today was just a stressful day with Business and ICT studies. Having a headache right now.

And then I didn’t even post it 😂

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PPT for E.A

History Homework

Chemistry 7A; Hydrogen Chloride


○ Physics Worksheet 

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Just can’t wait my Pro to arrive!

DOP 10/100 220121

Took the trash out

Business studies

Lean Basics




Ms Visio

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19/100 days of productivity

Today I :

  • Finished reading and annotating the historical article I started to work on yesterday.
  • Journaled.
  • Continued my re-reading of The Humans by Matt Haig.
  • Attended my online modern hisotry seminar (today was the last lesson before our final presentations).
  • Listened to the new episode of The Magnus Archives.

Winter study challenge day 53 // 22nd January Ice skate or rollerblade?

I am not joking when I say that I haven’t been ice skating in probably ten years, but I remember that the few times I went it was incredibly fun. I have wholesome memories about that.

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Translating the first Harry Potter book (I don’t condone the author, I bought it second hand so she doesn’t profit from this) and gosh, there are an awful lot of words I don’t know. I have the English text, a French dictionary and a French to English translator. I’ve got through one paragraph fully and sort of understand the rest of the page.

It’s been half an hour.

This may take some time.

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