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#100 days of productivity

03.06.20  Day 1/100 

Today was pretty productive! Lesson wise, I had an online language lesson and a tutorial for my essay. I got my essay from this week back and the comments were pretty good :) I went for a walk and translated some of Homer’s Iliad for my reading class. I also started to listen to a podcast about Britain’s racial politics to start to educate myself about racism in the country I live in, instead of focussing on America as I normally do - I would highly recommend it if people want to give it a listen!

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(005/100 days of productivity)

i’ve had a really productive day today! just sat down and got all of my set work done, all i’ve got left is an essay on consent for law. feeling really good about myself and excited to get started on some of the more revision based tasks i want to start

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  1. One chapter and two lectures of physics.
  2. Day of cooking yolk buns.

3. Dalgona coddee for next morning.

4. Practicing problems on electric field and force.

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27/100 days of productivity.

Today started mind blowingly well with amazing food and ice cream.

Then I sat and collated and completed all the deliverables first my NGO intern. It’s over. Done and dusted.

Onward to new horizons.

I then felt way to exhausted, but got myself to complete watching the GRE Issue and argument essays’ organisation and took decent notes.


The lighting is bad, I know. But wanted to go to sleep on time so I was in a rush.

Have a good day/night gentlepeople!

Today’s song of the day: Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. Heard it today after a long time.

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Feeling like your life is empty……

Tired of being unproductive……

Tired of doing nothing……

Tired of this endless procrastination……

Tired of those people trying to belittle your ambitions and disturb your peace of mind…….

If you are experiencing this condition right now, my deepest sympathy goes to you….

Honey!! you’re not alone…..

These days are not going to stay forever…

Time will reveal a brighter future and vision towards yourself…..

And it will be very wise of you if you choose to create a day worth living…..don’t let others ruin your day……

“Be an encourager, the world has plenty of critics already”

Do something for you and for others…

Try something new….

Study, learn a new language, improve your english, eat healthy, exercise, improve your social skills, read, take care of yourself, help others and be kind please especially kindness towards others….. Be the oil that eases friction, the music that brings harmony to desperate souls….

Set up goals, change your bad habits, push yourself to the best…no one is going to do that for you…. This is your life, your journey….

Believe in your dreams….your dream is the comfort when you occasionally falter…..the compass that guides you when you feel astray…..the inviolable bastion against social woes…. It’s the anchor that holds you through life’s storms……

Please, wake up……

Never grudge yourself a helping hand….

Be a better version of yourself….

Let your acts speak about you……

In short, we have to stop this procrastination and actually be productive…. For our mental health and to feel better ….

So I’m restarting a productivity challenge and I will be posting the achievements of each day here on tumblr….

It’s your turn now to restart……

Good luck for everyone of you😊


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Palmela says hi!

Org chem and physics practice for test tmrw!

I had a busy day! Friends and I had our weekly “check-up call” today! I miss seeing them everyday :(

How’re you guys keeping in touch with friends/family/SOs?

Stay safe xx

PS. thank you guys SO MUCH for 325 followers! I love you! ❤️ Thank you for the constant support, it truly keeps me going! ❤️ This community is wonderful and welcoming and SO SO supportive, I’m so glad to be a part of it!


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23 / 100

have not been studying as much as I wish I were. I’ve been putting off studying by doing other stuff that I need to do, like buying birthday gifts, going to the bank, and going to the doctor. so I guess I’m technically being productive but I feel disappointed in myself. tomorrow my plan is to sit my butt down at a cafe and bang out all of the work I’ve been putting off.

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Now that I’m basically out of a job, I have all the more time to focus on university :)



Affirmation of the day:


Song of the day: Michael Romeo - Djinn

Plans for the day:

# Finish reading tHe BoOk (read 26 more pages so far and took lots of notes)

# check dates and procedures for the final exam check

# do some important paper work check

# finish some french notes check

# prepare for class tomorrow

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100 days of productivity: 1/100

Made a lilac French 75! 2oz Ldn dry gin, 1oz lemon, ½ oz simple syrup; shake iced, serve clean and top with champagne (home brewed lilac champagne in this case).

I also made a blog post, finished my portfolio essay and started to read some more BLM articles. There is no such thing as too much education when it comes to discrimination.

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100 days of productivity. 6/100 days

Today wasn’t very productive if I’m being honest. I didn’t have work so I went book shopping instead and bought a bunch of classics and some special edition box sets. I also read nearly a 100 pages yesterday which is a lot for me because I’m a slow reader.

(Also yes, I am rereading the hunger games because the fourth book came out)

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Day 3/100

• Studied accusative pronouns in german and practiced places and stuff (you just add stuff after your verb!


1. Airplane = flugzeug (flight stuff)

2. Vehicle = fahrzeug (drive stuff)

How easy!

• Read a short story in german

My plants are very happy because of rain :)

Also a cyclone will pass by our city tonight!

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