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#100 days of self discipline

20.03.2020 II 11:20 p.m. II India


So… I didn’t do any studying today. Reason- PMS: body ache, bad tummy, headache.

But I did:

• Read 50 pages of LoTR

• Finished Harrow Lake, by Kat Ellis (it scared the shit out of me. horror fans, this one is for you)

• Attended one lecture out of two.

• Did a little (v v little) reading for said lecture

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19.03.2020 II 9:25 p.m. II India


What I did today:

• Finished “The Threads of Magic” (at like 3 a.m. but it’s today so 🤷‍♀️)

•Finished 50 pages of LOTR: FotR

•Read one page of Persuasion

•Wrote notes for poetry class

•Finished one act of Hamlet

•Completed a lecture on Coursera

•Took a 2 minute walk!!!

Looking back, the list seems long. But reading the novels is a break for me in between studying. And Hamlet is fun to read, kinda, so it didn’t seem to bad. I’m not planning on doing anything else today because I have a headache so good night!

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i started waking up at 5am and let me tell you it’s changing my damn life! i have the time to prepare a hot coffee and drink it slowly while reading a book, then i go to the gym, shower and pamper myself, and then it’s only 8am! i still have the whole day ahead and i’m perfectly ready for it :)

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okay so my 100 days of productivity is going to be over because i have no consistency and i’m unable to post every single day, however, since my country finally (ironic right?) got on lock-down, so, even if i’m not quarantined, i’m self isolated because i really don’t wanna go ourside

SO i want to make this a PRODUCTIVE lock-down (however you spell it, idek) but i’m going to 

  • keep working out!! been working out for a week so i hope to keep on track
  • focus on french (really necessary i don’t know why i keep procrastinating on this)
  • WRITE!!!!! i really want to start writing again and i have 2 really cool projects in mind that i never had time for BUT NOW I DO

so yeah, these are my goals, along with reading and studying and such but yeah

also i hope everyone is safe and is being cautios, please be careful and take care of everyone around u !!!

lots of love xx

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okay so my life has been a fucking mess for the past week so i haven’t been able to update on my 100 days of productivity, even though i’ve been productive

my country has been hit by the corona virus and the hysteria is growing more and more each day and this is literally a mess

but anyways!! i managed to finish 2 books in a week so super proud of me, since it was one of my goals for this year. i’ve read the piture of dorian gray (absolutely LOVED IT!!!! so beautifully written i couldn’t get enough) and the first book of a series of unfortunate eventswhich i wanted to read since a loooong while ago

i also haven’t been going to the library (as i said, lots of hysteria) but i went two days ago to get and picked up 100 años de soledad (don’t know how to translate it, sorry) so i’ll see how it goes when i start it!

at least i’ve been able to keep on track with uni and i’ve already sent in some of the work i had to do for this week. the only thing i have left is an exposition for spanish tomorrow so hope it all goes nicely :)

that’s all i have for today, as i said my surroundings have been a disaster this last week so let’s hope all calms down in a few days

thanks to everyone who read this, much love xx

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🗒️🌿 : 18/100 days of productivity


-today was meh, really tried to get myself to do more things but i just don’t have the mental clarity for it and i’m stressed about the 12hr shift i have to endure tomorrow. life is a bit much but have my spread for an ig collab.

(ig: voices.mp3)

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🗒️🌿 : 17/100 days of productivity


-to be 100% honest (because i need to get this off my chest) these past few days i’ve had a lot of negative things on my mind. i think i’m experiencing the low after over exposing my brain to visually exhausting things (spending too much time on pinterest is entirely to blame). the goal of this challenge is to list all the productive things you did but i feel like i’ve been more focused on the pictures i take than making any real daily progress.

-so i’ve decided to start a new challenge alongside this one because ‘productivity’ isn’t specific enough. i can’t say i’ve been productive unless i’ve studied korean for two hours that day. this will hopefully be a useful restriction as my exam is in about a month :)

(i accidentally saved this in my drafts yesterday instead of queuing it)

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welp it’s second day and i almost forgot to post!! that’s a nice start isn’t it

anyways today i woke up earlier!! i’m so proud of myself because i’ve been kind of procrastinating lately. also i went to my english class which i had been skipping because my teacher is a mess so i rather stay home and watch something in english than listen to her talking for two hours

after i got home i did lots of work tbh. i did almost all the translation i had to do for my translation techniques class and i also finished my linguistics transcription!!! it was so hard but damn it felt good when i ended it

then i went to the center of the city with my friends so i basically just spent the rest of my day there, but now that i’ve come back to my room i’ve managed to work out and still read a bit!! i’m about to end the picture of dorian gray and i’m super excited to know how it goes

++ my phone is broken so starting tomorrow i’ll be able to take pics to document my journey, i know this plain blogs are probably more boring but let’s hope i can do it more interesting once i have a new phone!

good luck to everyone, hope you have (or had) an amazing day!! xx

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🗒️🌿 : 15/100 days of productivity


-literally five minutes away from 12am but i completely forgot to post today. had a great breakfast outing with one of my friends, then met up with my best friend. overall chill day as it’s a national holiday + these are small spoilers for tomorrow’s post over on my ig (voices.mp3).

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going to be doing the 100 days of productivity!! i’ve been so inspired by other blogs that i have decided to start the challenge in order to motivate myself a little bit more since i’ve been needing that extra boost lately 

i’m going to count today as day 1/100 since i went to the library both in the morning and afternoon so i’m pretty proud of that!! i’m also reading a bit more than i was before and that to me is a really important goal this year

the next step i wanna take is to start getting up earlier. i used to be really productive in the morning but now i just sleep as much as i can and end up procrastinating most of the days

i’m also going to try working out more often, since it makes me feel better and obviously it’s good for your health so there we go

let’s try being the best version of ourselves for 100 days!!

good luck to everyone following the challenge (or just to anyone in general) and have a nice day!!  ♡

ps: didn’t add any photos because it felt awkward to take pictures in the library but will update tomorrow!!

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🗒️🌿 : 14/100 days of productivity


-another very late post but i went to the art store today with my best friend and we picked up this random piece of wood i’m happy about and the green tombow brush pen. also, finished a collab spread (probably posting it here tomorrow and in a few days on my kpop aesthetics insta).

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1/100 days of productivity — [ 03.01.20 ]

I’m excited to finally start this challenge because there’s only two months of school left before the summer and now’s the time to get stuff done! I went to the library in the morning but honestly, I really enjoy being comfortable and just studying in my dorm.

[ apartment — young the giant ]

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🗒️🌿 : 13/100 days of productivity


-it’s almost 10pm and i realized i haven’t posted yet oof. these are from yesterday’s self care saturday + my new lunch box set arrived. so excited to use them! today was a very weird day, woke up happy, lazed around, watched itaewon class and met with my best friend but then i took a one hour nap? my body is a bit tired i guess.

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🗒️🌿 : 12/100 days of productivity


-remember when i used to art? me neither. today was all work at the dairy store and i honestly don’t know how i survived nearly nine hours when i had no motivation to do anything but read all day. but we got through it! tomorrow’s finally the day we leave for xanti so a packing list is must.

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🗒️🌿 : 11/100 days of productivity


-math test went alright, got myself a new book that i’ll take with me on the greece trip (more about that tomorrow) and a new mug. also, kiwis for afternoon snack as per usual.

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