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#100 days of studying
ghostly-study · a day ago
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chopins greatest hits… my all time favorite study record…
looks like it will be another day of working until 2:00am because of a 3 hour afternoon nap :|
tell me your favorite study music!
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may-be-not · 2 months ago
Did you lose interest and motivation to do a task that you loved doing? See if this progress sound familiar:
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(disclaimer: I do not own or have made this image)
If you relate to this, then you’re experiencing burnout. Let’s find out a solution to get your passionate motivation back again!
How do I recover from it?
Feed your basic needs:
Sleep: 7-8 hour sleep. Nighttime sleep is better for you medically, and waking up early feels better too.
Food: Eat healthy food. If you feed crap into your system, you'll feel crap. Eating healthy gives you energy to live out your day. Eat at regular intervals, it's you charging yourself.
Go outside: Go for a walk or cycle around. Dress up if you want to. And get a change in environment as you do some physical activity.
Socialize: Catch up with a friend. Call someone or meet up. Regardless of the fact that you're an introvert or an extrovert, it's a basic human need to interact. Do not isolate yourself. (In lockdown, find ways to keep connected online and take initiative)
Mindfulness: Stand still in a constant moving world. Ground yourself. Feel your surroundings through it's smells, it's sounds, it's textures.
Cut out some plans: Weigh all that you have to do and prioritize. See how life would be without one or two of those obligations.
Speak to your core self: Remind yourself your values, what you have, and who you are. Look at yourself from third person perspective.
Forgive yourself: You are trying your best. Your best right now is not your best potential, but it's impossible to be fulfilling your potential everyday. It's hard to focus on tomorrow when you're too busy cussing your yesterday.
How to avoid it in future?
Find your triggers. Look out for signs that when it's happening again.
Staying too connected on phone clutters your brain and it gets too noisy. Set out time blocks for it.
Set time out for your hobbies. Do them regularly.
Structure your day, if it isn't.
Clean your environment.
Do small acts of kindness to keep your heart rich and wholesome.
Ask for help with your tasks. You don't have to do everything by yourself.
Sleep. Eat. Workout. Socialize.
Take care of your needs.
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superstarfighter · 9 days ago
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Weekend (September 4/5, 2021) [79/100]
Foggy morning, little studying with jvscholz, reading papers and going for a walk. Classic situation: I humiliate myself to get a cat's attention. Uninterested bf stands by my side and attracts cat. Rude.
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lillycoco · a month ago
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Guys I did it!
I am officially done with my exams and also with the second semester. The last days and weeks were really exhausting, but I went full throttle again and did everything I could. With success, the exams went well! All in all, I am very satisfied and happy that I now have a few weeks to concentrate on other things and get something out of the summer.
But I won't be completely idle over the next few weeks, I've already planned a bit for the next semester and of course I have a whole to-do list for the holidays.
I'll keep you posted! ☺️
Currently listening to: DROELOE - Sunburn 🎶
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etude-vangogh · 3 months ago
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Day 47/100
OMG !!!!
Thank you everyone for 120 followers . I feel so overwhelmed right now . I feel like I owe you all a sorry for not updating regularly . I will try to update more and more . Thank you once again for this support and keep supporting my blog. 
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wecandoit · 25 days ago
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100 Days of Productivity - Day 49
A handful of people have been asking me whether I use any affordable stationary for my study notes so I made this little thing showing the only supplies I generally use. Most of it is pretty affordable. I hope you find it helpful.
I'm really behind on my 100dop. I have been taking some photos but haven't been pre writing my updates so I'm really sorry for the lag.
🎶 Black Swan - BTS
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aya-studyblr · 11 days ago
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1/100 days of productivity🌃
i revised a few portions, finally uploaded my first post on blog inspite of delaying for almost 3 months. hoping to wake up early tomorrow to catch up with the classes since it was weekend and i forgot to revise that. hope everyone's having a good day!
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pothosandtea · 6 months ago
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3/1/2021 | 20/100 Days of Productivity 
✨fell off the wagon, but I’m hopping back on✨
Well, it seems that it has almost been a month since I Iast tracked my progress. Reading break hit, and then the worst midterm season of my life happened. I let go of some of my daily habits that I worked hard to build, but I’m not gonna let it stop me from trying again. I’m continuing on with 100DOP rather than starting from scratch because I think progress should entail picking up where you left off, rather than starting from square one. 
Today I... 
had my library shift 
practiced for my vocal lesson
read for one of my lit classes 
did dishes
made dinner 
don’t let mid-semester fatigue get you down, friends! 
~ MacKenna 
I have a wordpress blog that I’ve been having a lot of fun with recently, so here are some posts you may want to check out if you’re interested :)
Tools I Use to Have the Most Productive Week     How to Reach your 2021 Reading Challenge Goals         5 Ways to Start Your Spring Semester off Right
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neetstudyblr · 3 months ago
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Day 81-82-83
Catching up at this new schedule, the slow start feels at a pace now. I think today was decent and hopefully I'll be able to complete my week's goal + give some mock tests. I'm a little anxious but fine yk.
and i want some flowersssss for myself.
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amourstudies · 6 months ago
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Day 14 of 100 days of productivity: 08.03.2021
A cosy picture for a cosy day! I've been trying to allow myself to be more spontaneous lately, so today I decided to turn my coffee table into my desk for now to make studying for my maths exam a little more exciting. It worked out quite well, I'd say, and it looks super cosy! There's only a few more things on my to do list for today, I hope I can get it all done tonight. 💌
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superstarfighter · 4 months ago
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May 11, 2021: After two days of really nice sunny weather, it’s back to rain for us. Spent today making plots in R. They are probably going into the thesis appendix (if at all) but oh wel, they brought some clarity in regards to the data I produced. [57/100]
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lillycoco · 9 days ago
The checklist you need
The summer holidays are over, autumn is just around the corner and the new semester is here faster than you would have expected
What now?
Here are my tips to start the new year in an organised way!
Basic requirements
Of course, it's always helpful to start with a tidy and organised workspace, so if you still have papers lying around on your desk from last year and you haven't cleaned them out yet, you should definitely do so
It's also a good idea to create a study corner where you feel comfortable and safe. Whether your desk is in the basement or you only have a tiny little corner to yourself, try to design it the way you like it and experiment with some decorations and different lights to create a nice atmosphere
Although I'm a big advocate of minimalism, there are still one or two things that you should buy
Even if you work on the computer most of the time, it is still good to get a notebook to take notes (I prefer to write down my notes by hand and not on the laptop)
To avoid a mess of notes, a folder is essential. I can't stress this enough, GET A FOLDER AND FILE YOUR NOTES/DOCUMENTS
Get nice pens that you can write well with to get the nicest handwriting possible (my handwriting is terrible so I use fountain pens). Of course you also need different markers to highlight the most important things
Get a planner or bullet journal to write down all your important appointments and have everything at a glance
Think of 2-3 meals or snacks that are quick to prepare and whose ingredients you usually have at home to keep you well-fed while studying. Regular meals are important to keep your body and brain working well
Same with hydration, you need to drink regularly and keep yourself hydrated to function properly. So buy your favourite tea/coffee, a cute cup to make it more appealing and your brain will be happy
Are you someone who listens to music whilst studying? Yes? And you don't have your own playlist yet? I think you know what to do in this case
The important questions and answers
In order to be up to date and always well informed, it definitely makes sense to write down a plan at the beginning of each year. The questions are embarrassingly easy but of great importance. This plan really saved my ass, so I can only recommend it to everyone
1. What year/semester am I currently in?
2. When does the semester start and end?
3. How many subjects do I have this year and which lecturer is responsible for which subject?
4. Are there subjects that are more important than others?
5. What do your exams look like in the respective subjects? Are there oral exams, written exams, project work or essays?
6. When will the exams be written/when are the deadlines? Write down each date of each exam/deadline
7. Which topics are covered by which lecturers?
8. What do I know about my lecturers? Are the questions asked easy or difficult to answer? Does he stick to the script or does he expect his students to read into the subject on their own? Does he ask open questions or single choice questions?
9. Are there any special features this year, such as an internship or an excursion or practical lessons?
10. Are there any places nearby (libraries, parks, cafés) where I can study? If not, then you should look around a bit and I'm sure you'll find something quickly
11. Is there anyone besides my lecturer that I can ask for advice? (Maybe other fellow students or students from higher semesters)
12. Facts on the table. How were my performances in the past and where do I want to go this semester? What are my goals and what possible mistakes have I made? Actually write down possible mistakes to visualise them
13. Who can I turn to when I am feeling bad, who is my reference person or is there perhaps a counselling teacher, a psychologist or a safe place to ground myself?
14. Last but not least, remember why you decided to start this study and what motivates you to persevere. Why do I want to do it so badly?
Once you have written this plan, keep it in a place where you can find it easily. Since I started answering these questions over and over again, I have become much more organised and confident in my studies. Of course, these are just the very basics. Feel free to add your own questions or materials, but once these things are checked off, a good start to the new year is definitely assured
Currently listening to: Asking Alexandria - Alone Again 🎶
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ghostly-study · a month ago
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desk pictures while taking ap psych notes because i finally found a taper candle for this beautiful piece of crystal glass! + the ikea terrarium... glass/plastic covered... jar... shrubbery... thing? definitely one of my favorite decoration pieces!
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wecandoit · 15 days ago
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100 Days of Productivity - Day 61
I love annotating books, the joy it gives me is sublime. Why do so many people take the piss out of others for writing in books and doggy-earing. I just don't get it. I find it very endearing actually.
Anyways, I'm really excited about our tutorial presentation that we're giving on Othello. I'm not really expecting good marks or anything but I spent like a whole day figuring out my colour scheme so...
🎶 Heartbreak Anniversary - Giveon
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aya-studyblr · 5 days ago
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4/100 days of productivity 🌃
I haven't posted in a while, was busy with college. I went out the whole day with a friend to an art/photo gallery, art museum and walked a lot. It was refreshing. Tiring too.
Hope you all had a great day too!
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