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#1000 stars meme
laowen · 8 months ago
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what do you mean that’s not what happened
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kayarexsthoughts · 29 days ago
Chief pupha: I bet you can’t make it a month here at the village
Tian: oh yeah, we’ll see about that
*Spends 3 months but the year ends*
Tian: In your face
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aokida · 6 months ago
A few weeks ago, I made a post about Phutian and the wind and tldr; there's the same symbolism present in the three non-ost songs of the show namely Oh wind, Num Kala and Nong's cheeks are rosier than anyone else's: the wind bringing to and taking away someone's lover. So @eyepietime brillantly mentioned the moments of the show were the actual wind might be present and significant for Tian and Phupha.
There are some obvious ones! One of the biggest turning point for them and their relationship and Tian's journey is the kite scene!
There was another one which was pretty on the nose; just after Nam's wedding, while Num Kala is still playing, there's a shot of Tian starring wistfully at his kite, being blown by the wind.
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Everything was going well for this lil analysis you know! Let's just look at all the moments where the wind was blowing! Phupha and Tian's love being brought to each other by the wind!
But then....Um, anyone else remembers why Torfun suddenly stepped in the middle of the road?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I guess it was pretty windy on that day huh, to blow Phupha's photograph away.
I did not think the show was being this literal when they were implying the wind brought Tian to Phupha. 🤡
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honestlymylifesfuckedup · 8 months ago
Nam : We should stop worrying about Tian and let him lead his own life
Phupha : Yeah, you're right
Nam :
Phupha :
Phupha : So, are you gonna follow him or should I?
Nam : I'll drive let's go
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nct-oli · 9 months ago
Ok you make a great point when you say that Tian might be self-conscious about his scar, but consider this: Phupha kissing it to make Tian feel better 🥺🥺
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