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market-catchers · 4 hours ago
Top Selling 10 Best Laptops Under 1 Lakh In India 2021
Top Selling 10 Best Laptops Under 1 Lakh In India 2021
Many people will be searching on the web about the best laptops under 1 lakh and the best gaming laptops under 1 lakh. And they will be desperate to find the best? Well, let’s start the discussion now. In my honest opinion, the best laptops under 1 lakh are laptops that have a powerful dual-core processor. Dual-core processors are potent, and they help improve laptop speed compared to…
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sggk · 8 hours ago
Just got a message asking if someone could pay me to turn my fic into a physical book . What in the hell
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speedstershippinq · 10 hours ago
Cisco: you have a crush on Lyell
Barry: what? No I don’t!
You, walking past: hey Cisco, hey Barry!
Barry: h-hey Lyell 😳
Cisco: *sighs*
barry is all, " everything's gonna be fine its just a crush! " and then replies " I love you " when I say hi to him
and cisco is TIRED ,,,
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ereri-lost-and-found · 14 hours ago
Hello, do you happen to have any complete multichapter fics with no sex whatsoever? The themes can get as dark as they want but please no smut...
Try these, Anon~
Giving Up the Ghost by folaigh
(Rated T, 67,090 words, multichapter, complete, TW depression and major character death (Eren is a ghost))
Levi's apartment is haunted, but he can't bring himself to care. A story about depression, ghosts, and letting go.
Brewing Love by morebeesthanyoucouldimagine
(Rated G, 25,395 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi has been struggling to keep his mother's tea store open for the last few years. When a handsome man re-opens the bakery next door, will Levi have a chance at financial stability and perhaps even romance?
These Golden Hours by mybrainproblems
(Rated T, 57,309 words, multichapter, complete)
His parents are in Europe and his sister is in Japan; he's been left to his own devices for the summer with a house, a car and unrestricted access to a credit card.
Jean finds an ad for Rent-A-Gent and convinces Eren to hire a gent of their own. The first time was a dare, the second a redo, the third because a hurricane went through his living room (don't ask), the fourth... now he's crushing on a man more than twice his age who's making him question a lot of things about life, the universe and everything.
The Usual by regular_john
(Rated T, 41,433 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi goes to the same café to sit and drink his coffee while he prepares for work every morning at 7am. He has a routine he sticks to in his head. He sits in his same spot, orders the same coffee, and normally does the same tasks before he has to go to work.
Eren has just started his first year at university and decides to pick up a coffee one morning before a lecture.
AKA slow build college cafe AU w/ fluff
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bradypnoea · a day ago
Whipstitch | kaasknot | (27/27) - 68.2k | June-July 2012
It dawned fair and clear, the day they sewed Loki's lips shut.
Note: (In honour of the impending release of the Loki miniseries and my sceptical optimism for it, I'm highlighting a few canon-adjacent Loki works that can pass the time between new episodes or, if you're like me, distract from new content long enough to miss the first wave of inevitable Discourse.) Whipstitch investigates a different avenue of consequences for Loki's failed invasion, both from Asgard and from Thanos. Most countries had Avengers playing in theatres by the first week of May 2012. Kaasknot had the sixty-eight thousand words of Whipstitch published before the end of July. To build a world accurate to Norse culture and mythology is an accomplishment in istelf; to integrate the Marvel infrastructure into an original storyline, in less than four months, is remarkable.
- Read on Author's Tumblr | @kaasknot -
It dawned fair and clear, the day they sewed Loki’s lips shut. Curiosity and ill-will made it into a spectacle: a prince of Odin, a traitor and genocidal megalomaniac, humbled before Hlidskjálf. It was the event not to be missed.
So it was the throne room was full to bursting as the Þing met to declare the prince’s fate. The crowd of onlookers overflowed the aisles, pouring out between the columns into the plaza beyond—a veritable sea of greedy eyes eager for a show. The prince came quietly enough, by all reports, and it was true: there was no mewling or cowering. He strode to meet his father with his head held high and no sign of fear upon his face.
Had he been better-liked this might have endeared him to his people. Had he the boisterous, effulgent disposition of his brother—but Loki had been distant before his crimes and subsequent disappearance, and now he was as untouchable as Ragnarök, and just as sinister. The look of the wild man hung about him, in the untamed length of his hair, in the wear showed upon his armor, in the fey gleam in his eye.
The people stared at him, then looked to Thor, Asgard’s Golden Son, and it was as looking from night to day.
Continue reading on AO3...
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Heyyooo elf~~ do you have any fics where Levi is eren's boss? (Top Levi if smut?) And preferably multichapter??
Try these~
Inside My Mind by Danishartist
(Rated E, 58,838 words, multichapter, complete)
As a punishment from his mother, Eren is forced to get a job, with Levi as his boss. Not being able to ignore the younger boy's looks, Levi tend to let his mind wander off, imagining scenarios with Eren involved. Little does he know that Eren has a very special ability ...
Corporate Punishment by lilbonnieparker
(Rated E, 38,755 words, multichapter, ongoing)
Jaw locked into place, he ground his teeth together as he replied, "Writing is not my strong-suit, sir."
"Flirting overtly with married men is, it seems."
Eren interns at one of the wealthiest investment and management firms in the country.
Recon Incorporated by orphan_account
(Rated E, 35,497 words, multichapter, complete)
He was just looking for a way to pay the bills — a job that was easy, fun, and something he was into. Where could he possibly go wrong with a travel agency? Assistant!Eren Boss!Rivaille; Office AU.
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futtbuckery · a day ago
There’s nothing more frustrating than a rejection letter that tells you that the selection committee was impressed by your strong application and recommend resubmitting next year. Like you’re telling me that I was close and still didn’t get it?!
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NIreland started doing 30 and ups as of 30th of April
Also starting today the 7th May (really the decision was made last night) in the UK it’s been decided everyone Under 40 gets the Pfizer vaccine so if you’re worried/being putting it off about the possible Astrazeneca Vaccine effects has re blood clots for younger people.... well you’re probably getting the alternative anyway. 40 seems to be the cut off point for now. 
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steverrogers · a day ago
great news! my country is vaccinating rich football players so the football doesn't stop ❤️ meanwhile people with chronical illnesses are risking their lives everyday bc they have to go to work so they can put food on their tables. what a magnificent time to be a member of the elite class ❤️
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ellelans · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Look. You're right.I got into this knowing how you felt about someone else.I know the risk of being with someone who can't quite give you their all. If you're interested some time, I'll tell you about all of my failed relationships.There's been three in total.I'm not great at all this either."
"You are."
"And you're sweet.Don't change the subject,"Jason says,brushing his foot against Buck's leg. "But the thing is,I think we're doing okay.We're honest,we're taking our time with this.We're learning about each other,and we're talking a lot—maybe far more than I ever have with anyone. You opened up a part of yourself to me,like I did with you,despite how you feel about someone else.So, I trust you.I want you to trust me too."
There is a lump in his throat that is hard for Buck to swallow away. "I do trust you."
"So, what I think is,that maybe you don't trust yourself.Because for whatever reason,you don't seem to think you deserve someone caring about you.Which, personally,I think is insane, because you're incredible," Jason says, raising their joined hands and kissing the back of Buck's.
Buck fights the tears in his eyes.
"As for you earning the right to want me to stick don't need to earn that.You already have that. Okay? We're doing okay. We're fine as we are.We're... it's okay,Buck.You're okay to ask for what you need from me.Just like it's okay for me to ask for what I need from you."
Maybe I'll Try To Love Again by @mansikkaomenabanaani ❤️
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apopcornkernel · 2 days ago
sorry i havent been here in a while! im trying to avoid spoilers, bc i wanna watch the episodes chronologically and also bc ive recently become obsessed with yet another enemies to lovers ship,, queue is still running tho and ill check back in every few days to see if the spoilers have died down!
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