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sleepytoycollection · a year ago
Tumblr media
my mental health has been all over the place, but I made Centaurbie a skirt so I could redress her 
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gale-gentlepenguin · 2 years ago
ML Fic: Soulmate Survey Part 5 (10,000th Post)
(Master post)
(I hope you all enjoy it)
“City of Love? Ha! There is no love in this city!” The akuma shouted angrily at the sky.
The akuma in question seemed to be a mix of human and bird. With sharp Eagle like talons on her feet. Her Arms were replace with large hawk wings that she used to fly. Beautiful Green feathers covered her wings and body which looked like a giant bird, leaving her head and neck that looked to be the only human parts of her, having Eagle eyes and a mask reminiscent of a butterfly, with her long wavy brown hair. Around her neck was a necklace with a small golden eagle creature on it.
There were countless feathers piercing the ground all over the place. It seems the akuma was leaving quite an impression.
A cat themed hero jumped onto a roof where a red clad heroine was observing.
“Afternoon Bugaboo. And what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you today.” The cat flirted.
“An akuma unfortunately.” The heroine said with her usual serious tone. Though she seemed more annoyed then usual. Not that she ever was happy to fight an akuma but she was not really in the mood for an akuma attack.
“So what’s this one’s deal?”
Ladybug simply pointed to the akuma with little enthusiasm as if on cue the akuma answered the cats question.
“How can this be a city of love when there are callous men who will abandon you without notice! One minute they are messaging you how excited they are to see you and then next they don't bother to show up and ignore your calls! So long as I, The Harpy am here, no woman will ever be hurt by a man again!” The akuma exclaimed.
“She has been saying that for 20 minutes.” Ladybug stated clearly irritated.
“So you're saying she has been Parroting her point?” Chat noir Inquired with a smirk.
Ladybug rolled her eyes but with a smile on her face.
“Just see if you can beak her interest for a bit and Ill try and get the jump on her.” Ladybug insisted, now in a slightly better mood.
Chat noir smiled at her pun. I wonder if Marinette will share my fondness of puns. If he remembered right her dad loved puns. So she should be use to hearing them. I bet she has a few good ones. He quickly pushed those thoughts out of his head. Akuma now, daydreams later.
“Ill be sure to make sure to ruffle her feathers.” He punned one last time with a wink before heading off. 
The harpy was looking around, it seemed that most of the people were taking cover.
“You know I agree, men can be jerks. Thats why I prefer women.” the black clad hero commented, causing the akuma to turn around.
“Chat noir! The horrible half of the miraculous duo!” The Harpy hissed.
“Its actually adorable. Thats okay, most of the akuma keep getting that one confused. its a common...” Chat noir bantered only to be interrupted by an incoming barrage of feathers coming at him.
Using his cat like reflexes, the blond managed to dodge the sharp feather.
“Yikes! You can poke an eye out with those.”
Chat noir decided to jump down to avoid more feathers.
“Hold still you mangy Alley cat! You men are all the same, leaving at the first opportunity! Just like Curtis! ”
Chat noir couldn't help but wonder what this Curtis guy did to make this akuma so mad, and if he should feel worse for Curtis or for her.
Ladybug swung her yo-yo around the akuma’s wing. The akuma turned to see Ladybug and looked betrayed.
“You are actually helping him? He is just a nasty male. He will break your heart.”
Ladybug felt a pang of guilt as she heard the akuma say that, if things go how Marinette wants, she might be the one who unfortunately breaks hearts. 
“I wouldn't worry about Chat noir, I have an itching feeling that you should worry about  your wing.” Ladybug answered with a smirk.
“My wing? Why would I worry about my... why is it so itchy?” The akuma exclaimed in surprise.”
She looked at the yo-yo and noticed that the string and the yo-yo itself were covered in a mysterious powder.
Ladybug reveals a small ladybug print canister. The akuma realized it was Itching powder.
The Akuma tried to scratch her wing but if she tried to with her other wing, she would fall.
The Harpy shrieked and tried to get away.
“Chat noir!” Ladybug called out as the akuma was flying away and taking Ladybug for a ride.
“I am on it.”
Chat noir gave chase to the bird akuma who flew around in circles trying to get ladybug off.
But while distracted she didn't see the cat jump from the roof she was flying a bit too close to and he snagged her necklace.
“NO!” The Harpy cried out in horror. Ladybug used that as her signal to let go.
Chat noir activated his power to break the necklace which released the Akuma.
Ladybug quickly captured and purified the black butterfly.
“Bye bye little butterfly.”
Ladybug tosses the canister into the air and all the damage from the fight was fixed.
 The Harpy turned back into her normal form. Now no longer covered in green feathers she was wearing a simple yet fashionable summer dress and her eagle eyes were replaced with lovely green eyes. Looking like a woman in her late twenties.
Ladybug and chat noir fist bump to celebrate.
After their congratulations, the two approach the woman to check on her.
“Are you okay? You seemed really upset when you were an akuma?” Ladybug inquired.
The woman spoke with a saddened tone.
“I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused. I was just upset with Curtis standing me up. We had met through this matchmaker app, that one that shows your compatibility. We really hit it off after he messaged me and we seemed to have a lot in common. He acted so sweet and thoughtful, we were planning to meet up for the first time today but.. but he stood me up on the date...” The woman started tearing up. “I thought he was going to be different!”
Ladybug and chat noir felt her words strike a cord. It sounded a lot like the app that they were familiar with. Was it not as accurate as they were lead to believe?
“Well, I guess putting your faith in an app could be...” Ladybug began to say before getting interrupted.
“Angela!” A voice called out.
The three looked to see a man with short honey blond hair and brown eyes, holding a bouquet of flowers, clearly exhausted.
“Thank goodness you are okay. I am so sorry for being late. The subway broke down and I had no signal to call you. I messaged you as soon as I was out explaining everything. Then when I saw that Bird akuma attacking I couldn’t help but worry so I went looking for you.”
The brunette pulled out her phone reveal she had 10 texts and two missed calls.
“Oh. Oh my I am embarrassed. I am sorry for assuming the worst, Curtis. I thought you had stood me up and...”
“Stand up a spectacular women like you? Assume I am dead first.” Curtis said with a soft smile.
The two laughed at the comment, showing that there was something between them.
Ladybug and Chat noir could tell the couple were having a moment and decide to let them be.
The two make their way to a rooftop as they let the two lovebirds talk.
“Seems like things worked out for her.” Chat noir spoke, he was far more relieved.
“Yea, I am glad the guy didn't actually stand her up. Sounds like that app she used didn't steer her wrong.” Ladybug agreed, also feeling relief about the revelation.
“It sounds like there might be something to it.” Chat noir commented. “Purrhaps we should test our own compatibility Ladybug. Have you considered making an account?”
"Who says I do or don't already have one?” Ladybug teased.
“Oh? So my lady is searching for her soulmate? How strange, I have been right here the whole time.” Chat noir joked.
Ladybug laughed.
“I assume you don't, since you have ‘your soulmate’ so close.” Ladybug teased.
“Purrhaps or Purrhaps I do have one.” Chat noir purred.
“You already used that pun earlier kitty.”
“Fur real? I guess I am not on my game today.” Chat noir admitted.
“Its fine, don't force the puns on my account.” Ladybug assured.
Chat noir smile shifted from his usually cocky smirk to a softer smile.
“Hey Bugaboo, could we go on patrol sometime in the future, maybe in like in a week or two? Maybe see if Andre’s stand needs protecting from akuma?” 
Ladybug’s expression softened. Chat noir was setting her up with the opportunity to address something that may become relevant. If it does, then she will need to tell chat noir the truth, that she is gonna have to give him a solid no, but if not, then she has the perfect person to cheer her up.
“I would like that. How about two weeks from now. I will be free then.” Ladybug answered just before her earrings beeped.
“Sounds good, we can go over details later, unless you have decided today was the best time to reveal ourselves.”
“Keep dreaming.” She playfully flicked his bell. “Later kitty.”
Ladybug took off from the rooftop, leaving the cat smiling with a feeling of melancholy.
“Well now its time to wait and see.”
Chat noir heard his ring beep and headed off back home, thinking about how to go about the promised meet up depending on how things go.
“What do you mean you can't delete my account!” An angry brunette shouted over the phone. She was doing her best not to pull out her hair in frustration.
“I am sorry Ms. Dupain-cheng. But as I have stated before you do not have your password and you did not use the pin we provided to your email to reset your password. Until you utilize that code to reset your password and create a new password so you can get into your account. You can not delete the account through any other method.” The tech support representative answered.
“Why can't you send the code to my new email that I provided?” Lila asked, her agitation clearly showing.
“As I have said before, it breaches are security guidelines. Is there any reason why you wish to delete your account?”
“Its because there is a clearly something wrong with my list.” She insisted with clear frustration.
“I will scan your account for any anomalies, one moment.”
Lila stood by the phone waiting.
“We have looked over your account, there are no glitches or errors. Also, may I be the first to congratulate you on being the first to receive 100% compa.....”
Lila hung up and she grabbed a pillow to scream into.
This had to be some sort of nightmare. How could there be no way of dealing with this!”
Chris was in his room sleeping. She was relieved that Chris was a heavy sleeper. Considering Nino’s hobby, being able to sleep through loud noise was a must in this family. Though this was the only remote solace she got out of this hellish scenario.
Not only did Marinette top the list of compatible matches for Adrien, she was a 100% match with him and it was completely legitimate. It was like getting hit in the face with a metal bat.
Lila was racking her brain. There must be some way to stop this nightmare.
She tried to get Marinette’s account deleted but that wouldn't work without having access to her email. Marinette was not going to willingly give out her password to her of all people. Marinette was one of the few people that didn't trust her and if she tried anything, Marinette would find out.
She needed to think, she would find a way to beat that pigtailed brat. There was no way she was letting Marinette get Adrien. Not while she could help it.
Hawkmoth looked through the window. He was still sour from his recent defeat, however he did notice something to brighten his mood. There was so much potential negative emotions loaming over Paris. The possibility of break ups, jealousy, and loneliness. All coming from one singular reasoning, it was an all you could eat buffet for his akuma, but not one of them was strong enough to warrant sending out another akuma yet. He would wait, there would be another strong negative emotion source sooner or later.
“It seems there is a negative to something that lets you find your soulmate. I fortunately already found mine, I just need to get her back.” Hawkmoth spoke aloud.
He was going to wait, he knew he could let the emotions fester into something far stronger, something that Ladybug and Chat noir couldn't handle.  Perhaps he might stir the pot to make things go faster. He would need to make a plan, but for now he had other matters to attend to. He had to attend to ‘Civillain matters’.
“An interview?” Adrien responded in surprise.
“Yes, your father has scheduled an interview for you this Friday. The network has been wanting to do an interview with you for some time and your father believes it would be a good time to do so to promote the newest fragrance.” Nathalie explained. “As always, keep yourself composed and don’t let out too much information. Avoid any rumors they might be mentioning.”
“Okay. Would it be alright if I took my friends with me?” Adrien suggested, hoping Nathalie would be willing to let him take someone.
Nathalie looked at the blond and considered the proposal. As long as Gabriel is informed and the guest doesn’t cause trouble, one may not be an issue.
“You may bring one person. I don't think your father would approve of more then that. Just be sure they are well behaved.” Nathalie answered before leaving Adrien to his own devices.
Plagg popped out of the teen’s shirt.
“Oh an interview. Do you think you can request the green room to be stocked with Camembert?” The cat Kwami asked as he floated beside him.
“I will ask for some, but I need to decide who I am gonna take with me. I am surprised I am even allowed to take someone.”
“So you are gonna take the baker girl right?” 
Adrien felt a faint blush appear on his face.
“W-why would you think that? I could invite Nino or ...”
“Adrien, don't try to bullshit me. You suck at lying.” Plagg commented.
Adrien sighed.
“Am I really that obvious?”
Adrien knew he wanted to bring Marinette. Sure bringing Nino would be a blast, but this would be a good way to see how Marinette would react to being apart of some of the things he does. Plus even if the compatibility test doesn't work out, he would still like to get closer with Marinette. She was a wonderful person, and she deserved to get to see what it was like when she makes it as a designer, answering questions about her latest fashion line and what not. 
“I will give her a call to see if she isn't busy.”
“Good luck Casanova.” Plagg chuckled as he reclined in the air.
Adrien felt his pulse quicken as he looked for Marinette’s contact information.
Part 5 is finished (I was hoping the 1000+ notes streak in 24 hours would be kept alive. I guess I got my hopes up too quickly . I just want to say 1000 notes or not I love reading all of your feedback and you guys keep me inspired to keep writing this)
If you want part 6, please let me know. I love hearing feedback and it feeds my impulsive need to write. And I am just gonna say it.
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crystalbaby12 · 11 months ago
The 10,000th post, oh how momentous and exciting! Hope you all are enjoying this chaotic shitshow 😂
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dailygrande · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
We’ve reached 10,000 followers! Thank you to all our lovely followers for supporting us this past year. We appreciate your constant support and we hope you continue to enjoy our content! We love seeing your ariana edits and as always, we track #dailygrande
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bayonettademo · a month ago
Tumblr media
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enderman · 2 months ago
Sick of hearing about "Grime" and "Musk". Let's hear about "Soap" and "Fragrance" for once.
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crimsoncereal · 4 months ago
yall said “i cant believe this site is free” too many times
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agnesmontague · a month ago
Tumblr media
trans rights and lives will always be legitimate and worth fighting for so terfs die mad
[original post: you know what i think really slaps? the fact that every generation of teens online have grown up with personality quizzes. when i was a teen we had quizilla. before the rise of buzzfeed they were ubiquitous in magazines and a bunch of sites had flash personality quizzes that played like games. now we have uquiz. entire chunks of the internet might be getting phased out someday but on god we have our right to find out which fruit best represents our personality]
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commodorecliche · 6 months ago
concept: a facemask that says "Vaccinated But I Don't Trust Y'all"
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