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Espero que esto lo veas justo a tiempo
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Little ways to have a more Magikal Day 馃尶馃尀馃獝
credit: @CraftingWitch on Instagram !
posted 06/19/2022
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new chapters require a new version of yourself
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thepoetryofascension 11 months ago
when you least expect it, the universe will deliver opportunities that exceed your expectations.
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sometimes you break a cycle by choosing yourself
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lilithlovesyou1111 a month ago
岚斸 Results from the聽3DOL x ROE challenge聽岚斸
Hi cutie!! <33
Prepare for a success story :D (the challenge and where I mentioned everything)
Also sorry, that I didn't uploaded the results on the 7/09/22, but I actually forgot to do so and was busy, being shocked (銌藰锝バ凤渐藰). Credit: 3DOL (@starliet) x ROE (@cleostoohot).
What I wanted to manifest 鉂
Desired face (this includes: cute big doe eyes, pixie nose, big lips, have freckles and clear skin)
Being pretty (Bambi beauty and angelic)
Perfect hair (angel like)
Being 5'3 (164cm)
I can enter the void state
Being a master manifestor
What I manifested 鉂
Desired face
I literally have everything I wanted. I have a pixie nose, I have big lips鈥 I can't believe it and I feel like god. I don't know, but it feels so unbelievable, to know, that you can get everything you want, by just believing and persisting.
Being pretty
I actually didn't focused on this one, because I thought, when i have my desired face I'm automatically pretty.
Perfect hair
I got pretty hair too and I'm so happy, because I had really big problems with frizzy hair and it just looked not good, but know I don't have to worry about it anymore.
Being 5'3
Guess what, I manifested that too. Ahhh I'm so happy. I can't describe how I feel. It's more than being happy. I could just explode, because I'm so happy.
I can enter the void state and being a master manifestor
I didn't really focused on that too, because when I get my manifestations, I'm already a master manifestor.
The story 鉂
I just did my routine (mentioned here) and just kept believing and persisting. I woke up on the last day (I actually lost hope, but I kept persisting. Don't let anything stop you!!) and looked into the mirror and I was shocked. My knees where shaking and I was crying, because I was so shocked and happy. I was a little scared, that my parents would remember the old me, but when I went down to eat breakfast, my parents where normal and where like, as if I looked like this, since forever. Now I'm so exited to test more methods.
The method 鉂
I would 1000% recommend this method. Thank you soooo much @starliet and @cleostoohot!!
That's it for now. Have a great day/night cutie!! <33
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11:11 - BEN BARNES New music video
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Your next glow-up!馃槜馃拝馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
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Excited I got more posts coming as soon as I finish editing them.
Now, pick a Mina Myoi(from left to right) and whichever picture(s) tug at your heart has a message for you! If nothing happens then thats fine as well, this post may not have a message for you yet. Take care and I hope you all enjoy. Sending lots of fairy dust to you lovelies.馃槜馃挄馃挆馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
Pile 1
My instant though when putting down the cards was 鈥渃ounseling or psychiatric鈥. I feel if you chose this pile you are definitely going to prioritize your mental health more. There are deep wounds here and I鈥檓 so happy to see you all seeking the help your hearts need. Healing from toxic illusions and patterns passed onto you and healing your wounded/broken heart. I feel someone here got screwed over by a former institution or mental health worker, someone you spilled your heart out too who completely let you down. You鈥檒l be taking a big and brave step to opening your heart a little bit to seek help again. I see someone breaking their shackles and them falling onto the floor and shattering as if they were made of glass. Don鈥檛 mind the slight graphic nature of my next sentence but you will be shedding your skin and becoming a whole new and different person. Trust me when I say it鈥檒l be the best thing to happen because you will find inner peace. You will take more time for yourself and have no guilt for it. You are finally gonna be seeing your worth and God鈥hat makes me so damn proud of you. Cheers to you babe. Wishing you the best of luck!! <3
Channeled messages: silver cup, lysol wipes(idk either dude), Virgo, mint, dark colored eyes, Keanu Reeves, 16
(such a beautiful cover of Coldplay鈥檚, (Yellow)
Pile 2聽
OHHHHHH DAMN HONEEEYYY. Ok ok I鈥檒l stop. Y鈥檃ll have been putting in work for what may feel like such a long damn time already. Well hon let me tell you it was all worth it and now your luck is about to change for the absolute best. I got the Empress and Queen of pentacles/and wands in this reading(bare in mind this is for all genders so don鈥檛 let Empress or Queen catch you off guard) so you will be growing into the most true and comfortable side of yourself. It is who you have seemed to have been unsure of for so long and maybe even insecure. I feel some people here have been uncomfortable with their natural feminine/masculine energy and have been trying to reject it but now you will see the value in it. I see this is really gonna surprise many around you as it may literally be you waking up one day and saying 鈥淔uck it, this is who I am.鈥 I see cutting a few people off specifically two people are standing out here. These people have either been up in your physical space and leeching off of you even or taking up space in your mind and causing distress. Either way they have been real douchebags and you are D.O.N.E. You are gonna get rid of those holding you back. You will step into your power and take the reigns and ride off into the fucking sunset. Good for you babes. Shame on those that thought they could take your power from you cause shiiit, they are about to regret it.聽
Channeled messages: a significant necklace, silver star stickers, gold, sunflower, snakes slithering around, clouds, oranges, wind chimes
Pile 3
Yup, this is the break up pile. Situationship/lead on/third party/etc. You have been stuck in a situation where you didn鈥檛 know which step to take, almost like you find your worth in others especially romantic partners. Now this shit is about to shift. You are taking that power back for yourself and giving no fucks about it. You went from the Page to the Queen of wands. You are tired of these useless battles and waste of time. Giving more and accepting less than you fucking deserve. Ugh I鈥檓 feeling angry all of a sudden and like I wanna scream, you have been holding this frustration and burden in for so long. Let it all out honey. You decide if this is how you wanna live your truth. You want someone who puts in 100%? Then accept NOTHING less. You understand me? Know you don鈥檛 need to settle for 鈥楶age鈥 like personalities(negative Pages: immature, unfaithful, angry, guilt trip, unmotivated.) but King/Queen like personalities whether that be in love or friendships. I see you loving yourself more and taking time for yourself. Loving yourself the way you would want to be truly loved. Babes, you are stepping into such a powerful era I am so excited for you. You aren鈥檛 gonna settle for anything less, you are becoming aware of how much of this life if all in your hands. Take your power back. This is your life. Not anyone else's. You better remember that. Good luck hon. I鈥檓 rooting for you!
Channeled messages: Joan of Arc, Athena, maple, the Phoenix from Harry Potter, amber eyes, pink silk, Taurus, sound of flowing water, smell of moss, humidity, the Earth after it just rained, 11, waxing crescent moon
(Hehe I love this song. Pink is so snarky and hilarious. Highly recommend a listen!)
Pile 4:
Ahhh yes every reading seems to have this pile lol. Y鈥檃ll got mostly Court and Major arcana cards. Literally only one Minor Arcana. Wow. If you chose this pile I know damn well you are not letting any of these bitches take your kindness for weakness. You are so kind and giving but I feel on the surface you protect yourself like a Spartan going into battle. It sucks you had to have been abused so much to have to harden and protect yourself like that. It makes me so mad and disgusted. Know your next glow up is learning how to keep balance when it comes to being sensitive but also not a push-over. I feel you guard yourself too much it could accidentally pinch those you love dearly and even yourself. Balance is a challenge for you, I can feel it. That鈥檚 gonna be one of the main lessons this time honey, you will learn how to play the cards of your own game and not subconsciously put those in other people鈥檚 hands. You of course are a naturally strong and protective soul, you鈥檇 fight and maybe even kill for the ones you love. Know that you don鈥檛 gotta choose a side of yourself. You don鈥檛 gotta repress yourself. In the end all those little pieces of you are what makes you this whole, powerful and amazing human being. This unique soul. Take zero guilt for setting boundaries and laugh until you tear up. I know being vulnerable is such a challenge and won鈥檛 be healed over night but I see you opening up gradually and surly. To me that is beyond beautiful. I鈥檓 so proud you. I believe you so much. Sending my love to you. Channeled messages: ENTJ, yin & yang, colorful beads, silver wire, yellow daisies, black top, green eyes, Aries, deli, India, 鈥榯he land of the rising sun鈥, the word 鈥楢ncient鈥(instantly thought of a very old soul)
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@ deionpageart
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How the law of assumption helped with my depression:
TW: Depression
I don鈥檛 know if anyone has talked about this before but i wanted to share my experience on how the law of assumption gave me a chance to be myself again instead of what depression made me out to be.
I developed a personality disorder when i was pretty young, i don鈥檛 really know what caused it but it just happened suddenly. Which led me to be a pretty depressed kid that felt out of control in every single way. It made me feel like the disorder itself was a puppet master and i was its puppet. And i was refused help quite a lot by professionals, and put on an everlasting waiting list that i was sure i wasn鈥檛 on because i never got a therapist at that point.
But as soon as i found out about manifestation, that tiny bit of hope i once lost was found again. Not externally but within me. And im not talking about law of attraction because truthfully i think it鈥檚 just 鈥滒煓勷煓勷煓勨 But law of assumption. Because the law of assumption is all about how all your assumptions are harden into fact to create a little thing you call your reality. And if i, myself have created this chaos standing right in-front of me, i surely have the power within me to restore peace within myself and my reality. So law assumption gave me the ability o take some accountability for my life and mental health. And not stay in that victim mindset.
It鈥檚 so easy to think that someone is writing your story for you and you have no say in it at all but in all honesty it makes life harder. The law of assumption helped me to realise i was the one in control. I am the one writing the story. And im not just a main character, IM FUCKING GOD. and you鈥檙e too, bbg.
The law of assumption has been a godsend to me ever since i first read about it. I paid close attention to my thoughts and flipped any of the negatives. I talked to myself kindly. And with a little persisting and affirming, i got what i鈥檝e always wanted.
I am happier. I am healthier. i鈥檓 not in a bad way with my bpd anymore. I have my desired therapist. and i manifested being on the right medication for my bpd. all the chronic anxiety and worries have just floated away. Never underestimate the power within you. If you declare things are better, things HAVE to get better. It鈥檚 the law
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think i鈥檝e been hanging out w my crow friends to much鈥 can鈥檛 stop collecting shiny stuff :3
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thepoetryofascension a year ago
miracles in february. wealth in february. love in february. comfort in february. laughter in february. bliss in february. success in february. friendship in february. beauty in february. joy in february. harmony in february. blessings in february. balance in february. soul in february.
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may 2022 be the year you finally get to do the things you dream of but never got around to doing so because of fear and self doubt
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48 hour challenge success story 啾ㄠ
Hi cutie!! <33
Guess, who got all their results.. Right me!! I got everything I desired. My routine was just to affirm "I have ___ in under 48 hours" and I didn't even affirmed, that much. I did it after waking up and before going to sleep. This worked so well and you should try it also!!
This was so messy. I don't know what else to tell you, other than it worked so well. I also have an Idea, what to try next, but this is going to be a secret for now :P
Thank you for reading and of course thank you @zen-shu!! Have a great day/night cutie!! <33
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1111 .
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