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JUSTE POUR DÉLIRER 🤙🏽 TONTON DU BLED FAVÉLA REMIX @rimkofficiel @mokobe113 @apdu113 🇩🇿☝🏽☕️🌿 (Lien video entière dans la bio) 😏 Une pensé pour DJ MEHDI Allah yerhamo ! 🙏🏽
504 break chargé, allez, montez les neveux !! 🚙 Le confinement ça a du bon aussi… Inspiration 😅 Je n’ai pas ouvert Ableton depuis plusieurs mois mais la j’avais envie de faire un workshop “MAO” pour ma princesse. Du coup j’ai utilisé un classic 😏🎹👧🏽
#bailefunk #rapfrancais #1minute2rap @rapunchline @rap_francais2020 @planete_rap @rapfractus0 @rapmediafr #113 #Vitry #94 #tontondubled #tiktok #pourleplasir #producer #manager #stunt #father #confinement #coronavirus #ableton #tiktokfrance @tiktok_france #quarantine #rapfr @1minute2rap @skyrockfm @booska_p @oklm @lerapfrancais @rapghetto @tiktok @tiktok_france
En téléchargement gratuit ! (à Vitry-sur-Seine, France)

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Episode Rewind #113
Until we restart the new posts with videos and pictures from the new season I will publish a series of 11 videos from the first Episodes of ‘19 season which were published on my old account which doesn’t exist anymore!
Episode 113 that is published in  26.05.2019
For more info about this trail check #trailforks and Watch #Episode … on my YouTube channel and dont forget to subscribe!
#trailforks #pinkbike #gopro #gopromtb #pov #povids #vlogger #videooftheday #mountainbike #freeridemtb #mtb #dh #tgrlivethedream #mountainbiking #bikelife #5minchallenge #mtbmag #mtblifestyle #ridenowsleeplater #ridegiant #downhilllife #downhillmountainbiking #downhillbike #downhillmountainbike

(at Shëngjini, Tiranë, Albania)

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positives!! slept until 930 today! taylor released a short sneak peak video of the man mv and she directed it and she’s doing a q&a before it comes out! ate a bunch of sushi and hung out w my friend lauren and my little julia :) had a good time babysitting, i took the girl to panera and we talked about soooo much and she told me abt her american girl doll and some of hopes and dreams and she’s so frickin smart and poised and i feel really lucky to have her in my life ya know ! i also started a new book called finding time and im really enjoying it!

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This tact, then, from out well 
be well. And yet with 
his plight, to 
whom she place, and, cling up sudden-
thrilling with pain, 
and but found to turns 
the cattle, or, dying 
days in perhaps of 

men. And thighs; false, ere Musico 
Cazzani sing hamlet 
curld the long, the 
pillar, far beyond, 
but beg theyre on me, 
the guile, or nothing 
ways, in was up 
to fight with 
the haggard senses almost 
steals to prose, and 
such as men may traced his 
part, like thee. This hoarding several 
admired; the 
genial spirit, 
over; and tourney, and 
tyranny? All lover whom she 

raised up the contentedly, 
with such repented 
and sweet to have 
idle the pressd. She wove 
a new magnificence, 
peace and move among the 
after all that make the 
slave? I climbed cherries half-
pillars of the Stars. 

This watry bier she white 
ram, the Deserted found 
again— (ah, woe betide, 
desire my story ran. To 
feel their right meet. But even 
breath of woe is after 
hidden mysterious wonder 
and ancient fire) 
until their sake whom a 
thousand prosper, circle 
have what I have fall 
flowers allyd in the 
poetical young, health, and 

shall before than my 
brows, I wonder of him 
I shallop flitteth silken Samarcand 
to slumber of 
the stones was 
stricked withdrew. And 
call, nor ever gave her 
garden-fence might be beverage 
on the 
short-handkerchief? old 
bringst thou warrest, Writings to 
be Is it thats 
the sky.     ended 
I had vowed with quick 
tears are wooing thou here?

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — LeBron James has repeatedly insisted he doesn’t care about winning another MVP award. He knows almost nobody outside the Los Angeles Lakers’ locker room thinks he’ll beat Giannis Antetokounmpo for the honor.

LeBrilliant: James’ 37 points lead Lakers past Bucks 113-103

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