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#118 firefam
tenisperfection · a day ago
I love Buck’s (internal) reaction to Ravi going “I like being me” was clearly ‘Wow, cannot relate” and I really want to see Ravi say things like this to the rest of the firefam. Like one day he tells everyone “I’m going away with some friends for the weekend; my best friend is marrying their partner :)” and the firefam thinks “Wait you can have other friends? Outside of your work family who in many ways are your real family, the family you chose?”  Eddie also thinks “Wait your best friend is marrying someone else and you’re okay with that and not in love with them?! That can happen?”
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vampirebuck · a month ago
“my child is fine” your child is obsessed with a wee woo show and two gay firefighters.
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9-1-1fandoms · 11 days ago
Eddie: Let me show you a picture from last night that really upset me
Buck: Okay, but in my defence Hen bet me 50 cents, I couldn’t drink all that shampoo
Eddie: That’s not what I wanted to - You drank Shampoo?!
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Do we think they’re gonna show Buck & Eddie talking about the breakup on screen next ep, or just brush over it and imply that Buck’s already been updated on how it went?
I would sell my soul for a nosy 118 gossip session where Eddie tries to awkwardly provide a play-by-play of that cringe-worthy kitchen scene to the entire crew.
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hearteyeskingeddiediaz · 2 months ago
The 118 seeing that they're going to have to wrangle camels and emus in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard like
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deluweil · 19 days ago
Repeated rewatches leads to obsession 😉
I noticed that even though when we see Eddie pulled into the roof it's Hen and Bobby who are visible on screen, they are not the first to pull him in.
I looked into it more closely and gif-ed it 😇
* In the first one, on the left, we see Buck and Bobby turn quickly from the patient to the look back down to the chopper. - And we see Eddie looking down through the window. (which from the promo we know originally opened and he nearly falls, only it was cut in editing for some reason - I bet we had missed Buck screaming out Eddie's name in panic.)
* In the gif on the right though, we see Chimney and Bobby pulling Hen into the roof. - I'm guessing Buck stays aside to look down and make sure Eddie is ok.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* In the last one, Buck is the one who reaches for Eddie and pulls him in, even before Hen and Bobby turn around to help. (Buck doesn't look at Eddie, he's still staring at the chopper, I have two theories why.
One, because originally Eddie nearly dies when the chopper's door opens - it was cut in editing, but this had to have had some sort of influence on Buck.
Two, he's staring at the organ still in the chopper, but he's not the one automatically getting ready to get down, it was Bobby. - I did love that no one argued they just quickly and efficiently rallied around him to help.
So I'm leaning towards my first theory.🤔)
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toughpaperround · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Eddie (walking back to the firetruck): My abuela will love to hear about that…
Buck: Your abuela would've loved to have been there to see that nonsense… It was just like that soap opera she insists on watching, huh?!
Chim: Yeah, well we here at the 118 don't need to keep up with any soaps on TV.
Eddie: Why's that? 'Cos of all the dramatic rescues?
Buck: Or 'cos of all the heartfelt goodbyes in your rig?
Hen: Nope. You two provide more than enough drama for us already right here in this firehouse with all the pining and the unresolved tension.
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I love this stupid show so much y'all
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signsofsam · 25 days ago
"Clever girl."
"After careful consideration, I decided not to endorse this park."
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I have a challenge for every 9-1-1 fanfic writer who like’s Ravi
Ravi shows up to work ‘hungover’ but in reality he’s drunk 5 cups off coffee and 7 energy drinks. How would the 118 think? I wanna know your ideas.
Have and go wild <3
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9-1-1fandoms · 11 days ago
Bobby: We’re having a baby
Buck: oh congratu-
Athena: (slamming adoption papers onto the table) It’s you, sign here.
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lacysilverwolf · 6 months ago
Baby Buckley's World
So this idea just sprang into my head as a way to finally start my Buck has a kid AU.
It's a crossover with Lone Star and here's the idea. TK and Marjan are browsing Buck and Eddie's Instagrams respectively and both notice an unfamiliar account tagged in several photos. Upon checking the account, Baby Buckley's World, they see it's private and only has a handful of followers. (The 118 and family.) When both men are questioned, they artfully avoid the topic, Eddie, or flail needlessly and stammer a subject change, Buck.
The question remains unanswered until a post made by Athena, tagging the account with the caption, "My beautiful grandbaby <3" and all the picture shows is Athena cuddling a little girl with curly blonde hair and blue eyes that anyone who knows Buck would recognize. Suddenly they know exactly who Baby Buckley is and can't wait to find out more.
So, that's the idea, and it'll lead to a Texas visit for some of the 118 team and an LA visit for most of the 126 as well as its own storyline that will eventually have Buddie be canon. And I will be cross posting it on here, my Ao3 account and my account! Can't wait to share it with everyone!
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The 118 pulling up to that call on Hollywood Blvd to be met with this:
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msdaphne · 11 days ago
ok just some last minute thoughts about the title Home and Away:
the obvious: maddie's gone away and chimney needs help with their infant at home. i would love to see the whole extended firefam stepping up over the course of 5A - i think it could be a great way to get minor characters in the same room together and to flesh out some of the relationships that were neglected in s4 due to covid protocols and the short season
what we deserve after last week: i mean. buck & eddie spontaneously sprouting ovaries when they see each other with jee-yun. obviously.
the conversation I've been wanting to write ever since i started watching: the homecoming parade gets the 118 team chatting about high school and whether they went to prom and stuff
the unlikely: home and away are rival teams - i think bobby and athena are overdue for a conversation about the ethics of their respective professions. in s4 they had some tension over their own personal careers but not about the core principles of their jobs (bobby did have that conversation with ethan, though!) i was really disappointed by bobby's conduct at the PPZ in 5.03 and i want to see him reflect on that and how he got to that place
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deluweil · 4 months ago
Re-watching 4x05, there were some things said in Maddie’s and Buck’s conversation in the beginning and then when kid Buck falls off the bike (by Margaret) that made me go and look for the risks in donating bone marrow.
Remember that Daniel died the first year after Buck was born, meaning that Evan was a baby when they used him as a donor.
So I pulled a Buck and went to research online: (According to
Anyone between 18 and 60 years old can register to be a donor.
People between 18 and 44 tend to produce more and higher quality cells than older individuals. Doctors choose donors in the 18 to 44 age group more than 95 percent of the time, according to Be The Match, a national marrow donor program.
You’ll need to provide a tissue sample. This is obtained by swabbing the inside of your cheek. You must also sign a consent form.
Besides donating your bone marrow, you’re donating your time. To be accepted, you’ll need to provide additional blood tests and have a physical examination. The total time commitment for the donation process is estimated to be 20 to 30 hours over four to six weeks
The most serious risks have to do with anesthesia:
People who fall into those categories may have an increased risk for:
postoperative confusion
heart attack
About 2.4 percent of donors have a serious complication from anesthesia or damage to bone, nerve, or muscle, according to Be The Match.
You’ll only lose a small amount of bone marrow, so it won’t weaken your own immune system. Your body will replace it within six weeks. - But this talks about adults doing the process, not a newborn, barely formed baby.
Some potential side effects from general anesthesia are:
sore throat due to the breathing tube
mild nausea
Regional anesthesia can cause headache and a temporary drop in blood pressure.
Some side effects of marrow donation include:
bruising at the incision site
soreness and stiffness where the marrow was harvested
achiness or pain in the hip or back
trouble walking for a few days due to pain or stiffness
You might also feel fatigued for a few weeks. That should resolve as your body replaces the marrow.
While recovering, here are a few ways to ease common side effects:
Lightheadedness. Rise from a lying down or seated position slowly. Take things easy for a while.
Sleep disturbances. Eat smaller, lighter meals. Rest and go to bed earlier until you feel fully recovered.
Swelling at the surgery site. Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for 7 to 10 days.
Swelling of the lower back. Use an ice pack periodically throughout the day.
Stiffness. Stretch or take a few short walks each day until you build up your strength and flexibility.
Fatigue. Rest assured that it’s temporary. Get plenty of rest until you feel like yourself again.
According to Be The Match, some donors find it more painful than they thought it would be. But others find it less painful than they expected.
Reading this got me even more mad at the Buckley parents, because baby Evan was expandable, they had him for the sole purpose of saving Daniel. It made me wonder if the graft worked but the baby died in the process if the grieving would have been as long as it is with Daniel.
I wonder if both survived, the treatment of baby to adult Evan would have been different - if he would have been considered the hero/savior by his parents.
I don’t wonder at Buck’s unbelievable tolerance for pain, and his habit to persevere despite everything. 
I don’t wonder about Buck’s belief of how expandable he is (obviously he’s not), it’s because that’s how his parents made him feel, every day of his life for as long as he lived under their roof, and even outside of it. 
Until the 118, bobby, and the Diazes, he really didn’t have a home.
And Chimney’s “Yes you were, by her.” (referring to Maddie wanting and loving him) does not makes a difference, because, yes she loves him and of course she wants him, always, but a sister’s love (even absent, for whatever reason) amazing as it is ( I have two, both younger) does not rival to the patterns of behavior and sense of self worth our parents can instill in us. 
I know my parents love me, but they screwed me over pretty good. (My therapist is making good money off of me lol) I know my sisters love me and that they are always there when I need them, and vice versa, but that doesn’t make the damage our parents did, even inadvertently, any less harmful.
So Eddie’s very correct assumption (unlike the rest’s broken record - reckless) in Buck acting expandable is such an important observation that was finally made to Buck himself - and the fact that it was made by Eddie is even more important, because Eddie is the one that spend the most time with Buck, by choice, and actually sees him for who and what he really is. 
Eddie doesn’t shy away from that conversation - and compared to Eddie of S3 and even S2 that is a hell of a character development, and a blessing in disguise because now they can both move on together. - Get better together.
I didn’t plan on making this about buddie - but the family Buck chose, choosing him back, in contrast to the family who brought him into this world out of necessity not out of choice is so highlighted in this case, it had to be adressed.
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toughpaperround · 2 months ago
Scene Ext - Day. A Hollywood Boulevard area is deserted and strewn with litter. SMOKE/HAZE in middle distance. We see the 118 team walk away from camera, led by Capt NASH.
Eddie: Is that... a camel??
Buck (fashioning a light rope into a shape): Let me see to this, everybody stay back, stay quiet and don't make eye contact or break apart.
Chimney: No eye contact? With what, you? Or each other?!
Capt. Nash: What are you doing, Buckley?
Buck: No worries, Cap, I got this. Did two seasons working a ranch in Colorado and these beasts are just like cattle. Uglier, humpier cattle.
Hen, Nash, Chim: ... 'Humpier?'
Eddie: hnnngh
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