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Fix him
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vhscorp · 15 days ago
La solitude est la plus fidèle des amantes, elle ne s'éloigne que très rarement et jamais ne vous trahit...
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sport-captures · 14 days ago
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bonsaiiiiiii-art · 9 days ago
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Isabela Madrigal
Instagram post + some doodles I made, please go like this post on Insta too
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elicatkin · 14 days ago
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chrisevansluv · 14 days ago
Londongate (I, II)
Thirst. Tattoos (I, II)
Jenny (I)
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deardiaryo · 14 days ago
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Eu e a Procrastinação!
Eu tenho uma péssima mania de deixar as coisas pra depois, vou empurrando com a barriga: amanhã eu faço, amanhã eu faço, amanhã eu faço... E quando vou ver não tem mais amanhã e tenho que fazer o que preciso correndo como se tivesse feito ontem.
Eu acabo me odiando por isso, seria tão mais fácil fazer as coisas que preciso sem enrolar tanto.
Um exemplo atual: Tenho que ir no Supermercado pois as coisas estão quase que faltando aqui em casa, mas eu simplesmente detesto ter que ir em Supermercado.
Então eu tava fazendo o que? Empurrando com a barriga!
Já decidi que agora vou pedir online mesmo (gênia!) Mas pq raios eu não decidi fazer isso antes?
Sério eu fico muito irritada comigo mesma por isso, mas cadê que faço algo diferente?
E quem dera que minha procrastinação se resumisse só a "Ida ao Supermercado", tô com um projeto que estou enrolando a meses, eu preciso mudar isso urgentemente 😭
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causeimworthitx · 14 days ago
I'm actually on my knees praying for my period to come because there really is no sign of it coming. PLEASEEE LORD 😩
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withloveajaxx · 15 days ago
you're lucky you're cute.
Tumblr media
✧ genre: spiderman! childe x gn! reader fluff
✧ warnings: none
✧ summary: childe wants to surprise you with a date night and he thinks it's a brilliant idea to get you to your date location by webbing through the city.
✧ note: i could not, for the life of me, think of a title. ik the title sounds unrelated at all and it might be but oh well i tried </33. here's a spiderman! childe one-shot because yes i am whipped. this is dedicated to my fellow childe kisser, @toracius hi stace here you go LMAO. this isn't my best work but i hope yall enjoy either wayyy ^^
Tumblr media
the cool night air sends your hair flying in every direction as you open the door to the apartment rooftop. you had no idea what was going on, but childe had asked you to wait for him here, claiming that he had a "wonderful surprise" for you. 
the rooftop that had nothing special or out of the ordinary laid out atop it only brought more confusion to your already puzzled mind. what on earth was childe planning? 
as if the gods had heard you, childe comes swinging onto the rooftop, his blue and red suit still perfectly clinging onto his body. he ends up taking his mask off, hair all tousled and messy as the corners of his lips tug up to form his infamous grin. 
"sorry i'm late, baby," he apologizes curtly, making his way to you to plant a greeting kiss on your lips. "are you ready for the surprise?" 
"ready as i'll ever be." you shrug nonchalantly, a smile beginning to form onto your features as childe gingerly takes your hand in his. 
he smiles widely before saying, "great! my surprise is somewhere else though, so you gotta come with me."
"what? then why didn't you ask me to wait at the lobby instead? we could catch a cab." 
"oh, i wanted to take you there my way." this makes your figure freeze in place. you can't help but let out a nervous chuckle as he continues to tug your hand towards the edge of the building. there was no way he was going to do what you were thinking, right?
"i'm sorry, what do you mean 'your way'?" 
"oh, you know… i wanted to take you there by swinging?" childe smiles as if swinging around buildings in the city was a completely normal way of travelling. "we'd get there much faster!" 
"yeah, but don't you think a cab is safer?" you try to reason with him, not budging one bit as his figure stands at the edge of the rooftop. childe could sense the fear and hesitation in your voice so he hops off of the edge, taking both of your hands in his. 
"you trust me, don't you?" he asks softly, a hint of playfulness in his tone as he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear before cupping your face in his hands. "i'm not letting anything happen to you. you'll be safe with me." 
although your heart still thrummed loudly with fear, you glance at his eyes and see nothing but sincerity and determination. you can't help but sigh and hold the hands that gently held your face, nodding in silent approval. 
with a gentle kiss to your palm, childe flashes you one last charming look before putting his mask back on. he leads you to the edge of the rooftop slowly, allowing you to wrap your arms tightly around his neck as he gives you some time to prepare yourself. 
childe's heart beats a bit too loud as you practically shove your face into his shoulder. he has no idea if you notice his thundering heartbeat, but if you do, you don't say anything. 
you feel childe's lips through his mask as they kiss the crown of your head before he mutters, "hold on.". giving you absolutely no time to respond, he shoots a web to a nearby building and jumps off the rooftop. 
you hear nothing but the roaring wind, feel nothing but the harsh breeze as you tighten your arms around childe's neck. childe holds onto you securely with one hand, the patterns he traces doing little to comfort you as you peak at the view from your spot on his shoulder. 
you can't see it but there's a stupid grin on childe's face beneath his mask. the feeling of butterflies he's getting isn't from all the swinging, rather it's from the feeling of you trying to get impossibly closer to him as he webs through the air. 
after what seems like forever, childe finally lands on another rooftop and your head is lifted from his shoulder. unlike yours, this roof had small cracks in it, somehow allowing some grass and flowers to blossom from it. there are candles placed in a calculated manner and there's an old blanket you vaguely remember using laid out onto the cement. last but not the least, a basket filled with fruits and snacks sits atop the blanket along with a pizza box. so this was his surprise? 
"surprise, love!" he chuckles, taking his mask off to look at your reaction to his careful and hard work. "i know some of my duties were getting in the way of our quality time, so i thought a little date night would be a little romantic." 
"thank you, childe." you sigh, unable to help yourself from thanking him with a quick peck to his lips. "i appreciate this, really. but next time take me here with a more human way of transportation, yeah?" 
"oh c'mon, babe. i thought you were kinda cute clinging onto me like that. i quite enjoyed it, if i can say so myself." 
"you're lucky your cute, childe… you're fucking lucky you're cute."  
Tumblr media
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© withloveajaxx 2022. please do not copy, plagarize, or translate in any way.
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laviedecamionneur · 15 days ago
Kelly Joe Phelps - Hellhound On My Trail
Voici cet artiste cité dans mon billet sur la première partie de la route du nord du Montana. Pour ceux qui aiment le blues, le folk, la country, l’acoustique. c’est un peu une quintescence de tout ca en un seul bonhomme.
Un régal.
N’hésitez pas à vous abonner au blogue, à laisse un like, un commentaire.
Tout ca sera toujours très apprécié!
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pigeonneaux · 13 days ago
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I don't even make ocs now it's straight up self insert
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vhscorp · 15 days ago
Dans ce monde matérialiste, les ultimes aventuriers et les derniers idéalistes sont ceux qui croient au verbe aimer...
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sport-captures · 11 days ago
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vibo2 · 15 days ago
Quiero mezclarme entre los Dioses del Olimpo de tu cuerpo, desafiar el destino, para crear un mundo plateado con nuestros deseos.
Donde las madrugadas sean con neblinas doradas, en las noches la luna duerma en nuestro balcón y las estrellas titilen música para acompañar los versos de este poeta enamorado que desnuda su alma en cada letra.
Emocionarte con mi verbo transparente, de tono azulado que declama mis pasiones, en un poema perfumado con el aroma de geranios destilado por tu cuerpo, perfume intenso que incrementa mis latidos.
Así poder abrir la caja de Pandora, donde guardas tus emociones, mostrando la seducción de tu mirada, guía inequívoca de mi boca por las ondas de tu piel y de tus besos.
Para perdernos en una batalla, donde sobran las almohadas y las ropas estorban, donde mis labios bajan a tu ombligo y tus piernas se cruzan en mi espalda.
Quiero perderme en medio de tus piernas y beber la dulzura de tu fuente de vida.
Mojar mi lengua en tu delirio, que tu boca excite mi alma, encontrarnos cuando explotemos haciendo parar el mundo.
Amanecer abrazados, con la respiración agitada, los cuerpos húmedos, las piernas trenzadas, las manos unidas y una conversación ausente de palabras, pero llena de suspiros, miradas y caricias.
Vi Bo
D. R. A.
Imagen de la red solo como ilustración.
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Today's Hinata of the Day is: Gonna wisen us up to one thing!
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brian-in-finance · 3 months ago
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Actual link below in blue
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Remember… fall festival standouts being represented today at Contenders London include Belfast, the Kenneth Branagh-directed coming-of-age tale set during The Troubles. — Deadline
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the-eight-wonder · a year ago
blog run by: Niko
here’s the pronouns
I post mainly about gremlincore/corvidcore, and cryptidcore. Although I also post in other cores such as:  Mooncore, ghostcore, cottagecore, Adventurecore, Naturecore, mushroomcore, mosscore, batcore and occasionally wierdcore/liminalcore (If you wanna see dark/light academia check out my other blog!)
what is batcore?: heres the original post i made, and heres the updated one. I use batcore as my own personal core, with stuff i think fits my own personal aesthetic along with just stuff i like. 
Here’s a link to the art used
more below the cut!
This blog is open to pretty much anyone and is a safe space for anyone.
I have the obv dni if your homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc. but also dni if you a k*nk blog, or p*rn blog (mostly the bots are a problem for me).
Anything tagged poeticguts (poetic guts) are my poetry. Anything tagged inkedguts (inked guts) is my art. 
I know theres a few kin blogs who follow me, so heres a kin blog! feel free to say hello over there. (its in the works right now)
Now enjoy some tunes: 
When you want to walk in the woods, but are stuck not in the woods
The seasons have changed, and now all you have left so the new year
Vibes from any Indie esc movie, perhaps a soundtrack to your life? 
Music that is here for you to either rage or dance
when you’re in the darkened woods
going cryptid hunting in the local woods
when you need to cry at three am
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numaproject2021 · 2 days ago
第29回 - 話し合い
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laviedecamionneur · 14 days ago
Fred Pellerin interprète La chanson du camionneur
Un intermède entre deux postes, une chanson qui parle du métier et qui parle de la réalité de la vie de couple reliée à ce métier.
Fred Pellerin est pour moi un artiste de la plus haute importance. Il est un des représentants les plus authentiques de ce que la culture Québecoise a de meilleur à offrir et représente à merveille cette superbe vie communautaire qui existe encore dans chaque village de notre beau pays où le secret de chacun de ces micro-mondes est bien jalousement gardé.
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