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Happy Doctor Who Day :)
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Rewatched Fury Road tonight and something that struck me was how decorated everything is. The Wives, obviously, are decorated both for Joe in their flimsy gauze, and also for themselves with tattoos and dyed hair. But everything else, too. The War Boys decorate their cars in skulls and war trophies. Immortan Joe’s mask has teeth and his sons and the People Eater are wearing jewelry. Furiosa’s prosthetic has what looks like a leather ribbing or slashing on the shoulder piece. The Vuvalini give Furiosa and the Wives blankets and headbands that are embroidered and woven with patterns. Even the War Rig has Immortan Joe’s crest embossed on the ceiling in a deliberately shiny metal.
Nothing here is purely utilitarian. Even when the majority of time is dedicated to fighting over enough water to survive, people still create art. 
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Today is Friday the 13th
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Why the hell is no one on this hellsite talking about the fact that Ncuti Gatwa has been announced as the next Doctor?
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The legend of the sea devil better has some good thasmin content for us, since they are gonna destroy it in the next episode
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I’ve spoken a lot about why I’m remaking my first six albums, but the way I’ve chosen to do this will hopefully help illuminate where I’m coming from. Artists should own their work for so many reasons, but the most screamingly obvious one is that the artist is the only one who really knows that body of work.
Happy 32nd Birthday Taylor!!
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startswithhope · a year ago
Netflix has made the documentary “13th” available for free on YouTube. If you are white and haven’t watched this, it should be required viewing. 
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roguetimebot · a year ago
I keep recommending this documentary only to realize that Netflix has put the whole thing up for free on YouTube.
I highly recommend this documentary, which traces the idea of black people being criminals back to where the idea originated. In case you’re worried it’s leftist propaganda or whatever, there is a mix of liberal and conservative experts who are interviewed for this piece. 
If you believe that you yourself are not racist, that’s awesome. But this documentary explains how racism is still perpetuated in our prisons, in our law-making, and in our rhetoric. Dismantling a system is more effective when you know what you’re fighting, and this is a great resource for people who may not have experienced it firsthand.
TW: the end of the documentary features graphic depictions of violence
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not my tiktok but i had to share
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also personally my favorite (feasible-ish) HC for why you survive is that Benny is a cheapass bitch who uses shitty, ancient Surplus ammo and it does way less damage than he expected
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I-no fanart
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*haven't watched the new episode yet* but-
I've just realised that the only thing the doctor really told her companions back when they were asking who she really was, were those buzzwords, her titles, which planet she was from, etc. Only, after everything that's happened, none of that feels true anymore. The only things she managed to open up about ended up being a lie, to them and to herself. And she hasn't opened up since.
Just a thought...
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Guess who heard Impera
(it was me)
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I’ll admit, I had my doubts about coming to an institute in Lima over another academy back home, but the fact that I’ve managed to show up two days before a trip to the Caribbean has got to be proof that I’ve made the right choice. I’m not looking forward to...building houses for the first week, and quite frankly I feel sorry for anyone who takes up residence in something my very incapable hands helped construct, but it’s certainly a noble cause if nothing else. Plus, it comes with the added perk of watching my hunky, muscle-bound classmates lift and carry materials all day, so a girl can’t really complain, can she? 
For those who don’t know me - I’m so sorry, but don’t worry, I’m here now and your life just got that much more fabulous by mere proximity alone. 
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Veronica Lodge, newly-marked Switch and yes, daughter to that Lodge. I’ll need my bags brought up to my suite of course, so volunteers looking to jump right into my good graces, make yourselves known. I won’t hesitate to issue orders if I have to. That said, strapping Dominants are welcome to help me out, as well. I’m an equal-opportunity kind of girl when it comes to rewarding chivalry, gentlemen. It’s a lot of luggage, but I’ll make it well worth the effort.
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drew thirteen because i had a sudden burst of motivation
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chapter 6- slapped with a tray
pairing: god!namjoon x goddess!reader
genre: fluff, angst, smut
warnings: slapping (as usual), pussy slapping, fingering, oral ( f receiving), mention of infidelity, threats 
wc: ~4.6k 
tags: @kawennote09​ @ggukkieland​  @sweetjellyfishland​ 
a/n: heheheheheheheheh
Persephone had expected her mother to be angrier than she had been. She’d expected a physical altercation with Namjoon, but, unfortunately, she had been let down. Her mother had simply sighed and given her away to the man.  Persephone thought she would feel proud of finally being free of the ever-seeing eyes of her mother.
She already missed her.  The six months that she would be queen of the underworld would mostly consist of her wishing she could see daylight and the loving aura of her mother. However, she was stuck with the most annoying god that she had ever met. She would have taken Jimin, the god of victory, over Kim Namjoon.  Even as handsome as the god of the dead was, he had manipulated her every move. Surely, the Fates didn’t expect her to fall in love with him. 
To be fair, she had wanted this. It was simply the way that it had been done that had her wanting to strangle Namjoon. 
“My love-”
“I have told you countless times now, Namjoon. I do not wish to be called ‘my love’ by you until we are married and have courted.”
Namjoon sighed, wishing that he could zap the sass out of her. “Worry not. We'll be married by the night.. And I expect to properly introduce you to my bed.”
Persephone gagged and rolled her eyes. He had such a way with words and none of it had her legs clenching together. 
“I don’t want to be introduced to anything,” she tilted her head in thought. “No, I take that back. I want you to explain the worlds of the Underworld. You said you would.”
“I did. And I will. After we’ve married.”
“Why not before? I want to understand the realm I am to be goddess of. I’ll be an incompetent queen and the dead don’t want that. They already have a dense king and an even denser ferryman taking care of them.”
“You make such a good point, and I am far from dense.  I take care of my kingdom despite everything you think you know about me. I just have certain ways of doing things and you will come to see why those things exist.”
Persephone shrugged and watched as the trees and greenery from the Earth flew past as Namjoon drove the chariot away from her home.  The cottage she had grown up in was now miles away. It had been small but quaint. Her room was decorated with the trinkets that mortal humans had given to her mother as gifts for harvests. Books that she had acquired from many men including Homer were  stacked around her room. Her mother had always scolded her for having her face in a book but came to regret it once Persephone was older. Demeter realized that she would much rather have her daughter’s nose in a book rather than in someone’s business.  
Now she would spend most of her life in a castle she might never find the end of. She pondered if Namjoon would include a tour of the castle along with the rest of the kingdom. How truly big of a world could the Underworld be?
“Would you prefer to ride the boat back to the castle?”
Persephone raised an eyebrow at Namjoon’s question. “What do you mean, ride the boat back? We have your chariot.”
“I assumed you would like to see how Jungkook has fared since you damn near choked him to death with a coin.”
“You assumed…” she trailed off. Actually, she wouldn’t mind seeing the scared look of the ferryman. “Correctly. You assumed correctly. A first for you Kim Namjoon.”
“I know I did. And is it too much to ask for you to call me your King?”
“Yes. Don’t push your luck too much.”
“I wish I had gone with the plan to get Eros here to shoot you with an arrow.”
“It wouldn’t have worked. I’ve been shot with the Bow before in front of Yoongi, the god of messaging,  and I managed to fight it off.” “I like strong women.”
“You like a strong woman. That’s me,” she turned towards Namjoon. “If you’re to marry me, I would love for you to not be as woman-crazy as any of the other gods. I am to be your only queen.”
Namjoon hadn’t planned on bearing his love for any other woman. But hearing Persephone say that made his heart flip. It gave him hope that she would love him as he loved her. A monotonous relationship was easy since he had waited so long for her. 
“I promise there will be no one else.” 
She smiled at him. A genuine smile. “And I promise there will be no one else for me. Besides, I’ll be too tired to look for someone after fixing the damage you’ve done to the Underworld. Gods know how unorganized you are.”
“I have told you, I am not unorganized. I did manage to get you to the underworld and get you to eat the seeds. I am a very calculative man.”
“Hm, you’re right. Although I believe you were only successful because I was too naive and hungry. I don’t usually eat things my mother has not cultivated herself.”
“Ah, but your mother did cultivate the pomegranate. I just took a liking to them and called them my own. You just never paid attention to her stories.”
“Maybe I didn’t. I was still hungry and would have eaten a horse. Self-pleasure does that to you.”
Blushing at her words, Namjoon steered the chariot to the entrance of the Underworld that Persephone and Seokjin had taken the day before. It was the hole he used to spy on Persephone at times when she bathed in the river. She had definitely pleasured herself during those times and Namjoon had been witness to them all. He was pretty sure the plants around him had enough fertilizer from those days.  
The images were beginning to cloud his mind and he could feel a tent forming under the tunic he wore.  He shifted to try and hide it the best way possible. He didn’t feel the need to be launched out of his chariot. 
“We’re here. The chariot knows its way back to the castle. It can steer itself.”
“I was so worried about it.” 
“Your sarcasm is attractive as a Queen.”
“And so is the mouth the sarcasm comes out of,” she purred. 
Surely, Namjoon was dreaming. Perhaps he had accidentally fallen asleep on the ride here. Persephone, who had mere moments before wanted nothing to do with his sex, was flirting with him.  The woman was confusing him and he wished Aphrodite was here to decipher everything she did to him. 
“Persephone, you are playing with fire.”
She knew. Persephone had seen the forlorn look he had gotten when she mentioned pleasuring herself.  She also hadn’t missed how he moved to hide his erection. Sure, she had rejected his advances towards bedding her after marriage. She wanted to stay a virgin until she knew that she was falling in love with him. That didn’t mean there were other means of satisfying both of their needs. 
The nymphs she used to gossip with would sometimes replace her fingers with their tongues. She missed and craved it. And she wouldn’t mind getting what she wanted from the man beside her. 
“Namjoon, please stop.”
 “I need you.”
He didn’t need to be told twice. Namjoon stopped the chariot in the middle of the field, a few meters away from the entrance to his land. He knew no one would walk into the scene that would only be for his memories. 
Persephone had worked herself up thinking of how the man’s tongue would feel against her.  Her pussy was throbbing to be touched and she couldn’t wait until they were safely in the privacy of the castle.  She needed release. Besides, they were bound to be married by the night if Namjoon were to have his way. Why not have a pre-celebratory quickie under the rising moon?
She took off the lilac dress not wanting Namjoon to mess it up. She wore no undergarments, so everything was easily accessible. Laying down, she looked up through her eyelashes and waited for the man to make a move. 
Namjoon was in the Olympus clouds. The heady scent of her was drafting into his mind and marking its territory.  His mouth watered as he held himself from diving in and taking all he wanted.  He admired the view of her full breasts and curvy figure. She was a goddess in all forms. And all his.  
He leaned over her and took both of her breasts in his hands and squeezed. He took a nipple into his mouth and suckled on it, drawing out a moan from Persephone. He moved to take care of the other, while moving his hand down to her warmth. And by the gods was she warm. He felt for her clit and twirled it between his index and middle making Persephone moan louder. 
Persephone was not  enjoying the simulation that Namjoon was presently giving her. She wanted release now, not some frou-frou foreplay. She tried to push Namjoon’s head down to guide him to the place where she wanted him, but he wasn’t not having it. He wanted control.
He slapped her pussy hard enough to have Persephone gasp. Leaving open-mouth kisses down the length of her body,he helped himself to a small taste of her. Namjoon moaned as her juices coated his tongue. She tasted like honeydew, sweet and savory. 
“Namjoon, please stop teasing me,” Persephone whined. The man had her at his mercy and was toying with her. 
“Not teasing you. Simply admiring.”
“Well, stop admiring and-oh!”
Namjoon had inserted two fingers into her hole. He pumped them in a fast rhythm, studying the way her face contorted into one of pleasure. The sounds he was inducing from  her were music to his ears and he wanted them to keep coming. He threw her leg over his shoulder, giving him ample room to lick through her folds as much as he wanted. 
He flicked his tongue over her clit before sucking it in with a moan. The woman was exquisite. He added another finger to his onslaught of actions. She clenched around them and Namjoon moaned into her pussy. 
Persephone was full; Namjoon’s hands were unquestionably larger than hers. The adding of his tongue was building up an orgasm she or the nymphs had not been able to produce. The fire in her belly was spreading and warming her up --she just needed more.  
“Namjoon,” she whined.
Namjoon glanced at her and knew what she wanted. He angled his fingers to find her sensitive spot. 
The stimulation on her clit and sweet spot had Persephone arching her back, her hands flying into Namjoon’s hair, pushing him further into her cunt.  She could hear how wet she was with each pump of his fingers and Namjoon was just lapping it all. The fire was quickly turning into a coiled ball.  
He reached up and twisted her nipples, “Come for me.” 
Her orgasm ran through her, her thighs and body shaking.  Namjoon didn’t stop his movement, trying hard to prolong it. She made an effort to push his head away because of the  overstimulation to no avail. Namjoon didn't stop until she was completely cleaned off.
When he was done, he let her leg fall to the chariot’s chair and leaned back into his spot. He watched as Persephone put an arm  over her eyes as she tried to control her breath and shaking.  What a treat it would be when they made real love.   
Persephone was spent and sat up; however, it was obvious that Namjoon needed to be released as well. His tunic wasn’t doing much to hide his erection. In fact, it gave away just how big Namjoon was. It made her mouth water. 
“Namjoon,” she purred, “let me reciprocate.”
“No. I’m not ready for that yet. I want you as my Queen before I have you on your knees for me.”
“My love. Don’t push it. I will be fine. Seeing the dead will get rid of any erotic thoughts anyway.” 
He looked over at her nakedness. The end results of his pussy eating had gotten all over the chariot and himself. He didn’t mind. It would show everyone who she belonged to. 
“Put on your dress,” he said as he handed it to her. “Jungkook already got a view of your body but I do not wish for him or anyone else to see anymore than they already have.”
Persephone grumbled but put the dress back on.  Namjoon waited for her by the opened entrance to the Underworld.  He knew he would have to make it up to her, but he had meant what he said. He only wanted her on his knees once she was his Queen; this was only a tease at what he would do to her. 
And speaking of servants…
“Persephone, I have something to talk to you about.” He watched her wobble from the chariot over to where he stood.  He took her hand and waist before descending into the cave. Unlike Seokjin and Persephone, he was aware of the major drop and landed on his feet. 
“What is it?”
“There is a servant whom I have noticed has taken quite a liking to me.”
Persephone raised an eyebrow at the man. He allowed a servant to develop feelings?  “What do you plan to do about it? Remember as I told you. I am to be your only Queen. And I meant it so.”
“And I intend to keep my promise. Will you learn to trust me, woman?”
“ I have no reason to trust you.”
“You just laid out in a chariot, in the middle of the woods, for me because you became amorous. Surely, you trust me a little.”
“And only a little. Did you miss how you made a dead soul agree to lead me to the Underworld under false pretenses? Also did you miss how you didn’t tell me what the pomegranate seeds were for until after I ate them?”
“You’re right. And I’m sorry for all of that. Truly.”
Her eyes widened, not expecting an apology from him. Of course, there would have to be more than an apology to make up for his manipulation, but this was a start. 
“Well, uh, you still haven’t answered my question. What do you plan to do about HyoJin?”
“I don’t know if I’m honest. What would you do?”
The sounds of the dead were getting louder in volume. Namjoon was afraid that Jungkook had gotten backed up again. Perhaps Persephone’s suggestion about a bigger boat wasn’t too bad of an idea. 
She thought for a moment before shrugging and saying, “Make her my personal maid. Seokjin as well. I’ll keep her busy enough that she won’t have time to think about you. ”
“What will you do about her jealousy?” “She’d have to overcome it or express her feelings to me. I intend to make sure everyone knows that I am approachable and will appreciate them.”
“Do you appreciate me?”
At this point, they could both see the crowd of the dead folks. Someone was yelling about being let aboard, and another was crying about life being unfair. Namjoon’s presence seemed to go unnoticed even though most should be cowering. 
Jungkook was the only one to notice his king’s appearance. He was overwhelmed and overworked. He needed help. There had been a massacre somewhere on Earth and the people had all appeared on the dock of the Styx a few moments ago.  His boat was small enough to only hold at least three people at a time and even that was a stretch. There were times he was afraid he would fall into the river of oaths. His clumsy boat could never disperse a crowd like this. There were at least a couple hundred if the screams were any indication of how truly unorganized everything was at the moment. 
“Namjoon!” he called out. 
Persephone was trying to hold her laughter in. The face of the ferryman was one of pure panic, and, by the gods, it was hilarious. Jungkook seemed to be on the verge of collapse as his row was the only thing keeping him standing.  
“Perhaps we should have ridden the chariot afterall. It looks as if your ferryman has his hands full, don’t you think?” Namjoon told her to hush.  
“Namjoon, I need a new boat. A big one. A sturdy one. Something!” Jungkook’s doe eyes were watering. 
“I will get you a new boat. But, uh, I have to get to the castle as quickly as possible. I left the chariot at the entrance and it’s probably already docked at home.” Persephone let out a small chuckle before covering her mouth to smother the rest. This was serious. If she wanted to prove that she was a good Queen, she had to address the situation with sincereness, and that meant being cordial to Jungkook.
“Jungkook,” she cleared her throat, “it looks like you’re about to hop away like a frightened rabbit. Take us to the castle and you can stay there for a while. The dead can wait a few hours. We’ll come up with a plan.” She started to move towards the boat before turning back to the panicking man, “And I’m sorry for choking you with a coin. That was wrong of me.”
Jungkook smiled and wiped away the tears that had escaped. “I am sorry for calling your earring fake. I shouldn’t have questioned a goddess.”
“You shouldn’t have. Let that be a lesson.”
“I love that we’re all apologizing but we have matters to attend to. Jungkook, take us to the other side without drowning us please.”
An hour later, the ferryman had managed to safely put them at the doors of the castle. He was told to wait for Namjoon to bring a better boat. As he and Persephone practically ran for the doors, Jungkook collapsed onto the dark sand. 
“Wait, isn’t this where that dog was?” “Oh, you mean Cerberus? Yes, he’s here,” He toldher nonchalantly as he pushed the golden doors open. “He is supposed to guard the doors. However, he’s a sweet boy. You’ll have the chance to meet him later.”
Persephone was surprised to see that the doors opened into a corridor rather than a pathway like the day before. Namjoon led her down to one of the doors that opened into a bedroom. His bedroom. 
“You’re to stay here until I come back.”
“Stay here until I come back. I do not know how long I will be. I should have given him a boat earlier. I’ll have to meet with the blacksmith god, Taehyung. And gods, does he like to whine about his decaying relationship.”
“Why can’t I accompany you?” “I assume you want to get some rest before our wedding, which may have to be postponed for tomorrow.”
“Yes, I am tired. But it’s nothing I can’t handle. I want to work beside you.” “Not today. I have to fix this. You did help by suggesting it earlier during our breakfast. Please get some rest.”
Folding her arms across her chest, she tried to dim the annoyance she felt. “I hope you don’t plan to do this often.”
“Do what often?” “Keep me from working with you. I agreed to be your Queen, but I don’t plan to just sit like a trophy you won.”
“We’ll discuss this later. I must leave before the dead start to swim in the Styx,” he paused and tilted his head in thought. “On second thought, that’s not a bad idea. But I still must hurry.”
“Fine.” She was indeed weary from the orgasm she had earlier. No one reason to completely fight with him on this.  
“Seokjin and HyoJin are at your disposal. Signal them with the bell next to the bed whenever you need something.” 
He kissed her forehead and watched in approval as she yawned and nodded. 
“You’re just lucky I am tired. Otherwise, I’d argue with you all night.”
“I am lucky. Please get some sleep. You’re going to have a big day tomorrow.”
“Okay, okay. Now leave. Your presence is annoying me now.”
He laughed as he closed the door behind him.  Persephone was left alone in the bedroom that smelled entirely like him. Something like cypress and lavender. A weird combination that was surprisingly pleasant. The only light emanated from a few candles that Namjoon had lit before he left. 
She sprawled onto the cozy bed and felt herself drifting off into slumber. 
Tumblr media
A deep rumbling woke her. She found that she was completely in the dark as the candles had gone out.  The rumbling had come from her stomach. She had no idea how to re-light the candles, so she felt around in the darkness for the bell that Namjoon had told her about. She rang it a few times and waited for someone to come. While she waited, her eyes had adjusted to the dark; there was no sign of Namjoon. 
There was a small knock at the door and she called for them to come in. 
Seokjin greeted her with a smile and moved to re-light the candles. He couldn’t speak to Persephone if he couldn’t see her.
“My queen, how are you?”
“Hungry. Is there anything to eat?”
“Yes there is.  I can bring you some bread and cheese. I tried to save you and the king some dinner, but most of the servants got carried away.”
“How kind of you,” she giggled. “Where is Namjoon? Has he not come back yet?”
Seokjin shook his head, “I saw him leave after he gave us instructions to tend to you, but that was about five hours ago. It’s almost midnight now.”
“Oh,” was all she managed to get out. “Well, I guess I will just have the bread and cheese. And perhaps some tea.”
“Of course, my queen. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”  He bowed and  left the room. 
Persephone was once again left alone with her thoughts. She wondered what was taking Namjoon so long. He had said that Taehyung liked to drone on about his failing relationship with the goddess of love, but Persephone knew he couldn’t talk for hours about that. Besides, Taehyung wasn’t helping the relationship either if what Aphrodite had told her was true. 
Taehyung had been seeing Jimin behind her back for years as well. He was no saint. None of the gods and goddesses (save a few) were sinless when it came to adultery and infidelity. 
It was because of their relationship  and the relationships of the other gods that Persephone wanted to stress monogamy. The greek gods and goddesses were always too busy chasing after pleasure to care about a single woman or man.  She had trusted Namjoon’s word that he would only be hers. Could she really trust him though? He had lied and manipulated her in a way that should have made her mother put his head on an altar. One of her main dislikes were liars and yet she had let a major one slide under the rug.  The circumstances were making her do things that she normally didn’t do anyway. Having a man finger her was one of those things.
However, she loved that and would willingly let the man do it again. Just not today. Or tomorrow. Or when they were wed. She would make him wait it out until he had balls so blue, he would practically beg her to do something.  
Or maybe she’d tease him. Give him a little bit of relief at times. 
First though. She would have to prove that she could reign beside Namjoon. Not just as his wife, but as his Queen. It will start with the servants. Their loyalty was tied to their King and it was clear that most of them cherished his work as King.  What could she possibly do?
Seokjin cleared his throat to get her attention. He was holding a golden tray in his hands.  “My Queen. I have brought you some bread, butter, cheese, and some fruits I could slip away from the cooks.”
“It’s not a pomegranate is it?” Now that she understood the magic behind the fruit, she didn’t want to see it again. If she ate more it could mean more time without seeing her mother. 
“No,” he smiled.  “It’s apple slices and peaches. I managed to steal it from the cooks while they weren’t looking.” He set the tray on the table beside her. 
Persephone’s stomach grumbled again, seeing all of the food.  It wasn’t anything like the breakfast she had,but it was enough. Seokjin poured her a cup of hot tea while she stuffed herself with the delicacies.  
“Please have some.”
“I have already eaten, thank you.”
She pouted a little. “Aw. It would have been nice to eat with someone. Namjoon will have to make it his ritual to have breakfast and dinner with me.”
“Why not lunch?” “Lunch is time for me.”
��Of course, it is.”
He took the tray from her once she motioned that she was thoroughly done. Her stomach was full now, and it was lulling her back to sleep.  Seokjin smiled at her and bowed. 
He started to leave before glancing down at the heavy-eyed woman. 
“I never properly told you this. But I do thank you. Namjoon had only found me wandering around my home. I was lost. He promised that I would be able to serve him if I did what he asked. He told  me to look for a beautiful woman, but he never told me who or what they would look like. Then I saw you. And I knew.”
He bowed again, watching her fall to sleep with a smile on her face. He never got a “You’re welcome” verbally, but he could understand that she had forgiven him. He left the room of the sleeping Queen, and ran into HyoJin. The old faced woman was always right behind a door listening in-something he had noticed in his day here. 
“Are you trying to steal the King’s woman?”
The question confused him. Of course, he wasn’t. He owed both of them a great deal. “No, HyoJin. I am not. Now, if you’ll excuse me…” He moved to go around her, but she blocked his way. 
“You should try,” she whispered. “Please move. And no. I would rather not be thrown into Tartarus. I like it here.”
“I like it here,” she mocked him. Still not moving out of his way. “That kun is getting in my way.”
“You shouldn’t be calling our Queen-”
“She is not my queen! She’s a blasphemous whore that Namjoon should have left on Earth.”
Seokjin took the tray from under his arm and swiftly smacked the servant with it. She was brave for speaking in front of the door that currently roomed  the sleeping lady.  She was even braver for saying it to him. 
“I’ll have you know that she’s not a blasphemous whore. You are,” he settled the tray under his arm again as he cut his eyes towards the hyperventilating woman in front of him. “I should report this to Namjoon and he will have you dealt with. However, I won’t. It’s more than likely you’ll fuck up royally in front of his love, and she’d deal with you herself.”
HyoJin was caressing her face, trying to soothe the pain. She hadn’t expected him to move so quickly--or to hit her with a tray of all things. “Are you threatening me?”
“No. I’m giving you another chance to get out of my way.”
And she did. She watched as he whistled away to wash the tray--and be possibly yelled at by the cooks for stealing the fruit.  
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