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Congratulations Johnny Vrdoljak @johnny.v on your commitment to Western University @westernbasketball (Usport) YOUR TODAY’S SUCCESS IS THE BEGINNING OF TOMORROW’S ACHIEVEMENT, CONGRATULATIONS from the #TRCwolfpack family. #14 Johnny Vrdoljak F 6'11 2020 | *RISE-Realize Individual Success Everyday #TRCacademy | 411 Elgin St. Brantford, Ontario, Canada, N3S-7P5 @theRISEcentre | TRC IG: @TRCacademy | TRC Twitter: @TRCwolfpack | ‪ #TRCbasketball #theRISEcentre ‬ (at The Rise Centre)

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A drowning sorrow floods the deepest grief, how long now?

Until the weather change condemns belief, how long now?

When the night watchman lets in the thief

What’s wrong now?

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how is this done, tiny louis?

Dunno! Harry’s the baker, you should’ve picked ‘im!

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The Letter sits on the desk.
The paper rests on its wood.
Words of black ink reflecting stories.
Stories of the lives of many.


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Tag List: @natasha-danvers @lesbian-x-blackwidow @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @disneykid125 @summergeezburr @nowthisisliving27 @sighsam

Word Count: 572

Start of Scarlett Shorts Day kicks off now! Enjoy :)

“Ok baby you got everything in position?” I ask my daughter over her princess walkie talkies I had gotten her for Christmas last year, we had been bored stuck inside during this lockdown so we decided that today we would have some fun.

“Yeah mama, it’s all ready” My little 6 year old squeaks out across the device, I can’t help but smile as I picture the bright smile that is sure to be splashed across Rose’s face right now. I shake my head clear of my thoughts when I start to hear Y/n’s footsteps walk through the main hallway of the house.

Today we had decided to play a few pranks on my darling girlfriend, we decided to kick off ‘operation prank L/n’ with a pretty common but awesome prank.

“Scar? Where are you? I need to run some lines with you” Y/n calls out for me, I start to walk towards the door that separates the room I was stood in and the hallway that Y/n was walking down.

“In the living room babe! Come in here” I call out, grinning to myself as I can hear her footsteps louden as she gets closer to me. I give Rose a thumbs up as I see her come out of the shadows and hides behind the wall that door is on, her hands coming to grab a piece of rope.

“Hey sweet I know we agreed no working during this lockdown but I just wanted to be ready for this role. Do you think you could…” Y/n rambles out as she walks through the door, halting in the middle of her speech once Rose pulls on the rope sending a bucket of ice cold water to empty all over the h/c girl.

“Yes!!! It worked mama” Rose squeals out as she runs out from her hiding place to give me a high five, the both of us laughing so hard we start to cry.

“Yeah it did! Good job baby girl” I praise my little girl as I finally turn my attention to my cold, wet girlfriend.

Y/n was stood in a state of shock as she looks down at her soaked feet, her body drenched in the cold water as she clutches her now wet iPad in her hand. The girl slowly looks up at us with a glare as it finally sinks in of what we had just done to her, I was trying so hard not to laugh but one look at her, who looks just like a drowned puppy, I let myself go instantly triggering Rose into laughing again as well.

Y/n’s glare starts to soften once the laughter starts, her anger melting away as she takes in the laughter and happiness radiating off of her two favourite girls, my love takes a step forward being rushing to wrap her soaking wet frame over both myself and Rose.

“Y/n! Get off you are wet and cold!” I screech out as I try to wiggle free from the ice cold hold she had on me, Y/n laughing out loud as she tightens her arms around myself and Rose.

It was times like these that show how lucky I was, I had an amazing daughter and a wonderful girlfriend… Who we only torture every once in a while!

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look at her :-) i still don’t have a name for her but look

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