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#165 cm
ziegenkind094 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is eel, he’s 25 and an aspiring musician with no real talent for singing. he loves mothman and chews on his piercing until it gets stuck in his tooth gap.
he also sucks face with @karasawr’s oc uri (5th pic, on the left)
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chitaprrrrrrrr · 3 years ago
Shortest Male Kpop Idols
Woozi, (Seventeen) - 165 cm
Jay, (iKON) - 165 cm
Sungwoon, (Hotshot/Wanna One) - 167 cm
Taeil, (Block B) - 167 cm
Changbin, (Stray Kids) - 167 cm
Taehyun, (Hotshot) - 168 cm
Jinho, (Pentagon) - 168 cm
Han, (Stray Kids) - 168 cm
Kyung, (Block B) - 170 cm
Jeup, (Imfact) - 170 cm
Taeho, (Imfact) - 170 cm
Ten, (NCT) - 170 cm
I.N, (Stray Kids) - 170 cm
Manny, (Varsity) - 170 cm
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onebizarrekai · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve been wanting to make new Dreamswap references for a while. And of course, I just had to go all out. XD
Here’s the one for Nightmare. Now it’s all in one place!
Additional shenanigans regarding his design: • Nightmare is 5′5 (165 cm), and the shortest of the six Dreamswap characters. • Nightmare has awful posture habits and only stands up straight when he remembers to. • He pretty much always rolls his sleeves up. • One end of his staff can change shape, although it typically takes on the shape of a scythe or a spear. • His cape ended up in its smaller condition thanks to a kitchen accident with Cross where it caught on fire. Error turned it into what it currently is. Before it got messed up, it had a full moon symbol on it. • His build is about average, but he’s fast. (gotta go fast) • He’s latino as a human. • He’s not limited to these outfit designs! Nightmare has a decent amount of casual clothes that he wears on a regular basis.
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h-gucci · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
高橋ひかる 生年月日:2001年9月22日 出身地:大津市 身長:165 cm 日本のモデル、女優である。 滋賀県大津市出身。オスカープロモーション所属。
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redladydeath · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Found most of the queen’s heights when looking through their resumes. If you know any of the ones I missed, feel free to share.
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huariqueje · a year ago
Tumblr media
Botanical I   -   Astrid Nondal , 2009.
Norwegian, b. 1958-
Oil on canvas, 165 x 135 cm
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kpoptionate · 2 years ago
stray kids ➾ their preferred heights
requested: anon
a/n: these are just my opinion, though i feel as if all of the boys would date somebody regardless of his/her/their height. ______________________________
woojin ♡
5′4 - 5′9 / 162 - 175 cm. woojin wouldn’t really care whether his s/o is shorter or taller than him.
Tumblr media
chan ♡
5′2 - 5′5 / 157 - 165 cm. i feel like he’d want somebody shorter than him. his body proportions are bigger so he would like to wrap around and cuddle his s/o ; it gives him a feeling of protection.
Tumblr media
minho ♡
5′0 - 5′6 / 152 - 167 cm. minho would definitely like a shorter s/o as he is pretty dominant and would like to feel protective over his partner.
Tumblr media
changbin ♡
5′0 - 5′7 / 152 - 170 cm. he’d like an s/o shorter than him, but it wouldn’t bother him if they were slightly taller.
Tumblr media
hyunjin ♡
5′4 - 5′10 / 162 - 178 cm. hyunjin wouldn’t really mind whether his s/o is taller or shorter, though not too much taller since he is slightly tall himself.
Tumblr media
jisung ♡
5′0 - 5′11 / 152 - 180 cm. jisung would think his small s/o is adorable, but he also wouldn't mind a taller one since he would feel loved and protected in hugs and cuddle sessions.
Tumblr media
felix ♡
5′3 - 5′8 / 160 - 174 cm. he’d prefer someone shorter than him, but not too much so he could still comfortably give kisses.
Tumblr media
seungmin ♡
5′2 - 5′8 / 157 - 174 cm. seungmin would also want a shorter s/o, but a short short one would be so cute to him.
Tumblr media
jeongin ♡
5′1 - 5′11 / 155 - 180 cm. jeongin would love a tall s/o just as much as a smaller one.
Tumblr media
request or ask anything here !
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huariqueje · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Hangar   -   Kenneth Blom , 2020.
Norwegian, b.1967-
Oil on canvas, 146 x 165 cm.
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blamedorange · 3 years ago
What if Fuyumi is bigger than Hawks? Hawkd must be around 165 cm (compared to Endeavor who is 195 cm tall).
Tumblr media
Maybe she IS taller than him… probably like just a centimeter difference lmao anyway his solution is to just keep hovering beside her lolol
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huariqueje · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Garden   -   Jan de Vliegher , 2018
Belgian, b.1964-
Acrylics on canvas , 43 3/10 × 65 in   110 × 165 cm
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terminusantequem · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Michael Cox (British, b. 1994), Walk Night (Turquoise), 2017. Oil on canvas, 125 x 165 cm
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batgirl-87 · 2 years ago
Hogwarts Mystery Gang: Heights
(Based on average heights of men and women from different countries, some canon evidence, and personal perceptions/opinions [remember when we could only see the top of Badeea’s head in the friendship list? =p] Some characters are a little taller than their height, e.g. 5′1″ 1/2 or 5'4" 3/4 and attempted to be indicated through their metric measurement.
Obviously these are my own opinions and heights are when fully grown - can we go through puberty yet JamCity? Just to be taller? And I want height differences! I don't like everyone being the same height sans Bill [and kind of Charlie?] P.S. originally had Chiara 5'7" but I really wanted someone to be 5'4" [idk why] and who says all werewolves have to be tall [Remus?! She probably is taller though...] but I want a little werewolf buddy!)
Rowan: 5′5″/165 cm
Ben: 5'9"/175 cm
Penny: 5'7"/171 cm
Bill: 6'4"/194 cm
Barnaby: 6'1"/185 cm
Tonks: 5'6"/167 cm
Tulip: 5'2"/158 cm
Andre: 6'0"/183 cm
Charlie: 5'8"/173 cm
Jae: 5'8"/174 cm
Badeea: 5′1″/155 cm
Liz: 5′9″/176 cm
Diego: 5′10/178 cm
Merula: 5′5″/165 cm
Ismelda: 5′7″/170 cm
Talbott: 5′11″/180 cm
Chiara: 5'4"/164 cm
My MC - Adelyn-Keira: 5'6"/169 cm
My Jacob: 6′3″/191 cm
Bonus: Weasley Edition
(Tallest to shortest)
Bill: 6'4"/194 cm
Ron: 6'3"/190 cm
Percy: 6′0″/183 cm
Fred & George: 5′9″/176 cm
Charlie: 5'8″/173 cm
Ginny: 5′3″/160 cm
(I believe it’s canon that Charlie is the shortest of the Weasley boys and if it’s not I always thought he was anyway. I also always thought Bill was the tallest. Ron and Percy are both canonically described as being tall and lanky while Charlie and the Twins are described as shorter and stockier than them. Ginny is also canonically called smaller than Hermione (who I believe is about 5′5″-56″) and Luna.)
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retconomics · a year ago
Tumblr media
i’ve never actually been brave enough to do one of these but since i’ve already done one of those maker dolls i think i’ve already been perceived so…
i keep more shit in my bag but i got tired of drawing things so
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huariqueje · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Room   -   Astrid Nondal , 2007.
Norwegian, b. 1958-
Oil on canvas, 135 x 165 cm
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pinksanemis · a year ago
Tumblr media
iiiiii made a kny oc??? i actually have an idea for one more but ill just dump this one here first and make a separate post for the second. huffs. NOTE: i’ve updated naho’s profile under the cut!! oc character sheet credits to @/sleepynezuko 
花桐 夏帆 (Hanakiri Naho) | 21 | 165 cm
General Information—
Name: Hanakiri Naho (花桐 - 'Paulownia flower’,  夏帆 - ‘summer’ ‘sailboat’)
Birthday: September 3
Age: 21
Height & Weight: 165cm, 63kg
Gender & Pronouns: Female, she/her
Appearance: Naho has bright magenta eyes and plum coloured hair with dusty pink tips that plunges down to her waist. She wears three flower-shaped ribbons on either side of her head due to her namesake, and has the left side always tucked behind her ear. She wears the regular Corps uniform with a white-blue gradient haori, embroidered with a pink and navy mist motif. The hem of its sleeves are sealed with a pink ribbon.
Affiliation & Rank: Demon Slayer Corps, Hashira.
Positive Traits: analytical, hardworking, loyal
Negative Traits: overly critical, shy (past), remorseless
Habits: teasing the younger hunters, brushing at her hair with her fingers
Quirks: likes cleaning out her bedroom a lot, sometimes up to twice in one week. It’s not so much for sanitation purposes, rather, it’s cathartic for her. She does it especially often when she misses her family or someone.
Family: Hanakiri Etsuji (father, alive), Asagao Sayo (mother, deceased), Nishimura Fukume (step-mother, deceased), Nishimura Akihiko (younger step-brother, alive), Nishimura Ise (younger step-sister, alive)
Allies, people in particular she works well or gets along with: Tanjiro, Kanae, Mitsuri, Kyojuro, Gyomei, Ubuyashiki family, most of the younger hunters.
Enemies, people in particular she works poorly or doesn’t get along with: Sanemi, Obanai, Shinobu, Zenitsu, Yushiro.
*fun fact: both her father’s last name (Hanakiri) and her mother’s last name (Asagao; 朝顔) have flowery implications
Abilities & Powers—
Breathing Style: Breath of Fog, derived from Breath of Mist. It’s not her nor her family’s own creation of breathing style. Its roots go back multiple decades. Her father, the former Fog Pillar, had taught Naho the breath style as she is his eldest child. The Breath of Fog consists of some similar elements to its pre-derivatives — Breath of Mist and Breath of Wind. It revolves mostly around obscuring the enemy’s field of vision and confusing them.
Main Weapon: A katana with a smoke patterned guard and a crisp white scabbard with a navy ribbon tied near the top. The hilt of her katana has a pink base and is wrapped with a plum-coloured cord. Her Nichirin blade is light blue, with the word ‘Destroy’ engraved in Kanji.
Demon Slayer Mark: ? (to be revealed!!)
First Form: Distant Gloom - a purely evasive technique. Spinning the sword in circular motions creates a smokescreen, allowing the user to escape or disorient the enemy and their attacks.
Second Form: Swirling Haze of Dawn - a flurry of ranged arc slashes that erupt into a hazy cyclone. The user charges forward through the haze to finish the attack.
Third Form: Cloud Crane’s Protection - a crane-like creature of dense fog is conjured by the user. Once its wings stretch open, the wingspan nullifies any incoming projectile attacks. Certain strong or powerful attacks can still break through the density of the fog.
Fourth Form: Fog Demon Dance -  the user increases their movement speed to be able to disorient enemies, at the same time launching multiple long ranged strikes in helical patterns that hone in on a target.
Fifth Form: Rising Mist of Annihilation - a vertically upward slash attack
Sixth Form: Fog Piercing Rain - the user strikes from above at high speed. The thrust is enough to pierce most enemies, and the ground.
Final Form: Nirvana Veil - a heavy cloak of fog that appears as an illusion to anyone else. The user can manipulate the illusion as and however they want, however, the range, complexity and duration of this illusion depends on the user’s own mental capacity. This form is different in that it requires the user to meditate tediously, thus rendering them vulnerable while using the final form.
*note: it took me hours to come up with these. how does gotouge sensei dO IT..,,, that being said please don’t steal these without permission or anything ;w;
Favorite Food: Cold udon, Namagashi (fruit jellies designed in floral or leaf motifs)
Likes: Cleanliness, her hair, embroidery
Dislikes: Rudeness, having to ask for help
Thoughts on Demons: Zero remorse for them. Their story and past selves don’t matter to her.
Thoughts on Nezuko & Tanjiro: Absolutely skeptical about Nezuko, even after the Pillar Meeting. It takes three missions and the constant persuasion on Uzui and Mitsuri’s part to sell her. Now she’s indifferent to Nezuko being in the Demon Slayer Corps. As for Tanjiro, he’s always been a bright kid, so Naho finds it difficult for herself to fault him in any manner.
Thoughts on Tamayo & Yushiro: Adamant on not working with Tamayo or Yushiro. Especially Yushiro, whose sharp-tongued personality tends to rub her the wrong way. As far as possible, Naho would rather have no contact with them, even if Ubuyashiki wills it. However, she’s seen the work Tamayo has done for the decades of miserable humanity that have spawned from Muzan’s hands, and a small part of her tends to see past the fact that Tamayo is a demon, admiring her compassion above all.
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oncanvas · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Red Lotus and Mandarin Ducks, Zhang Daqian, 1943
Ink and colour on paper scroll 165 x 82 cm (65 x 32 ¼ in.)
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moonlightassassin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: four height charts of characters from Demon Slayer. The first chart contains generic silhouettes of nine people, lined up in order of height from shortest to tallest. The silhouettes are translucent and colored purple, turquoise, blue, pink, dark blue, yellow, green, dark red, and yellowish green. A legend on the left labels the silhouettes, “Shinobu: 151 cm”, “Muichirō: 160 cm”, “Obanai: 162 cm”, “Mitsuri: 167 cm”, “Giyū: 176 cm”, “Kyōjurō: 177 cm”, “Sanemi: 179 cm”, “Tengen: 198 cm,” and “Gyōmei: 220 cm”.
The third chart contains generic silhouettes of six people, lined up in order of height from shortest to tallest. The silhouettes are translucent and colored light pink, dark pink, blue, yellow, dark red, and purple. A legend on the left labels the silhouettes, “Nezuko: 153 cm”, “Kanao: 156 cm”, “Inosuke: 164 cm”, “Zenitsu: 164.5 cm”, “Tanjirō: 165 cm”, and “Genya: 180 cm”.
The second and fourth charts are the same as the first and third charts respectively, but official character models from the anime are edited over the silhouettes. End ID]
Made a couple of KnY height charts for my own reference, here they are in case anyone else wants them ( ̄▽ ̄)
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lxncelot · 2 years ago
“i am flawless, thank you for noticing”
Teddy Lupin
okay, so teddy is very tall - like 6′2 (188 cm)
also, their hair is pretty magical
it’s usually blue but when victoire kisses them it turns pink also, like i said earlier, it perpetually sticks up in the back, and it curls around their ears
brown eyes
and i headcanon a latino! remus lupin, so teddy has some really clear, tanned skin
Victoire Weasley
so homegirl is part veela, so we know she’s really pretty but not the prettiest - louis holds that spot
she’s like a carbon copy of her mom, but with a couple of differences
she has freckles all over her arms and a bit on her face
really long, blonde hair that holds a curl really nice
she’s also pretty tall, i’m thinking around 5′11 (180 cm)
that doesn’t stop her from wearing heels though
Lysander Scamander
so i have already mentioned that he has kinda curly light brown hair and big blue eyes
i also mentioned that this boy has a serious freckle problem
but don’t worry fam, he can make it work
his hair is on point most of the time, always styled and it looks effortless even though he probably spends a decent amount of time on it
he’s probably like 5′9 (175 cm)
Lorcan Scamander
blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that is longer - he can pull it into a tiny bun and dominique definitely is the one who does it for him all the time
doesn’t actually have any freckles on his face, just on his back, arms, and legs
his nose is slightly crooked - you can tell it used to be really straight but then he broke it twice playing quidditch and once because lysander threw a book at him when he was being annoying, you know, like brothers do
5′9 (180 cm)
Dominique Weasley
has really clear skin, and a cute button nose
shoulder length blonde hair and hazel-ish eyes that go from bright green to brown
shorter than the rest of her siblings at 5′6 (168 cm)
she is really pretty too (i mean, have you seen her parents) but she usually tends to downplay it rather than perpetuate it like her sister
but she frequently experiments with her hairstyles and looks good with literally everything
wonderful face shape
Molly Weasley II
cheekbones that could kill a man
a reddish brown bob with hazel eyes
a small nose that’s kinda pointy
she definitely has a widow's peak
5′3 (160 cm)
Louis Weasley
 a blonde with really bright blue eyes
he’s around 5′8 (173 cm) which makes victoire the tallest something she mentions on the daily
he definitely has bigger lips that he’s kind of insecure of, but literally, everyone loves them
his nose is a long one and his skin is very clear
Fred Weasley II
so we all know this boy has amazing dark skin because he looks so much like his mother
his hair is curly and red and so help him god, if you do not ask before touching it, it will be the last thing you ever touch
deep brown eyes that are set behind his glasses
his facial expressions are all george though
5′8 (173 cm)
James Sirius Potter
so i’ve already mentioned his god awful hair and his hazel eyes
it’s dark brown, btw
and like, he’s short. like, 5′5 (165 cm) short
albus will make fun of him so hard.
he’s one of those kids who always looks like they could be up to something when he’s honestly just thinking about chicken nuggets???
his hair - once he grows into it - is an effortlessly messy but beautiful look and literally, everyone (except fred) is jealous of it
green eyes (it’s a potter curse)
also - dimples
Albus Severus Potter
so he has the darkest, jet black hair. 
he keeps it nice and tidy and actually tries to look put together so that people will remember him for something other than having the name of people who died
he doesn’t want to ride on the coattails of anyone else’s fame - he wants to be his own dude
and we know this boy has some crazy green eyes
like, harry’s eyes were green, but nothing is this green
and our boi was short for a hot minute, but in fourth year he just sprouts
we’re talking a solid 6′0 (183 cm)
he very rarely ever stands up straight tho, so whenever he does it’s really intimidating
Rose Granger-Weasley
okay, so being the daughter of ron - the most freckled of the weasleys (fite me on this) - this girl has some freckle issues
like, you could split her freckles onto three separate people and you would say that they had a lot
furthermore, she has some wonderfully curly, dark brown hair
the only difference is that it’s not too frizzy, which hermione was so happy about she almost cried
(she still has issues getting her hair to be tamed)
our girl is about 5′4-5′5 (163-165 cm)
also, i headcanon a black! hermione, so our girl has the most beautiful, dark skin
Scorpius Malfoy
first of all, our boy has some sharp cheekbones
be careful albus - you just might cut yourself
but he’s always so polite and smiley that it’s not something that makes him too regal looking
his eyes are a grey-ish blue but are big and so very kind
he has blonde hair like his pops, but it’s less slicked back and severe
he’s overall just softer than his dad but almost a carbon copy
5′7 (170 cm)
Lucy Weasley
light brown hair that has a natural soft wave to it and is super bouncy
round, coke bottle glasses that are actually really cute
they make her brown eyes big and wide
what a sunshine child, she lives in pastels i swear
5′4 (163 cm)
soft features that make you just smile
Hugo Granger-Weasley
we’ve already talked about his curly red hair briefly
but my lord, is it a mess
it bounces all over the place and is kinda long so his bangs kinda fall in his eyes - which are brown and big
honestly, he’s kind of a heartthrob, guys
his freckles are all concentrated on his face, most notably his nose
they would be his defining trait if he wasn’t smiling all the time
he’s lighter than his sister but still has a nice tan to his skin
(and y’all can fight me on this, biracial kids can be a myriad of colors)
he’s a solid 6′0 (183 cm)
Roxanne Weasley
okay, so first of all, homegirl has some long hair
i guess you would call it wavy, but it’s most defining trait is that it is thicc
and it’s jet black and beautiful
eyes?? 10/10 hazel and piercing
and she has all of her mother’s passion behind them
and she’s tall and lanky like her dad
and she is one of the few to be freckleless, but homegirl has enough charisma she doesn’t need any
she’s also taller than her bro, which she’s very proud of - 5′11 (180 cm)
Lily Luna Potter
she has reddish brown hair that’s in a long bob
it’s straight and actually kinda thin
also, she’s taller than james sirius and they make fun of him for his height at every given opportunity - she’s like 5′7 (170 cm)
carries on the potter legacy with green eyes
a lot of people say she looks like her grandma, lily.
which of course means a sprinkling of freckles
but more so means a kind smile that can turn on you in seconds
AND FLUFF ENSUES. (also, their names are in order of their age in relation to each other, so there’s that)
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ffxvcaps · 3 years ago
Just flipping through my copy of FFXV: Official Works and some random and official facts:
Ignis at age 6 met Noctis.
Cid is 163 cm tall
Cindy is 165 cm tall
Lunafreya is 167 cm tall
Cor is 191 cm tall
Iris is 15 and 161 cm tall
Ravus is 28
Talcott is 7
Aranea is 30 and 167 cm tall
Weskham is 53 and 170 cm tall
Camelia Claustra is 48 and 167 cm tall
Biggs is 32 and 185 cm tall
Wedge is 29 and 180 cm tall
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