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#16th century

Although this week’s modules allowed students to view many amazing Northern European art works during the fifteenth - sixteenth century, my favourite work of art was actually discovered when I chose this week’s Art in Quarantine Assignment to be the self portrait of Albrecht Dürer, c.1500. 

Instead of his self portrait being my favourite, I recognised his artist’s signature and made the connection that he was the man that created these three works: 


All of these pieces I had come across in high school art classes when my teacher was lecturing on life drawings and the importance of texture creating depth, such as cross hatching. These pieces, Six oreillers c.1493, the Little Owl c1508. and Hare c.1502, are well known but due to their life like qualities, a relatively new fashionable form of art in the fifteenth and sixteenth century it is easy to now be aware of how old the works are. I did not know that these works were as old as they were until doing this unit. 

In addition to these three pieces being my favourite for this week’s modules, I feel they reflect the art movement of the era in the North of Europe. 

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