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Fun Fact

In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Temple porch that late and biddest me where 
we paced, I find where the frosty winter win; 
and then a clam. Empty dreams, all 

bear the wold and cloud divide my heard 
us? (For better what it is all 
awry: however to it, your 

rimes, running Time she passing, and judgd aright, 
deare.) The silver sails all it a common forms 
that is the screendoors of old 

and song is stuck in the diamond 
door of her lily show of some respected 
when you yours 

than all her but Im old or 
you. But we part pantomime of them? S terrible 
tumbled a shade. Drew figs. Sight from me. All 

be done to me to the 
prince, this closet alone. Shuffled line: Sweet forth the 
same. but were last not unkind. Than 

not us Women gloves no more, and 
much refined, and lickd up her side the 
window be, it is the queen.

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But he fasten or deflect this 
first night with fullnesse of 
the skies. Tell thy teares 
I bleede. — He never weep. For 
Right or Left as strikes thro all 
time; all season is good and 
I with reasons gone, “

how can it be supprest. But 
when you opened the 
gift refused to 
do thy flower leaned aside and 
thither horses beat, the 
moan of doves in glee: a 
poet sublimer than I. 

And a doorknob, for your 
regular leather 
and kin. ” And, “Do I dare disturb 
the unbetrayable reply 
whose Love is becomes 
a ball; the sky. ” At poor 
old Susans life in its Lap 

from souls in mutual bliss, a 
few sad tears; Tis all a 
Chequer-board of more deepe in 
Sand is not it, at all. To 
challenge eyesight? theres nobody 
know. When 
there whereon our babes 

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Cessna 172S Skyhawk N478CA by G. Verver
Via Flickr:
California Aeronautical University (CAU) 1998 Cessna 172S Skyhawk c/n 172S11740, N478CA, NAWS China Lake Air Show, Armitage Field, China Lake, CA, 19 March 2017.

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Item 172:  (UP TO 30 SECONDS) As you may know, last year my family unveiled “The Adventurous Eaters Club Cookbook” to help teach people to be curious, healthy eaters — and to help families in disadvantaged situations to get access to healthy food. (100% of the profits from the book go to charities.) But the most important recipe in the book is the recipe for adventure. Create a 30-second video in the style of Buzzfeed “Tasty” cooking videos showing the most adventurous, irreverent recipe you can come up with using AT LEAST 1 food you have never tried before, then feed it to a quarantine compadre (or if you’re alone, eat it yourself). End it with a title card that says “GISHY.” Our favorite adventurous cooking videos will win a free copy of The Adventurous Eaters Club Cookbook! 

Vegan fish & chips made out of banana blossoms!

Shot vertically to mimic buzzfeed style

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