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tomvorikandharry · 57 minutes ago
love how today at lunch i made a joke about something that is a well known historical fact and both men at the table took this as their opportunity to go “WELL ACTUALLY” and try to educate me as though i don’t know what i’m talking about.
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salad-on-the-floor · 4 hours ago
I decided to go into the backlogs of my early conversations with Licht and the only thing I can think is “JUST KISS ALREADY” 
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aliciarose-art · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
My OCs and their morning routine (also me trying to understand their outfits)
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teddybearsunflower · 14 hours ago
shirt is estimated to be here 2 days before my birthday and im *vibrates*
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alastri · 18 hours ago
cough.. u know what’d be so sexy
respecting other peoples religions 😔🤚🥵
stop saying God doesn’t exist to other people who believe in Him, whatever religion they may be
and stop criticizing them for following God’s rules
just let them be, man :/
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eivorwolfsmal · a day ago
my copy of mass effect legendary edition is gonna be delivered tomorrow 😳
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undyingwinter · a day ago
While she does share features from both of her parents, Janet looks more like her mother’s fraternal twin sister than anyone else in the family. Their red hair stands out among the others and they share similar personalities. Unfortunately Janet never had a chance to meet her aunt, as she disappeared under mysterious circumstances shortly before Janet was born.
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Tumblr media
Cassiopeia constellation, from Firmamentum Sobiescianum, sive Uranographia, part of Prodromus Astronomiae (1690) by Johannes Hevelius
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sadbeanhere · a day ago
gay pirates in short
Gay pirates were actually a thing,it was a community, and it gets better. Piracy was not only an income but a choice of a life style that saved many. For their reasons, civilians,mostly men, needed to run away and piracy was their solution.
This community distanced itself from the rest of civilization. They may came across each other for bussines but the pirates had a society of their own. Probably bc of that, homophobia was not a thing. in a society of mostly men, homosexuality was the norm, as well as healthy bro-mance. It also worked for them bc they preferred to keep it inside the community, and not to involve people from the outside. they had different mentalities, like people from opposite cultures and POV.
In short, the gay society of the pirates sound more healthy than any society of human history. Tell me what you think of it
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haldanare · a day ago
i do really hate that renaissance fairs have fucked up the meaning of renaissance clothing cause everytime i wanna look at snazzy historical clothing so much stuff that so clearly has Nothing to do with the renaissance comes up
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axis-news · a day ago
The Indian Institute of Science predicts that the coronavirus wave in Bengaluru could flatten from May 17th. Bengaluru has been witnessing a massive surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths in the last few weeks. With cases multiplying rapidly, the Karnataka government has ordered a lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. IISc’s latest prediction seems to offer some solace to…
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