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The Story of Adele H. (1975). Adèle Hugo’s unrequited love for a lieutenant.

This is an interesting story in a lot of ways about obsession and infatuation, and it’s really grounded in a pretty excellent performance by Isabelle Adjani. The movie ebbs and flows in ways that gives her the opportunity to really chew the scenery, albeit sometimes in ways that are frustrating or perhaps go on for too long. Still, it’s a compelling adaptation of a story I actually didn’t know about, so that was fun! 7/10.

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by Mrs. O.F. Walton, Amy Catherine Walton
This picture is based on one of my Favorite books from the 1800’s  Peep Behind the Scenes. I encourage you to read this book, or you can listen to an audio version of it which you can find on Audible and Youtube. I’ve copied the synopsis for you to read
“Behind many smiling faces there hides a hurting heart, and for what may appear to be glamorous, there is usually a high price to pay. Mrs. Walton gives us a glimpse into the life of a disillusioned young actress. In her fabricated world of glamour and glitz, Rosalie finds solace in the words of a gentle old man who gives her a picture of a Shepherd who loves and cares for her. Her travels take on new meaning as she shares with the “down-and-outters” about this wonderful Shepherd who loves them too. This profound century-old story is still relevant in today’s entertainment-enmeshed culture. Often, hidden behind smiling faces are hurting hearts, and that which is attractive and alluring may be a facade, concealing the hard reality of life behind the scenes. This dramatic book is both powerful and sensitive, and sold over two and a half million copies in the 19th Century! It continues to be a favorite among our collectors.”

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