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#19 minutes straight....... it's nuts
presumenothing · 7 months ago
谢谢你听过我唱过的这些歌 / Xie Xie Ni Ting Guo Wo Chang Guo De Zhe Xie Ge (40 OST compilation by Zhou Shen), 晚安,明天见 / Good Night, See You Tomorrow online concert on TME Live
Zhou Shen: Every time I perform, many people ask, “Zhou Shen, why do you always sing other people’s songs?” One reason I’m afraid to sing my own songs when I’m onstage is that people might not have heard it before, and that I’d be wasting their time listening to me sing. That’s why on most occasions, whether it’s a performance or in a show, I usually pick songs people are more familiar with to perform. So this is a very brave attempt from me, to have people listen to nothing but my songs on such a massive streaming platform – frankly I’m very afraid that midway through, people will go, “oh, I’ve not heard this before, how boring” and then leave. This thought has always been there: if one day I sing only my own songs onstage, will anyone listen? […] I’m really grateful to have this chance to thank all the movies and shows for their trust, which gave me so many chances and let me meet all my fans and the people who like listening to me sing. That’s why I made all the OSTs I’ve sung over the years into one song, and titled it “Thank you for these songs you heard me sing”. Hopefully, you’ll have heard at least one of them, or maybe it’ll remind you – oh, I think I’ve heard this song before, and the one who sang it is Zhou Shen. I hope you’ll like this song, and listen to the end of it.
Full song list below cut, in order of appearance:
0:00 to 7:38: 浓情淡如你 Nong Qing Dan Ru Ni / 何处是天涯 He Chu Shi Tian Ya / 荒城渡 Huang Cheng Du / 此生惟你 Ci Sheng Wei Ni / 独白 Du Bai / 天地为念 Tian Di Wei Nian / 曾经沧海 Ceng Jing Cang Hai / 情意结 Qing Yi Jie / 缘落 Yuan Luo / 昙花一现雨及时 Tan Hua Yi Xian Yu Ji Shi / 梅香如故 Mei Xiang Ru Gu / 放鹤图 Fang He Tu / 落花 Luo Hua / 影 Ying / 缘起 Yuan Qi / 念 Nian
7:39 to 12:37: 不说话 Bu Shuo Hua / 没有说完的故事 Mei You Shuo Wan De Gu Shi / 愿得一心人 Yuan De Yi Xin Ren / 回声 Hui Sheng / 渴望遇见 Ke Wang Yu Jian / 启示 Qi Shi / 直破苍穹 Zhi Po Cang Qiong / 海藏 Hai Zang / 东游 Dong You / 青春有悔 Qing Chun You Hui
12:38 to 18:56: 黎明的翅膀 Li Ming De Chi Bang / 水形物语 Shui Xing Wu Yu / 蜕 Tui / 随风 Sui Feng / 拙慕 Zhuo Mu / 愿 Yuan / 大鱼 Da Yu / 触不可及 Chu Bu Ke Ji / 不再流浪 Bu Zai Liu Lang / 无关 Wu Guan / 来不及勇敢 Lai Bu Ji Yong Gan / 雪花落下 Xue Hua Luo Xia / 小小 Xiao Xiao / 避难所 Bi Nan Suo (Sanctuary)
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