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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Consider Dove’s Nature Symbolized No. 2.

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Drawings of camels by children, before (above) and after (below) a lesson in camel-drawing. How children learn to draw. 1916.

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Happy Sunday! I bring to you anther 1910s lookbook - this time for sweet Primrose.


Casual 1: Dress / Necklace

Casual 2: Dress

Going Out: Dress / Hat

Formal: Dress / Gloves / Necklace

Party: Dress / Hat / Necklace / Gloves

Athletic: Top / Skirt / Hat

Sleepwear: Dress (unavailable)

Underwear: Top / Skirt

Swimwear: Swimsuit / Hat 

Summer: Dress / Hat / Necklace

Winter: Coat / Scarf / Hat / Gloves

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that, however, did not stop her twin sister Harriet from finding happiness with her sweetheart, Jacob.

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R. Anning Bell :: Liverpool Art School. From: Posters; a critical study of the development of poster design in continental Europe, England and America by Charles Matlack Price (1913) New York: G.W. Bricka. | src Smithsonian Libraries @ internet archive

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unfortunately, Katherine’s husband was the second casualty in the family of World War One.

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ab. 1913 Farm Children (photo by August Sander)

(National Galleries of Scotland)

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Recent Acquisition - Postcard Collection

Church Hill Viaduct, Marshall Street 14th to 21st, Richmond, Va.
Postmarked June 1919

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Family portrait of some of the townies featured in my Upgrowth Challenge. 

1st photo: Diana Munch née Konilichesdorf and her daughter, Karen Munch

2nd photo: Gunther Munch, his brother Wolfgang Munch, Wolfgang’s wife Diana, Wolfgang’s daughter Karen, and his brother Lucas Munch

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Katherine was the first to get married - to her high school sweetheart, Gus Schuler.

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Recent Acquisition - Postcard Collection

Randolph Macon Academy, Front Royal, VA. Chas. L. Melton, A.M. Principal
Postmarked September 1911

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Young oyster shuckers, Josie, six years old, Bertha, six years old, Sophie, ten years old, Port Royal, South Carolina, 1912. Work began at 4 AM.

Photo/Lewis Hine

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Columbus Ohio, 1911. “Looking east down Main Street, from Great Southern Hotel.”

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naturally, the chess table is still the hottest spot in the house

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Early Fall, 1910 

Dear Diary, 

We recently moved to New Crest, a small town up north. Everyone is settling in nicely. Father has found work at a local business and we are soon to start school! Sadly Joanna will be getting married and leaving home after this school year. I know Jillian and I are next. 

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