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Dorothy: I can’t believe my little ones are growing up already…

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Mother Nature’s Helpers, Andrey Avinoff, 1932

Color lithograph
4 ⅞ x 4 in. (12.38 x 10.16 cm)
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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Wedding photo of Financial guard supervisor Vincenc Vlasak taken in autumm of 1937. He is dressed in old type of uniform with sleeve rank designation and sabre mk. 24 for Financial guard

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Oliver: I have always tried to…to do my best for-

Ronald: Enough. Stop simpering, you weak boy. I have done things for this family that you have never had the stomach for. That you couldn’t even conceive of…so be quiet, and focus on securing your legacy. 

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Max Pollak :: Tanečnice Kitty Harling. léta 20. století, barevný lept, suchá jehla, papír. | Dancer Kitty Harling 1930s, color etching, drypoint, paper. | src Patrik Šimon

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Ronald: You had better hope so. Like it or not, with your sister in Bridgeport, you are responsible for this family. You will not disappoint me again. 

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Ronald: I hope your new woman is settled in.

Oliver: Her name is Dora, father.

Ronald: Yes…and where did you find her? Some dreary little town?

Oliver: She’s from a good family. 

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Financial guard supervisor Zdeněk Dopita in ceremonial uniform and his own bike (financial guard officers must buy, what they need, from goverment they get only rifle, munition and money for uniforms). 

He served in Jauernig until czechoslovak capitulation in borderlands…

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