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[👾🎤]📖🎸🏹🤸🏼‍♂️🌈 Rocketeer Recap! In the Like a Hood Ornament segment of The Thirteenth Hour podcast episode 242, I’m reading from some notes Dave Stevens made going into the psychological underpinnings of his characters, especially Cliff, who is portrayed in a flawed, but very human and easily identifiable way. If you can procure a copy of The Rocketeer: The Complete Deluxe Edition, you can find these notes plus lots of other great behind the scenes info into the creation of the comic (which was really over a decade in the making). 🚀⠀
#finheads #davestevens #rocketeer #rocketeercomics #rocketeerpack #rocketeerhelmet #cliffsecord #bettiepage #ww2 #rocketmen #docsavage #comics #1930s #1940s #1980s #1991 #disney #rocketeertotherescue #topps #tradingcards #billycampbell #billcampbell #alanarkin #jenniferconnelly #timothydalton #tinyron #rondohutton #joejohnston #comicbooks ⠀

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Here’s your ear-worm for today..ha-cha-cha-cha-cha-chah!
Put a little Stimulus in your Step with this tune. It’s a chance to hear a bit of Marvin Hatley’s “Good Morning Children” (aka “The One Man Band”) used here with it’s original lyrics. I feel quite certain that’s Charley Chase leading the vocal on the soundtrack..this exemplifies some of fun that was still being manufactured at the Hal Roach Studios in 1934. “We Do Our Part.”
Thanks to my pal Richard Finegan, for giving us this list of Hal Roach films where this tune was used!
Mixed Nuts (1934).
Next week-End (1934).
Fate’s Fathead (1934).
Our Gang Follies of 1936.
The Pinch Singer (1936).
On the Wrong Trek (1936).
Our Gang Follies of 1938.

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