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Hey, everyone! I am part of this 1950s Household server on Discord. I would love for folks here to join! We are also looking for people with 10+ years of BDSM/fetish/kink experience to help us moderate the server. If you are interested, please message me. Thanks!

‘1950s Household’ is an 18+ community/learning server for 1950s Americana and its lifestyle applications. It encompasses kink aspects of the 50s: the 'Old Guard’ Leather tradition that started post-WWII, Domestic Discipline, Head of Household/Taken in Hand, Sugar Daddy/sugar baby, and other related kink subsets.

Vanilla aspects of the 1950s are also included in this server: 50s history discussions, pop culture, fashion and beauty, car culture, aesthetics, etc.

Are you interested in 1950s history? A fan of 1950s music? A 1950s books or movies enthusiast? Do you love 1950s vintage fashion? 1950s cooking? Do you dream of living a 1950s lifestyle? If so, then 1950s Household is the Discord server for you! We are a friendly bunch that loves to share our passion for anything 1950s. We have a book club, host movie nights, karaoke nights, foodie channel, kustom cars and classic cars channel, music channel, role-playing channel, and many more! Share your love for the 50s at the 1950s Household server here!

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