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on sunday afternoons i’ve taken to painting while i listen to sounds of the seventies on radio 2 so i thought i’d paint the man himself, a young johnnie walker

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Peggy Lipton in The Mod Squad (1968-1973)

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Twisted Wheel Grand Opening 

18th September 1965

  • A poster for the grand opening of the Whitworth Street club which was headlined by the Spencer Davis Group
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Eugen Gomringer, 33 konstellationen, «Quadrat-Bücher» 11, Tschudy-Verlag, St. Gallen, 1960 [SPREAD, Tokyo]. Designed by Max Bill

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Throwback to a shoot with @andyreaser
MUA @calitamaz
wearing a vintage wig from the 60s

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This photo of Audrey is from “Alabama Journal” November 6, 1964 newspaper

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Symphony Hall (1969-72) in Phoenix, AZ, USA, by Charles Luckman Associates

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