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Photograph of the Table Settings and Old West Themed Decorations for a State Dinner Honoring President Anwar al-Sadat of Egypt, 10/27/1975

Series: Gerald R. Ford White House Photographs, 8/9/1974 - 1/20/1977

Collection: White House Photographic Office Collection (Ford Administration), 12/6/1973 - 1/20/1977

Image Description: A table set for a formal dinner, with yellow and brown geometric print tablecloth, a centerpiece of a bronze sculpture of a cowboy on a horse surrounded by yellow and brown dried flowers, four goblets at each place setting, printed menus, ashtrays, and little brass cups holding cigarettes. 

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I have taken to my bed. After a week of feeling progressively more and more run down, I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed as having walking pneumonia. In the past 48 hours I have literally not moved from the sofa, wrapped in my grandmother’s afghan like a cocoon. Concurrent with pneumonia, a huge cyst has suddenly appeared on my left ear lobe throbbing day and night with pain. Also, my last visit to the dermatologist for my warts left me with third degree burns on my ass and referral to a surgeon.

I have also broken up with John.

I wonder how much of this collapse is physical and how much is mental?


Cold rain for days. The sky has lost all blue and turned to a dull thick grey. Barren trees jut naked against the dripping skyline. I am still running a fever.

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People Don’t Do Such Things - An audio drama based on the short story by Ruth Rendell

It is 1979 and hapless accountant Arthur (a winning Reece Shearsmith) and his wife Gwen (Laura Pyper) have made a new friend.

Flashy novelist Reeve (Michael Maloney) is everything they’re not - carefree, charismatic and seemingly irresistible. At first, his friendship seems to offer an enticing window into a world beyond their cloistered suburban existence, but it doesn’t take long for the relationship to slip into rather more sinister territory. With unfussy performances and a rumbling documentary-style soundscape, the grimness of late-70s suburbia is palpable throughout.

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RAF GR.1 Harriers operating out of a West Germany forest in the early 70s. Initial Harrier versions had a limited autonomy yet the VSTOL capability was expected to be used operating without airfields and very close to the battlefield.

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