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RIVER PHOENIXJeff Grant in Little Nikita, 1988 | dir. Richard Benjamin

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RIVER PHOENIX· 1989 —The 61st Annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon at Beverly Hilton Hotel, CA

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Throwback: Black History Month: Big Mama Thornton

Throwback: Black History Month: Big Mama Thornton

Today is February 27, 2021. It’s the 27th day of Black History Month. And as I’ve mentioned throughout this series, I’ve been featuring Black artists across a wide and eclectic array of genres and styles — with the hopes that it’ll be a bit of a primer on the Black experience and on Black music. 

Of course, I hope that these posts will serve as a reminder of these very important facts:



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Daily Listening, Day #423 - February 26th, 2021

Album: Fisherman’s Blues (Ensign, 1988)

Artist: The Waterboys

Genre: Celtic Rock, Folk Rock

Track Listing: 

  1. “Fisherman’s Blues”
  2. “We Will Not Be Lovers”
  3. “Strange Boat”
  4. “World Party”
  5. “Sweet Thing”
  6. “Jimmy Hickey’s Waltz”
  7. “And A Bang On The Ear”
  8. “Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?”
  9. “When Will We Be Married?”
  10. “When Ye Go Away”
  11. “Dunford’s Fancy”
  12. “The Stolen Child”
  13. “This Land Is Your Land”

Favorite Song: 

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Girls Nite Out (1982), dir. Robert Deubel.

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Keith Haring and Jam Master Jay. Universal Hip Hop Museum, 1980

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Bryan Adams, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young at Manta Studios in Toronto, during the recording of Tears Are Not Enough, 1985.

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Matt and Lewis in the Tub Kissing, Cambridge, 1988 - Nan Goldin

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