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#19th century

Royal Museums Greenwich, Firmin & Sons Limited, royal naval uniform, England, pattern 1795–1812.

Materials: wool, brass, gold alloy, silk, velvet, linen.

Description: Full dress coat for a captain, over three years seniority. It belonged to Alexander Hood (1758-98). The coat is of blue wool and features a stand-up collard edged with gold lace, as are the button back lapels and front edge of the skirts. The sleeves feature the distinctive ‘mariners cuff’, which has been edged in gold lace, and there are a further two rows of lace on the sleeve to indicate rank. Clearly Hood could afford a more lavish coat as the collar is lined in white velvet and the breast and tails are lined in white silk twill, as are the interiors of the pocket flaps.

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Costumes + Sechs auf einen Streich

Princess Isabella’s white and green dress in Season 08, Episode 01 “Die Salzprinzessin.”

This costume is also tagged as 19th century as most costumes in this episode are inspired by this era.

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Karol Kurpiński about how he brought the Warsaw opera to a decent level, created the first Polish musical magazine, contributed in many ways to the creating the Polish national style in music, wrote the first Polish book about piano playing et cetera.

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Illustrations of the Winter Palace by Konstantin Andreyevich Ukhtomsky (1818-1888).

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Charles Stanhope, 4th Earl of Harrington by Robert Dighton, 1804

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蝙蝠襲う梟 (Owl Attacking a Bat) ebony sculpture, Japan, c. 1850

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Sometimes as large as a man’s hand. The observing eye. 1860.

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The Lover’s Complaint of Witchcraft




Published: 1849

Original: Oxford University

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Ornate caddisfly nests. Uncle Philip’s conversations with children about the tools and trades among the inferior animals. 1837.

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The observing eye. 1837. Book cover.

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<div> —  Oscar Wilde to Lord Alfred Douglas, in a letter later published under the title ‘<i>De Profundis</i>’ - January-March, 1897.<br> </div><span>Only what is fine, and finely conceived, can feed Love. But anything will feed Hate.</span>
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A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1884. Georges Seurat. Oil on Canvas.

This piece was amazing to see in person. The amount of little dots that make this up is mind-blowing, let alone the grand size—nearly seven feet tall, and ten feet wide. If you’re ever in Chicago, please go to the Art Institute at least once.

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Shipping on the Clyde, John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1881

Oil on cardboard
30.5 x 51 cm (12.01 x 20.08 in.)
Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain

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