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mr-mr-ontheradio2 years ago
Things that happen in this video:
1. Harry says "you need nine inches" while talking about donating his hair? not sure where he was going with it tbh.
2. Billy Crystal acually leans his whole body forward to look at Louis and raise his eyebrows.
3. Louis raises his eyebrows back and looks down at his dick.
4. Billy smiles knowingly at Louis.
5. Louis frames his dick and looks at it again, raising his eyebrows and shrugging.
6. Louis and Billy both laugh.
7. Liam tries to keep a straight face but sees Louis looking at his dick and loses it.
literally there is no other explaination for this. not one. harry accidently makes sexual innuendo. everyone's mind is in the gutter and automatically thinks 9 inch dick. Billy goes out of his way to look impressed at LOUIS, not harry. Louis gestures at his own dick twice and raises his eyebrows. i hate to analyze their joke but there's no other reason this could have happened.
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fangrlsunited3 years ago
When the 1D reunion happens,
I want a video announcement that is super dramatized. Like all the boys getting phone calls on Union Jack rotary phones carried out to them on a silver platter by butlers while they are doing outlandish activities like scuba diving or something. Like the phones not plugged into anything either. And the boys are really vague, like 鈥榦h really, it鈥檚 time! I鈥檒l be right there鈥 and they immediately stop what they鈥檙e doing and then it cuts to them all showing up in like a conference room in the outfits from the previous scene. Like /that/ level of dramatization. Just dropped randomly with as little notice as possible.
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free-one-direction3 years ago
Tumblr media
At the Harry concert there were Gemma and Anne (thank鈥檚 instagram), apparently there was also Louis. O.M.G. I heard that Phoebe said that Louis was in London just at the time when there would have been the concert of Harry ( I don't know if it's true but ok).
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