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so in hoax she says “this has frozen my ground” and in the lakes she says “a red rose grew up out of ice frozen ground” much to think about

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How do i tell people that im not just talented cuz i did something once perfectly, im talented cuz i failed perfection a billion times

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its funny looking up retrobrighting cuz sci fi really thinks robots are gonna be unloved and invincible and timeless while retrobrighting shows how short the lifespans of electronics are, how much love goes into restoring them and the solutions needed to replace obsolete parts

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🎵 She’s a centaur 🎵

🎵 She’s a Barbie 🎵

🎵 She’s, Centaurbie! 🎵

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imagine unironically saying there’s not enough platonic male friendships in a medium where your industry like 90% filled with platonic male friendships as the core concept while female characters barely have other female characters to interact with let alone form friendships with and where having explicit MLM literally results in censorship or cancellation

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