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oak23 · a month ago
Anyway some things to follow when youre a beginner cook:
Don't constantly shift your food around in the pan if you want to form a crust on it, the less you move it the better.
Don't be afraid to add water if youre frying up food and the food/sauce looks a bit dry.
Don't fry up your garlic early on in the cooking process (unless youre making a quick garlic oil) as the garlic flavour can straight up disappear if overcooked for too long and/or the garlic can become bitter if burnt
Don't overcook your vegetables. Look up recommended cook times for them. Your distaste for vegetables stems from them being overcooked and being poorly seasoned.
Don't microwave stuff for more than 2 minutes at a time unless you know what you're doing. Reheating stuff tends to fare better when you mix food between microwaving times since microwaves develop hotspots if you microwave it uninterrupted for too long.
Don't try cooking everything at the hottest setting. It's super tempting to have a high flame and do a meal quickly but actually follow directions and cook at medium or low heat.
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fleur-aesthetic · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
instagram | ariellevey
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slowmotiondoublevision · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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sleepytoycollection · a year ago
Tumblr media
my mental health has been all over the place, but I made Centaurbie a skirt so I could redress her 
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kalbi-duam · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nefesin nefesime, ömrün ömrüme eş olsun diye...
Gözlerine başka hayaller değmesin diye...
Avucumdaki çizgiler, Yalnız senin ellerinle birleşsin diye...
Öylesine işte...
İçimin en kuytularına kadar...
"Seviyorum Seni".
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Summary: Working as Henry’s PA for 10 years you had seen it all. Literally. But when you visited him on set of The Witcher in Budapest during a thunderstorm things escalated rather quickly.
Pairing: Henry Cavill / Unnamed OFC
Words: 2.8k
Warnings: smut (unprotected sex)
Tumblr media
You had seen Henry excited over the years when he finally got a call back to one of the projects he was in talks to work on. You had also been with him when he got declined in the beginning. Nothing could however prepare you for the sheer joy of him when he landed the role as Geralt on the netflix series the Witcher.
He had invited his whole team, you included, out for dinner when it was official. Working as his PA for about 10 years now, you had become close friends. You even worked out together. Well to an extend. You didn't have the intention to look like the next female version of The Rock after all.
“If you continue like that, you are going to explode one day.” You said, handing him his plate. You were over his place to cook dinner and talk about his schedule for the next few weeks. He'd be leaving to shoot in the coming week. Henry had just got home from his latest workout. He was working out even more than usual to built some more muscles.
“Don't worry, I'll still annoy you from the afterlife.” He grinned, as he sat down at the kitchen counter.
“Then let's get over you schedule.” You said, grabbing you own plate and sitting down next to him, your laptop in front of you.
“I'll join you sometime in the first week of shooting to take care of your apartment and all the stuff, bring Kal over and then you're on your own. For 6 weeks. Lord help us all.”
“I am an adult.” Henry pouted.
“I know that, but still...” You teased him. You felt his arm coming around your shoulders pulling you to his side.
“Oh eww... Let go of me. You're all sweaty and gross...” You tried to get out of his grip which made him only hold you closer, while he laughed.
“See? That's why I need to work out. So you can't escape me when I'm teaching you some manners.”
“Me? Manners? Excuse you Mr. Cavill.” You got out of his grip, standing up to look him in the eyes that poured of mischief. Rolling your eyes you turned around to get some salt for your food, when you felt his hand around your wrist, pulling you to him, catching you lips in a hot and searing kiss. Sighing you put your arms around his neck, as he picked you up like you weighted nothing. Crossing your legs behind his back, you gasped as you felt his hands gripping your ass, when he began to walk towards the stairs.
“What are you doing? We have to talk about the schedule before...”
“Later.” He groaned, kissing your neck. Biting your lip you tilted your head to the side as he got up the stairs.
Tumblr media
“You're doing it again.” Your best friend interrupted your daydream. Blinking your eyes you looked at her.
“I'm doing what?” You asked.
“Thinking about you boss / fuckbuddy / boyfriend.” She raised her eyebrow.
“How dare...” Rolling your eyes you sighed.
“I don't blame you. If I'd be the one he would...” She wiggled her eyebrows. You chuckled.
“Well you're not. It's perfect really. We're having a work marriage that also works on all other levels.”
“Have you talked about dating? I mean if you're happy that's great but what if he meets someone?”
You hadn't talked about it. But you had thought about it. You'd be crushed if he fell in love with someone. It's not often you click with someone on nearly every level. You loved to work together with him. He was so easy going and only rarely a little too much to handle. He also was the biggest nerd on the planet. You loved the way his eyes light up, when he saw you in the early morning when you went out for a run together. It would be hard if he ever found someone else.
“We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.” You said looking at her, before you picked up your cup of tea.
Tumblr media
“What' up Khaleesi?” You smirked as you saw him. It was his last costume fitting for The Witcher before he was due to leave for the shooting. You had missed the fittings before and were curious of the looks. He was sitting in front of a big mirror, people surrounding him as they fitted the wig with the dirty white hair on his head.
“I do look like a male version of her, don't I?” Henry looked at you in the mirror.
“Not to get too deep into Game of Thrones here, but yes. If Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons would be a man, you would kinda look like her.” You smirked at him. He was chuckling as he shook his head.
“Show off.” You heard someone say and laughed.
You sat in the background with your laptop in your lap, working on some emails. There was only a little left to do for Henry's trailer and apartment when he would be shooting. There were also quite a few scripts you had to work through and send to him to have a look at. You were deep in thoughts when you heard his deep voice. He had been practicing Geralt's voice in the last weeks. Saving the email you were writing, you pulled your glasses up and looked in the direction his voice came from.
Swallowing you tilted your head to the side. If you thought the Superman costume had been your favorite, oh how wrong you had been.
He was wearing some leather pants and a dark shirt that was tucked into his pants. A big sword in his hands he kept swinging as he looked at himself in the mirror. Someone was taking pictures of him from every angle. A man was standing in front of him, shooting a video. He looked impressive. Like from another century. Handing the sword to a woman next to him he got on his knees, probably testing that he was able to move freely. You couldn't help checking his ass out. Those leather pants were growing on you with every second. Shutting your laptop he caught you eyes in the mirror, as you looked at his backside. He raised an eyebrow at you. You answered with a wink before you got up from the floor, gathering your things around you.
“Looking good Cavill. I'll see you on set next week.” You said as you came to stand behind him. He turned around and looked down at you.
“Take good care of Kal.” He said.
“I always do.” You said, as he slid his arms around you to hug you goodbye.
“I know. Can't wait to see you next week.” He whispered against your ear. Shuddering you nodded before you turned around and got out to the busy streets of London.
Tumblr media
9 days later you found yourself with Kal in Budapest. It hadn't stopped raining ever since you exited the plane a couple hours ago. You hadn't seen Henry yet. He was shooting a sword fight scene and you where shown around on set. The rain seemed to get heavier the more time you spent outside. As soon as you had seen everything you practically fled to Henry's trailer. You were happy you had made the decision to drop Kal off at his apartment in the city instead of bringing him here. The trailer would have been a muddy mess with him in it. Sighing you got out of your wet clothes, hanging them over the chair. The Rain coat you had been wearing didn't do anything to keep you dry. You were soaking wet. Tiptoeing on bare feet you searched through the different cupboards in the trailer before you spotted one of Henry's shirts laying on the bed. Shrugging you put his shirt on. You had no idea how long Henry would be out shooting but you had enough Emails to respond too. After drying your hair with a towel, you pulled your headphones in your ears and sat down on the bed, starting your work.
Tumblr media
You didn't know what it was but something was off. It had been nearly 4 hours and the music on your ears kept blasting. You were seeing the end of the endless chain of messages you had to respond to. Closing your eyes you put your arms over your head, stretching, before you got off the bed. You were hungry. Looking up you saw Henry standing in the door of his trailer in full costume, watching you. Pulling your headphones out you smiled as you looked at him.
“Hey.” You said sucking you lip in as you looked at him.
“Hey.” He greeted you back. He was still wearing his contact lenses, making him appear like out of another world. You saw his eyes wandering down your body. You were still only wearing his shirt.
“Oh. I hope you don't mind. My clothes were drenched once I got in.”
“I don't mind at all.” He said, walking towards you.
“Shouldn't you be shooting until later?” You asked.
“Break. The rain got to heavy.” He said lowly. You took a step back as he was nearly in front of you, your back hitting the wall.
“And what are you planing on doing on your break?” You asked hoarsely, looking up at him. The wet white hair of his wig was stuck to the sides of his face.
“You.” He only said, before his lips crashed down on yours. Thankful for the wall behind you you sighed, opening your mouth for him, as his tongue invaded your mouth. He tasted of coffee and peppermint and it was driving you insane. Your hands found it's way on his butt, sneaking under the hem of his tight leather pants. His lips wandered down from your lips to your jaw, to your neck.
“Hmm.... I've been waiting to do this, since I saw you at the fitting last week.” You moaned, as he nibbled on your neck.
“I saw you checking out my ass.” He groaned, his hands sneaking under the shirt you were wearing.
“It does look very good in those pants, Henry.” You gasped as both of his hands kneaded your breasts under your shirt. Letting your head fall back against the wall you pulled the shirt he was wearing out of his pants, pulling it off of him. He did the same to yours throwing it behind him.
“Much better.” He said, bending down to close his mouth around one of your nipples.
“Hmmm... Henry.” You moaned arching your back towards him, your hands holding on to his broad back. Slowly your hands wandered to his front over his chest down to his crotch.  He bit down on your nipple as you stroked his growing erection.
“Get these off...” You groaned. Straightening up, his lips landed on your lips again as he opened his belt and pants.
“Damn it...” He parted from you, taking a step back. The pants were sticking to him like a second skin, making you chuckle as he tried to get them off. He didn't get them further down than to his thighs.
“No underwear?” You asked, as he grinned up at you.
“You would see the imprints of them because these pants are so fucking tight.” He said, stepping towards you. Thunder was heard from outside.
“That doesn't sound like you will be shooting anything anytime soon.” You said, as he ran his hand from your thighs up to your waist, making you shudder.
“Perfect.” He whispered against your ear, as he picked you up, pinning you with your back against the wall. Crossing your legs behind his waist, he held your weight with one arm, while his other hand rubbed his hard cock over your still clothed pussy. His golden eyes looking at you, was you bit your lip to suppress a moan when it thundered outside again.
“No one will hear you.” Henry growled, pulling you panties to the side, now rubbing the tip of his cock through your wet folds.
“You want everyone to find out you're fucking your assistant?” You asked moaning.
“Like I care.” He said lowly before he slowly pushed himself in, making you grip his shoulders tightly. He watched you through half lidded eyes as you bit your lip, heavy breathing until he was fully settled deep inside of you.
“And you're not just my assistant.” He groaned as you opened your eyes to look at him.
“No?” You asked sighing as he slowly began to move.
“No.” He groaned, kissing you deeply.
Pining you with his upper body against the wall he took both of your arms and pinned them above you, while he bend down to suck on your neck.
“Fuck...” You moaned as you felt him fucking you harder, chest to chest, his chest hair brushing over your hardened nipples. You loved him like that. When he just took from you what he wanted.
The rain outside seemed to get heavier. You couldn't even hear your own breathing because of the sound of the rain coming down on the thin trailer walls. Henry let go of your wrists above you and grabbed your thighs as he thrusted even deeper. You wrapped one of your arms around his neck, your other hand wandering down between your bodies, as you began to slowly circle your clit. You heard his grunts and you knew he'd be close. He changed his angle slightly, knowing he would hit your G spot like that with every push.
“Yes... Just like that...” You moaned, still rubbing your clit. You could already feel the familiar warmth in your belly spreading.
“You close, Baby?” You asked.
“Waiting for you...” He smirked, making you smile. He pumped harder, making you cry out as your orgasm washed over you. He kept fucking you through it, as you tried to control you shaking legs around him, when he stilled deep inside of you and you felt the familiar warmth of his cum spreading inside of you.
“Well fuck me...” He groaned, his forehead coming down to rest on your shoulder before he found your lips in a passionate kiss. Slowly he set you down, holding you steady, as he slipped out of you, making you gasp. Standing leaning with the back against the wall you waited till your breathing normalized.
“That was...” You began.
“Yeah.” Henry nodded, bending down to reach for the shirt you had been wearing. Carefully he pulled it over your head, kissing you on your nose, before he bend down reaching for his own shirt, throwing it on the table.
“You're cold.” He said, trying to get his pants up, but still failing.
“These bloody pants wont move.” He said frustrated but laughed. Chuckling you walked over to him.
“Sit down. I'm gonna help you.” You said, pulling one of the chairs out for him to sit on it. With a thump he sat down straightening his legs in front of him for you, so you could pull the pants off.
A good 5 minutes later the pants where finally off and Henry was shaking his head as he reached for you, to sit you down on his lap.
“You're naked.” You stated, pulling your arms around his neck. The hair of his wig had dried and he had put out the contact lenses, his familiar blue eyes looking at you.
“I know.”
“You'll get a cold.” You argued.
“I still need to get to make-up to get the wig off.” He said. You grabbed his phone that was laying behind him blinking.
“You don't. Shooting is canceled for the rest of the day. I will help you get this off.” You said, reading the message on the display.
“You can do that?” He asked, an eyebrow raised. One of his hands kept rubbing gentle circles on your back.
“When will you finally learn, that I can do almost anything, Cavill?” You teased and smiled at him.
“Does almost anything include going out to dinner with me?” He asked honestly. His other hand cupping your jaw, his thumb stroking your lip. You leaned into the touch.
“Like on a date?” You asked after a while.
“Like on a date.” He nodded. Sighing you smiled, and pressed a kiss to his thump.
“I'd love too.”
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clock · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
angry but smiling rabbit usagi
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otonymous · a year ago
Victor Li Destroy This Pussy Challenge! Every time I think I couldn’t possibly be hornier for the snotty rich boy, MLQC does it again...
Victor Li is The Pussy Collector™️.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself...
Tumblr media
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oak23 · a month ago
Anyway pegging men jokes was funny when people treated it like was a good thing that guys liked ass play since it turned the expectation of being penetrated into a thing to be proud of, and leaned into being absurdly specific and not safe for work that spread it so far.
Saying "Peg the patriarchy" is like, just reinforcing misogyny and homophobia with extra steps since people associate with being penetrated with that specific intersection of the two.
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fleur-aesthetic · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
instagram | ariellevey
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sleepytoycollection · a year ago
Tumblr media
🎵 She’s a centaur 🎵
🎵 She’s a Barbie 🎵
🎵 She’s, Centaurbie! 🎵
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benevyglass · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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Lay your hands on me
Summary: Being together with Henry for over 5 years you were used to him bringing work home. But when you found him after work, emptying the dishwasher in full Witcher Make Up (yes with the hair) you were looking forward to what the rest of the day would bring...
Pairing: Henry Cavill / Unnamed OFC
words: 2k
warnings: smut (unprotected sex, slight orgasm denial)
Tumblr media
„Kal?“ You called for the dog. You were running late for work. Henry had left for re-shoots about an hour ago. He promised to be home for dinner, but you didn't really count on that. Being with him for a good 5 years now, re-shoots were and would always be unpredictable.
Additional to those Henry was so involved in this project, he even talked about it in his sleep. Sighing you smiled and waited for Kal, while you put your shoes on. Thankfully your boss didn't mind you bringing the dog. You were a vet after all.
Tumblr media
It was close to 6 pm when you opened the door to your home. Kal was through the door as soon as you opened it, already running inside the house. Head shaking you closed the door, when you heard a low laugh from the kitchen. Pulling your shoes off, you walked into the kitchen where Henry was busy petting his dog.
“What...?” You asked chuckling. Henry looked up and grinned at you.
“Did you grow that by yourself since you left this morning?” You asked, walking closer to him, running your hand through his long white hair.
“That would be very impressive. But no.” He said, pecking you on your lips, before he turned around. Apparently you had interrupted him emptying the dishwasher.
“It takes 2 hours to put this all on and I kinda like it.” He said shrugging, putting the cups in the cabinet above the sink. You had seen him in the witcher costume when you visited for a weekend when he was shooting out of the country. But seeing him in his black sweatpants, barefeet, only a white T shirt on gave his look something out of this world.
“I kinda like it too.” You admitted, hopping on the counter as you watched him. He turned around and winked at you.
“How was work?” He asked.
“Oh you know the usual. World domination and stuff.”
“Ah yes. Did Kal help?”
“You bet he did. What are you doing home by the way? Not that I'm complaining but I thought you'd be home late?”
“I would have been.” He turned around closing the dishwasher, stepping between you legs. “But there was an issue with one of the effects as soon as we started, so it's delayed until tomorrow.” He brought his hands down on your thighs, making you sigh. Looking up at him you smiled tiredly. Crossing your arms behind his back you lay your cheek on his chest, breathing him in.
“What do you think about ordering something in and watching some silly movie?” Henry asked quietly, kissing your hair.
“Kal still needs to go for his walk.” You said, closing your eyes. His arms pulled you closer to his chest.
“I can do that.”
“Nooo. I need some air.”
“Then let's go together.”
Tumblr media
“This... whole look is like your personal Clark Kent thing.” You teased as you walked though the park. Kal was walking happily on the leash Henry held in his hands, his other arm sneaked around your waist, as you slowly walked side by side.
“Meaning?” He asked.
“Nobody even looked in our direction.”
“I can't believe you still look out for people who could be looking at us.”
“Looking at you, babe. They are looking at you. And I can't blame them.” You teased, making Henry shake his head.
“You should ignore them.”
“But I like the confused look on peoples faces as they try to think of where they know you from.” You chuckled. Your hand on his waist sneaked under his shirt on his back, making him shiver as he looked down at you.
“I'm cold.” You lied.
“I bet you are.” He raised his left eyebrow not believing a word you said.
Silently the two of you walked through the park, when it began to rain lightly. Kal loved the rain. He took every puddle he could find and jumped right in it, making the both of you laugh first. Until the rain got heavier and the puddles bigger.
By the time you were standing in front of your door the three of you were drenched.
“I take Kal for a bath and you order food?” Henry asked, already bending down, to pick up the dog. Kal was a big dog, but he had no problem picking him up.
“You want to give him a bath? Alone?”
“I'd like to see you try.” You grinned, opening the door for him.
Tumblr media
You tried not to laugh. You really did. With a big fluffy towel around your shoulders, you stood leaned against the wall of the guest bathroom downstairs, where Henry was bathing Kal. Or was Kal bathing Henry? You weren't sure. Henry was struggling to see something through his long white hair that seem to cling to his face. Everytime he reached for it to pull it behind his ear, Kal would try to flee from him. Henry's clothes where completely drenched and muddy, his shirt and pants clinging to him like a second skin. Biting your lip you sighed, as you stepped behind him, pulling his hair together on the back of his head, so he could finish bathing Kal.
“Thank you honey.” He said looking up at you.
Tumblr media
You were pulling off your clothes in the master bathroom after you ordered dinner, which would need a good hour until it arrived, when the door opened behind you. Henry pouted as he walked towards you. His clothes full of mud. Smirking your pulled your shirt above your head, leaving you only in your underwear, as you wiped your face from the traces of your make up.
“Next time I will listen to you.” Henry said sighing, pulling his own shirt off, hanging it on the wall for it to dry. Watching him in the mirror as he pulled his sweatpants off, leaving him only in his boxers you swallowed before you continued to wipe your face. Even after all those years you felt the butterflies everytime you looked at him. Sure he was very good looking, but that wasn't it. He turned around catching your eyes in the mirror and smiled at you.
“What do you think about a hot shower?” He asked as he walked towards you.
“That sounds like the best idea ever.” You said. He bend down to kiss your shoulder, before he turned around, already starting the water.
“Are you supposed to wear your fake hair in the shower?” You asked, showering your own hair. He laughed.
“I don't know.” You felt his chest on your back, as he sneaked his own hands in your hair. You turned around.
“Can I help you Sir?” You grinned up at him, his hands still massaging your head. He shook his head, making you take a step back to rinse the shampoo carefully out of your hair. Smiling he looked down at you.
“Can you help me get rid of this wig?” He asked.
“But you have to...” You began as Henry got on his knees in front of you. Shaking your head you bend down to kiss him quickly, when his hand pulled you closer to him. Smiling against his lips you put a hand on his chest, pushing him off you.
“First the wig, then...” You kissed him again, biting his lip slightly, making him groan. You got to work on parting the wig from his head. It was hard staying focused, when his hands kept exploring your body, his eyes focused on yours.
When you finally got the wig off you ran your hands through his dark familiar hair.
“There. All done.” You said waving it in the air.
“Finally.” He whispered, kissing your stomach, as you felt his fingers sneaking between your legs, running through your folds. Shuddering you put your hands on his shoulders to keep steady, letting the wig fall to the ground.
“I love the way you feel when I touch you...” He said. “There.” You felt one of his fingers enter you. Biting your lip you gasped. His other hand sneaked up your body, palming one of you breasts. Moaning you let your head fall back, when you felt him add a second finger. It was ridiculous how wet you were.
“Henry...” You moaned. Slowly he got up from his knees, not stopping the movement of his fingers as he kissed you hard. He tuned the shower off and picked you up, carrying you out of the shower to sit you down on the sink, all while he kept fingerfucking you. He kissed up your neck, sucking on the skin behind your ear, as you felt his thumb on your clit making you moan out loud. You felt his smile on your skin as he curled his fingers, rubbing over your most sensitive spot with every move.
“Right... Right there...” You groaned, your head falling back in pure bliss. He kissed your lips. His hand in your wet hair, bringing you closer to him. You already felt the familiar feeling of your orgasm when he stopped all of his movements, his fingers leaving you to bring them to his lips. You saw him smirk at you, as you tried to control your breathing.
“You are going to regret that...” You said lowly. He raised an eyebrow at you as you hopped of the sink, grabbing your towel and walking out the bathroom in your master bedroom.
Tumblr media
You heard him close behind you as you came to a stop in front of your bed. Turning around you pushed him with his back on the bed, straddling his lap immediately,  rubbing yourself over his hard cock as he moaned out. Grabbing both of his big hands, pushing them down next to his head you kissed him, your tongue fighting over dominance with his. He groaned and wiggled his hips. Biting his lip as you parted from him you sat up lining yourself up with his cock and slowly sank down on him, taking inch by inch before he was fully settled inside of you. Slowly you put your hands on his chest starting to move your hips, riding him slowly. His eyes watched you closely, his lips parted as his arms were still laying next to his head where you left them. Changing the angle you arched your back, rolling your hips. You felt so full of him. Feeling his hands on your thighs wandering up your body to cup both of your breasts you moaned his name, as he played with your nipples.
“Please...” You groaned.
“Please what?” He asked lowly.
“Fuck me...” You moaned. His arms sneaked around your back, pulling you flat to his chest as he started thrusting up into you. Hiding your face on his shoulder you lightly bit into it, making him moan.
“Harder...” You moaned into his ear as you pushed yourself up to look into his face. You felt him hit all the spots inside of you. A smirk appearing on his face.
“I swear to god, if you stop now I'm gonna...” He interrupted you by kissing you, as you felt the familiar knot in your belly. Pulling your forehead down on his you looked deep into his yes as you gasped, your orgasm washing over you.  You saw him bite his lip, keeping his eyes on you as you felt him release inside of you, slowly bottoming out of you. Smiling he kissed you, his arms around you keeping you laying on top of him. You rested your head on your arm next to him as you watched him, your fingers running over the sharp lines of his jaw.
“Are you gonna get in trouble because of the wig?” You asked. He chuckled.
“I don't really care.” He grinned.
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clock · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just Just Cat
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