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Hi I’m V, I’m 23. 

I’m looking for someone to reminisce about the good old days of tumblr and mid-00s tv shows and fandom. I’m feeling the nostalgia :P

Happy to talk about other stuff too though, so do reach out. I’d prefer chatting on tumblr or a messaging app vs email/snail mail.


  • Chuck
  • ASOUE (forever and always BEFORE it was cool :P)
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Office, Community, Trial & Error
  • Harry Potter/Hunger games/percy jackson
  • Teen wolf 
  • Firefly/most of Whedonverse
  • BBC’s Utopia, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars


  • fanfic (duh, but i’ll say it)
  • mid-00s music + indie/piano pop + + (eclectic and wide ranging music tastes)
  • Sociology, social science etc.
  • rain/dark asthetic
  • Effective altruism

… I think that’s it! You can learn more on my fandom tumblr: (i’ll never forgive myself for starting out on tumblr with a non-fandomaccount)

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Hullo! I’m Eli (they/them), 23, from Germany!

Let’s cut right to the chase. I’m looking for someone around my age (19+) to exchange poetry and art with via snail mail, along with letters about our interests, lives and troubles, of course, but I’d really like to include little artworks, poems (or maybe short stories?) and photography in every letter and would love for my penpal to do the same. Just kind of leaning into that vintage letter aesthetic, you know? But more on the concept side, I don’t have requirements for what letters should look like. Does that makes sense? I hope it does.

Anyway, here are some of my interests so you can see if we have some stuff in common:

- drawing, painting

- creative writing

- photography

- embroidery, sewing

- jewellery crafting

- music, singing

- reading

- video games

- Netflix/TV series

- fantasy, mystery, horror

- plants & animals

- some witchy stuff, but I’m not well-versed by any means

And one more thing: you should be open-minded about mental health and LGBTQ+ topics/issues. Not that I constantly talk about them, but they are part of my life, so it will come up, and I prefer talking to people with the ability to respect and accept me as who I am, as I’m sure you do as well.

Now, if you’re interested, please contact me on @ love-s-in-a-mist here on tumblr! It says it’s my RP blog, which it is, but it’s the right place to reach me, so no worries!

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My name is Riley (you can call me Ry) and I’m from the United States. I am currently 21 years old (Pisces). I’ve never had a pen pal before, but am very interested in snail mail and would love to get to know some people! Below are just SOME of my many interests, but hmu if you would like to learn more.

Some Things I’m Into:

  • I love all things art. I have a lot of tattoos and do a lot of digital art myself (sometimes also traditional)
  • Video Games. I play way too many and plan to start streaming on twitch after I move. I would love to play Animal Crossing with someone (been playing every day since release)
  • I have an interest in tarot, but I am still learning. Would love to learn about crystals, rocks, astrology, etc.
  • I have a weird obsession with cute Japanese aesthetic
  • Music! I mostly listen to a lot of indie, old-school punk, pop-punk, lo-fi, etc.
  • My entire family lives in Brisbane, Australia. I go maybe every 3-4 years, so expect some occasional gifts/postcards from Australia.

What I’m Looking for:

  • Preferably someone 18-25. Any gender is welcome!
  • Anywhere in the world (although it is a little more difficult sending packages overseas)
  • Nobody who discriminates based on sex, gender identity, race, religion, etc.
  • I am open to chatting through social media and email to start out with, but would love to develop a snail mail relationship once we are comfy.

How to contact me:

Twitter: @realfiendd

Insta: realfiend_

Tumblr: @realfiend


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I’m 21, from Russia, Moscow. I won’t torment you with how to pronounce my Russian name, so you can call me Stacy and it’s fine. Currently, I’m searching for someone with whom I can at one moment discuss the stupidest things ever and then suddenly switch to smt serious in case I get drunk and want to be a philosopher.

It doesn’t matter what are you interested in as long as you are a respectful person. If you are interested in chemistry (the subject I don’t understand at all) I may listen to you if you make it sound interesting. But in general my interests are:

I can be a nerd when it comes to Tolkien (just a warning, so you are prepared to listen about elves if smt)

Writing ( I am rewriting my book for the 9 time rn, so.. yeah)

When it comes to music I’m a huuuge fan of Queen.

Books. All kinds of books.

Wanna talk about psychology? Be prepared for looong texts

I can send you letters too

If it’s important I’m pisces and INFJ. Also bisexual and in case you are struggling with depression I can understand and listen to you since I went through it and only now feel better. Maybe I can help

If you are shy to write first, like the post and I will text you myself. You can also send a e-mail

Love you in advance

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Hi! My name is Soni, I´m 21 and I´m from South America. My first language is spanish but i´d like to practice my english and get to know someone from around the globe. 
My hobbies include watching movies, usually with female protagonists, listening to alternative pop and styling outfits which is something I don´t do since we´re all quarantining (or at least should be).
I study design and sell vintage or used clothes. (No, I don´t overprice things). 

Well, I think that´s all! You can probably tell i haven´t written in english a while but I hope at least one of you can forgive me for it!

My email is inl0vewithfinn (putting it separately so i don´t get spam)

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Hi all! My name is Cara, I am 20 and I am a rising junior in college (omg)! I am studying chemistry so if you need any chemistry help, I’m here for ya :) I am interested in movies, performing and listening to music, playing any sport, reading, giving advice, shopping (when the quarantine isn’t a thing), FaceTiming my friends and driving around blasting music for no reason at all. I will listen / read anything and everything you want to tell me!

I am looking for either a snail mail penpal or Internet penpal, truthfully whatever works for you! I have no gender preference, but would prefer someone 18+ please! You can identify however you want, be from wherever you want, and think whatever you want: I am in no means someone to judge! I think of myself as somewhat creative but in no ways artistic, so my letters would not be works of art, but they would be something interesting to see in your mailbox or even in your inbox. I am easiest to reach on Instagram (@ carafreedman) or here on tumblr: c-xra :)

One word to describe myself: Curious

Hope you’re all staying safe even if I’m not a match for you!

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Hi! My name is Chloe and I’m 21 and from Ireland. I would love to find one or two penpals similar in age to me to write letters to!!

I’m interested in art and craft, reading, baking, music and a little sport. I’d be looking for someone who is over 18 and someone who would enjoy discussing different topics no matter how big or small and who would like to send and receive arty letters.

If you’d be interested, you can contact me via email at chlo15202 @ gmail .com

thank you xx

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Hello everyone!

This quarantine is making me realize how much I miss having a penpal… I’m a 24 yo spanish girl and I’m currently living in a farm in Scotland. If it wasnt for coronavirus I would be studying gardening in a few months.

Quick introduction about my interests:

  • nature 🌿
  • animals 🦊
  • lord of the rings 🐉
  • farm life 👩🏻‍🌾
  • photography 📷
  • cooking 🍝
  • baking 🍰
  • wicca 🔮
  • astrology ♌️
  • art 🖍
  • history 📕
  • culture in general 🧠

At the moment is quite imposible for me to send letters anywhere except the UK as I’m completely isolating so I think the best options for people outside the UK would be email and probably other online-mail options I still don’t know about. Feel free to text me here on tumblr if we have interests in common!

I just want to make friends, thats all. It doesn’t matter how old are you as long as you are nice. If you’re thinking about something else just download tinder lmao

I hope everyone is having a nice day!

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My name is Radu (short for Radka) and I’m 19 years old. I live in Děčín, Czech republic.
I love photography, listening to music, reading and collecting books. I also enjoy knitting and embroidery. And of course - I like writing letters and postcards.
I’ve actually had one penpal before but they stopped replying for some reason after the third letter. I really don’t want this to happen today, so please, contact me only if you’re planning to at least tell me in advance that you don’t want to write to me anymore.
If you want to contact me, you can do it via Tumblr (satan-s-enemy) or via email
Thank you for your time.

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Hello friends!

My name is Priya, I am 24 years old from Singapore! I’m currently looking for a couple more penpals. I really enjoy writing and would love to write to some new friends :)

I love reading and writing (and trying to keep up with my journal), and finding new music to listen to. I also dabble in some art, and while i’m not the best at it, I find it really fun and calming. I’m also very open to learning about new things!

I’m looking for a penpal who is opening to learning about a different culture, sharing thoughts and ideas. Ideally I’d prefer someone 18+, given the age difference :)

There’ll always be a lot more to talk about, so if you’re interested in making a new friend, I’d love to hear from you at @flowersandfilm on tumblr!

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hey! searching for a few IT plots, i'm a 20+ roleplayer who prefers to write with partners that are the same! specifically looking to write richie opposite beverly, connor bowers or eddie, as well as beverly opposite bill & eddie opposite richie. i commit to long term plots w/ lots of hcs to always keep it fresh! this will take place on discord, so if you're interested interact & i'll reach out with my ideas ♡
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20+ girl looking for someone who rps Shiro for some Sheith (VLD) cuteness. I have a plot involving alternate realities (Basically Keth having died in an alternate reality and landing in this world and meeting a grieving Shiro, can be dark if you want.), but generally I just want more of this cuteness ship in my life. Contact KuroAlice@2831 on Discord!


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Hey there! I’m a 20+ year old literate role player who is looking for IT roleplayers. either from the 2017 movie or 2019. I roleplay as Stanley or Eddie, and my favorite ships in order are Stozier, Reddie, Stenbrough, Stanlon and Kaspbrough. Message me or message my discord if you’re interested, which is julebeans26#4215


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