#2014 called and they want their aesthetic back
m0uthbr3ather · 3 months ago
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2021 made me regress but in a sexy nostalgic way I think
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bokoblinbitch · 2 years ago
also i miss being in 8th grade only bc that was when namjoons hair looked like a vanilla ice cream cone and my friend and i would joke about it 
#i was like omg .. namjoon is so cool but also............. the hair!!! #i dont think i called him namjoon until like... idk a few months into the school year and ever since then #i have literally never called him rap monster or now rm unless someone asks me about bts which is rare #since irl i make absolutely no implication that i listen to bts or kpop in general #its thinly veiled.. mostly bc when i was in my rabid kpoppie phase i had 0 money and my parents didnt give me allowance to buy any merch #and by the time i got a job i didnt rly want to buy merch bc by then it got to the point where stuff would drop and i couldnt buy it in time #i can still buy the albums n stuff but idk #my bts merch is a boy in luv namjoon postcard and 2 we are bulletproof stickers of namjoon #and also those jackets the boys used to wear in 2013-2014 #yknow the letterman ones w their stage names on the back and the original bts logo over the heart #i have yoongis cuz even back in 2015 i didnt want to have RAP MONSTER on my back im sorry namjoon im a fake fan #i'd buy an rm one but also. i kind of dont want to wear bts merch in public idk why #like other ppl can i think its cool but idk i have a thing about wearing fandom stuff in public #i think its mostly cuz i'm eternally scared of wearing something and someone will take a pic of me and i'll look back like OH FUCK CRINGE!!! #and also i have a certain aesthetic which is mostly black and monotone or just solid colors.. idk #and lots of necklaces i love jewelery #why am i talking so much omg LMAO if u read all these tags clik like so i know ur a real one #because i have no fucking idea what i'm talking about anymore and i dont remember what this post was about
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cardassiangoodreads · 4 months ago
I don't know why I feel like doing this right now, but I'm inspired to create a periodization for the history of Tumblr. For my own credentials, I've been on the site and active since 2009, even though this particular blog only dates to 2015. Also, I'm a real-life academic in a history field, lol, but don't take this too seriously.
Basic periodization:
Prehistoric (Prefandom) Tumblr: 2011 and earlier
Old/Classical Tumblr (or Superwholock Golden Age): 2012-2014
Middle-Period/Medieval Tumblr (transitional period): 2015-2017
Late-Period Tumblr: 2018-present
Explanations under the cut:
Prehistoric Tumblr: Back when it really was known primarily for aesthetic blogs, or there at least was a competition between them and the kinds of Tumblr blogs we think of today. Fandom was still largely concentrated on LJ, just starting to trickle over. Social Justice Tumblr was here by 2010, but less tied to arguing about media and fandom. Lots of single-subject blogs, often with titles that started with "fuckyeah" or "fuckno," and image-macro memes. Tumblr had a reputation, but not one that's particularly relevant to the one it has today. Most of the famous drama of this time period (e.g. kavitiya, prince-koyangi and the "trans-racial" phenomenon, the Privilege Denying People meme blog) you wouldn't know if you weren't there for it. If you wanted to you could divide this into like a Paleolithic era of 2007-2009, the dominance of aesthetic blogs/art student portfolios, and the Neolithic era of 2010-2011, when feminist blogs were gaining a foothold, the first dramas the likes of which could come from no other website, and it was really starting to transition in earnest into...
Old Tumblr/Classical Tumblr: This is the era that made Tumblr's reputation, when fandom migrated here fully, Superwholock and Homestuck and all that shit was at its height, and we had iconic moments in that like the Mishapocalypse. Lots of "Potterheads, grab your wands" and 14-year-olds thinking merely being on Tumblr made them part of a subculture (because it kind of did!) Lots of fandom discourse about media and representation, but way less of it tied to "problematic" shipping; there was still a standard protocol that you left people alone about that shit and didn't "tag your hate." (People argued about shipping, but it was more about how you needed to ship X characters to be a good feminist or LGBTQ ally, less about what you couldn't ship.) Though there's crossover with the previous period for some of them, Tumblr's most infamous (ab)users like riley, genderbitch, birdlawyer, that one dude with the famous Canada Day gif who was outed as a serial sexual predator, were at their peaks here. You also had actual famous people (especially the Internet-famous) using the site -- like this was when the Green brothers were actually active here, and summoning them was a popular meme for a while. The beginning of the end came with Dashcon (July 2014) and its fallout. Also Gamergate, which happened about a month or two after Dashcon -- which organized the anti-Tumblr backlash, among other things.
Middle-Period or Medieval Tumblr: By this point, Tumblr had acquired its popular Internet reputation as a place where people argued about the feminist ethics of Supernatural omegaverse. The early part of this period especially features a lot of organized backlash from places like 4chan and Reddit, and that backlash took on a more explicitly right-wing political bent. In 2013 you could call someone an "SJW" and have it understood that you weren't against social justice yourself, just one individual being kooky or myopic about it; by 2015, that was no longer the case. Tumblr itself continued to be the primary pitstop on the Internet for fandom, but a lot of it got uglier: this is when the "pro-shipper/anti-shipper" stuff started, for instance, and more people thinking that which fictional characters you like to see kiss was a reason to try to damage your offline life. At the same time, lots of older users stopped focusing as much on fandom exclusively and especially the drama involved in it, so it conversely also became easier to have a healthier relationship with that stuff. The hallmarks of prehistoric Tumblr -- feminist bloggers who'd come over from Jezebel or Feministing, single-subject meme blogs -- were abandoned by this point. Despite that, if anything, Tumblr got more political during this period, especially about real-world politics, with the U.S. 2016 election campaign and its aftermath. (This arguably started in 2013 with the Wendy Davis filibuster, but this period is when it really took off.) Two of Tumblr's most legendary scandals happened during this time: Boneghazi and hivliving, both representative of how Tumblr's overall community composition (former) and fandom norms (latter) had changed. Middle-period Tumblr ends with the porn ban in December 2017. [Edit: it was actually 2018 but whatever. The writing was on the wall and people had started leaving, this still feels like a good place to make that cut-off.]
Late-Period or Modern Tumblr: When Tumblr started cracking down on the female-presenting nipple, a lot of users from the previous eras -- especially fandom-oriented ones -- abruptly left the site for the "greener" pastures of Twitter, Discord, TikTok (eventually), and various flavors-of-the-month like Mastodon and Pillowfort. This made Tumblr a much more insular place. But this was for the best: we stayed in order to chill with our friends and trusted mutuals, and Tumblr became the Cheers of the Internet, the cozy neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name rather than the manic furry rave of past eras. Twitter instead became the place where you could expect drama about the "ableism" of the word "himbo" or figure skating RPF being "aphobic." (Both real examples, btw. The second culprit used to be infamous over here during the Classical Period for nonsense like claiming “humane” was an anti-kinnie slur.) A fascinating trend from this period is the site returning to its roots, with Prehistoric Tumblr fossils coming back to life. You had trolls like crazy-acey and summer 2018 sensation rabidloving that harkened back to the "trans-Korean catboys" of yore, the return of otherkin, the revival of single-subject meme blogs (if more focused on fandom and more reflective of modern-day Internet humor), even Old Tumblr fandoms roaring back with a gay angel being sent to superhell and a car going to heaven. Tumblr also stopped being part of the broader cultural zeitgeist, allowing the people left behind to let it excel at its greatest talent: being extremely weird in a way you'd find nowhere else online.
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wickwrites · 11 months ago
Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4: Boys’ and Girls’ Suicides Do Mean Different Things (But Not in the Way the Mannequins Want You to Think!)
Tumblr media
So, let’s talk about this for a second. After I got over my initial knee-jerk reaction, I realized I wasn’t sure how to make sense of exactly what the mannequins were arguing for here. So let me rephrase their statements to make the argumentative structure more explicit: Because men are goal-oriented and women are not, because women are emotion-oriented and men are not, and because women are impulsive and easily influenced by others’ voices and men are not, boys’ and girls’ suicides mean different things – girls are more easily “tempted” by death, and therefore, more likely to require saving when they inevitably regret their suicide. While Wonder Egg Priority, so far, seems to agree with the vague version of the mannequins’ conclusion, namely that boys’ and girl’s suicides mean different things, it refutes the gender-essentialist logic through which that conclusion was derived.
The mannequins choose a decidedly gender essentialist approach in explaining the difference between girls’ and boy’s suicides; they argue that the suicides are different because of some immutable characteristic of their mental hard wiring (in this case, impulsivity, emotionality, and influenceability). Obviously, this is a load of bull, and Wonder Egg Priority knows it. The mannequins are not exactly characters we’re supposed to trust, seeing that they’re running a business that is literally based on letting these kids put themselves in mortal danger. As faceless adult men, they parrot and possibly represent the systems that force these girls to continue to be subjected to physical and emotional trauma (it’s probably more complicated than this, but four episodes in, it’s hard to say more). So, we’re probably supposed to take what they say with great skepticism. Also, the director, Shin Wakabayashi, has recently said that in response to these lines, Neiru was originally going to object, “When it comes to their brains, boys and girls are also the same,” (which unfortunately is not exactly true and is somewhat of an oversimplification, but the sentiment is there). While that line ultimately did not make it in, Neiru does reply with a confused and somewhat indignant, “What?!”, a reaction that gets the message across.  Neiru is not a fan of gender essentialism, and as a (more) sympathetic character, we’re supposed to agree with her.
Tumblr media
That is, the differences between boys and girls is not something inherent to their biology or character, but something constructed by culture and experience. This rejection of gender-essentialism is apparent in Wonder Egg Priority’s narrative, which takes a more sociocultural perspective on the difference between boys’ and girls’ suicides. It says, well of course boys’ and and girl’s suicides don’t mean the same thing, that’s the whole reason why we’re delving into the experiences specific to being a girl (cis or trans) or AFAB in this world – to show you how girls’ suicides are influenced by systems of oppression perpetuated by those in power (ie. the adult, in this specific anime).
And all the suicides we’ve seen up until now tie into that somehow. For instance, Koito is bullied by her female classmates who think that Sawaki is giving her special treatment. This is a narrative that comes up over and over again, in real life as well: that if a young girl is being given attention from an older man, then it’s her fault – that she must want it, or at least enjoy it somehow, and that it signifies a virtue (eg. maturity or beauty) on her part. And if Koito is actually being given such treatment by Sawaki, an adult man in a position of power over her, that is incredibly predatory. 
Tumblr media
And we all know that child sexual abuse is something that overwhelmingly affects girls, with one out of nine experiencing it before the age of 18, as opposed to one out of 53 boys (Finkelhor et al., 2014). Regardless of whether Sawaki was actually abusing Koito or if the students only thought that he was, Koito’s trauma is ultimately the result of this romanticized “love between a young girl and adult man, but not because the man is predatory, but because the girl has some enviable virtue that makes her desirable” narrative. Similarly, in episode 2, Minami’s suicide is driven by ideas related to discipline and body image in sports, which while not necessarily specific to female and AFAB athletes, is framed in an AFAB-specific way. For instance, take the pressure on Minami to “maintain her figure”. Certainly, male athletes also face a similar pressure, but we know that AFAB and (cis and trans) female bodies are subject to closer scrutiny and criticism. We know that young girls are more likely to suffer from eating disorders. And Wonder Egg Priority situates Minami’s experience as decidedly “about” AFAB experience when her coach accuses her change of figure due to her period as a character failing on her part.
Tumblr media
 Likewise, episode 3 delves into suicides related to “stan” culture, this fervent dedication to celebrities that is overwhelmingly associated to teenage girls. And Miwa’s story, in episode 4, explicitly shows how society responds to sexual assault. When Miwa does have the courage to speak up about her assault, she’s instantly reprimanded by basically everyone around her. Her father is fired because her abuser was an executive of his company. Her mother asks her why she couldn’t just bear with it, telling her that her abuser chose her because she was cute, as if that’s supposed to make her feel better about it. Wonder Egg Priority shows that this sort of abuse is a systemic problem, a set of rules and norms deeply engrained in a society and upheld by all adults, regardless of gender, social status, or closeness (to the victim). Wonder Egg Priority says that, yes, girls’ and boys’ suicides have different meanings, but it’s not due to some inherent difference between the two, but the hostile environment in which these girls grow up. Girls are not more easily “tempted” by death, they just have more societal bullshit to deal with.
But Wonder Egg Priority goes further than just showcasing how girls’ (and AFAB) experiences are shaped by sociocultural factors. The story also disproves the supposedly dichotomous characteristics that the mannequins use to differentiate girls and boys (i.e. influenceability/independence, impulsivity/deliberation, emotion-orientation/goal-orientation). If the mannequins are indeed correct, and that girls are just influenceable, impulsive, and emotional, you’d expect the girls in the story to be to be like such too. Except, they aren’t. Rather, they’re a mix of both/all characteristics. This show says that, certainly, girls can be suggestible, but they’re also capable of thinking for themselves. For instance, when Momoe asserts her own identity as a girl at the end of episode four, she rejects the words of those around her who insisted that she isn’t a girl. If she were as suggestible as the mannequins believe her to be, that would never have happened – she would have just continued believing that she wasn’t girl “enough”. But, she doesn’t because she is equally capable of making her own judgements. Likewise, Wonder Egg Priority shows that girls can be impulsive, but they can also be deliberate and pre-mediating. When Miwa tricks her Wonder Killer into groping her to create an opening for Momoe to defeat it, she’s not doing it out of impulse – it’s a pre-mediated and deliberate choice unto a goal. And Wonder Egg Priority continues, girls can be equally emotion oriented and goal oriented. Sure, the main girls are fighting because they have the goal of bringing their loved ones back to life, but those goals are motivated by a large range of emotions, from guilt to anger, grief, compassion, and love. 
Tumblr media
Being emotion-driven doesn’t mean you’re not goal-driven, and vice versa. In fact, in this case, being emotional drives these girls toward their goals. In other words, none of these traits that the mannequins listed are either “girl traits” or “boy traits”. Being one does not mean you can’t be the other, even if they seem dichotomous at first. Wonder Egg Priority’s diverse cast of multi-dimensional female characters allows it to undermine the mannequins’ conceptualization of gendered roles, refuting the idea that these (or any) character traits should be consider gendered at all.
As an underdeveloped side thought, I think Wonder Egg Priority’s blurring of gendered roles is also well-reflected in its style. There’s been a lot of talk about whether Wonder Egg Priority constitutes a magical girl series, and I think that’s an interesting question deserving of its own essay. Certainly, it does follow the basic formula of the magical girl story: a teenage heroine ensemble wielding magical weapons saves the day. But it also throws out a lot of the conventions you’d expect of a magical girl story – both aesthetically and narratively. Aesthetically, it’s probably missing the component that most would consider the thing that makes an anime a magical girl anime: the full body transformation sequence, complete with the sparkles and the costume and all that. Narratively, the girls are also not really magical girl protagonist material – they’ve got a fair share of flaws, have done some pretty awful things (looking at Kawai in particular; I still love you though), and aren’t exactly the endlessly self-sacrificing heroines you’d expect from a typical magical girl story. On the other hand, the anime also borrows a lot from shonen battle anime. We get these dynamic, well choreographed action sequences full of horror and gore, the focus on the importance of camaraderie between allies (or “nakama”, as shonen anime would call it) exemplified through all the bonding between the main girls during their downtime, and in the necessary co-operation to bring down the Wonder Killers. That said, this anime is not a shonen; the characters, types of conflicts, and themes are quite different from those that you’d find in a typical shonen. The bleeding together of the shonen genre and the magical girl genre, at the very least (and I say this because I think it does way more than just that), reflects Wonder Egg Priority’s interest in rebelling against conventional narratives about girlhood and gender.
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interact-if · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The A/PI Heritage Month interviews are coming to a close soon! For Day 8, we have lovely Aster! :chinhands:
Aster, author of Nevermoore
A/PI Heritage Month Featured Author
They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it won’t be satisfaction that’ll be bringing you back. Again. And again. And again.
The simple act of visiting your parents turns into something much more than what you were expecting when your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and you find yourself right beside a small town that’s engulfed by the trees.
Some of the residents you met right away were welcoming enough, happy to try and lend a helping hand when they can. But their smiles seemed more apologetic than happy, and their eyes looked at you with regret.
You never really did understand why that was…
Until you died.
So now, you are an unwilling participant in an endless cycle of death and resurrection. And the more you learn about the bloodstained history of the town and the past of its people, the more you'll get tangled up in a web of secrets that threatens to keep you there forever.
So welcome, newcomer… to Nevermoore.
Q1: First of all, introduce us to your project! What is it about?
Nevermoore is planned to be is a supernatural story wrapped in a little horror bow about a cursed town that’s both lost to the trees and lost to the ages. Relatively normal lives can still happen there...well, as normal as it gets when not only is aging put to a pause, but dying isn’t even a permanent thing. And the duration of the stay, as far as the town is concerned, is forever.
And unsurprisingly, these effects of the town are barely half of the secrets and mysteries that it holds...But the question is, does the latest new resident that ‘accidentally’ stumbled across it (spoiler alert that’s you) really wants to know what they are?
...Perhaps some things are just better left forgotten.
Q2: If it’s not too spoilery, what are you most excited about your project?
Oh, there’s so many scenes and reveals I want to get to already that it’s hard to choose! But if I had to be specific, the one I’m most excited in writing out is Sterling’s (an RO) backstory! I don’t mean to play favorites or anything, but I like to think that their backstory as having the most Hollywood movie levels of drama and intrigue.
Sterling was honestly the first character I made for this story, even before the MC, so I can’t help myself in having some fun with this!
Q3: What inspired the current project you’re working on?
Believe it or not, Nevermoore’s first iteration was supposed to be a very specific, very self-indulgent AU fanfic of this piece of media I was into back in like, 2014? The drafts of that had remained in my Google Drive, unchanged and unworked on, that is until about two years ago when I discovered the wide, diverse world of interactive fiction.
Inspired to create a story to share with others, I ended up reviving those old documents. The plot and the characters had to be massively overhauled to make it more my own of course, and some inspiration was also been taken from shows like Stranger Things and Dark for their eerie and secretive small-town aesthetics.
Q4: Do you pull from your own identity for inspiration? How has that been reflected in your work?
...Admittedly, not so much. It was an embarrassingly lack of foresight on my part (as a first generation Filipino-Canadian), because it somehow never occurred to me that I can, in fact, add characters who are like me into my own writing. Well, lesson learned. Good news is that I already have some side characters planned who’ll be Filipinothat will show up later on in Nevermoore’s demo, as well as have a Filipino RO in a future wip. The latter of which I am very excited about!
With that being said, I will share that MCs parents in the story are actually loosely based on my own parents who were Filipino immigrants! I won’t elaborate on what parts, but I’m planning on integrating some more of their personalities in the upcoming patch. I really want dedicate those characters to them, since they’ve already sacrificed so much to bring me and my sibling here in Canada to have a better life! :)
Q5: What’s been your experience so far? With writing, with the if community...
There’s no doubt in my mind that getting involved with the IF community has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, despite being incredibly internet shy at first. I’m glad to have meet so many amazing IF writers and readers, and I definitely wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did with my projects if it weren’t for our constant support, help, and hype for each other.
This community has been so wonderful and welcoming, and I can’t wait to see it grow even more!
Q6: Do you have any future projects in the works?
At least three so far, actually! Nothing is fully established yet, just some concepts and vibes. But the genres are high-fantasy, postapocalyptic-ish, and sci-fi.
The first is about a character who’s an aspiring writer (heh) that suddenly finds themselves ‘isekaied’ into the fantasy world of the still-incomplete book they were working on. The second is about an immortal from the dawn of humanity trying to live through the endof humanity ft. zombies(?). And the third is about a volunteer of a cryosleep experiment gone wrong and ends up waking up 1000 years in the future instead. It seems here that my brain won’t let me rest and is telling me to try my hand in as many genres I can haha!
Q7: Finally, what piece of advice would you give to fellow authors?
This is advice that I still have to work on following myself but: Don’t stress too much on your first drafts, it’s called that for a reason! Focus on getting the basic ideas/dialogues/etc down and don’t be afraid to write ‘badly’, since there’s always time for you to polish it into something you’re happy with later on!
Otherwise, you’ll only get into this cycle of editing the same sections over and over, and that can burn you out before you even have the chance to work on the parts you’re actually excited for!
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misgenderer · 8 months ago
this "i want to steal his gender" thing is so stewpid back in 2014 we called that aesthetic
sometimes i think about how my mother told me she loved rocky horror back when it first came out and she was such a fan of tim curry as frank-n-furter that she would dress up as him at the showings. nowadays teenage girls think that wanting to do the same for.. idk... kpop stars makes them transmasc or enbies or something... like.. why is the concept of dressing up and fashion and aesthetic fun so alien to zoomers 😐
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 10 months ago
Tues 16 March ‘21
Zayn liked a post of singer Ingrid Michaelson wearing a Zayn shirt. How odd, I (and everyone else) thought, Zayn never publicly likes things what is going ON. Well SURE ENOUGH – Ingrid and Zayn collab OUT TONIGHT! WHAT! To Begin Again comes out Midnight EST tonight, omg, and not only that-- there’s a Zinterview coming out!! GQ (using a very cool aesthetic gif with the tag line Everyone is Watching) announced an interview with Zayn coming out TODAY (on newstands in Spain :| available everywhere else sometime later)- they say Zayn “discusses his latest album, his relationship with fans.” ZOMG!! We don’t have the whole thing yet, not being able to pop to a newstand in Spain personally, but there’s a cute picture of Zayn looking young and fresh in one of those gucci disney stripey shirts and his blue hair (so from last Dec-ish), and we got one teaser quote-- “I continually go against the grain when people tell me to do things a certain way, but my stubbornness and willingness to want to do things differently help me get through it.”
Niall is everywhere today in advance of his show tomorrow! He’s back on the golf (promoting) circuit, getting the word out about the Modest tournament- he says “I think some of the female golf professionals who currently play need to be celebrated more so these young girls have icons to look up to, and that was a part of the reason I was so passionate about making our event,” and that he wants to “educate these young girls and get rid of some of the pre-conceived ideas of golf being an old man’s sport.” He also mentioned the old Rio bread van story but with a twist, saying “often that was the only way of getting out of the hotel to see things or to get a bit of golf in” hmmm I feel like that was just your priority Neil but he does talk about how he used to play with Harry “out on tour for a bit of downtime” and says “Harry Styles was a pretty keen player at the time and the golf course was somewhere to chill out for us” (at least he doesn’t call him ‘grammy winner Harry Styles’ and I know it isn’t actually weird but the full name thing sounds so funny from him). There’s a sneak preview of him in the promo for Dermot O Leary’s new podcast series which looks awesome, and he congratulated Roman Kemp on his new documentary about the mental health/suicide crisis among young British men, calling it “eye opening and beautiful” and saying, “we must all look out for each other. The two ok rule, always ask twice.” And of course he’s promoting his SHOW, that’s TOMORROW-- he says he’s put together an acoustic set and makes a cute lil face and tells us “don’t you worry” about not going out this year “cause this little Irishman has got you covered”! THANKS little Irishman! But hey-- what about that Anne Marie collab from way back? Niall and Anne Marie both respond to a tweet asking just that to say… well literally nothing. They both just posted eyeball emojis. Hmph.
Grammy winner Harry Styles was spotted out to eat in Malibu in his favorite personal-time look, the bode ship jacket and floppy pants, and an official portrait with his grammy is up, very cute, an excellent Mona Lisa smirk and boa. Alicia Silverstone (Cher from Clueless herself!) took to twitter to compliment Harry on the “Clueless vibes” of his grammys look- “Cher would be so honored (and totally approve!!) of this chic look,” but backing vocalist India Shawn shows some regret after braving the world of twitter harries all week-- “some of y’all are annoying.” Very mildly put, I can only imagine, I hope Alicia doesn’t get any trouble. Oh and Brazilian artist Fiuk spilled that someone in 1D flirted with him back when they partied in 2014 and he now regrets not going for it (even though the reason he didn’t was that he’s straight). Pictures from that party of him being firmly gripped around the waist by a happy looking Harry circulated, but all five of the boys were there and drunk and of course there’s no reason to believe (knowing what we know about how they are, ie casually flirty) that whoever it was was actually prepared to follow through on any flirting, but who can’t relate to “I’m the wrong sexuality but is there really a WRONG sexuality to want to smooch a member of 1D?”
A couple of the guys from Only The Poets talk about Louis and how amazing Kill My Mind is (“that is a FUCKING CHUNE THOUGH”) and reveal that Louis agrees with me that Ceasefire is the OTP tune that matters. Twitter louies started Louniversity, an account that helps louies with school, so if you trust twitter stans to give accurate info that seems very sweet, and dusted off the Buy Defenseless push, which is always nice right, love that song- except when people are doing it to be dicks about Fine Line pushing back up in the itunes (and probably other) charts due to Harry’s grammy win, which is stupid. FFS if you’re not into someone just ignore them, not everything has to be so hostile all the time jeez.
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edie-k · a month ago
Well Deserved (Romione, PG-13)
Title: Well Deserved
Pairing: Ron/Hermione; Hermione & Ginny friendship
Summary: A continuation of “Half of What I Oughta” at the request of @bowdawn and @adenei… Hermione has a hard time letting go of her perfect holiday plans. Ginny's there to help
Author Note: This story is inspired by someone I know who has had their Aaron Rodgers Hallmark ornament in the same spot on their tree since Christmas 2014 in order to send good vibes to the Packers even though their husband thinks it’s stupid (it’s me, y’all).
Second Author’s Note: The first author’s note is not an endorsement of Aaron Rodgers or Joe Rogan’s misinformation.
Read at AO3 or keep scrolling
“In here!” she called, quickly putting a bookmark between the pages as she scrambled to her feet. The throw that had been draped over her lap fell to the floor. Ron stepped through the archway of their cozy living room and she threw her arms around his neck.
“You’re home! What an amazing Christmas gift! I thought it wouldn’t be until the 22nd at the earliest!”
“Yeah, well, the surprise training mission sort of turned into a real mission,” he said, pulling back from her embrace.
“What?” she gasped.
“We caught Rowle,” Ron said. “The intention was that we’d find this Boggart hotbed in the cellar of an old pub was the source of all the issues but instead, we found Rowle living in the attic of an old post office.”
“Oh Merlin, that’s terrifying,” she replied.
“He almost ambushed Harry but—” Ron stopped suddenly.
“What? Is Harry okay?” Hermione asked, eyes wide.
“Yeah, yeah, he’s fine,” Ron said, waving her away as he stepped away and staring at the Christmas tree in the middle of the room.
“Is he at St. Mungo’s?” Hermione pressed.
“No, I spotted Rowle and stunned him before he could do anything,” Ron said, stepping closer to the tree.
“You did? All on your own?” Hermione said.
“Yeah, yeah, it was two on one,” he said, barely paying her attention as he squatted down.
“That’s amazing, love! And terrifying,” Hermione said.
“Sure but… what the hell is going on with the tree?” Ron asked, finally facing her.
“You apprehended a Death Eater on your own and you’re worried about the tree?” Hermione said incredulously.
“Why is my 1992 Cannons commemorative ornament all the way at the bottom, Hermione?” Ron demanded.
“I don’t know, Ron,” Hermione scoffed.
“When I left yesterday, it was right here, up front in the middle and under the star,” Ron insisted.
“Oh, Crookshanks knocked it off so I just hung it back up,” Hermione answered.
“Crookshanks can fly now?” Ron asked. “Because he can’t get up there!”
“You know he’s been jostling the tree,” Hermione said.
“So you just put it here at the bottom where he can definitely get it? And— is this my Joey Jenkins ornament at the back of the tree?”
“I-I,” Hermione stuttered.
“Hermione, are you trying to kill Dorkins?”
“What?” she shrieked.
“Dorkins! The manager! He collapsed in October but the day I put this ornament on the tree, up front and in the middle, he returned to his managing duties. They only lost that match by 40 and here you are, trying to jinx them!”
“Are you being serious right now?”
“Hell yes, I’m serious. Do you hate the Cannons?”
“No, I don’t hate the Cannons!”
“Because you said that you liked them because I liked them and you wanted me to be happy… did you move them because of Ginny?”
“You’re insane,” Hermione said.
“You did! You know that they’re playing them right before New Years. You’re a Harpies fan now. First Harry, now you.”
“I’m not a Harpies fan,” Hermione insisted.
“So what is it then? You were going on about your ‘aesthetic’,” Ron ranted, making quotation marks with his fingers. “Is that it? You just can’t let me have my two lousy ornaments on your perfect tree so you hid them away!”
“No!” Hermione insisted. “I’m fine with you having your two tacky ornaments.”
“Then why did you move them!” Ron asked.
“Because this is a different tree!”
Ron opened his mouth to yell again but quickly closed it. “It’s a what?”
“It’s not the same tree,” Hermione admitted.
“What happened to the other one?” asked Ron.
“It’s at Grimmauld Place,” she said.
“Then where did this one come from?”
“Well…” Hermione said, then sighed.
“Oh Hermione, it looks lovely in here,” Ginny said, walking into the room sipping a glass of wine.
“Thanks,” she smiled. “I’m pretty happy with the decorations. I’ve never really felt that strongly about it but something about Christmas…”
“And the tree looks great. Harry didn’t even bother to put one up,” Ginny said. “Except for this ugly Cannons ornament. Ugh, you let him have this right under the star?”
“It’s not that bad,” Hermione insisted. Ginny shook her head and plucked it off the tree.
“Much better here at the bottom. Just like the Cannons themselves,” Ginny quipped.
“Ginny! Don’t move that,” Hermione giggled, taking a pull from her own glass.
“And Joey Jenkins? You’re going to the back,” Ginny said, relocating the figurine.
“Are you quite done?” asked Hermione.
“With your tree? Yes, I am,” Ginny said. “And with this wine because I have news”
Hermione’s eyes widened. “What?”
“I’m starting for the Harpies in our next match on the 29th!” Ginny said with a smile.
“Oh Gin, that’s amazing!” Hermione said, hugging her friend.
“I just found out so you need to do Harry’s celebratory shots with me,” she said, pulling a bottle of Firewhiskey out of her bag.
“I’ll do one,” Hermione laughed.
Ginny poured them each a shot and handed one to Hermione. “Cheers!” Ginny said and they both drank.
“Oh, I’m so happy for you,’ Hermione said, as she watched warily while Ginny poured a second round.
“And you’ll be there cheering me on? I’m sure Ron will be rooting for the Cannons,” Ginny said, rolling her eyes.
“Of course,” Hermione said. “And I said one shot.”
“You need more than one if you’re going to live with Ron after cheering for the Harpies,” Ginny insisted. Hermione rolled her eyes before accepting it and sitting on the sofa.
“I’m going to get him a Harpies ornament for the tree,” Ginny said. “That’ll class it up.”
“Hey! There’s nothing wrong with my tree,” Hermione said.
Ginny laughed. “I know, I’m just joking. It really is gorgeous.”
“Yeah,” Hermione nodded. “Ron really did do his best.”
“I thought you didn’t want a transfigured tree?”
“Didn’t I tell you? I picked out the perfect tree and left Ron to pay for it. But before he could, some horrible woman apparently stole it from him.”
“What? He should have cursed her!”
“Right?” laughed Hermione. “Ron said she looked just like Umbridge so he wanted to but she was a Muggle so he was acting ethically.”
“Stupid Aurors’ code,” mumbled Ginny. “Harry’s always blaming stuff on that too.”
“Even non-Aurors can’t jinx Muggles without cause!”
“Stealing your tree is cause!”
“I’m not sure the Wizengamot sees it that way.”
“Anyway, he tried, she stole it and he bought a scrappy little tree that he transfigured. And apparently, he threatened the sales guy that I would come down there and pull a Rita Skeeter on him,” Hermione laughed.
“Did you?” said Ginny.
“Well let’s do it now!” Ginny said. “Here, take one more for courage and let’s give that worthless employee a piece of our minds!”
“He was probably just avoiding a fight,” Hermione said, watching her friend pour two more drinks.
“He’s supposed to take care of the customer and that’s you! Finish that and let’s go,” Ginny said.
Hermione sighed.
“Shh!” she whispered to Ginny, who had just knocked into a flower pot.
“Sorry,” Ginny replied. “I should have shrunk this.”
The two girls had arrived at the tree farm, found the salesman and gave him an earful. The salesman had apologized but the girls, now slightly inebriated, weren't satisfied.
“I’m so sorry about the tree but your boyfriend couldn’t be convinced to take another one,” he stuttered. “It’s so late in the season - you can take anything still left here for free.”
“I don’t want any of these. I want MY tree,” Hermione insisted.
“Miss, that tree is gone,” the salesman said.
“Where do they live?” Ginny demanded.
“What?” asked the startled salesman.
“The people that have her tree! We’ll take a tree and force them to switch with us,” Ginny said.
“Excellent idea,” nodded Hermione. “Address please.”
The salesman’s eyes widened. “I’m not giving you the address.”
“If you don’t, she’ll Rita Skeeter your ass,” said Ginny.
“I don’t know what that means,” the salesman said.
“And you’ll never need to if you tell us the address,” Hermione answered, keeping eye contact with him despite swaying a little.
The salesman sighed. “Okay, look. I actually did end up delivering their tree. Just… just promise you won’t make a big scene.”
And with that, she and Ginny found themselves in front of 801 West Morris Avenue. The house was completely dark except for the lights glittering on the Perfect Tree, illuminated behind the large picture window.
“Come on,” hissed Ginny, dragging the tree the salesman had gifted them behind her toward the back of the house.
Hermione bit her lip. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”
Ginny shrugged. “Too late now. Alohomora,” she said, pointing her wand at the door knob. They heard a faint click and Ginny turned the handle on the back door before walking in. Hermione hesitated for a moment before following.
They crept through the darkened kitchen, pausing to look at the fridge. A photo of four miserable looking people was stuck to it with a magnet amongst various school papers and a chore chart.
“Merlin, Ron wasn’t lying. Umbridge’s less evil twin,” said Ginny. Hermione snickered and prodded her friend along.
They made their way to the front room where Ginny unceremoniously dumped the tree on the ground. “Okay, now we have to take this stuff off,” said Ginny.
“There’s a spell,” Hermione said, taking out her own wand. With just a little wandwork, the two had undecked the Perfect Tree, put up the replacement, and redecorated in a matter of minutes.
“This tree really doesn’t look that bad,” said Hermione, admiring their work.
“Toadface should have taken it to begin with,” said Ginny. “Let’s clean up all these needles and get out of here.”
Hermione shook her head. “Leave them. The daughter is the one that has to do the vacuuming and she tried to hit on Ron.”
“I love when you’re petty,” Ginny smiled.
“And that’s what happened,” Hermione finished.
Ron stared at her silently.
“Say something,” she pleaded.
“You are going to root for the Harpies!”
“That’s what you care about?” Hermione said. “You’re not mad I didn’t keep the tree you made?”
“Hell no. That was our fucking tree and I’m thrilled you got it back. But you let Ginny move my ornaments!”
“We can move them right back,” Hermione said. “And I’m only rooting for the Harpies on the outside.”
“The outside is what matters!”
“Not to you,” Hermione said.
“It sure does,” he insisted.
“Why don’t you open a present now?” Hermione said.
“Huh?” he asked, anger disappearing at the surprise change of tactics.
“That flat one with the candy cane paper,” Hermione said, pointing under the tree.
Ron looked at her suspiciously as he tugged at the ribbon. Hermione shifted nervously as he let the paper fall to the floor and opened the lid of the box.
“Is this - this isn’t for me, right?” Ron asked, staring at the scraps of bright orange fabric in the box.
Hermione rolled her eyes. “It’s for me to wear and for you to enjoy. So even if I am cheering for Ginny on the outside, you’ll know that deep down…”
Ron grinned. “Well, at least if Ginny messing with the ornaments makes the Cannons lose, I’ll still win.”
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theprologues · 10 months ago
SUBMISSION - Grammys performance symbolism, part two
So, with those reservations safely out of the way, and a warning to readers NOT to hurt themselves by getting their hopes up again … 
What aspects of Taylor’s Grammy’s performance made me think there might be light at the end of the tunnel for Kaylor? 
First, Taylor’s blue and gold performance dress. “Deep blue but you painted me golden” is a line from Dancing With Our Hands Tied, a song that is widely assumed to be about the night of Kissgate. It’s a song where Taylor talks about how miserable (“deep blue”) she was after the collapse of her relationship with Diana and her public reputation in 2013. She describes how her new lover, Karlie, brought her back to life and lit her up with the glow of a new, true love. She painted her golden. But then they were caught in an intimate moment at Kissgate, and Taylor panicked. Her fears and anxieties threatened to drown her, and though she and her new lover tried to dance through the catastrophe, they eventually came to realize they were doing so with their hands tied. They had no hope of swimming to the surface together and breaking free. They could only have done so if Taylor had stood firm and owned their love in the moment, instead of setting in motion the bearding contracts that would change everything. (This is what she means when she says that “if I could dance with you again”, she would “kiss” and “hold” her lover, instead of presumably backing away. If she could do the moment over, she would claim Karlie as her lover, and hold her hand for the world to see, through hell or high water.) 
Tumblr media
Though it’s a depressing motif in DWOHT, Taylor has, interestingly, returned to this imagery of a golden tie several times in other songs, painting it in a much more positive light. Most recently, the Willow music video explores this, visually representing the “single thread of gold that tied me to you” which Taylor sings about in Invisible String. Both IS and Willow are happy songs, which describe their lovers as being tied together by fate. “Wherever you go, I’ll follow,” Taylor sings in Willow. In DWOHT, the lovers followed each other to a place of deepest blue. The bottom of the ocean, under the waves, where they couldn’t breathe. In Willow they follow each other to freedom.
That freedom is represented in the Willow music video by the open cabin door the lovers step through at the end of the video. Taylor incorporates this door into the Willow section of her Grammy’s performance, performing first in the open doorway and then stepping through it to perform with her band out in the open. 
Tumblr media
But returning to the blue and gold dress. This is not only a very Karlie motif which keeps recurring in her art (often to postitve effect). It’s also a representation of Taylor finding happiness WITHIN the closet. It’s talking about how her partner’s love helps her to bear the depression being in the closet, and fearing exposure, causes her. The fact that Taylor chooses to wear this dress throughout her performance, with no costume changes, suggests a) she is still in the closet, and b) she is still with Karlie, and still considers her love to be such a lifeline. 
If Toe was real and Taylor was happy with him, she could have chosen to wear an all-gold dress for the occasion. If Kaylor was over and she had decided to return to the closet, she could have communicated that by wearing all blue. If Kaylor was over and so far in the past she had moved on with someone new, there was no need to evoke the motif at all. She could simply have laid claim to another color, or worn another prairie type dress to fit the aesthetic. And yet, she didn’t. Why not, if not to communicate what I said above? 
What else is worth considering, in Taylor’s medley? Well, there’s the cabin setting. Taylor and Karlie famously took a trip to Big Sur forest and stayed in a cabin together in 2014, where Karlie was the first person to hear 1989 in full. They took many photos on the trip, including one captioned with “on the way home” (a lyric from You Are In Love, which talks about hearing love in the silence) and one of the two of them looking up at a fallen tree. A VERY similar looking tree appears in the Cardigan music video, and the slanted, moss-covered roof Taylor opens the medley lying on also looks a lot like this tree. Again, curious that she would call back to this if she and Karlie have separated.
Moving on. Taylor opens the medley singing on the roof, looking straight up into the camera. When we pull back we see the stage around set to that of a starry night. Taylor is thus cast as the romantic, the star-gazer. She also calls back to another lyric Kaylors have previously tied to Karlie - “up on the roof with a schoolgirl crush”. It’s been repeatedly tied to Karlie and Taylor’s attendance at the Victoria Secret show after-party. Again, why evoke imagery so tied to the early, happy days of this relationship? 
Tumblr media
We then move through a progression of events that sees her hiding inside with friends, before eventually stepping out into the light. That all reads like a visual interpretation of her relationship with Karlie, from her early loneliness and lovestruck dreaming, to the happiness she finds within her little hideaway, to her eventual decision to step out of it and claim her lover. The medley ends on a repetition of “that’s my man”, seemingly hinting that Taylor’s freedom is tied up in her ability to finally say those words. 
Tumblr media
What else? Well, there are the Ivy allusions. Taylor’s cabin covered in greenery can’t help but evoke the lyrics of Ivy - “my house of stone, your ivy grows, and now I’m covered in you”. Ivy is widely interpreted as a sapphic song about two women finding love despite their commitments to men. Another line in the song “he’s in the room, your opal eyes are all I wish to see, he wants what’s only yours” is alluded to in Taylor’s choice of opal jewelry on the night. What a weird thing to draw attention to, if you’re not secretly in love with a woman while parading a beard around in public. We’re also told in the song that “he” (possibly the same man, possibly another) wants to burn the house of the Ivy lovers down. Jerk just so happened to announce the baby’s birth on this night, in what felt like an attempt to undermine Taylor’s joy. Hmm. Curious. 
Tumblr media
You know what else is curious? Taylor’s choice of outfit for the Grammys red carpet. Not only is the floral dress very reminiscent of a floral ensemble Karlie wore to cover a June (pride month) issue of Spanish Vogue. (Cover subtitled, “flowers of change”.) It’s also by the designer Oscar de la Renta. Taylor and Karlie famously attended one of his shows together early on in their relationship. They sat in the front row looking very cozy, while Taylor refused to answer questions about why she was there and reportedly giggled “my publicist will be mad at me”. Hmm.
Taylor has also worn Oscar de la Renta on numerous occasions while out with Karlie, including most famously at the Met Gala. That iconic pale pink gown that she was buried in the Look What You Made Me Do music video? That was an Oscar de la Renta. There are many interpretations of the scene in the video, but it’s worth noting that Taylor is buried alive in it (which could be interpreted as a metaphor for being closeted) and that in a video all about her various revenge fantasies, she depicts herself crawling back up out of this grave. She views coming back to life and walking away from the flaming wreckage of her past with Big Machine as the ultimate revenge. At the end of the video she clips her own wings while all the past iterations of her argue amongst themselves. This would seem to suggest that she can defeat her enemies but she can’t defeat herself, because she can’t outrun her past, and until then she will always be doomed to self-sabotage. Nevertheless, this Taylor (lurking in the background bedecked in peaced-out palm tree print) is in a much better position than the Taylor who opened the video as a zombie corpse. She’s on the surface and has some hope of freedome, at last. This is a theme we see carried through in the following video, where Taylor goes one-on-one against herself and eventually breaks free.
Tumblr media
Long story short? Taylor wearing such a floral, literally blooming dress from THIS designer, of all people, suggests she may finally be about to rise again. The aborted coming out apparently planned for the Lover era (and thus seeded during the Rep era) may finally be a go? 
Tumblr media
Again, I’m very reluctant to get people’s hopes up here. But it’s hard to look at this dress and not think of that June (Pride month) floral magazine cover. Or of the Spade riddle, “Why worry? She blooms in June.” Or of the fact that Taylor’s stunts are often loudest before the end. She acknowledged Calvin and hugged him at an awards show before he was booted out of the narrative and Tom H appeared to replace him. (Something like ten days or so after the “split”, if I remember right?) And the inconsistencies of the Toe timeline speak for themselves. There was speculation - unpopular though it was - among Kaylors in the Rep era that guessed Taylor wouldn’t come out until 2021 / 2022. It seemed a world away at the time but who knows? Maybe this was always the plan. Maybe this is all “part of the fucking story”, even the parts that seem ugly or counterproductive. A lot can change in a couple of months in Hollywood, and with Taylor in particular. By June, it’s possible we COULD be looking at a vastly different landscape. Maybe this was one last hurrah for the Toes. Many of them are just harmless fans taking Taylor at her word, after all. 
Only time will tell, and I don’t blame Kaylors for checking out. This isn’t healthy, especially for those of us who are gay ourselves, and can’t help but feel a personal connection to Taylor’s journey out of the closet. We know what a big deal it would be. But for those who still want to hope … It’s just possible Taylor has a plan, and this is the dark night before the dawn. 
Pro: I added the photos and the bolded parts. Love symbolism. This was truly a spectacular performance. Awesome submission anon!!
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17 questions and tag 17 people
Thanks Mattie for tagging me even though I never remember to do these, you twisted my arm! @swedishyr
nicknames: Nat, Nannymoo, Nat the bat (because I would go to my cave like room to read while company was over, don’t ask), Nart, Nate, but most people call me Nat or Natalie lol.
zodiac: Libra, and I have no idea about astrology whatsoever so this is meaningless to me except I hated that my zodiac sign were scales as a child...
height: 168 cm or so or 5′6?
hogwarts house: Slytherin
last thing you googled: how to convert cm to feet (lmao) but also “what is considered a bad fever” because Nurbo has me worried out here...
followers: 581 (I’ve been on here since 2014 so most of my followers are from other fandoms I’m pretty sure)
song stuck in my head: Santa Maria by Trooper (yes I’m Canadian, what about it)
how much sleep: I usually get a solid 5-6 hours but I’ll nap after work sometimes to catch up on sleep
lucky number: 6 or 11, because both were my jersey numbers in basketball back in the day
aesthetic: I never really understood what this meant, sorry 😭 Omar Rudberg? does that count?
dream job: winning the lottery lmao
wearing: white and black plaid long underwear, a t-shirt nighty that says “I love you, but I’ve chosen naps” and a burgundy, white and grey sweater overtop. I work from home so like..don’t judge me haha
favorite instrument: I played the cello when I was younger, even got to perform at Magic Kingdom in Orlando with my orchestra so maybe that?
favorite song: Jeez this is hard. ummm...I love 70′s music. Maybe Band on the Run by Paul McCartney and Wings
favorite author: I really liked Johanna Lindsey when I was younger (RIP :( ) I mostly read romance because I need happy endings haha
favorite animal noise: my friend’s cat makes the cutest little trilling noise when he’s excited to see you. But I also love fox laughs
something random: I’ve been to more concerts in my life than I can name and count but my favourite was probably the first time I saw the Rolling Stones in Boston back in 2006
I tag anyone who wants to do this haha
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wits-writing · 10 months ago
What’s so Funny About Vengeance, the Night, and Batman? – Two Superhero Parodies in Conversation
Tumblr media
Back in 2016, the first trailers for Director Chris McKay’s The Lego Batman Movie hit. A spinoff of the take on the iconic hero, voiced by Will Arnett, from 2014’s The Lego Movie. Those trailers spelled out a plot covering how Batman’s life of crimefighting is turned upside down when Robin unexpectedly enters the picture. It was a funny trailer, promising another insightful comedy from the crew behind The Lego Movie. A promise it handily delivered on when it came out in February 2017 with an animated feature steeped wall-to-wall jokes for the sake of mocking Bruce Wayne’s angst filled crusade that can only come from understanding what’s made the character withstand the test of time.
But there was a thought I and others had from seeing that trailer up to watching the actual movie:
“This seems… familiar.”
Holy Musical B@man! is a 2012 fan-made stage production parody of DC Comics’ biggest cash cow. It was produced as the fifth musical from YouTube-based cult phenomenon Starkid Productions, from a book by Matt and Nick Lang, music by Nick Gage and Scott Lamp with lyrics by Gage. The story of the musical details how Robin’s unexpected entrance ends up turning Batman’s (Joe Walker) life of crimefighting upside down. Among Starkids’ fandom derived projects in their early existence, as they’ve mainly moved on to well-received original material in recent years, Holy Musical B@man! is my personal favorite. I go back to it frequently, appreciating it as a fan of both superheroes and musicals. (Especially since good material that touches on both of those isn’t exactly easy to come by. Right, Spider-Man?)
While I glibly summarized the similarities between them by oversimplifying their plots, there’s a lot in the details, both major and minor, that separates how they explore themes like solitude, friendship, love, and what superhero stories mean. It’s something I’ve wanted to dig into for a while and I found a lot in both of them I hadn’t considered before by putting them in conversation. I definitely recommend watching both of them, because of how in-depth this piece goes including discussing their endings. However, nothing I can say will replace the experience of watching them and if I had included everything I could’ve commented on in both of them, this already massive piece would easily be twice as long minimum.
Up front, I want to say this isn’t about comparing The Lego Batman Movie and Holy Musical B@man in terms of quality. Not only are they shaped for vastly different mediums with different needs/expectations, animation versus stagecraft, but they also had different resources at their disposal. Even if both are in some ways riffing on the aesthetic of the 1990s Batman movies and the Adam West TV show, Lego Batman does it with the ability to make gorgeously animated frames packed to the brim with detail while Holy Musical often leans into its low-fi aesthetic of characters miming props and sets to add extra humor. They’re also for different audiences, Lego Batman clearly for all-ages while Holy Musical has the characters cursing for emphasis on a regular basis. On top of those factors, after picking through each of these for everything worth commenting on that I could find, I can’t say which I wholly prefer thanks in part to these fundamental differences.
This piece is more about digging through the details to explore the commonalities, differences, and what makes them effective mocking love letters to one of the biggest superheroes in existence.
(Also, since I’m going to be using the word “Batman” a lot, I’ll be calling Lego Batman just “Batman” and referring to the version from Holy Musical as “B@man”, with the exception of quoted dialogue.)
[Full Piece Under the Cut]
Setting the Tone
The beginning is, in fact, a very good place to start when discussing how these parodies frame their versions of the caped crusader. Each one uses a song about lavishing their respective Batmen with praise about how they are the best superheroes ever and play over sequences of the title hero kicking wholesale ass. A key distinction comes in who’s singing each song. Holy Musical B@man’s self-titled opening number is sung from the perspective of an omniscient narrator recounting B@man’s origin and later a chorus made up of the Gotham citizenry. Meanwhile, “Who’s the (Bat) Man” from Lego Batman is a brag-tacular song written by Batman about himself, even playing diegetically for all his villains to hear as he beats them up.
Holy Musical opens on a quick recap of Batman’s origin:
“One shot, Two shots in the night and they’re gone And he’s all left alone He’s just one boy Two dead at his feet and their blood stains the street And there’s nothing, no there’s nothing he can do!”
We then get a Bat-dance break as the music goes from slow and moody to energetic to reflect Batman turning that tragedy into the driving force behind his one-man war on crime. Assured by the narrator that he’s “the baddest man that there’s ever been!” and “Now there’s nothing, no there’s nothing he can’t do!” flipping the last lyric of the first verse. For the rest of the opening scene the lyrics matter less than what’s happening to establish both this fan-parody’s version of Batman and how the people of Gotham (“he’ll never refuse ‘em”) view him.
Lego Batman skips the origin recap, and in general talks around the death of the Waynes to keep the light tone going since it’s still a kids movie about a popular toy even if there are deeper themes at play. Instead, it continues a trend The Lego Movie began for this version of the character writing music about how he’s an edgy, dark, awesome, cool guy. While that movie kept it to Batman angry-whiteboy-rapping about “Darkness! NO PARENTS!”, this one expands to more elaborate boasts in the song “Who’s the (Bat) Man” by Patrick Stump:
“In the darkest night I make the bad guys fall There’s a million heroes But I’m the best of them all!”
Batman singing this song about himself, as opposed to having it sung by others aims the crosshairs of parody squarely on the hero’s ego. His abilities make fighting his villains effortless, like this opening battle is more an opportunity to perform the song than a life-or-death struggle. Even Joker’s aware of that as he shouts, “Stop him before he starts singing!” This Batman doesn’t see himself as missing out on anything in life, even if he still feels that deep down. Being Batman is the coolest thing in the world that anyone would envy. He’s Batman, therefore everyone should envy him.
The songs aren’t only part of the equation for how these two works’ opening scenes establish their leading hero. While both songs are about Batman being cool, they’re separated by the accompanying scenes. Lego Batman keep the opening within the Joker’s perspective until Batman shows up and the action kicks in. Once it does, we’re shown a Batman at the top of his solo-hero game. Meanwhile, Holy Musical’s opening is about B@man building his reputation and by the end of the song he has all the citizens of Gotham singing his praises with the titular lyrics. Both are about being in awe of the title hero, one framed by Joker’s frustration at Batman’s ease in foiling his schemes yet again and the other about the people of Gotham growing to love their city’s hero (probably against their better judgement.)
That’s woven into the fabric of what kind of schemes Batman is foiling in each of these. Joker’s plan to bomb Gotham with the help of every supervillain in Batman’s Rogues Gallery is hilariously high stakes and the type of plan most Batman stories, even parodies, would save for the climax. Neatly exemplified by how that’s almost the exact structure of Holy Musical’s final showdown. Starting with these stakes works as an extension of this Batman’s nature as a living children’s toy and therefore the embodiment of a child’s idea of what makes Batman cool, his ability to wipe the floor with anyone that gets in his way “because he’s Batman.” It also emphasizes Joker as the only member of the Rogues Gallery that matters to Lego Batman’s story, every other Bat-villain is either a purely visual cameo or only gets a couple lines maximum.
The crime’s being stopped by B@man are more in the “Year One” gangster/organized crime category rather than anything spectacle heavy. Though said crimes are comically exaggerated:
Gangster 1: Take these here drugs, put ‘em into them there guns, and then hand ‘em out to those gamblin’ prostitutes! Gangster 2: Should we really be doing these illegal activities? In a children’s hospital for orphans?
These fit into that model of crime the Dark Knight fights in his early days and add tiny humanizing moments between the crooks (“Oh, Matches! You make me laugh like nobody else!”) in turn making the arrival of B@man and the violence he deals out a stronger punchline. Further emphasized by the hero calling out the exact physical damage he does with each hit before warning them to never do crime again saying, “Support your families like the rest of us! Be born billionaires!” Later in the song his techniques get more extreme and violence more indiscriminate, as he uses his Bat-plane to patrol and gun down whoever he sees as a criminal, including a storeowner accidentally taking a single dollar from his own register. (“God’s not up here! Only Batman!”)
A commonality between these two openings is how Commissioner Jim Gordon gets portrayed. Both are hapless goofs at their core, playing more on the portrayal of the character in the 60s TV show and 90s Burton/Schumacher movies than the serious-minded character present in comics, Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and other adaptations. Lauren Lopez’s portrayal in Holy Musical gets overwhelmed by everything thrown at him, eventually giving up and getting out of B@man’s way (“I’m not gonna tell Batman what to do! He’s Batman!”) Hector Elizondo’s Gordon in Lego Batman clearly reached the “stay out of Batman’s way” point a long time ago, happy to have “the guy who flips on the Bat-signal” be his sole defining trait. While the characterizations are close, their roles do end up differing. Lopez’s Gordon sticks around to have a few more comedic scenes as the play goes on, where Elizondo’s exist to set up a contrast with his daughter Barbara and her way of approaching Batman when she becomes Police Commissioner.
These opening sequences both end in similar manners as well; the citizens of Gotham lavishing praise on their respective Batmen and a confrontation between Batman and the Joker. Praise from the citizenry in Holy Musical comes on the heels of a letter from B@man read out on the news about how much they and the city of Gotham suck. They praise B@man for his angsty nature as a “dark hero” and how they “wouldn’t want him any other way!”, establishing the motif of Gotham’s citizens in Holy Musical as stand-ins for the Batman fandom. Lego Batman uses the praise of the Gotham citizens after Batman’s victory in the opening scene as a lead in to contrast their certainty that Batman must have an exciting private life with the reality we’re shown. Which makes sense since Lego-Batman’s relationship to the people of Gotham is never presented as something at stake.
Greater contrast comes in how the confrontations with the Joker are handled, Lego Batman has an argument between the hero and villain that’s intentionally coded as relationship drama, Batman saying “There is no ‘us’” when Joker declares himself Batman’s greatest enemy. The confrontation in Holy Musical gets purposefully underplayed as an offstage encounter narrated to the audience as a Vicki Vale news report. This takes Joker off the board for the rest of the play in contrast to the Batman/Joker relationship drama that forms one of Lego Batman’s key pillars. While they take different forms, the respective citizenry praise and villain confrontation parts of these openings lead directly into the number one common thematic element between these Bat-parodies: Batman’s loneliness.
One is the Darkest, Saddest, Loneliest Number
Batman as an isolated hero forms one of the core tenants of the most popular understanding of the character. Each of these parodies picks at that beyond the broody posturing. There’s no dedicated segment in this piece about how these works’ versions of the title character function bleeds into every other aspect of them, but each starts from the idea of Batman as a man-child with trouble communicating his emotions. Time’s taken to give the audience a view of where their attitudes have left them early in the story.
Both heroes show their loneliness through interactions with their respective Alfreds. Holy Musical has the stalwart butler, played by Chris Allen, try to comfort B@man by asking if he has any friends he enjoys being around. When B@man cites Lucius Fox as a friend he calls him right away, only to discover Lucius Fox is Alfred’s true identity and Alfred Pennyworth was an elaborate ruse he came up with to protect Bruce on his father’s wishes. Ironically, finding out his closest friend was living a double life causes Bruce to push Alfred away (the play keeps referring to him as Alfred after this, so that’s what I’m going to do as well.) After he’s fired he immediately comes back in a new disguise as “O’Malley the Irish Butler” (same outfit he wore before but with a Party City Leprechaun hat.) That’s unfortunately the start of a running gag in Holy Musical that ends up at the worst joke in the play, when Alfred disguises himself as “Quon Li the Chinese Butler” doing an incredibly cringeworthy “substituting L’s for R’s” bit with his voice. It’s been my least favorite bit in the play since I first saw it in 2012 and legitimately makes me hesitate at times to recommend it. Even if it’s relatively small bit and the rest holds ups.
Tumblr media
That disclaimer out of the way, that conversation between B@man and Alfred leads into the title hero reflecting on his sadness through the musical’s I Want Song, “Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight.” The song’s split into two halves, the first Alfred reflecting on whether he played a part in Bruce’s current condition and the second B@man longing for a connection. The song does a good job balancing between the sincerity over the hero’s sadness and getting good laughs out of it:
“Think of the children Next time you gun down the mama and papa Their only mama and papa Because they probably don’t have another mama and papa!”
The “I Want” portion of the song coming in the end with the repetition of the lryics “I want to be somebody’s buddy.”
Rather than another song number, Lego Batman covers Batman’s sadness through a pair of montages and visual humor. The first comes after the opening battle, where we see Batman taking off all his costume except for the mask hanging out alone in Wayne Manor, showing how little separation he puts between identities. Compared to Holy Musical where the equivalent scene is the first we see of Bruce without the mask on, which may come down to practicality since anyone who’s worn a mask like that knows they get hot and sweaty fast. Batman is constantly made to appear small among the giant empty rooms of his estate as he eats dinner, jams on his guitar, and watches romantic movies alone.
Tumblr media
Ralph Fienne’s Alfred coming in at the end of this sequence witnessing Batman looking at a photo of himself as a boy with his parents for the last time. Alfred outlines Batman’s fear of being part of a family again only to be met with Batman denying he has any feelings ever. Pennyworth’s role as a surrogate father gets put into greater focus here than in Holy Musical, as we get glimpses of Alfred reading a book titled “How to Deal with Your Out-of-Control Child.” Also shown in smaller scenes of Alfred dealing with Batman’s insistent terminology for his crime fighting equipment, like calling his cowl an “armored face disguise.”
Batman’s denial of his pain contrasts how B@man wallows in it. Though he’s forced to confront it a little as the Joker’s plan ends up leaving him with no crimefighting to fall back on to ignore his issues. This montage gets set to the song “One” by Harry Nilsson and details Batman, unable to express his true feelings, eventually letting them out in the form of tempter tantrums. There’s also some humor through juxtaposition as Batman walks solemnly through the streets of Gotham City, rendered black and white, as the citizens chant “No more crime!” in celebration, while flipping over cars and firing guns into the air.
A disruption to their loneliness eventually comes in the form of a sensational character find.
Robin – The Son/BFF Wonder
Between both Bat-parodies, the two Robins’ characterizations are as close as anyone’s between them. Each is nominally Dick Grayson but are ultimately more representative of the idea of Robin as the original superhero sidekick and his influence on Batman’s life. The play and movie also both make the obvious jokes about Dick’s name and the classic Robin costume’s lack of pants at different points. Dick’s origin also gets sidestepped in each version to skip ahead to the part where he starts being an influence in Batman’s life.
Robin’s introduction to the comics in Detective Comics #38 in 1940, marking the start of Batman’s literal “Year Two” as a character, predating the introduction of Joker, Catwoman, and Alfred, among others. Making him Batman’s longest lasting ally in the character’s history. His presence and acrobatics shift the tone by adding a dash of swashbuckling to Batman’s adventures, inspired by the character’s namesake Robin Hood, though both parodies take a page out of Batman Forever and associate the name with the bird for the sake of a joke. Robin is as core to Batman as his origin, but more self-serious adaptations (i.e., the mainstream cinematic ones that were happening around the times both Holy Musical and Lego Batman came out) tend to avoid the character’s inclusion. These two works being parody, therefore anything but self-serious, give themselves permission to examine why Robin matters and how different characters react to his presence. Rejection of Robin as a character and concept comes out in some form in each of these works, from Batman himself in Lego Batman and the Gotham citizens in Holy Musical.
The chain of events that lead to Dick becoming Robin in Lego Batman are a string of consequences for Batman’s self-absorption. A scene of Bruce barely listening as Dick asks for advice on getting adopted escalating to absentmindedly signing the adoption paperwork. Batman doesn’t realize he has a son until after his sadness montage. Alfred forces Batman to start interacting with Dick against his will. The broody loner wanting nothing to do with the cheery kid, played to “golly gee gosh” perfection by Michael Cera, until he sees the utility of him. Batman doesn’t even have the idea to give Robin a costume or codename because he clearly views the sidekick’s presence as a temporary measure for breaking into Superman’s fortress, made clear by how he lists “expendable” as a quality Dick needs if he wants to go on a mission.
Tumblr media
This makes Robin the catalyst for Batman’s shifting perspective throughout Lego Batman. When Robin succeeds in his first mission, the Dark Knight is hesitant to truly compliment him and chalks up his ward’s feats to “unbelievable obeying.” Other moments have Robin’s presence poke holes in Batman’s tough guy demeanor, like the first time Batman and Robin ride in the Bat-mobile together, Robin asks where the seatbelts are and Batman growls “Life doesn’t give you seatbelts!”, only for Batman to make a sudden stop causing Robin to hit his head on the windshield and Batman genuinely apologizes. They share more genuine moments together as the film goes, like Batman suggesting they beatbox together to keeps their spirits up after they’ve been imprisoned for breaking into Arkham Asylum. Robin’s representative of Batman gradually letting people in throughout these moments.
On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, B@man needs zero extra prompting to let Robin into his life. Nick Lang’s Robin (henceforth called “Rob!n” to keep with this arbitrary naming scheme I’ve concocted) does get brought into his life by Alfred thanks to a personal ad (“‘Dog for sale’? No… ‘Orphan for sale’! Even better!”) but it’s a short path to B@man deciding to let Dick fight alongside him. The briefest hesitance on the hero’s part, “To be Batman… is to be alone”, is quelled by Rob!n saying “We could be alone… together.” Their first scene together quickly establishing the absurd sincerity exemplified by this incarnation of the Dynamic Duo. An energy carried directly into the Act 1 closing number, “The Dynamic Duet”, a joyful ode between the heroes about how they’re “Long lost brothers who found each other” sung as they beat up supervillains (and the occasional random civilian.)
Tumblr media
That song also ties into the contrast between the Batman/Robin dynamic and the B@man/Rob!n one. While Holy Musical is portraying a brotherly/BFF bond between the two heroes, Lego Batman leans into the surrogate son angle. While both are mainly about their stories’ Batman being able to connect with others, the son angle of Lego Batman adds an additional layer of “Batman needs to take responsibility for himself and others” and a parallel to Alfred as Batman’s own surrogate father. It also adds to the queer-coding of Batman in Lego Batman as Batman’s excuse to Robin for why he can go on missions is that Bruce and he are sharing custody, Robin even calling Batman’s dual identities “dads” before he knows the truth.
In the absence of the accepting personal responsibility through fatherhood element, the conflict Rob!n brings out in Holy Musical forms between B@man and the citizens of Gotham. “Citizens as stand-ins for fandom” is at it’s clearest here as the Act 2 opener is called “Robin Sucks!” featuring the citizens singing about how… well, you read the title. Their objections to Rob!n’s existence has nothing to do with what the young hero has done or failed to do, but come from arguments purely about the aesthetic of Rob!n fighting alongside B@man. Most blatantly shown by one of the citizens wearing a Heath Ledger Joker t-shirt saying Rob!n’s presence “ruins the gritty realism of a man who fights crime dressed as a bat.” It works as the Act 2 opener by establishing that B@man and the citizens conflicting opinions on his sidekick end up driving that half of the story, exemplified in B@man’s complete confusion about why people hate Rob!n (“Robin ruined Batman? But that’s not true… Robin make Batman happy.”)
Both Robins play into the internal conflict their respective mentors are going through, but what would a superhero story, even a parody, be without some colorful characters to provide that sweet external conflict.
Going Rogue
Both works have the threat comes from an army of villains assembled under a ringleader, Zach Galifianakis’s Joker in Lego Batman and Jeff Blim as Sweet Tooth in Holy Musical. Both lead the full ensemble of Batman’s classic (and not so classic) Rogues at different points. As mentioned before Joker starts Lego Batman with “assemble the Rogues, blow up Gotham” as his plan, while Sweet Tooth with his candy prop comedy becoming the ringleader of Gotham’s villains is a key turning point in Act 1 of the play. Part of this comes down to how their connections to their respective heroes and environments are framed, Sweet Tooth as a new player on the scene and Joker as Batman’s romantic foil.
Tumblr media
Lego Batman demonstrates Batman and Joker are on “finishing each other’s sentences” levels of intimate that Batman refuses to acknowledge. Shown best in how Joker’s plan only works because he can predict exactly how Batman will act once he starts playing hard to get. When he surrenders the entire Rogues Gallery (without telling them) and himself to police custody, he describes it as him being “off the market.” He knows Batman won’t settle for things ending on these terms and tricks the hero into stealing Superman’s Phantom Zone projector so he can recruit a new, better team of villains for a take two of his masterplan from the start. Going through all this trouble to get Batman to say those three magic words; “I love hate you.” Joker as the significant other wanting his partner to finally reciprocate his feelings and commit works both as a play on how the Batman/Joker relationship often gets approached and an extension of the central theme. Batman is so closed off to interpersonal connections he can’t even properly hate his villains.
Sweet Tooth, while clearly being a riff Heath Ledger and Caesar Romero’s Jokers fused with a dash of Willy Wonka, doesn’t have that kind of connection with B@man. Though there are hints that B@man and his recently deceased Joker may have had one on that level. He laments “[Joker]’s in heaven with mom and dad. Making them laugh, I know it!” when recalling how the Clown Prince of Crime was the one person he enjoyed being around. This makes Joker’s death one of the key triggers to B@man reflecting on his solitude at the start of the play.
Tumblr media
What Sweet Tooth provides the story is a threat to B@man’s new bond with Rob!n. Disrupting that connection forms the delicious center of the Candy King of Crime’s plan in Act 2. He holds Rob!n and Gotham’s people hostage and asks the citizens to decide via Facebook poll if the sidekick lives or dies (in reference to the infamous phone hotline vote from the comic book story A Death in the Family where readers could decide the Jason Todd Robin’s fate.)
With the rest of the villains under the leadership of the respective works’ main antagonists, there’s commentary on their perceived quality as threats. When Holy Musical has Superman talking to Green Lantern about how much B@man’s popularity frustrates him, he comes down especially hard on the Caped Crusader’s villains. Talking about how they all coast by on simple gimmicks with especially harsh attention given to Two Face’s being “the number two.” Saying they’re only famous because B@man screws up and they get to do more damage. Which he compares to his own relationship with his villains:
Superman: You ever heard of Mr. Mxyzptlk? Green Lantern: No. Superman: No, that’s right! That’s because I do my job!
Lego Batman has commentary on the other villains come from Joker, recognizing that even all together they can never beat Batman, because that’s how a Batman story goes. The other villains get portrayed as generally buffoonish, struggling to even build a couch together and described by Joker as “losers dressed in cosplay.” Tricking Batman into sending him to the Phantom Zone provides him the opportunity to gather villains from outside Batman’s mythos and outside DC Comics in general. Recruiting the likes of Sauron, King Kong, Daleks, Agent Smith from The Matrix, and the Wicked Witch of the West, among others. When I first saw and reviewed The Lego Batman Movie, this bugged me because it felt like a missed opportunity to feature lesser-known villains from other DC heroes’ Rogues Galleries. Now, considering the whole movie as meta-commentary on the status of this Batman as a children’s toy, it makes perfect sense that Joker would need to go outside of comics to break the rules of a typical Batman story and have a shot at winning.
The Rogues of Holy Musical get slightly more of a chance to shine, if only because their song “Rogues are We” is one of the catchier tracks from the play. They’re all still more cameo than character when all’s said and done, but Sweet Tooth entering the picture is about him recognizing their potential to operate as a unit, takeover Gotham, and kill B@man. The candy-pun flinging villain wants all of them together, no matter their perceived quality.
Sweet Tooth: “We need every villain in Gotham. Cool themes, lame themes, themes that don’t match their powers, even the villains that take their names from public domain stories.” (Two Face’s “broke ass” still being the exception.)
Both Joker and Sweet Tooth provide extensions of the shared theme of Batman dealing with the new connections in his life, especially with regards to Robin. However, Robin isn’t the only other ally (or potential ally) these Dark Knights have on their side.
Super Friends(?)
The internal crisis of these Caped Crusaders come as much from how they react to other heroic figures as it does from supervillainous machinations. In both cases how Batman views and is viewed by fellow heroes gets centered on a specific figure, Superman in Holy Musical and Commissioner Barbara Gordon (later Batgirl) in Lego Batman. Each serves a vastly different purpose in the larger picture of their stories and relationship to their respective Batmen. Superman reflecting B@man’s loneliness and Barbara symbolizing a new path forward for Batman’s hero work.
Superman’s role in Holy Musical runs more parallel to Lego Batman’s Joker than Barbara. Brian Holden’s performance as the Man of Tomorrow plays into a projected confidence covering anxiety that nobody likes him. Besting the Bat-plane in a race during B@man’s Key to the City ceremony establishes a one upmanship between the two heroes, like Joker’s description of his relationship with Batman at the end of Lego Batman’s opening battle. Though instead of that romantically coded relationship from Lego Batman, this relationship is more connected to childish jealousy. (But if you do want to read the former into Holy Musical B@man, neither hero has an onstage relationship with any woman and part of their eventual fight consist of spanking each other.)
Tumblr media
B@man and Superman’s first real interaction is arguing over who’s the cooler hero until it degrades into yelling “Fuck you!” at each other. B@man storming off in the aftermath of that gets topped off by Superman suggesting he should get the Key to the City instead, citing his strength and longer tenure as a hero (“The first hero, by the way”) as justifications. This only results in the Gotham citizens turning on him for suggesting their city’s hero is anything less than the best, which serves both as a Sam Raimi Spider-Man reference (“You mess with one of us! You mess with all of us!”) and another example of the citizens as stand-ins for fandom. Superman’s veil of cocksureness comes off quickly after that and stays off for the rest of the play. Starting with his conversation with Green Lantern where a civilian comes across them, but barely acts like Superman’s there.
One of the play’s running gags is Superman calling B@man’s number and leaving messages, showing a desperation to reach out and connect with his fellow hero despite initial smugness. Even before the first phone call scene, we see Superman joining B@man to sing “I want to be somebody’s buddy” during “Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight” hinting at what’s to come. The note it consistently comes back to is that Superman’s jealousy stems from Batman’s popularity over him. This is a complete flip of what Lego Batman does with the glimpse at a Batman/Superman dynamic we see when Batman goes to the Superman’s fortress to steal the Phantom Zone projector. The rivalry dynamic there exists solely in Batman’s head, Lego-Superman quickly saying “I would crush you” when Batman suggests the idea of them fighting. Superman’s status among the other DC heroes is also night and day between these works. Where Lego-Superman’s only scene in the movie shows him hosting the Justice League Anniversary Party and explaining he “forgot” to invite Batman, Superman in Holy Musical consistently lies about having friends over (“All night long I’m busy partying with my friends at the Fortress… of Solitude.”)
Superman’s relationship to B@man in Holy Musical develops into larger antagonism thanks to lack of communication with B@man brushing off Supes’ invitations to hang out and fight bad guys (“Where were you for the Solomon Grundy thing? Ended up smaller than I thought, just a couple of cool guys. Me and… Solomon Grundy.”) His own loneliness gets put into stronger focus when he sees the news of Rob!n’s debut as a crimefighter, which makes him reflect on how he misses having Krypto the Super-Dog around. (The explanation for why he doesn’t have his dog anymore is one of my favorite jokes in the play and I won’t ruin it here.)
Where Superman’s a reflection of B@man’s loneliness, Rosario Dawson as Barbara in Lego Batman is a confrontation of Batman’s go it alone attitude. Her job in the story is to be the one poking holes in the foundation of Batman as an idea, starting with her speech at Jim Gordon’s retirement banquet and her instatement as commissioner. She has a by-the-book outlook on crimefighting with the omnicompetence to back it up, thanks to her training at “Harvard for Police.” Babs sees Batman’s current way of operating as ineffectual and wants him to be an official agent of the law. An idea that dumps a bucket of cold water on Batman’s crush he developed immediately upon seeing her, though that never fully goes away.
Tumblr media
Her main point is that Batman “karate chopping poor people” hasn’t made Gotham better in his 80 years of operating. A contrast to Holy Musical’s Jim Gordon announcing that B@man has brought Gotham’s crime rates to an all-time low (“Still the highest in the world, but we’re working on it.”) She wants to see a Batman willing to work with other people. A hope dashed constantly dealing with his childish stubbornness as he tries to foil Joker’s schemes on his own, culminating in her arresting Batman and Robin for breaking into Arkham to send Joker to the Phantom Zone.
Barbara’s role as the one bringing grown-up attitudes and reality into Batman’s world does leave her in the role of comedic straight woman. Humor in her scenes comes from how she reacts to everyone else’s absurdity rather than anything she does to be funny. This works for the role she plays in Lego Batman, since she’s not there to have an arc the way Superman does in Holy Musical. She’s another catalyst for Batman’s to start letting people in as another character he grows to care about. Which starts after she lets the Dynamic Duo out of prison to fight Joker’s new army of Phantom Zone villains on the condition that he plays it by her rules. Leading to a stronger bond between Batman, Robin, Alfred, and her as they start working together.
The two Batmen’s relationships to other heroes, their villains, Robin, and their own solitude each culminate in their own way as their stories reach their conclusions.
Dark Knights & Dawning Realizations
As everything comes down to the final showdowns in these Bat-parodies, the two Caped Crusaders each confront their failures to be there for others and allow themselves to be vulnerable to someone they’ve been antagonizing throughout the story. Each climax has all of Gotham threatened by a bomb and the main villains’ plans coming to fruition only to come undone.
Holy Musical has Sweet Tooth’s kidnapping of Rob!n and forcing Gotham to choose themselves or the sidekick they hate sends B@man into his most exaggerated state in the entire play. It’s the classic superhero movie climax conundrum, duty as a hero versus personal attachment. Alfred, having revealed himself as the “other butlers”, even lampshades how these stories usually go only for that possibility to get shot down by Bruce:
Alfred: A true hero, Master Wayne, finds a way to choose both. B@man: You’re right, Alfred. I know what I have to do… Fuck Gotham, I’m saving Robin!
B@man’s selfishness effectively makes him the real villain of Holy Musical’s second act. Lego Batman has shades of that aspect as well, where Batman gets sent to the Phantom Zone by Joker for his repeated refusal to acknowledge their relationship. Where the AI running the interdimensional prison, Phyllis voiced by Ellie Kemper, confronts him with the way he’s treated Robin, Alfred, Barbara, and even Joker:
Phyllis: You’re not a traditional bad guy, but you’re not exactly a good guy either. You even abandoned your friends. Batman: No! I was trying to protect them! Phyllis: By pushing them away? Batman: Well… yeah. Phyllis: Are they really the ones you’re protecting?
Batman watches what’s happening back in Gotham and sees Robin emulate his grim and gritty tendencies to save the day in his absence makes him desperately scream, “Don’t do what I would do!” It’s the universe rubbing what a jerk he’s been in his face. He’s forced to take a look at himself and make a change. B@man’s not made to do that kind of self-reflection until after he’s defeated Sweet Tooth but failed to stop the villain’s bomb. He’s ready to give up on Gotham forever and leave with Rob!n, until his sidekick pulls up Sweet Tooth’s poll and it shows the unanimous result in favor of saving the Boy Wonder. Despite everything they said at the start of Act 2, the people want to help their hero in return for all the times he helped them. All of them calling back to the Raimi Spider-Man reference from Act 1, “You mess with one of us. You mess with all of us.”
Both heroes’ chance at redemption and self-improvement comes from opening themselves up to the people they pushed out and dismissed earlier in their stories. Batman takes on the role he reduced the Commissioner down to at the beginning of the movie and flips on signals for Barbara, Alfred, and Robin to show how he’s truly prepared to work as a team, not just with his friends and family but with the villains of Gotham the Joker pushed aside as well. Teamwork makes the dream work and they’re all able to work together to get Joker’s army back into the Phantom Zone but like in Holy Musical they fail to stop the bomb threatening Gotham. Which he can only prevent from destroying the city by confessing his true feeling to Joker
Batman: If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have learned how connected I am with all of these people and you. So, if you help me save Gotham, you’ll help me save us. Joker: You just said “us?” Batman: Yeah, Batman and the Joker. So, what do you say? Joker: You had me at “shut up!”
Tumblr media
The equivalent moment from Holy Musical comes from B@man needing to put aside his pride and encourage a disheartened Superman to save Gotham for him. This happens in the aftermath of a fight the two heroes had where Superman tried to stop B@man before he faced Sweet Tooth, B@man winning out through use of kryptonite. That fight doesn’t fit into any direct parallel with Lego Batman, but it is important context for how Superman’s feeling about B@man before Superman finally gets his long-awaited phone call from the Dark Knight. Also, the song accompanying the fight, “To Be a Man”, is one of the funniest scenes in the play. What this speech from B@man does is bring the idea of Holy Musical B@man as a commentary on fandom full circle:
B@man: I forgot what it means to be a superhero. But we’re really not that different, you and me, at our heart. I mean really all superheroes are pretty much the same… Something bad happened to us once when we were young, so we dedicated our whole lives to doing a little bit of good. That’s why we got into this crazy superhero business. Not to be the most popular, or even the most powerful. Because if that were the case, hell, you’d have the rest of us put out of a job!
This speech extends into an exchange between the heroes about how superheroes are cool, not despite anything superficially silly but because of it. Bringing it back to the “Robin Sucks!” theme that started Act 2, saying “Some people think Robin is stupid. But those people are pretentious douchebags. Because, literally, the only difference between Robin and me is our costumes.” The speech culminates in what I genuinely think is one of the best Batman lines ever written, as B@man’s final plea to Superman is “Where’s that man who’s faster than a gun?” calling back to the trauma that created Batman across all versions and what he can see in someone like Superman. So, B@man sacrificing his pride and fully trusting in another hero saves Gotham, the way Batman letting Joker know what their relationship means to him did in Lego Batman.
Tumblr media
Each of these parodies ends by delivering a Batman willing to open himself up to a new team of heroes fighting at his side, the newly minted Bat-Family in Lego Batman and the league for justice known as the Super Friends in Holy Musical. Putting them side by side like this shows how creators don’t need the resources of a Hollywood studio to make something exactly as meaningful and how the best parodies come from love of the material no matter who’s behind them.
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Kymmie/Kymmai is my nickname
Zodiac sign?:
About 5′5 I think
Last movie that I saw?:
Riding in Cars with Boys. It’s one of my favorite books and I love the movie. RIP Brittany Murphy. 
Last thing that I googled?:
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Review (If anyone has played this can you please tell me if it’s good???) 
Favorite musician/artist/s?:
Ice Nine Kills has been my favorite band since 2014. 
Current song that is stuck in your head?:
This question made me realize I don’t have one stuck in my head and I don’t want this peace to be ruined
Do you have any other blogs?:
I do not. 
How many blogs/simblrs do you follow?:
Over 500. A lot of the Sims 3 blogs I follow are inactive now but I stick around hoping they’ll come back.
What amount of sleep do you get?:
4 hours if I’m lucky. 
Do you have a lucky number?:
I wouldn’t call it a lucky number, but my favorite number is 6.
What are you wearing currently?:
A pair of gray shorts and a Naruto t-shirt.
What is your dream job?:
I don’t dream of labor.
What is your dream trip?:
Renting a big cabin in the mountains with my friends in the middle of a snow storm. 
Can you speak any other languages?:
I speak a little Spanish.
Oceanside or the Mountains?:
Do you play any instruments?:
I tried to teach myself to play piano because it’s my favorite instrument, but my hands were too small so I gave up.
What is your favorite song currently?:
What Lies Beneath by Ice Nine Kills
What is one random fact about yourself?:
I can touch my tongue to my nose
Describe yourself as an aesthetic?:
Uhhhhh I have absolutely no idea. Casual goth I guess?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Interview with my friend A.L. Crego
I have not met A.L. Crego.  I have not spoken with him on the phone, in fact I do not even know what he looks like.  But I can confidently call him my friend.  Three years ago when I started this blog he immediately disagreed with me in the comments about things I was writing and I loved it.  As a person putting ideas out there, you treasure things like that....because you know someone cares.  We have had many back and forth discussions over the years....if we had lived in Paris in 1911 we would be having arguments at La Rotonde (not to compare either of us to Picasso).
A.L. Crego is a motion artist who does a wide variety of things.  He has now become a very visible and active figure in the NFT Movement.  He recently completed a large and very successful project in which he animated the work of a number of well know street artists on the building themselves, something he has done for years.  His Tumblr page is a good place to start to see his work, which is largely surrealist in nature -- another Spanish artist following in the footsteps of other great Spanish surrealist artists.
How long have you been creating gif art?
In a conscious and intentional way since 2014. Previously I haven't pay too much attention on one hand for its common use that was mostly ads and funny little videos, and on the other hand because it was a 'standard' format we accepted as something part of the web so I never stopped to analyze its potential. The key point for me was about 2010-2011 when the concept of 'Cinemagraph' was brought to life just giving it a name. It's format is .gif but its characteristics are different so I saw there the midpoint between photography and video, which gave born another format of art.
Art mutates when a new format appears. I was using and studying this format since then but it wasn't until 2014 that I decided to publish some of them.
What is your background?
In general terms, bachelor, 2 years of stone sculpting and two attempts of photography and audiovisual mediums. I say attempts because I gave up both of them as I was feeling that I was looking for something else more than studying all the previous history, style and isms, which is nice to understand where everything comes from and to be aware what are the key points on the history to use as reference, as a map. But in some way I felt limited as I was using digital tools since I had my first computer with 14 years, and I was being taught things I learnt by then. Even more in this times we are living where we are 21 century people, been taught by teachers from the 20 with 19 century methods.
A constant line that feeds my background is literature and music overall and later Street Art, next to more temporal interests as everything related with mythology, alchemy, history, psychology, neurology, biology, human condition in general... I don't have studies buy I'm a studying guy!
I always like to highlight that all these years that internet got strong and social networks appeared, I decided voluntary to be out of them. First reason was to keep my privacy safe in a growing world where it seemed that some "curtain" felt and everybody accepted that intimacy was now 'ex-timacy' and correct to show their private life, (this shocked me). Another reason was about the psychological effect that social networks were having on people I had around and everywhere in general. I started to notice patterns and "waves" about series, aesthetics, styles, and I was seeing clearly that if I go there, I will become permeable to all this "Amniotic Culture" I was trying to avoid.
This fact of being far (but study them closely) helped me a lot about researching and developing my own ideas and style, for the mere fact that I was using all this time and attention Social Networks require, on drinking from another sources. The B-side of this is that I was 'out of the radar' of mass people as this social networks are designed to live inside them. My idea of internet and spreading ideas is not in this way.
Where do you live and work?
In the north west of Spain, Galicia. Now due to Covid I travel less but before it, I was working and traveling many places as I only need a camera and a computer. This allows me move to work anywhere.
Do you think that animated gifs are a new art form?
I think so, despite the fact that the format existed since 1987. But as every new format of art it takes its time to be considered as art. The first photographs were not considered art until many years later. Same happened with film, same with CGI. Is nice to have in mind that gif format is the last strictly digital format of the three main ones on the web: picture, video and gif. Photography has about 200 years of history, video about 130, CGI about 60. Finally gif has 33, and used as art itself no more than 10-15. In the same way anybody takes a picture of anything does not convert it into art, is the same with gifs. One thing is the format, another is the 'art'. Everybody can take a picture, record a video or do a gif. The difference is on the how, the why, and from my point of view overall, the what.
Do you think that there is a difference between pure .gif files and the .mp4 files that people post on Instagram?
The first, big and obvious difference is the format. Is not the same a painting as a picture of a painting. Here happens the same. For example, if you treat a gif with Cinemagraph technique, you are converting in picture some parts of the image, so they still remain and with the texture and totally stillness of a picture. If you convert this gif into a mp4 this still parts, despite not having motion, will convert into a video texture (noise, subtle motion in pixels, etc) so the main characteristic, among the perfect loop, is lost. Another point is that you must play a video, a gif is always running. Waterfalls are always running and this characteristic is something that is inside our human nature, we react nice to "bucle" motions as waterfalls, fire, etc. We find pleasure on this. Of course if it's a video the perfect loop is lost and the visual mantra disappear. And another key point here is the soundtrack. In a video you can use sound to enhance or give another meaning to the piece that you can't with gifs. For me this is another characteristic that give meaning to gif. For me gif is silence, the sound is generated by the motion, the melody are the details and the beat the perfect loop. You can "hear" almost every gif.
The difference between a gif and a video is the same that between a waterfall and a hose (if this works).
What do you think are the characteristics of good gif art?
For me first and overall the perfect loop. Not using it is not using the only format that has this characteristics. Of course there can be gif art that is not perfect loop, but from my point of view and in my work is a must. It's a new way not only of creating but also of thinking. Imagine an still scene is easy, imagine an A-B point action is easy. For me the challenge is about thinking an idea that is perfect looped where all the elements interact and eventually come back to its initial point. Succeed doing this is where the perfect loop appears and you are not able to find where is the start point of the action. Like a visual mantra, that it's repetition leads you inside the piece. Gif art is nice to use the power of the hypnotic movements. Another point to have in mind for me is the flow of it, the frame rate I mean. Depending on the idea and the kind of animation this should vary; is not the same fps to achieve something with flow than if you want to achieve a more 'retro' old style. Another thing is about dithering and color palette. This second one is essential to understand as it affects the final file. When we work with photo and video we are using millions of colors but when rendered as gifs all the gradients, lights and even colors will change if there is a previous understood of this point.
As summary: If motion doesn't add, change of enhance the meaning of the piece, is expendable.
I'd would like to add that I'm not really supporter of this kind of gifs generated automatically that just move a still image itself. I understand that this 'technique' is used as a tool for certain motion (I use it) but not to move a whole image. I feel the same as if somebody hold a painting in front of me and moves it randomly. If the work was born still, it must remain still. A good example of 'inner motion', this means that the motion is implicit on the image despite not being in motion, are the photographs of Cartier Bresson for example. Giving motion to this pictures for example, will kill it because it will break the concept of 'perfect instant' .
'Instant' differs etymologically from 'moment' in the motion. So, still image (painting, photo, sculpture, etc) is an instant, videos are stories with a-b point, and gifs are moments, the mid point.
How would you describe your gif art?
I usually condense it as "Visual Mantras", as the technique and the aesthetic vary depending on the idea , but in all of them the perfect loop and the intention of hypnotizing is always present.
In another terms about aesthetics and themes I think ‘Industrial Nature’ can fit nice. I use a lot of industrial elements but I like to mix their mechanics with the biological natural ones.
How long have you been creating and selling NFTs?
I am selling NFTs since mid 2019, but it wasn't until October 2020 that I focused more on it and dug into the ecosystem to find new paths to focus my work.
Do you think that NFTs are a positive for gif artists?
For me, and the main reason I jumped into cryptoart and NFT, is that now I can certify my digital work as original. Even more to gif works as they were always understood as something banal and minor for the context of its born. Gif art was born prostituted, used mostly for ads and to claim our attention on the internet, next to the highest glamour of painting and traditional art, and 3d, photography and video these last decades. Even worst if we realize that gif format was the only visual format born by and for the internet.
NFTs are totally positive for gif artists because despite being a digital/online native format it never had its own ecosystem to live in. I feel that I was creating creatures for an ecosystem I was waiting to drop them there. Now with the blockchain, NFTs and cryptoart, I found the place where they can live, being watched by everybody and have the certify that is my work. Until some months ago my work was "free" on the web and I had no control over it at all. This was a huge problem I was suffering since my first month into gif art as people use it indiscriminately with no credit at all. It's ok, and I always defend that my work is to be seen, to be shared, but I was looking for the way to be able to have this link with my work without losing the option of being available for everybody. NFT totally changes this.
What do you think will happen in the future as NFTs get even more popular?
In general terms I think it will happen the same as when print got more popular. People will use it more, a lot of crazy and useless things will appear, tons more of different uses and useful purposes, (not only on art). This opens a new door a lot of people was waiting so the future is unpredictable but we can feel where things are going. NFT arrived to stay and the concept of decentralization is something that was always present on the internet since first days but born inside a centralized system. NFTs are being a way for people to understand the 'peer to peer' philosophy and this makes people think in different codes, so we can expect a lot of new horizons, in art, music, design...
What do you think of the environmental impact of NFTs?
This question can goes really deep but in general terms I think that is something that is being oversized due to the hype and the boiling point we are, and it's understandable because is not false that it has an environmental impact, as everything does. But on the other hand I have two main areas in mind. The first and the obvious from my point of view is that when something is new and developing is less efficient, in the way that it requires more effort to achieve the result. But at the same time, the more this technology is used the more is developed and all this issues are part of it. The first car was not electric.
The second point that usually reverberates in my mind and that it seems that 'hard critics' omit is that they are not having in mind that this NFTs we mint, give us a profit that can be used offline to do another things that can be useful to solve this problem, for example, investing part of this money on living on our own in a minimal and clean way (not working for huge multinational that their environmental impact is tons times more than NFTs and then being part of an ONG to feel clean) and on using part of this money on looking and researching new ways to mint and to keep this digital ecosystem more efficient and clean. Every development needs time.
If you have found this content valuable considering getting me a cup of coffee
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yuh hello I decided to pin an info post so let’s get into it
♥*♡∞:。.。 𝔸𝔹𝕆𝕌𝕋 𝕄𝔼 。.。:∞♡*♥
My name’s Annastasia and this blog has been my humble corner of tumblr since 2010! In some spaces, I also go by Arisa Cliche. You can call me Anna, Annastasia, or Risa/Arisa. Any of those are fine ^_^ I am a 21+ Adult, so if that makes you uncomfortable, don’t feel obligated to stay. 99% of the time this is a SFW blog tho, and any other rare discussions or fandom pics will be tagged as such. This is my personal blog and I typically fill it up with text posts about my life, reblogs, fandom content, human rights/political posts, aesthetic pics, and anything else I’m into! I consider myself a cripplepunk anarchist and those vibes will be present to the best of my ability in the social justice flavored takes I reblog or post. If you don’t like any of these things, I wouldn’t hit the follow button. Also, feel free to block me!
I’m a writer! I typically write original YA/NA Fantasy, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction, but I also dabble in Fanfiction and fan theories when the mood hits me. If you’d like to support my work, I post everything on AO3 and on my sideblog, Writing with Chaos. I’ve been writing a YA book called Cynical Chaos since I was 15, and if you wanna know more about it, or meet my precious OCs, click here!
Admittedly, I don’t post as much on tumblr as I used to. I’ve mostly migrated to twitter since the 2020 Purge, but I stick around here for a safe haven when things get a little too fast paced over there (and let’s be honest the memes are way better here ;p) and also to visit the communities I’m part of! I got a lot of side blogs and there’s many things I’d miss if I completely left. I’m afraid I’m here till this place burns. If you wanna follow me anywhere else, I’m @chaosonwheels23 on both Twitter and Instagram.
My ask box is always open and I love hearing from y’all so feel free to say hi! ^_^ The only rules I really have is if you try to start arguments with me about any of the ridiculous tumblr shit/harmful irl ideologies present on this site, such as terf/swerf beliefs, anti-blm or other racism, any radical feminist stances, exclusionism/gatekeeping of any kind, puritan behavior, ableism, or shipping discourse, I will simply block you without a response. I have absolutely zero interest in debating these things. I don’t vet much except to check if you’re a bot--so if I block you and you don’t fit any of the following, it’s cause your blog was empty or you had a sus name--but if I find out you are a terf, swerf, fash trash, rad fem, or you post l*licon, I will block on sight. I do not follow back unless we’ve had friendly interactions a decent amount of times. These rules apply to all social medias.
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Some small things about me that aren’t listed on my sidebar!  
-I’m Taurus Sun and Moon, Libra Rising, Aries Venus, Mars Cancer
-I graduated college (undergrad) in Fall 2019 with a BFA in Creative Writing. Eventually, I also want to go back and finish my BA in Gender and Women’s Studies so I can work in domestic violence counseling.
-I am the cutest Lolita on four wheels ;p I started wearing the fashion actively around 2017
-I have two pets: A GSD named Sahara and a black cat named Luna Rae
-The reason why I use a wheelchair is because of a neuromuscular degenerative disorder that I was born with
-I practice witchcraft and identify as a Pagan since 2013/2014. All talk about that goes over here. I like cottage and sea witchery, tarot, sigils, rootwork, and kinda gettin’ into astrology.
-I love to sing!!!!
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-Obviously my favorite genres are metalcore/post-hardcore/pop-punk and I identify the most with that, but clearly I listen to literally everything lmao
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stardestroyer81 · 6 months ago
On September 11th, 2020, I posted this, a teaser for a 'faux Earthbound-inspired project' featuring four brightly colored silhouettes of its four main characters. The concept and characters were shrouded in mystery up until April 7th of the following year, where I posted yet another teaser in the form of an in-game screenshot, revealing the character of Lauren Henley and the project's placeholder title, Project 2000.
In that post, I mentioned that Project 2000 isn't the project's final name, and that I would be unveiling its true name later on down the line. The truth of the matter was that I could have gone and revealed the true name as early as... well, 2020 if I wanted to. But a lot of the project was still being figured out at that time (Including the designs of its main characters!), and I wanted to hold off on revealing anything more until I knew I was 100% ready to explain what this 'Project 2000' even is.
Now, nearing a year after I posted the initial first teaser, I feel as though it's about time to introduce a few more original characters of mine to this blog, and with that being said...
Tumblr media
Let's talk about Override!
Tumblr media
Shigesato Itoi's 1994 cult classic Earthbound (Known as MOTHER 2 in Japan) flopped due to misleading marketing when it came around to being released in the states, but its witty humor, nonstandard JRPG setting and its colorful visual presentation proved to be a hit to the American audience in due time.
This, of course, led to creators opting to shape games around a similar basis to Earthbound, whether its in terms of graphical style, humor, battle tactics, and much more. I think the most popular example when the phrase "Earthbound-Inspired RPG" comes to mind is undoubtedly Toby Fox's Undertale, which shared a lot of the same humor as its inspiration as well as a similar graphical style.
Some fans liked the MOTHER series so much that they wanted to take the franchise into their own hands and create the next installment after Shigesato Itoi stated that MOTHER 3 was the last game in the franchise, and MOTHER 4 began production by fans. Many Winter 2014s later, it was unsure if the game was still in production, though the project was officially rebranded as its own entity as Oddity in 2020.
Override is, essentially, my kind of Undertale/Oddity, mixing elements from Earthbound, MOTHER 3, the Y2K bug and the general 2000s aesthetic together into one. By that first part, I mean it's an Earthbound-Inspired RPG crafted by my own hand (Dating as far back as mid-2019); it, of course, isn't an actual game, but rather a collection of conceptual art pieces and faux in-game screenshots I've made detailing what it would look like as a real game (Like Mega Man Ultimate).
Tumblr media
Oh, right, the plot! Bear in mind that a lot of the finer details of Override's story haven't quite been figured out yet, but I can say that I at least have enough to finally get around to talking about it.
Charles Feldman, CEO of Synergon Robotics, longs to spearhead a dystopian world with an invincible army of technologic law-enforcers, though finds it almost impossible to in his current time, the year 2095, where such technology is commonplace.
For years, he has meticulously shaped a plan where he, a team of subordinates and all the robo-security he could need would time travel back just before the year 2000, wherein he would corrupt all technology at that point with a 'Y2K Bug' and force the denizens of the world to live a lifestyle not unlike the events of the novel 1984, wherein humanity's every move is closely observed, and if someone steps out of line, they fall to the wrath of the Synergon Police.
His plan, for the most part, is successful. He travels back to the date November 18th, 1997 to have enough time to prepare for his eventual world-ruling plan on midnight, January 1st, 2000. The aforementioned Synergon police are armed with powerful devices called 'Psiometers', which are watch-like gadgets which connect to the user's neural network to unlock the powers of the mind.
Psiometers alongside other tech necessary for Feldman's ploy are transferred base-to-base in the middle of the night via drones, which are equipped with cameras and can hold up to twenty pounds of equipment. However, on the night of December 30th, 1999, a flaw in the wrap-up of Feldman's ultimate plan occurs, when a last minute drone delivery of two Psiometer units results in a crash.
The drone lands in the yard of the Henley residence. Nine and a half year old Lauren Henley overhears the crash and goes outside to investigate, finding the busted drone amidst the snow. After another brief malfunction, it shuts itself down, and Lauren, vowing to figure out its origins, drags it into the garage and goes back to bed...
December 31st, 1999. Lauren brings the Synergon drone to her neighbor's house, and shows it to her best friend, nine year old Casey Treverton. The two shortly discover the drone's contents, and Lauren instantly suspects there's more to the Synergon story. They ultimately are short on answers for the time being, and keep the whole thing a secret from their parents until later that night...
One minute until the new year. Casey and Lauren hurry to the downstairs of the Treverton residence to catch the ball drop for the new millennium. Whatever weirdness happened earlier is put on the backburner as the two flop down in front of the TV, eagerly counting down the seconds left of 1999.
"5... 4... 3... 2..."
Then, a nationwide power shortage. Nobody has any clue what's going on. Eventually, the TV flickers back on, and instead of the new year festivities they had been watching prior, the picture depicts a grizzled although finely dressed man in front of a white backdrop; Charles Feldman.
He states that his message is being broadcast across every television in the country, and reveals his lengthy plan to create a highly technical dystopian society overseen by Synergon Robotics, threatening to rewire any technology he pleases for the worst should anyone oppose him.
Casey and Lauren grimace at each other.
Three months pass. Not a lot has changed this early on in, though the citizens of Maywood are under close surveillance by various automatons to make sure nobody tries anything funny. Lauren decides that she has had enough of this 'Synergon Business' and asks Casey if he's interested in figuring out how the Psiometers work and using them against Synergon to ultimately take them down.
At first, Casey is unsure, true to his nervous personality. There isn't any rational way two children could lead to the downfall of an entity which has taken over the world, but Lauren is sure of their success, and with enough coercing the two embark on a mission to take back what's theirs. Who do they meet along the way? Just how deep does the Synergon plan run? And will they reign victorious? Only time will tell...
Tumblr media
Well, now that we have the lengthy scene-setting out of the way, let's check out the good stuff; checking out the four heroes of Override which were teased last year! It's a good thing I chose to wait to show their designs off, because the silhouettes shown in the teaser weren't the same designs as what I have now. So, let's get right into it!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It may have taken much longer than I expected to show Override off, but at the very least that means I can now get around to posting/writing about what I've come up for it! I have a lot of Override-related content on the way, though I find that this is an excellent way to introduce its world! A LOT of work was put into this, so I hope you've enjoyed everything this post has to offer!
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linasrant · 6 months ago
how can i be part of a 90's ghost rock band?
Okay so i watched julie and the phantoms (for the third time may i add) and its just so comforting and beautiful that i had to comment about it. Just a warning before u read, it may have some spoilers!
So for the people who didnt watch the show yet, its an american version of the brazilian og show called julie e os fantasmas (basically has the same meaning in english) where 3 members from a 90's band die one day before their big show on the Orpheum. When i first watched i laughed so hard from the way they died bc as a brazilian i could never die from a tainted hot dog, bro i've been eating street food since i was a kid and its like a culture from my country, we have the best street dogs everrrr (no cap here). But talking abt the show, the boys from Sunset Curve ( what a cool name btw) die from food poisoning and then cameback in 2020 as ghosts, 25 years after their death, to help a girl named julie find her way back into music.
Okay so about the boys, Luke Petterson, Reggie Peters and Alex Mercer: the himbos. THEY´RE ADORABLE!! The energy that they have, their passion for music and their friendship are just the best. My fav ghost is Reggie (i found me a lover who can play the bass), that boy has the energy of a golden retriever wrapped in the aesthetic of a 5sos fan from 2014. I mean the black ripped jeans, black leather jacket, red flannel around the waist and white t-shirt u cant tell me he wouldn't jam listening to sounds good feels good ( one of my favs album after youngblood). His whole style and personality is just *chef kiss*
Tumblr media
Enough abt the boys lets talk abt Julie Molina, one the most talented girls i've ever seen (she, olivia rodrigo and sabrina carpenter are my top 3), her voice is angelic, her personality and style u can not love this girl, SHES AN ICON!!! I shivered every time she sang in the show, the power that she holds damn i love her.
Tumblr media
This serie has the energy of a warm cup of hot cocoa in a cold day, its just cozy and relaxing, the plot twist is so good and the songs get stuck in your head. My top 3 songs are:
Edge of Great
Wake Up
Now or Never
I have a huge emotional connection with Edge of Great, so it had to be my number one in that list. Like look at this part and u'll understand me.
"I believe that we're just one dream Away from who we're meant to be That we're standing on the edge of great Something big, something crazy Our best days are yet unknown"
Tumblr media
Anyway, i could spend hours talking about this masterpiece but i dont want to bother u guys, so please go watch julie and the phantoms and make your own conclusions abt it. I hope yall like it, so then hopefully we can get a season 2 ;)
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bucksfucks · 7 months ago
   𝖙𝖜𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖞 𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 𝖙𝖆𝖌 𝖌𝖆𝖒𝖊
RULES || make a new post and share your answers.
thank you so much for the tag @msmarvelwrites — you’re such a sweetheart & kind soul, you deserve all the love!! <<3
1. why did you choose your url?
uhhh well, as you know, i used to be honeysucklesteve! at first, a lot of my writing revolves around chris evans & his characters and while i still adore him!!! i found a passion writing for bucky!
so i wanted to change it to something that a) revolves around bucky and b) was short and fun!
2. any sideblogs? if you do, name them and say why you have them.
i only have one! it’s my library blog where i reblog only my writing! [ @honeyslibrary ]
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
ooof ummm well i attempted to use tumblr back in 2014 but i had a one direction fan account on instagram so i didn’t have much interest in tumblr oops 💀
4. do you have a queue tag?
i do!! i don’t use it toooooo often, but it’s what’s a queue anyways which i should re-name because i feel like i could do better
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
but ummm the past year has been rough, so i thought, hey, why not!
6. why did you choose your icon?
it’s seggsy. bucky barnes as the winter soldier is my kink
7. why did you choose your header?
it’s literally just the colour code that matches my pfp it’s all for the aesthetic ✌🏻
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
the feelings mutual — which, honestly? shocks me to this day
9. how many mutuals do you have?
oh man it must be like, a hundred? which is a very crazy thing to say out loud!
10. how many followers do you have?
idk, more than 12. i don’t like focusing on followers!!
11. how many people do you follow?
107 beautiful creators!
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
everything i post is a shit post
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
whenever i have the time/need the distraction!
14. have you ever had a fight/argument with another blog? who won?
only calling out racists and considering they have ✨blocked me✨ i think i’ve won.
15. how do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
i have never found money or good news from those chain emails back in middle school soooo yeah, they don’t get me
16. do you like tag games?
yah!! i don’t get tagged in many but i love them!
17. do you like ask games?
yes!! but i also don’t wanna clog up anyone’s feeds
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
literally everyone omgggg uhhh @navybrat817 @stargazingfangirl18 @angrythingstarlight just to name a few <<<3
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
i fall in love 13 times a day i have a crush on everyone
20. tags?
no pressure tags! @mickey-henry @balenciagabucky @coldfingers-warmheart @sunmoonandbucky @samwilsons-pillowpecs @danneelsmain @gyllenhaalstories @labella420 @cockslut-padalecki
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windhamsrotunda · 8 months ago
Roman Reigns x Y/N {Your Name} - "I Like The Way Your Hand Fits In Mine".
Tumblr media
Pairings: Roman Reigns x Y/N
Category: FLUFF, Lots of Cuteness. | Angst!
Summary: After a long day at work, Y/N and Roman go clothes-shopping at Y/N's favorite store and then go home to cuddle.
Warnings: Some Language, | Angst! | FLUFF // Cliffhanger at the end!
Requested by: @tribalhotness 💕
Word Count: 2.7k+
Document 17.docx {WRITTEN IN WORD DOCS}.
1 / 8
Y/N taps her fingers upon her desk, pushing her glasses up to the bridge of her nose.
‘’When’s Roman going to come home?’’ She glances over at the clock impatiently. She is stubborn when it came to Roman’s work schedule, she knew he has long and busy work days ahead of him. Sighing, she removes her glasses off of her face and sets them down on the wooden desk, to where she usually does her readings and college essays. Y/N lays her head down on her desk, getting a shut eye as she sleeps in a deep slumber.
The dream occurred with candles lit up next to the foot of the bed in rows. Roman had come home about late at night. Y/N is waiting by the foot of her bed, the lit-up candles swooshed in the darkness, lighting up the whole room as he walked in.
He dropped his bags down onto the floor, looking to Y/N’s path.  
‘’Oh my god, this is amazing, Y/N.’’ He greets with a smile, leaning in to kiss his girlfriend of 5 years. She swoons in his embraced arms, tangling her fingers into his long, Samoan black hair.
‘’I am glad you like it; I did this for us, baby.’’ She smiled softly, as her boyfriend Roman cups her face delicately with one hand, while his other hand was in Y/N’s, he says:
‘’I like how your hand fits into mine.’’  
The way Y/N blushes are adorable to Roman, she kisses him on the lips and took him to the side of the bed. Plopping down on the bed next to her boyfriend, she strokes the side of his face.  
Daydreaming inside a dream is lucid, although, she kept herself in check and didn’t want to ruin the rest of the surprise. Y/N’s body was comfortable next to Roman’s, her body shifted to face him.  
‘’You are my sunshine,’’ She crinkles her nose cutely as her hands falls into his.
‘’My only sunshine,’’ He sang back, surprised that he knew the song.  
Receiving a little laugh from Y/N, she looked into his deep, brown chocolate eyes and purses her lips a little. Roman pecks her neck in response from her pursed lips, earning a small and passionate groan from his girlfriend. He hums, scrutinizing her body language. How she sits so perfectly, how the strands of her hair fell delicately on her shoulders, weighing themselves. The exterior of the window a bit crack to get that feeling of life again in the spare bedroom, Y/N says to Roman:
‘’I love the living daylights out of you, Roman. I want to let that sink into your mind and remember I always have your back.’’
He smiles, and kissed her again.
2 / 8
Y/N woke up, hearing the door handle open to her bedroom, it’s Roman with his luggage in his hands like the dream started out with. She groggily groans, met by her boyfriend, he walks over to the foot of her bed looking at her where she slept on her desk.
‘’Could’ve just slept in your bed,’’ He suggested, giggling a little at the marks on her forehead from resting.
‘’Oh, be quiet.’’ She laughs, getting up and walking over to Roman. There, they sit together on the bed before deciding to go somewhere.
‘’Y/N, what do you want to do?’’
‘’Go clothes-shopping with you,’’ Y/N announced, he crinkles up his nose at the idea, but he didn’t mind at all since it’s supposed to be a fun day for him and her.
‘’Okay! Sure thing, baby girl.’’ He kissed her forehead.
When they got to the mall, Roman held hands with his girlfriend Y/N. Of course, Roman has to dress up in disguise so he wouldn’t get recognized by some crazy fan. He only wants to spend time with his girlfriend and have fun going clothes shopping. Y/N gazes upon the lovely dresses they have displayed, feeling the soft and eye-appealing fabric on the dresses.
‘’I love this one,’’ She points at the dress to Roman that she was admiring. Roman smiled and said:
‘’Why don’t you try it on in the dressing room and let me see how it looks on you?’’  
She walks into the dressing room and closed the door behind her. Removing her clothing, she slips on the luxurious black dress, Y/N then zips the backup of the dress and exits the spare dressing room to show Roman. ‘’You look so stunning, love.’’ He smiles softly, his facial expression sweet.  
‘’Thank you so much, Ro.’’ She smiles back; her face flushing in red. He takes his hand into her’s again, going up to the cash register. Y/N bought a lot of things, like richened jewelry, her new favorite black dress, some shoes and lots of scrunchies.  
‘’Is this all of you, ma’am?’’ The woman at the cash register asks, eyes fixated on Roman.  
‘’Yeah,’’ Y/N replies, then realizing the woman at the cash register was googling at her man.
‘’Your total comes up to $77.69,’’ She proclaims, bagging up the clothing and accessories, looking up at Roman every now and then. She never took her eyes off of Roman.
3 / 8
‘’Um, yeah thanks for googling at my man.’’ Y/N said abruptly, pushing the money towards the cash register woman, which causes Roman to giggle a little. ‘’Let’s go, Ro.’’ She takes his hand, and walked away without a trace.  
Supposedly, they are in a state of mind of: ‘’staying in Paris’’, to get away from their parents – The idea of cuddling on a stormy, Monday night watching Netflix series of a clique of girls who are cheerleaders, a type of horror flick. It’s Y/N’s favorite types of movies, however, Roman did not mind the cheerleader movies. Suddenly, he had an idea.
‘'Y/N?’’ he announces during the movie.
He taps his fingers upon her lap, and says:
‘’This is very weird of me to ask, but how about we pause the movie and listen to our favorite songs?’’  
She looks at him in direct contact, she grinned.  
‘’And dance?’’ She inquires, getting up off the couch.
‘’To slow and reverb songs, of course.’’
{A/N - I am obsessed with slowed and reverb versions of songs I like, so it’s type of an aesthetic mood I go through; Anyway, on with the fic.}
Roman got up off the couch too, and opened his iPhone to play a song by The Neighbourhood, but in slowed version.
‘’This seems familiar,’’
‘’Like 7 years ago familiar.’’ Roman added, running hands through his hair.
Y/N hummed to the beat of the song, then recognizing the ‘’heart beat through the floor beat’’ that she hasn’t listened to in forever ago.
He extends his hand towards her hand, to where they danced slowly under the dimmed lights of the living room. The world stops between the two of them, the echoes through the song seems as if Y/N and Roman are romanticizing it.  She lays her head down on Roman’s shoulder while they dance.
***Y/N’s FLASHBACK TO 2014***
4 / 8
Y/N was at the bar with Roman, the first time they met – was magical. The song SWEATER WEATHER played in the background of the bar through the speakers,
‘’Care if I get you a drink?’’ His charming smile was contagious to her, she couldn’t say ‘’no.’’ to the Samoan man, whose face was so sunny. She felt lovesick to the 6’3 guy, feeling like ‘’he could hold both her hands in the holes of her sweater.’’ Afterward, Y/N was out of the bar with the Samoan
‘’Thank you so much for a wonderful night,’’ He smiles, before he turned his back, he remembered to keep in contact with Y/N.
‘’What’s your name?’’ She asks, feeling in love on a Friday night.
‘’My name is Roman, but you can call me Ro.’’ Her cheeks heated up when he wrapped an arm around her waist. The feeling of Roman’s huge arm around her waist was ‘’superior’’, yet ‘’so good.’’ ‘’You alright, baby girl?’'
She snapped out of her thoughts, she looked up at Roman.
‘’Yeah, just stared off into space for a little there---- And my name is Y/N. Y/N L/N.’’  
He laughed, ‘’Well, it’s nice to meet you, Y/N. Let me take you home.’’
So, they got in Roman’s car together to drive off to Y/N’s house -  
‘’What brings you here in Florida?’’  Roman asked Y/N.
‘’Oh, well I am visiting family and I decided to go on vacation. I take care of animals at a local animal shelter – it's called Pet Resort.’’ She replied.  
He hummed at her, smiling.
‘’Interesting,’’ he said, his arm still wrapped around her waist as he pulled up to her house. The both of them got out Roman’s car, there, Y/N stumbled a little due to the fact she got a little drunk.  
‘’Whew,’’ she said, almost falling on her ass.
‘’Easy there.’’ Roman tried his best not to laugh at his new friend Y/N, but helped her back up on her two feet.  
‘’Thank you,’’ She half-drunk slurred, smiled widely at Reigns.  
‘’Anytime, baby girl.’’
5 / 8
‘’Y/N?’’ Roman snapped a finger in front of his girlfriend’s face, to which she got caught daydreaming.
‘’Huh?’’ she shook her head, eyes up at her boyfriend.
‘’What were you daydreaming about...?’’ He asks her in a bit of concern, and stopped the music.
So, she played stupid and abruptly told him:  
‘’Nothing, I was just daydreaming about unicorns.’’
‘’Unicorns?’’ Roman’s face is now puzzled, trying to figure out his girlfriend. ‘’Nah, baby girl. You were daydreaming about something else. Come on, tell me the tribal chief the truth.’’ Her cheeks heat up with red, his huge finger now on her tilted jawline.  
She shifts her body weight to turn her back, standing in embarrassment, Roman folds his arms across his chest. ‘’You can tell me anything,’’ he says.
‘’Nope.’’ She bravely answered, running away without a sight and headed into her downstairs bedroom to lock the door behind her.  
He groaned with frustration in response, basically playing a game of ‘’Tag, You’re It’’ or ‘’Hide and Seek,’’ Roman wasn’t up for the challenge of finding his girlfriend. But he has to get an answer from her one way or the other. He knocked on the door.
‘’Baby girlllll, can’t hide from the chief foreverrrr.’’ He sang in a cocky tone, kicking the door with his foot.  
‘’Y/N is not here right now!’’ Y/N yelled, army crawling underneath her bed. That pissed him off, he kicks the door open and walks in to the entrance of her bedroom. Looking everywhere for her, he then sees two feet buried underneath of Y/N’s bed. Roman crouches down to meet her laying on her stomach.
‘’Get the hell out of there, you damn childish woman.’’ She declines his demands, so he has to pull her out by her ankles, receiving a big yelp from his girlfriend.  
‘’So uh, I guess you won the game of Hide and Seek?’’ she jokingly says, he rolls his eyes in a reply.
‘’Hide and Seek is for little girls and boys,’’ He pouts, tapping his foot on the wooden flooring of Y/N’s bedroom.
She stands on her tippy toes to kiss her boyfriend, then ran away again.  
‘’Oh, my fucking god Y/N! If you don’t tell me what you were daydreaming about, I am leaving.’’ He threatens, feeling like he’s being toyed with.
6 / 8
She stops in her tracks, and walks calmly back to her boyfriend. Y/N pushes her glasses up at the bridge of her nose, and says:
‘’Fine, so be it since you want to be Mr. Badass.’’ She utters, staring at the tempered Samoan Man.
She turns her back, making a great mistake. He turns her around without any warning and hoists her up. ‘’Ahh! Let me go!’’ she yells.
‘’No ma’am.’’ He growls, carrying her body weight on his broad shoulders. He then sets her down on her couch. ‘’Are you going to tell me?’’ Elbows pressed down on the arm of the couch, with hands resting in his cheeks as he stared at his girlfriend Y/N in deep consideration.
‘’Fine!’’ she chokes out, ‘’I will tell you! It was a 7 year ago memory, from where we first met and I fell drunk on my ass that night, you literally had to carry me inside my house.’’ Y/N’s embarrassed, now the tribal chief had gotten her attention, her strand of hair fell down on her face. She continued:
‘’The song that was playing was our favorite song, Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. How it was so nice of you to carry me in the house like that, with your strong ass self.’’ Smiling weakly, her breathing got shallow like cold ocean waves hitting against human’s flesh.
He looks at his girlfriend, about to cry. ‘’No, don’t cry---’’
She cuts him off with a firm: ‘’You’re not the Roman I’ve met!’’ and left the room.  
Leaving the head of the table stunned, he slams his fist down on the arm of the couch, shouting: ‘’DAMN Y/N! THEN AFTER ALL OF THIS TIME, WHAT WAS I TO YOU!?’’
Memories flashed before Roman’s eyes, 2-3 years ago from him telling his girl Y/N about his leukemia coming back, telling the whole world who was in the audience that day and watching at home -  
‘’I am sorry.’’ He plops himself down on the couch, hands folded into his lap and bowed his head down. Closing his eyes, he pictured better days with Y/N. Attempting not to cry, he gives a deep exhale of frustration and hurt inside of his gut. Rubbing his head, he lays his body down on the couch. Tapping his foot at the end of the arm of the couch, his mind’s scattered like papers scattered on a desk after studying. You know how your brain hurts right after studying and taking time-management on for college? You know that feeling deep down inside for when you give it your all for your fans, your girlfriend, your friends and family? Me too. I’ve been there before.
The soft guitar strings play in the back of Roman’s mind; his eyes sewn shut, trying not to remember the gut-wrenching feeling he gave Y/N. He has to apologize somehow.
7 / 8
Hours of sleep wasted away, his heart pounded hard in his chest, waking up to Y/N sitting on the arm of the couch, she looked at him.
‘’You’re just not the Roman I’ve met.’’ She muttered quietly, fumbling with her pockets, unsure of to forgive Roman or not.
‘’Sweetheart...’’ He fights back piles of tears starting to form in his chocolate brown eyes, trying not to get worked up over the ‘’You’re not the same person I’ve met 7 years ago.’’ comment.
She takes an inhale of oxygen, then exhales. Attempting to stay content, her body sent shivers down her spine coldly. Getting up, she gives a glance at Roman burying his hands in his face. She never saw him cry like this, ever before in the past 7 years. Of course, it was small cries, or a good 30 second cry.
Walking over to the presence of Roman, Y/N hugged him tight into an unforgettable embrace. They sat there, hugging each other for about 10 minutes.
‘’I never want to lose you,’’ she whispers, stroking the Samoan's long black strands of hair.
‘’You won’t lose me, trust me.’’ He mumbles, wiping his tears away with his black tank top.
Her eyes grow with trust, meaning she trusted in what Roman was telling her – that she would NEVER lose him. And he would never lose her. She knows deep inside of her everything Roman told her was true, the usual ‘’I love you’s’’ and ‘’You look beautiful today’’ was the reason why Y/N had stayed alive. This is not a cliffhanging ending, nor a bad ending – it is a happy ending between the two of them.
‘’Y/N?’’ he turned his attention to Y/N, who was blubbering.
‘’Y-Yes, Roman?’’
He stops what he is saying, and places his hands into his girlfriends’ of 5 years.  
‘’Will you marry me?’’ He proclaims aloud, shaking his head yes in all smiles at the reaction of Y/N, the words that came out of her mouth are: ‘’I say yes!’’ She cries in joy, hugging her newlywed fiancé tightly. Roman Reigns isn’t always your cocky heel character, but he sure knew how to make things better.
‘’I love you, Y/N Anoa’i.’’
‘’I love you too, Roman.’’
8 / 8
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yourkimjaejin · 2 days ago
NCT AG Profile #4 Aurora
Tumblr media
Stage Name - Aurora (오로라)
Korean Name - Chae Eun Ji (채은지)
English Name - Claire Michaels
Birthday - December 31, 2003
Zodiac Sign - Capricorn
Height - 170 cm (5′7″)
Ethnicity - Half British, Half Korean
Birthplace - New York, New York
Position - Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Unit - NCT Dream, NCT AG, NCT U
Chae Eun Byeol (채 은별) (Mom)
Oliver Michaels (Dad)
Amelia Michaels (Stepmom)
Callum Michaels (Older Brother 1997)
Samuel Michaels (Older Brother, Born in 1997)
Noah Michaels (Younger Brother, Born in 2014)
She was introduced to music from her dad. When she had trouble sleeping, He would play her guitar until she fell asleep
When she express an interest in singing her mother signed her up for singing lessons at age five, where she excelled in a short amount of time. Aurora soon started posting covers to YouTube where viewers were impressed by the maturity of her voice at such a young age
Her videos caught the attention of SM and at age eleven SM invited her to come to a personal audition. The audition was more of a formality. SM knew they were gonna offer her a place in their trainee program already. 
Aurora was introduced to the rookie program as Eunji in the fall of 2014.
She began to practice with the Dreamies in the fall of 2015 and she was announced as the first female member of NCT
Her parents divorced when she was four. It was amicable. They both realized the married for the wrong reason and to this day the two remain friends. Her mom moved the two of them to Korea soon after.
Aurora’s mom signed off on Taeyong and Moxy being Aurora legal guardians while she is with the company and in NCT.
Aurora didn’t move into the dorms until AG was formed. Her mom didn’t want her little girl to live with a bunch of guys. Before then, Aurora would only stay over at the dorm when the group was swamped with schedules. Every time aurora had to call her mom and show her that on of the boys gave a room to herself for the night (This was usually Jaemin).
Aurora doesn’t trust people easily. The dreams had a time breaking down her walls but once they did, Aurora really began to fill out her space in Dream
Aurora love to skateboard and rollerblade. Her older brother Callum taught her during on of her summers in LA
Like Jeno, she has a display wall for all her wheels. Frequently, Aurora will got out skating to clear her mind. Most of the time, Jeno and Jaemin will drop her off and when they finish their biking, they’ll bike back and pick her up. 
Aurora is her little brother Noah’s hero. Her stepmom, always tells her that Noah brags about her at school. He’s a little NCTzen in the making. His favorite male member is Mark
Aurora hates raw fish and sushi. She had a bad experience when she was younger. Yuta has made it his mission to help her overcome the fear
It was revealed by Hannah in a radio interview that Aurora has been in at the tp of her class since four five straight years. The older boys in Sm have taken to calling her little genius
Aurora named her fan club, Northern Lights, after a fan at dreams fansign said her fans had been calling themselves the starts in her sky. She thought it would cute to call them the Northern Lights because her fans light up her sky.
For a Kpop idol, Aurora casual fashion stands out because early on, Aurora fell in love with goth fashion. One time a fan on vlive asked what aesthetic her fashion was? “I fall in-between Casual and Pastel Goth. More on the Pastel side than Casual. I only fall on the casual side when I don’t feel like planning my outfit out.”
When she was in middle school, any number of pre-debut NCT and Red Velvet members could be caught picking Aurora up from school and taking her to practice
Her nicknames - Rora, Ji-ji, Silver(the first Korean syllable in the word for silver, 은색, matches her Korean name)
She only listens to pop punk, pop rock and alternative music. She recently started to listen to Kpop. the only Kpop she heard was her company's music and her groups music. Hannah convinced her to expand her horizons.
NCT U Lineups: Give It Up, Work It, Birthday Party, Ok!, Sweet Dream
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seacollectsrivers · 5 months ago
@patrickian and i think also @whenwinterfell tagged me <3 (and also @railroad-charmer whose recent own post of this reminded me i had this in my drafts heh)
Nickname: None! Both bc i'm not gonna tell u but also like 1) we don't reeeaaallly do nicknames here and 2) both Bo and my birthname are too short for shortened versions. But ig Sea? No one has called me Sea yet but it's there!
Zodiac: Pisces. Moon? Sun? idk. i'm a March kid.
Height: 1.68m babeyyy
Last movie I saw: Rewatch of Dogma! Still good. Can deffo see their comedic influences from Good Omens and Douglas Adams. Since I drafted this my latest film was a first watch of Donnie Darko. I really liked it!!
Last thing I googled: The cast of Pride 2014, bc i forgot George MacKay's name and a dude in a youth party debate i was watching looked like an off brand version of him lol
Favourite Musician: Right now? Dizraeli
Song stuck in my head: Soldiers by Delara
Other blogs: Nada
Blogs following: 184
Amount of sleep: fuck if i know, my rhythm is whack atm
Lucky number: 9! also my favourite number. i love 9.
What am I wearing: a brown t-shirt that says "Fred, Kjærleik, og Resirkulering", a pair of woolen black shorts, and a black hoodie with my Folkehøyskole name & logo on.
Dream job: I do not know lmaoooo i don't really have long term dreams these days. Just vibing i guess. I do want a job, i just don't have a dream job.
Dream trip: I'm gonna copy Patrick and say New Zealand! Also wanna do another summer train trip but focus more on eastern Europe. And ofc go back to Ireland to visit friends, but that WILL happen, not really a dream. Just a plan!
Favourite food: Anything ovenbaked and cheesy. OOh and i genuinely love reindeer uh.... skav? For anyone who can read this: steike reinsdyrskav og løk og hvitløk, tilsette rømme, salt & pepper, kanskje timian hvis du har, føkkings MWAH fantastisk elsker det.
Play an instrument: I played the saxophone in a school band for 8+ years! reckon i still could, yeah. I still have my notes, just not a sax.
Languages: English and Norwegian. Passing knowledge of Danish and Swedish, can kind of read Icelandic given enough time, know very basic Spanish and Irish.
Favourite Songs: Right now?? Fuck uuuh.... I Freak Out by Dizraeli i guess.
Random fact: I used to collect elephant things. Little statues, keychains, whatever. Recently found a portion of them in my dad's basement, but they had been colonized by some kind of insect :(
Describe yourself as aesthetic things: Good, long, warm hugs, cool & dry winter mornings in the sun, lazy evenings doing nothing on a couch, pints at an old grubby pub while people watching, old heavy scrangly trams in cerulean blue, ticket stubs from 2005 when they cost 15kr, museum exhibitions meant for kids.
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