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Hey remember that movie Idiocracy? And when Trump was elected president in 2016? And we all said we were getting closer to living out the movie? And then we said the same thing in 2017? And 2018?? And last year…

Its 2020 now and we’re just THAT much closer to making it a reality. Tell me I’m wrong. BET

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two souls inside me

one is out for my blood

god knows i’m trying

but enough is enough

to stay to the end

or lose to the fall

what’s a life of pretend

when it’s the dark that calls / when you’re a paper doll

I want to see the world

not stuck in my head it whirls / headache blur

why can’t you understand

i’m bleeding i’m screaming i must be damned

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marenmorris: Last American show of #theherotour2017 was heart exploding 💚💣. I want to thank my band, crew, TM, manager, my agent, Devin, Ryan and their crews, my admins, the venues and promoters, and of course YOU GUYS, the fans. Holy eff did y'all sing every word of every song so loud we had to crank our mains up to 11 each night so we could stay in tune. 😂 It was epic. YOU sold out my very first tour and I’ll never forget this one. Can’t wait to kick it off again soon. 📷: @_blythethomas

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I read something today about how the only thing you should fall truly, permanently in love with is yourself. That it’s okay, good, even, if you are the love of your own life. I like that. And recently, I’ve been realizing that I think I can have everything I want. I want to be a doctor. I take that responsibility very seriously. I know it’s a stressful, demanding job, but I also know that I will have a real impact, that I’ll be able to come home at the end of the day knowing that I’ve at least tried to lessen the world’s hurt a little bit. For a long time, I thought that was all I wanted. Career was always first, although I don’t think I come off as an ambitious person. Now, though, I know I want more. I want a family. I want to go on road trips and spend Sundays in bed and – well, I want to be happy. But I think it’s really cool to see my own character development: I was never sure if I wanted to get married or have kids, and I’m still not, but I’m much more open to it now. I’ve learned that it’s okay to do what makes you happy, and that a lot of the time, it’s a conscious choice. Happy people don’t have to have the best of everything, they just have to make the best of everything. 

I’m still thinking about getting that oak leaf tattoo. I’ve wanted it for probably 10 months now? I guess I’m not ready to commit yet. It’s sort of become a symbol for self-love. I guess that’s why I’m writing this now – self love. Let the record show that I was here, I did do this, I was happy.

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