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#2020 election

I am begging you… if nothing else, please do a cursory search on topics you see discussed on social media. Awareness of propoganda =/= immunity from propoganda.

Social media accounts aren’t inherently trustworthy because they use an avatar with a pride flag or Black person. Tags, shares, and posts are not a guarantee of solidarity. Content, culture, and terminology doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s easy to forget that everybody can have practically the same super leftist feed you do without ascribing to an ounce of it.

Want some examples?


It reads as the same jaded solidarity you’d expect from somebody who gets it. They’ve stared down depression, and understand the beast that it is. That’s pretty trustworthy. Let’s see what else is on their blog, though.


#BLM was the second or third tag I searched for on their blog. I’m not going to show the whole screenshot because holy shit, but there’s a few dirty tricks here. Not only do we have #melanin, #blm, and #extremist, but they don’t frame this as “reverse racism”. They call it “black supremism”. It’s borrowing keywords common to leftist circles while still peppered with dogwhistles for conspiracy theorists that already bought in.

Oh, right. Did I mention this was a conspiracy theory?


There’s a wild misconception that propoganda is solely about getting you to support certain ideas, people, or groups. It’s not. Propoganda is successful if it can sow distrust and suspicion for the opposition.

The greatest example of this is voting. There’s dozens of other examples and I know everybody is sick of this, but please don’t stop reading. Because this is what the strife and frustration has been about. Trump’s voter base is more or less secured; he doesn’t need your vote. So long as enough people don’t vote for the opposition, there’s a path to victory.

The purpose this election cycle of fake accounts and trolls proliferating social media (including Tumblr, this doesn’t take much digging to see for yourself) was to start infighting and encourage hesitation in scared youth. Isn’t it a little suspicious that leftists recently started using libs as an insult after years of the GOP doing the same?? There’s literally no difference between anybody on the left to everyone right of center.

In summary, a portrait of myself and everybody reading this:


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My fellow Americans WHATEVER HAPPENS in the coming days with the election. For the love of everything worth anything in this world don’t forget to be decent people to each other. We’re all of us more than what we vote and most of us hate both options this election much the same as the last. So be kind and find common ground instead of division.


Don’t make 2020 worse than it already is! Be civil no matter what!

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Recommended is 7-10 days transport time if voting by mail; if past this point, use a ballot drop box to make sure your vote is counted!

Alabama - received by Nov. 3rd

Alaska -  received by Nov. 13th

Arizona - received by Nov. 3rd

Arkansas - received by Nov. 3rd

California - received by Nov. 20th

Colorado -  received by Nov. 3rd

Connecticut - received by Nov. 3rd

Delaware - received by Nov. 3rd

Dist. of Columbia - received by Nov. 13th

Florida - received by Nov. 3rd

Georgia - received by Nov. 3rd

Hawaii - received by Nov. 3rd

Idaho - received by Nov. 3rd

Illinois - received by Nov. 17th

Indiana - received by Nov. 3rd

Iowa - received by Nov. 9th

Kansas -  received by Nov. 6th

Kentucky - received by Nov. 6th

Louisiana - received by Nov. 2nd*

Maine - received by Nov. 3rd

Maryland - received by Nov. 13th

Massachusetts - received by Nov. 6th

Michigan - received by Nov. 3rd

Minnesota - received by Nov. 10th

Mississippi - received by Nov. 10th

Missouri - received by Nov. 3rd

Montana - received by Nov. 3rd

Nebraska - received by Nov. 3rd

Nevada - received by Nov. 10th

New Hampshire - received by Nov. 3rd

New Jersey - received by Nov. 10th

New Mexico - received by Nov. 3rd

New York - received by Nov. 10th

N. Carolina - received by Nov. 6th (pending litigation)

N. Dakota - received by Nov. 9th

Ohio - received by Nov. 13th*

Oklahoma - received by Nov. 3rd

Oregon - received by Nov. 3rd

Pennsylvania - received by Nov. 6th (pending litigation)

Rhode Island - received by Nov. 3rd

S. Carolina - received by Nov. 3rd

S. Dakota - received by Nov. 3rd

Tennessee - received by Nov. 3rd

Texas - received by Nov. 4th

Utah - received by Nov. 17th*

Vermont - received by Nov. 3rd

Virginia - received by Nov. 6th

Washington - received by Nov. 23

W. Virginia - received by Nov. 9th

Wisconsin - received by Nov. 3rd

Wyoming - received by Nov. 3rd

*Utah, Ohio, and Louisiana require ballots to be postmarked by the day before election day

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if anyone (still) needs to understand how important it is to just go and vote in the U.S. election, go watch the documentary “537 Votes” on HBO, because that’s the number of votes that, along with the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, determined Bush’s victory over Al Gore in the 2000s election

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November 3, 2020: Category 3 Hurricane Theta makes landfall in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis orders the closing of polling places all across the state, disenfranchsing tens of thousands of people in majority black and Hispanic communities. The death toll is estimated to be in the hundreds, but FEMA denies this; President Trump says not only did nobody die, but in fact thousands of “big, beautiful, healthy babies” were born, which he falsely claims makes the death toll negative. The Supreme Court decides 6-3 in Trump v. Biden that all votes cast from the closed polling places, even before they were closed, are invalid; the Florida state legislature votes to send electors pledged to President Trump in the absence of a statewide popular vote, which DeSantis approves. Governor Kemp of Georgia and Governor Abbott of Texas follow suit soon thereafter. Governor Whitmer of Michigan attempts to do the same for Vice President Biden, but the Supreme Court strikes this down, saying it is up to the Republican held Michigan state legislature to send electors, not the governor.

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