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#2020 memes

it is 2020. what month? A little cold, a little warm. all I know is that it’s dark outside, and I am hungry. I walk past my Bachelor of Arts degree sitting on the wall. I graduated this year— I think. An English degree… I think. I can’t quite recall. I go into the kitchen. I am unemployed, so the fridge I pull open is not my own. I look around for something I can consume, pulling out a drawer. I look inside and see that a cucumber has become soft, full of mold, leaking foul yellow liquid into the crisper. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” I recite, laughing quietly at my own little joke. I lift the rotten cucumber from its state at the bottom of my parent’s fridge, acting more decisively than Hamlet could have ever done. I throw the cucumber in the compost bin. I drink a glass of water and go back upstairs. I forget that I was hungry.

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I saw this walking into a public restroom at a mall and of this isn’t a perfect visual representation of the early months of 2020 I don’t know what is

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