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#2020 music

JoJo is the epitome of why record labels can be the worst thing that can happen to an artist. She had her entire promising musical career ruined because her label refused to release her music, I assume because what their image of the artist they wanted her to be didn’t align with the artist she wanted to be. I only know JoJo for 2 songs, but everyone espeically black people have been waiting for her grand comeback. Well her new album Good To Know seems to be that comeback. 

JoJo is definitely all grown up. I love her song ‘Man”. It’s just about wanting a real man, not one of these immature little fuckboys that seem to be the majority. 

JoJo does embrace her sexual side on the song “Comeback”. It features Tory Lanez and 30 Roc. 

I love that JoJo has a song called “Pedialyte”. Everyone knows that Pedialyte is perfect for hangovers, so it’s fitting she has a song called “Pedialtye” about the hangover after a wild night. 

I’m happy that JoJo is back to persuing her passion of music. The sad reality is so many artists are desperate to get signed to a label since that’s the best way to have your music distributed and get recognition, but there’s such a dark undreside of the music world that can feel like a prison sentence. Welcome back JoJo! 

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RnB has always been a traditionally black genre. I do like that barriers are breaking down and artists are no longer limited by their race. Black artists can make pop, rock, and country, and non black artists can do rap and RnB. Alina Baraz is a white girl that’s been making RnB music for a while, and she just released her new album It Was Divine

RnB is also known as “baby making” music. It’s the perfect music to fuck to. “Night and Morning” is my favorite song on the album, and perfect song to fuck to. 

Khalid is one of the biggest RnB singers out right now. Alina has collaborated with him in the past, so it makes sense to team up again for her album. They have a duet on her song “Off The Grid”. 

6lack is also one of the biggest names in RnB and Alina teamed up with him for their song “Morocco”. 

RnB isn’t my favorite genre but I do like this album. Alina Baraz is pretty and has a nice soothing voice. I hope she has much success! 

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