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#2020 quarantine challenge

Studyblr 2020 Quarantine Challenge | Week 9 | 2/6/20

This challenge is literally going to last me the entirety of term and my exams, so it’s really convenient! I hope everyone is safe and taking care of themselves right now.

Mon - Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?

I don’t believe so? 

Tue - What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Whenever I have to speak out from my own volition. Every time it’s the most heart-pounding thing, but then I get used to it and forget. And then it repeats.

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#2020 quarantine challenge

Week 9, Tuesday

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?


Ooh I think it was last year when I went to Intercamp with a group I didn’t know! It ended up being a great experience meeting people from all over Europe! The next time I go, I want to go as IST :)

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Tue - Would you rather win $50,000 or let your best friend win $500,000?

I’d let my best friend, my mom (ik sounds so cheesy but its true) get the $500,000 so she and my dad could pay off their dept and retire and live their lives with little stress. If not, I’ll take the 50K and give to my parents and pay for school….

god… you know I’m a college student when my dreams of large sums of money includes paying off debts and.. ya know… being able to live life rather than a castle in the Swiss alps… although I’d love that too….

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Week 11 of My 2020 Quarantine Challenge!

✨ Tue  What motivates you to work hard?

i don’t really have a goal in particular. i want to go to university but i’m lucky in that i am pretty sure i will get into a good one because i have pretty good grades. i think a lot of my motivation comes from my desire to learn and just idk know things. i always find it very satisfying when i can contribute to a conversation with my own knowledge. however, i would also say that a lot of it comes from the pressure that i feel to maintain high grades. this isn’t from parents or teachers or anything, i just feel that sometimes, if you get the high grades, that is what other students in school expect from you and you get a reputation. for me, this has meant that people will definitely comment if i get a mark that they think isn’t good enough - even if i am very happy with it. so a lot of the time, at least subconsciously, i think i’m working to avoid this

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06.02.20 - 12/26 days of productivity

today’s topic was a little shorter and focused on exponents and polynomials. i knew most of the stuff being presented to me, but it was nice getting a small refresher course on it. also. i woke up early today!! i got up at around 7 and made myself some breakfast, took a shower, and got right to work!! i rewarded myself with a passion tea lemonade. yummy!!

✨ Tue - How are you being taught your lessons? (google classroom, teams etc.)

i’m using this site called “math help” and i’m getting some test prep done for when i eventually take the aleks placement test. i do the online work and take notes in a notebook (that i also plan to use for my calc class).

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02.06 - What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Assuming I’d have the courage to go up, I’d sing “Here Comes The Sun” or Let It Be" by The Beatles. They’re safe, nice songs, I’m fairly confident singing.

[feat. pics from this morning which was extremely relaxed]

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02.06.2020 - 9/100 - One hundred days of productivity

Soooo… My last post was on Friday… Stuff happened. Stuff mainly being I’m tired of my classes rhythm and I didn’t feel like posting anything. I still studied though, so this is a catch up post.

2020 Quarantine Challenge

✨ Week one ✨ - days 6 & 7

Where in your house is your favorite place to study? My backyard! If it wasn’t obvious by now.

What are you doing to relax? Playing a really stupid and addictive phone game that I truly need to uninstall soon.

✨ Week two ✨ - days 1 & 2

Take a picture of your desk: Here it is, covered in notes.

Take a picture of the book you are currently reading: I haven’t read a book for leisure in years. I just read many, many different book chapters for Uni.

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31.05.20 // 16:01 // Quarantine Challenge days 61 & 62

Sat - Is your glass half full or half empty?

I put a lot of effort into maintaining an optimistic mindset, but I think naturally I tend to worry and overthink everything!

Sun - Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

I don’t really care about what’s “in fashion”, I just wear stuff that I like. I’ll always have a place in my heart for corduroy though! 

I only tend to use the forest app when I have to force myself to do work, so I did actually get work done every day this week! But it’s nice to watch my virtual plants grow nonetheless 😊🌻

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01.06 - What is your biggest pet peeve?

Broken book spines. At least on my own books. People can do what they want hey want with their own books (really!) but God forbid I lend you a book and you give it back to me with a broken spine…. I’m kind of stuck in a limbo between ‘broken spines are nice because they show the book has been read and loved’ and 'broken spines are horrible, why would you treat a book this way??’

[feat. the kiddie chair surrounded by shrubbery we left in our garden for some reason and some smol flowers growing near it]

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[ 06 01 2020 | corona boredom cures day 75/? ]
studyblr 2020 quarantine challenge day 71

I got the little bit of homework I had due tonight done and spent the majority of the day reading and keeping up with the news on social media. It’s the first day of June, so happy pride to everyone celebrating - remember that we wouldn’t be celebrating pride if it weren’t for the stonewall riots and the queer and trans black people who led them!!

challenge topic: What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is definitely being ignored in a conversation or being left on read.

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june 1, 2020

well, it’s been 3 months and a LOT has been happening haha! i hope everyone’s been staying safe and healthy <3

i’m joining in the studyblr challenge by @myhoneststudyblr because it looks fun and i also need to be more proactive during this time!

mon: have you made a study schedule? sort of.. i’ve made a daily routine schedule and try to minimize my daily tasks so i don’t get overwhelemed and end up doing nothing O_o

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06.01.20 - 11/26 days of productivity

this lesson was a little shorter and about solving systems of equations. and i remembered how to do it! this stuff goes all the way back to 8th grade. i’m surprised i remembered how to do it. also. happy pride month!! (paper heart says “gayley”). we wouldn’t have our pride without the stonewall riots!! remember your history!!

✨ Mon - Have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?

a little! i wake up at 10-ish, eat, and spend the afternoon (probably 12-2 or 3) studying! how much i study depends on how long each lesson i have is, and what i do during the day.

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✨Sunday May 31, 2020✨

Week 10 of #2020quarantinechallenge

Q: What is the most important phrase in your native language that someone should know?

Treat others the way you want to be treated 

Monday Jun. 1, 2020✨

Week 11 of #2020quarantinechallenge

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

I don’t know why but when doors aren’t closed all the way (closets, bathrooms etc.) then I have an urge to close the door right away. I don’t like open doors I guess 😂

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Week 6 - Pictures

Wed 27/05 - Take a picture of your bookshelf

Couldn’t take way with the 3 shelves so instead I took 3 pictures. There’s my Harry Potter shelf, my pastel colour shelf and the rest of the books I couldn’t feet in the other two. I also organize all the books from the same author together.

Deathly Hallows is not on the picture cause it’s on my bedside table and I also have The Book Thief, Jane Eyre, Frankenstein and Anne of Green Gables on another shelf that’s on top of my desk.

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[june 1, 2020]

the world’s falling to pieces but the gears keep on turning. we’re into the last month of school before summer but it’s hard to focus on or even care about school with everything going on in the world. but ignorance breeds hate, making education is our greatest weapon. whoever said ignorance is bliss was a fucking idiot.

friday - what is your favourite idiom (in any language)?

“刻舟求剑” (kè zhōu qiú jiàn) which literally translates as “to mark the boat to find ones sword” which basically means to keep using an ineffective strategy, despite changing circumstances, which i think is pretty applicable right now

saturday - what is your favourite word (in any language)?

epiphany is a fun word, idk if i have a favourite one tho..

sunday - what is the most important phrase in your native language that someone should know?

“could you repeat that slower, please?” or for mandarin, “您好” (nín hăo, hello but make it respectful bc the chinese are judgemental AF)

monday - what is your biggest pet peeve?

people who will argue with you about anything, even on the most inconspicuous topics, or if they don’t even have an opinion, but they just like to “debate”

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W10 Sun - What is the most important phrase in your native language that someone should know?

Apologies for no post yesterday, I forgot to do it so here it is now! I don’t really know what the most important phrase in English would be… Maybe something like ‘Sorry, I don’t know’? because it’s polite while also showing confusion if you find something you don’t understand.

No tengo una idea de un frase importante de inglés… Quizás algo como ‘Sorry, I don’t know’ (Lo siento, no sé) porque es respetuoso, pero también muestra que no entiendes algo?

英語で「Sorry, I don’t know」という表現は「ごめんなさい、わかりません」という意味があって、丁寧で大事な表現と思います。

W11 Mon - What is your biggest pet peeve?

Anything my siblings do, like not putting plates in the dishwasher, leaving clothes and paper everywhere, talking loudly to their friends all day even when you asked them to turn it down… Etc…

Odio muchas cosas que hacen mis hermanos, por ejemplo cuando no ponen sus platos en el lavaplatos, o hablan con sus amigos todo el día en voz alta, etc….


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1/6/2020 // 22.24

Dug out some old notebooks today to use, and yes my diary does now count as an ‘old notebook’, turns out I haven’t used it since the beginning of April. So many plans crossed out but it’s lovely to cross out the exam countdown! It’s been a busy and hectic day today at work, I’m on paeds but the ward has turned into psych, which we are super duper unequipped for. And I didn’t expect to spend my Monday looking up what IM benzos can be given to teenagers. Plus a frequent flier is being admitted to MAU tonight, so we had to stock up on fentanyl lozenges for her - which if you don’t know are basically lollipops of fentanyl for breakthrough pain. I’m not saying I want to be in lots of pain, but if I am I want a fentanyl lolly 🍭

2020 quarantine challenge: Monday week 11 (!!!!!!! Eleven weeks?! Wtf!!!)

What is your biggest pet peeve?

In pharmacy, unmarked split boxes!! Nothing winds me up more than an unmarked split box! But in life generally, other people (can I leave it at that??) doing stupid things like littering or walking really slowly or setting bonfires on dry grassland. It turns out I’m just a very grumpy person who doesn’t like people (anyone remember one foot in the grave- I’m basically victor)

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