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transcending; I bid you a fond goodbye. thank you and take care. 

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~Hoe Phase~

I got panties on the floor

Whose are these? I’m not sure

Scrolling through my phone for more

Nights of liquor and love galore

This is fun, I’m never bored

She had a good time, reassured

Scrolling through my phone for more

Nights of drugs and love galore

Sex has always been a fun thing for me

So curious, I’m curious, let’s go exploring

I love the memories, snapchat recording

Gimme that O, you know that’s rewarding

I got panties on the floor…

Victoria couldn’t keep this secret, I’m sure

Irresistible, get addicted, chase the lure

Too many toys for this night to be a bore

I got panties on the floor and my boxers right there

This is wholesome hoe behavior, I’m not a player

Calling me asking for her underwear

And me acting like I’m unaware

Tell me the truth, would you dare

To see what I could do a second time?

I know last night is still on your mind

Mixing 99, wine, and shots of fireball…good times


Sex has always been a fun thing for me

She’s such an artist, go ahead and sing for me

I’m not an angel, you can take my wings from me

I’m a hoe and a friend and whatever else you think of me

I got panties on the floor…

She pushing back on me, I guess she wants a little more

Or maybe she feels what’s knocking at her door

Either way, despite the hangover, I’m down for

Other session, we can do it without question

And yeah some my best friends

Two of them I’m teaching tekken

Now back to the setting…

She looks at me with her eyes low

Slight giggles, I know

Hand on her spinal, “come close”

Breathtaking, “give me your throat”

She know I love them waves, showboat

Too good, too good, get off before I bust, no no

I’m always known for the handcuffs…keeping you restricted is a standard

They love my candor, Chicago slander, commander, revolutionary black panther, philander

Type of person

I want Eve to take this serpent

Oh look at you squirming

Oh look at you blushing

Oh look at you turning

So many shades of red…

I got panties on the floor…

And a head so sore

From laughing and passing bowls

Anime and plastic bowls

Filled with pasta, fill the soul

Homies blasting old shit from back then

Alternative and still embracing our black skin

Adapting to the poverty and making every moment worth it

College students, we get into it, we’re never perfect

And that’s for certain

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