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crossdreamers · 2 months ago
First non-binary mayor “of any city, anywhere” wins election at the age of 22 in Wales
Tumblr media
Here’s a great story from Pink News:
Owen J Hurcum, 22, has been elected mayor of Bangor in  Wales, Great Britain, making them the “first ever openly non-binary mayor of any city anywhere”.
Over at twitter, they published the following comment:
“When I came out two years ago I was so worried I'd be ostracized by my community or worse. Today my community elected me Mayor of our great City. The youngest ever Mayor in Wales. The first ever openly Non-Binary Mayor of any city anywhere. Beyond humbled, Diolch Bangor“
Tumblr media
Owen, who identifies as genderqueer, agender and non-binary,  thanked fellow councillors for their support when facing online abuse.
BBC reports:
Despite being "difficult" and "disheartening", Owen said they found the stupidity of some of the abuse they received funny.
"They may say I have low testosterone or I am effeminate or I look like a woman," they explained.
"I am like, 'oh my God, you are trying to insult me by calling me feminine, even though I am explicitly telling you that I have feminine traits, that I want to celebrate because I am non-binary?'
Tumblr media
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atsumuse · 2 months ago
What’s your take on the Palestine situation as a political science grad and middle eastern woman
there is a significant imbalance and abuse of power — international human rights law and UN agreements have been repeatedly violated. news outlets have made it out to be this stressful, complicated, complex issue, but i'll break it down for you like this: this is modern day colonization and genocide. there is no “conflict” because there is no “both sides” to the issue. plain and simple, there is one side with an incredible amount of weapons, power, and global influence which is never held accountable for its actions, and then there's palestine. this represents a humanitarian crisis. isr*el is the oppressor, palestine is the oppressed. these human rights violations are outlined by the human rights watch organization as “The Crimes Against Humanity of Apartheid and Persecution", “Intent to Maintain Domination”, “Systematic Oppression and Institutional Discrimination”, and “Inhumane Acts and Other Abuses of Fundamental Rights”. source in the link above with detailed info.
PLEASE READ before i get into specifics: there are good people and bad people in every country. there are good arabs and bad arabs, there are good israelis and bad israelis. any mention of isr*el is referring to the “state”, not the general population. i condemn those who group all jewish people and all israelis together and refer to them as bad people or derogatory terms, this is simply untrue. there are many groups of israeli and jewish people who are organizing against what their government is doing, and who disagree with the settlements, human rights violations, and violence. i am not defending the “state”, only the innocent, good people because as an arab, i’ve seen these blanket statements thrown around. i’ve rejected them irl and i feel it’s my responsibility to say something about it here, too. if you have this view, please, i encourage you to take a look at the sources linked above and to reach out and have productive conversations with members of your community. there are better ways to express your anger and disdain, this is unproductive. 
one could argue: but palestine is sending rockets! yes, this is a fact, but considering the iron dome’s effectiveness (isr*el’s rocket/missile defense system—you can read up on it), the few attacks palestine resistance manages to carry out are either shot down or do very little damage in comparison to the massive firepower of isr*el’s to a state with no defense. think of it like tiny little pebbles compared to isr*el’s massive boulders. palestine does not have the budget of $20.46 billion dollars in military defense and spending that isr*el does. but it’s still wrong! absolutely, the taking of any innocent lives is not right. civilians are just going about their lives and don’t have a hand in major political moves, they don't deserve to pay the price. however, this is brought to your attention to further illustrate the point that the two parties are not on equal footing by any means. the data speaks for itself: 251 vs. 5,590.   
Tumblr media
completely innocent adults and children are being murdered, tortured, and imprisoned, electricity is shut off for most of the day, any aid or humanitarian help is blocked from entering, medical supplies and medical help is extremely limited (due to the blockades and also due to the fact that palestinians are barred from accessing certain [isr*eli only] roads), they are dealing with a water crisis, access to food is limited, and regardless of how many generations a family has lived there, isr*el will still force them out of their home. they are known to bulldoze families’ houses, torch crops, shoot parents in front of children and children in front of their parents, and intimidate and bully palestinians as if the mental anguish of being colonized and living in fear isn’t enough. statistics & sources can be found here.
Tumblr media
the idf is happily livetweeting and admitting to their crimes, and this is all backed and cosigned by most of the developed world due to influence and and lobbying. its biggest backer ($146 billion to date) is the united states and this connection goes all the way back to the cold war, you can read up on that as well to understand the history and why their crimes have been and continue to be covered up by the international community. 
anyway, i’m tired. i could go on about this for much longer but i’ve seen too many horrifying videos and read too many articles and i’m all cried out. my heart hurts the same way it did when i saw that video of a father protecting his son from isr*eli soldiers back in the early 2000s. if you’re feeling helpless like me, please read this article on how you can help and check out these links. i also encourage you to write your local representative/MP and encourage/pressure them to speak out and publicly condemn isr*el’s actions. attend your local peaceful protest and do so while taking precautions and with a mask on. i encourage you to think critically and consider the facts and statistics, not only in this situation, but whenever you're consuming media.
thank you for asking. free palestine. 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
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gorillax3-cc · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Unbalanced Denim Mini Skirt
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Tumblr media
Terms Of Use
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mostlysignssomeportents · 2 months ago
Reviled Bush associate to step down after 20-year reign of terror
Tumblr media Rob @Beschizza, folks!
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heurrs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
IKEA Sundvik Toddler Bed & Closet
Are now available to Patreon Early Accessers. Enjoy!
Publicly available: 2021-05-12 >> here
Pictured with: Angel kidsroom Doll carriage by Severinka, found here Squishie Alpaca by Simlishshawty, found here (among the 2019 cc, in the Squishies.rar-file) Papersuitcase by AnYe, found here Claudia Bedroom Cuadro 1 by pqSims4, found here Kids room Baby sheep - Small Teddy Bear by Severinka, found here Duvet Blanket by Sundays, found here Sue Toddler's Pillow 1 & 2 by Sims4Nicole, found here IKEA Nymane Wall Lamp by me, unreleased Anye Modu Stool by leosims, found here Baby Bum Bunny Decor by 2SIS, found here Personal recolor of Magazine Shelf by MXIMS, found here NJRD Rug by me, found here Dynamo Walls by Pralinesims, found here
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eschergirls · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Originally published at:
butterfly-effect submitted:
I actually started these a long time ago and forgot about em. These are two redraw concepts for Boudica from Fate Stay Grand Order.
The first redraw is focusing on making practical the impractical aspects of this outfit, and hoo boy is this impractical. Those tig old bitties would sag out of that half bralette in a stiff breeze, let alone in combat. And don’t get me started on the bikini - listen. I’ve done MMA wearing bikini panties, and they spent half the time sagging off my hips and the other half riding up my keister. Distracting af, please learn from my mistakes.
Second redraw is based on descriptions of the real Boudica, who was a Celtic revolutionary that rose up against the Roman Empire circa ~60AD. At the time and place she lived, she most likely would not have worn a bikini (shocking) but instead a long tunic with a belt/chain cinching the waist, and a cloak.
First, I love Boudica as a historical character, her story is really cool, so I think it's really great that you went into some detail about her and made two versions of the redraw.
Secondly, I love how you kept to the general spirit of the first, still keeping the crop top but making the outfit look a little more martial and less like she woke up out of bed late and forgot to put on clothes as she rushed to the battlefield. I also like how you kept to the original colour scheme for the second picture while incorporating elements from the historical depiction like the cloak and signet pin. Also I think the redesigns help to accentuate the determined expression on her face and make her seem more like a warrior.
I really like what you've done with the concept!
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whip0320 · 2 months ago
220 ニューノーマルの名無しさん[sage] 2021/05/10(月) 13:12:29.86 ID:BDHt4jcd0 ムツゴロウさんがニシキヘビに首を締めらても助かる方法を語ってる   「1分もしないうちに呼吸が苦しくなった。 でも、ヘビは鱗を逆向きに撫でられると嫌がる。 私はそれを知っていたので一命を取り留めました。」 318 ニューノーマルの名無しさん[sage] 2021/05/10(月) 13:22:29.33 ID:fhPJ4CPO0 >>220 すべての日本国民必聴の話ありがとう
続・妄想的日常 ムツゴロウさんがニシキヘビに首を締めらても助かる方法を語ってる
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nunyabizni · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Meanwhile in Venice, their rightful leader prepares for the return of his official title
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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birksche · 29 days ago
Color-Updates Part 2
KiranHair (solid)
AnettHair adult/kid
more here and here
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onibi-onibi · 2 months ago
241 名前:名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。[sage] 投稿日:2021/05/07(金) 16:12:00.21 ID:iDlh+f9q0
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
続・妄想的日常 文豪
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jetix · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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plasticdreams · 2 months ago
26: 以下、5ちゃんねるからVIPがお送りします 2021/05/09(日) 10:12:33.816 ID:9GU+f6QG0 大日本帝国の組織体制 ・トップからの指示があいまい ・大きな声は論理に勝る ・データ解析がご都合主義 ・省益は国益より優先される ・答えに窮すと精神論 ・大きなプロジェクトほど責任者がいない ・前例主義 ・デベロッパーに対する要求が荒唐無稽 ・上層部は配置換えのみでその責を負わない ・詰め腹は現場に切らせろ ・一度開始した作戦は破綻しても止まらない ・たとえ国が滅んでも 29: 以下、5ちゃんねるからVIPがお送りします 2021/05/09(日) 10:13:34.608 ID:2d9p1+Q90 >>26 あれ?現代日本かな? 30: 以下、5ちゃんねるからVIPがお送りします 2021/05/09(日) 10:13:36.239 ID:qbMaMbkK0 >>26 うちの会社かな? 36: 以下、5ちゃんねるからVIPがお送りします 2021/05/09(日) 10:15:02.610 ID:SmZCbwgMa >>26 我が社は大日本帝国軍だったのか 配給足りてねーぞオラ 46: 以下、5ちゃんねるからVIPがお送りします 2021/05/09(日) 10:17:43.090 ID:v6IK+vzDd >>26 今の日本も変わらないという現実 no title
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politicsofcanada · 22 days ago
It’s not colonialism for us to return to our -ancestral homeland-. We aren’t gentile conquerors going in to Native American/First nations lands, we’re Jews wanting to live peacefully in the homeland of our people.. That can include peace for Palestinians if they can get over the fact that Jews are no second class citizens any longer. I’d argue we should be allowed to return to our Temple Mount as well but that’s a separate issue.
Palestine should receive statehood and peace, and I hate suffering for anyone, but Israel is our home too.
you're saying this like palestinians aren't suffering, and like they're the ones who can't stand the existence of people other than themselves.
yet who's children are dying? who is being forced out of their homes? who is being assaulted? who is being shot at in their place of worship?
you act like palestinians are oppressing israelis, when the opposite is true. I'm begging you to please do some research before you hop on my blog and act like israelis are the ones being oppressed here.
anyway, here are some sources to do your research. don't come back to my ask box until you've done some reading.
source (written by a jewish person)
source (including a graphic comparing number of injuries and fatalities)
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frannyzooey · 2 months ago
Writer Wednesday
Tumblr media
Based on this post by the amazing @autumnleaves1991-blog ❤️, here is my submission!
the dream
frankie morales x f!reader, Box Set Universe
rating: explicit
“No no no”, you chant, your car slowing to a stop alongside the long stretch of deserted road and you’re truly fucked now — you haven’t seen a gas station in over sixty miles; the next one not for another ten.
The blazing sun beating down, the oppressive heat surrounding you, the gravely sound of a truck pulling up behind you startles you — that’s weird, you haven’t seen anyone behind you for hours.
Where did they come from?
“Need help?” He’s suddenly at your side, his hands braced on the open window frame as he leans down to talk to you and he’s so fucking handsome — his face shadowed by the brim of a trucker hat, his eyes a deep, dark brown, a sparse beard covering his jaw with a full mustache and even though it’s bare in some spots, you focus instead on the strands of grey mixed in at the corner of his jaw.
His forearms flex below the sleeves of his rolled up flannel (flannel, in this weather?), his tanned throat beaded with sweat where his shirt underneath is open at the collar and when he speaks again, the words are lost as you stare now at his lush mouth, at his curls peeking out from under the hat.
You’re spread out now in the backseat, your back arching as you grind into the hot, wet heat of his mouth and you aren’t sure how the hell you got here, but you don’t care, rolling your hips over and over against his slick, skillful tongue as you reach up to brace yourself on the door.
The groan that he lets out is so sinfully delicious, his lips wrapping around your clit with a suck and you can feel your thighs start to tremble around his cheeks when he splays his fingers wide on the inside of your thigh to push you open wider.
Fuck, you’re gonna come, he’s gonna make you come and the heat coiled in your belly is burning brighter than the sun outside, your throat stretched in a pleading whine when he slips two fingers inside with a slick stretch and it’s just enough to —
He’s behind you now, your fingers wrapped around the edge of the backseat with a tight grip as he fucks into you with a punishing pace and your head drops down to rest between your shoulders when you beg him to let you come, please.
Your words are muffled and he wants to hear you, his hand settling on the back of your neck with a squeeze to pull you up and his cock feels so fucking heavy and thick inside you, so deeply satisfying in it’s rapid, slick stroke and you’re so wet you can feel it dripping out into the curls at the base of his cock.
“Tell me how much you want it like this”, he pants, his other hand reaching under you, his fingers seeking out your clit to glide, glide, glide and your hips lock up as your pussy clenches down; oh fuck —
The trunk of the car should be scorching hot underneath your cheek, under your palms as your hands splay over the faded orange metal and he’s got you in the same position, only now you’re outside, on the side of the road.
“Open your fucking legs”, he says behind you, his boot toeing the inside of your foot to kick them apart and when you try to move, he presses his thighs right against the back of yours with a grind of his cock against the curve of your ass; his hand braced flat on your back to keep you in place.
You feel like you can’t breathe, (what the fuck are you doing outside and how did you get here) but oh god he’s pushing his cock inside with a slow, steady sink and he barely gives you time to adjust before he’s snapping his hips into your ass, filling you again, again.
Maybe he’ll let you come this time, your skin beaded with sweat, his hands resting on top of yours with a stretch, his heavy body now a naked, slick press against yours, the sweat pooling between your skin where it touches and he’s got you trapped under him as he forces himself deeper, deeper.
He won’t stop and you are so full and your breasts are tingling and you’re gonna come, oh god you’re gonna come. Your lips catch on the dusty metal when your mouth drops open in a silent moan, the rhythmic slap of his skin against yours in the background under the harsh, strained voice in your ear that’s telling you “I’m never gonna stop, your pussy feels too fucking good, I’m never gonna let you come, not until I’ve had my fill and fucked you so hard that —“
“Baby?”, Frankie asks, the sound waking you from your dream and you jolt on the couch, blinking rapidly to clear your eyes.
He’s looking down at you with soft affection, a smile curled at the edge of his mouth and he looks just like the dream but not; the TV paused on the desert scene of a lone road stretching seemingly forever, surrounded by mountains - Thelma & Louise.
“I must’ve fallen asleep”, you say in a daze, the dream still at the edges of your mind, the image fading, but the aching heat and slick warmth between your thighs not.
He’s surprised when you kiss him as urgently as you do, pulling him down on top of you and your greedy hands are everywhere, tugging at his clothes, his zipper.
“Fuck me”, you breathe into his mouth, remembering the way he was in your dream — so commanding, so rough, so handsome — and as always, he is all too happy to oblige.
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firuze-25 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Arınmış bir kalp ! O, gerçek Sevgiliye teveccüh eder...!!! Bir Hüzün Saklı İse Gecede... Bin Umut Vardır, Her Yeni Gün doğumunda... Hüzünsüz Uyuyup, Bin Umutla Uyanmanız Dileğiyle, HAYIRLI, HUZURLU G E C E L E R....
15/Nisan/2021 Perşembe/12:05
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antoine-roquentin · 2 months ago
They are, for the most part, America’s working class, contending with jobs and family obligations that make for scarce discretionary time. About half of them live in households with incomes of less than $50,000 a year; another 30 percent have annual household incomes between $50,000 and $100,000, according to an analysis of the census data by Justin Feldman, a social epidemiologist at Harvard. Eighty-one percent do not have a college degree. Some have health issues or disabilities or face language barriers that can make getting inoculated against Covid seem daunting. Others don’t have a regular doctor, and some are socially isolated.
Technically, they have access to the vaccine. Practically, it’s not that simple.
“Hesitancy makes a better story because you’ve got controversy,” said Tom Frieden, a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “But there’s a bigger problem of access than there is of hesitancy.”
Socioeconomic disparities in vaccination stem partly from the scarcity of supply in the first phases of the vaccine rollout, when Americans lacking the time or ability to scour the internet for appointments lost out: Counties that rank high in a C.D.C. index of “social vulnerability” had lower vaccination rates on average by early April, a New York Times analysis shows. But over the last month, even as supplies have exceeded demand, that disparity has grown.
For some socially vulnerable counties — characterized by high poverty rates, crowded housing and poor access to transportation, among other factors — low vaccination rates correspond to a high proportion of residents who are reluctant to get vaccinated. The lowest overall vaccination rates are found in counties with both high hesitancy and high vulnerability, with the majority in the South and the Midwest.
Tumblr media
turns out americans aren’t dumb or easily mislead, just poor
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takingbackourculture · 2 months ago
Gal gadot blew up on twitter after making another insulting post trying to paint israel as the victim and got backlash for it. Whats different this time is the significant number of Jewish people saying what israel has done is wrong and that anti zionist =/= anti semite. I feel for the first time there may be unity for Palestine as many Jewish people and some israelis are speaking out and denouncing the actions of israeli government. Much love to them for standing up for Palestine and justice!
💚🇵🇸❤️ one hundred percent!! It's about the apartheid government using inhumane treatment to create a colony!!!
I am SO HAPPY that no one is afraid to call her out anymore, or Biden for his asshole support.
"My expectation and hope is this will be closing down sooner than later," Biden said at the White House. "Israel has a right to defend itself when you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory.
"Biden did not mention the Palestinians in his comments. He has come under pressure this week not only from Republicans, who are urging more robust backing of Israel, but from progressives in his own party, who have grown increasingly critical of Israel and who hope Biden's pledge to put human rights at the forefront of his foreign agenda will extend to Palestinians." - source.
- Jess
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traceloops · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
original stills for sale
high res scans, etc on patreon
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autumnleaves1991-blog · 2 months ago
Writer Wednesday Masterlist 05-12-2021
Thank you to everyone for contributing your amazing writing to another week of Writer Wednesday! 
Tumblr media
Country Roads, Take Me Home by @mudhorn-djarin19 (Agent Whiskey x GN! Reader) 
Akaanir Goyust by @clydesducktape (Din Djarin x F! Reader) 
A New Life & A New Beginning by @itspdameronthings (Benny Miller x F! Reader x Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia) 
Joyride by @rayslittlekitten (Jax Teller x GN! Reader) 
Coming or Going by @an-author-of-stars (GN! Reader x GN! OC) 
All That Matters by @princessxkenobi (Poe Dameron x GN! Reader) 
Bandits in the Wind by @artemiseamoon (Ezra (Prospect) x OFC) 
The Road Ahead by @missredherring (Din Djarin x F! Reader) 
Maker’s Mark by @tripleissue (Agent Whiskey x F! Reader) 
The Dream by @frannyzooey (Frankie Morales x F! Reader- Box Set Universe) 
Sweet Peach by @pumpkin-stars (John ‘Jack’ Johnson x GN! Reader) 
Open Road by @aerynwrites (Modern! Cassian Andor x Reader)  
Untitled by @juletheghoul (Dave York x F! Reader) 
The Picture by @ionlyjoinedforboydholbrook (Steve Murphy x F! Reader) 
Road Trip by @absurdthirst (Frankie Morales x GN! Reader) 
Dead Bugs by @hnt-escape (Javier Pena x Reader) 
Route 66 by @michaelperry (Llewyn Davis x GN! Reader) 
Pull Over by @xwing-baby (Frankie Morales x GN! Reader) 
Meant to Be by @be-the-spark-flyboy (Poe Dameron x Finn) 
Perfect Afternoon by @flightlessangelwings (Bishop Losa x F! Reader) 
Stars Above the Desert by @elen-aranel (Captain Christoper Pike x F! Reader) 
The Last of Us by @seasonschange-butpeopledont ( Frankie Morales x F!Reader / Santiago “Pope” Garcia x F!Reader) 
The Tragic and Magic of You by @deberiaestarescribiendo (Din Djarin x F! Reader) 
A Long Drive by @itspdameronthings (William ‘Ironhead’ Miller) 
Hit Me by @foli-vora (Pero Tovar x F! Reader) 
Going to Meet the Millers by @lucrezia-thoughts ( Frankie x gn!Reader (gender neutral) x Benny Miller x Will Miller x Santiago Garcia)
The Middle of Nowhere by @poedameronloverx (Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia x Reader) 
Road Trip by @the-dendrophile-bookworm (Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia x GN! Reader) 
Luck on the Run by @the-ginger-hedge-witch (Agent Whiskey x OFC) 
Heat by @disgruntledspacedad (Ezra x OFC) 
Long, Strange Trip by @anxiousandboujee (Modern! Din Djarin) 
Places That I’ve Never Been by @alwaysbethewest (Will Miller x OFC) 
The Open Road by @silverwolf319 (Dave York x F! Reader x Marcus Pike)
Route 50 by @miraclesabound (Modern! Din Djarin x F! Reader) 
Running on Empty by @sugarontherims (Frankie Morales x F! Reader) 
Country Roads by @writeforfandoms (Agent Whiskey x GN! Reader) 
The Way Back Home by @emofairyprincessofarkansas (Marcus Pike x OC) 
Let Me Give You What You Need by @justanotherblonde23 (Angel Reyes x F! Reader) 
Light My Love by @moonlight-prose (1980′s Din Djarin x F! Reader) 
Slow Down, You’re Doing Fine by @charnelhouse (Will Miller x F! Reader)
Just Drive by @ladyblogger-margie (Will Miller x F! Reader) 
Stars Don’t Change by @dailyreverie (Bucky Barnes x F! Reader) 
By A Nose by @tlcwrites (Poe Dameron x Reader) 
Heat Wave by @thirstworldproblemss & @astroboots (Frankie Morales x F! Reader x Benny Miller) 
Is It Living If Your Left Things Behind by @purplepascal042 (Dave York x GN! Reader) 
Desert Road Trip HC’s by @underwood0723 ( Whiskey x GN!Reader, Frankie Morales x GN!Reader, and Javier Peña x GN!Reader) 
Just Drive by @starlight-starwrites (Frankie Morales x F! Reader) 
Red Rock Roadtrip by @jedi-mando (Agent Whiskey x F! Reader) 
Side Tracked by @waywardimpalawriter (William ‘Ironhead’ Miller x Plus Size F! Reader) 
Liminal by @insomniamamma (Ezra and Cee Family) 
Let me know if I missed you! 
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zvaigzdelasas · 2 months ago
A prominent Iraqi resistance group pledges readiness for military and security cooperation with its fellow Palestinian movements in the face of the Israeli regime’s aggression and warns Tel Aviv that it can reach the depths of the occupied territories.
The secretary-general of the al-Nujaba resistance movement, Sheikh Akram al-Ka'abi, made the remarks during an unprecedented meeting with Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ Political Bureau, and Ziyad al-Nakhalah, the secretary-general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Iraqi group’s Media Office in Palestine reported on Wednesday.
“We are ready for any military-security cooperation with our Palestinian brothers. We are monitoring all the informal movements of the Zionists in Iraq to the north of the country, and I promise that the Islamic resistance has the ability to reach the depths of the occupied territories,” he added.
The Iraqi official specified “armed resistance” as the only way to liberate al-Quds and the rest of the occupied lands.
“The Islamic Resistance is close to that moment of liberation,” he announced and noted how the regional resistance axis had grown far beyond a single country. “The Zionists will be surprised when confronted with a front consisting of warriors,” he added.
According to Ka’abi, the potential expulsion of the United States -- Israel’s staunchest supporter -- from Iraq would further expedite Palestine’s liberation.
This morning alone, the resistance fired 100 rockets towards Tel Aviv and its vicinity to teach a “salutary lesson to the Zionists,” the official added.
“We will not back down from resistance and Gaza will continue to serve as a sword in support of al-Quds.”
12 May 2021
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