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$200/month @ 8%

10 years: $36,589

20 years: $117,803

30 years: $298,071

40 years: $698,200

50 years: $1,586,344

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Really is insane how small most people think

Locked into the same job since they graduated college, praying for a $20k raise, no concept of how to organically make money outside of that

Unless you develop the skills to make money by yourself, you’ll always be thinking too small

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Spend more time living your Rich Life than tracking your net worth

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If you invest $500/month with an 8% average yield 💰

After 5 years, you’ll have: $36,738

After 10 years: $91,472

20 years: $294,510

30 years: $745,179

40 years: $1,745,502

50 years: $3,965,861


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Don’t under estimate the buying experience. Customers buy based on the customer experience.


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I invest all side hustle money because I never know if/when that side hustle well will dry up.

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I broke a glass! But the internet saved me with a funny fix - slices of soft white bread to pick up the small shards!

And it WORKED! 😮

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17% of AirPod owners wear them while having sex

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