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#20th Century Fox Television
disneytva · 5 months ago
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Deadpool Animated Series In Early Development At 20th Television Animation And Marvel For Hulu Starring Ryan Reynolds
According to Bubblebaber during 20th Television Animation’s report on the studio rebranding it was revealed that 20th Television Animation is in early development on a Deadpool animated series for Hulu starring Ryan Reynolds, this is unrelated to the canned FX series from 2018 who was axed by FX executives for creative differences 
Not only are those 11 series in production, but the unit has “dozens” of other series in various stages of production (an animated Deadpool R-rated series for Hulu starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead role is being discussed) and is looking to expand which is very exciting news.
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galaxiarick · a year ago
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Solar Opposites
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thefirstthinguc · a year ago
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elhyp3 · a year ago
Seth MacFarlane dejará a 20th Century Fox Television después de más de 20 años, ahora trabajará con NBCUniversal Content Studios para crear contenido para su próxima plataforma de streaming, Peacock. Se rumora que el acuerdo que firmaron es por 5 años y 200 millones de dólares.
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my-brodie999-fan · 2 years ago
Hey, everyone. Could you please check out my latest post about Marvel creating MCU shows on 20th Century Fox and FXX?
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disneytva · 4 months ago
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Disney+ Orders More Simpsons Shorts To Pay Tribute To Disney+’s Franchises And Brands 
Today we got the surprise announcement that a third Maggie Simpson short this time focused on Star Wars will drop on Disney+, our friends over at Laughing Place shared that this short will be the next of many Simpsons shorts coming to Disney+
The shorts will focus in different parodies of the Disney+ Catalog: Disney, Pixar, Marvel & National Geographic along with other brands like The Muppets and 20th Century Studios family friendly brands
The short will bring characters from Star Wars into Springfield and will be the first of several shorts that will release on Disney+ from The Simpsons as they pay tribute to the service’s brands and titles.
It’s unknow if all these shorts will star Maggie Simpson or other member of Springfield
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galaxiarick · a year ago
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Solar Opposites
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My Top Four Fox Based Worlds For Kingdom Hearts
This list Is based off of Fox properties that I think should be in Kingdom Hearts. Remember these can technically happen since Disney owns Fox.
Spoilers Ahead.
# 4 Raising Hope/Natesville
This is a world to show how even the littlest of towns can contribute to the upcoming Keyblade War. I love to shop at Howdys or a boss fight with Lucy. For a story, I would pick one of the wedding episodes, that or an original story taking place after the series.
Partners: probably none, though though if it had to be somebody it had to be at least one of the Chances or a family friend.
Keyblade: "Here we go (Oh Oh Oh)" (turns into a baby rattle and mobile (with references to the show.))
Bosses: heartless reference of something from the show & Lucy.
(Note: it would not be a bad idea to incorporate a My Name Is Earl reference)
#3 Diary of a wimpy kid/Plainview...Kind of:
I'm not the first one to come up with this, I'll just say that.
My idea for this world is that instead of having is being based off of the movies actual events, If you want to take place within the journal of Greg Heffley.
Heartless are threatening to take over by making the events of the journal (which is from Greg's perspective) into a real version so that it can be prime real estate for a takeover.
I would really like to see a concept like this used for an actual world.
Partners: Greg(either the doodle version of him, or The real Greg acts like a fourth dimensional being and has influence using a pencil) and also Rowley (he is a gold belt in karate last time I checked).
Keyblade: Twisted Wizard™ Blade of Unlocking (transforms into a staff and then a pencil or pen based of The diary of a wimpy kid mythos).
Boss: Twisted Wizard strategy guide come to life, amalgamation of heartless in a form of all the things Greg fears, some third boss based of off heartless.
#2 Bobs Burgers/ Wonder Warf:
Bobs Burgers is my favorite show so of course I would like this to be a world in Kingdom Hearts
The main concept for this world is that what would happen if a world based on realistic fiction, the only forms of fantasy is what if and stories told by the characters, (the most unreal thing is a two-butted goat, and a sea monster and you could chalk it up to a mutation and some superstition.)
Imagine the city that Bobs Burgers takes place in (I only called her Wonder Wharf because it was a well-known name from the show) finding out that the supernatural exists.
I love to see the town adapt to that.
It would also be fun to see the Belchers and the unique story created for this game world.
Partners: If possible, all of the Belchers, but most likely just Bob and Louise.
Keyblade: Good for your heartless (turns into a spatula, and then a Bobs Burgers theme spatula themed spatula.
Bosses: A fake boss fight with either Hugo Jimmy Pesto or Mr Fisheoder, (you get arrested after you land the first hit), and and a boss fight consisting of a heartless based around a concept from the show, like a burger heartless.
# 1 Free Guy/Free City:
At the time of writing this, I just saw the movie Free Guy, and it was really great. I want A world based around the movie or the events after it.
Spoilers ahead
If it takes place during the movie, it should be during the montage of Guy doing good things and go from there.
If it takes place afterward, you can have it be that Antwane Is working with the Heartless to gain back the game so he can get back his money and the heartless can use it to spread misery from the NPCs
With the focus on its being a video game, you can do something along the lines of Tron from the first Kingdom Hearts game.
Partners: Guy, Molotov girl/Millie, and maybe Buddy (he didn't do much combatively but I will be willing to see a change in the script for him).
Keyblade: Free Blade (can transform into a blaster, and then a keyboard)
Bosses: Glitched Dude, Antwan in some shape or form, Reboot,Error, or deletion Heartless.
So that's pretty much about it. I hope one day we will have one of these worlds in Kingdom Hearts, and I hope that day is soon.
If you want to use these ideas in fanfics or in fan art, or want to build upon these ideas, make sure to credit me.
Good day
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uravgdragon · a year ago
So apparently Disney is like rebranding/cutting 20th Century Fox, and all I can imagine is Mickey Mouse pointing a rifle at a fox.
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vijaska · 8 months ago
Vijaska Sánce | Dear US.
Vijaska Sánce | Dear US. No matter how hard we try to claim it, power is not in the hands of us, the people. The United States' top down approach to power might as well already be declared a dictatorship. At least a corporatocracy.
[can be read as the abbreviation for the United States, or the literal word “us”] The United States likes to call itself united, yet here we are more divided than ever. The United States likes to call itself the best country in the world, yet according to Newsweek, “The United States is now ranked among the world’s worst places to move to.” The United States likes to say it’s alive and well, yet…
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lifes-commotion · a year ago
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In memory of Jeanne Elizabeth Crain (25 May 1925 – 14 December 2003).  She is an actress that appeared in films like Leave Her to Heaven, A Letter to Three Wives, and Pinky.  
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k3llwhy · a year ago
Disney turned 20th Century Fox into "20th Television"... so it's basically the same thing... but worse
Disney continues to be on-brand
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disneytva · 5 months ago
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20th Television Animation’s Bless the Harts Canceled at FOX
Bless the Harts will not be back for a third season.
Fox has canceled the animated comedy from creator Emily Spivey. The series, a co-production between Disney's 20th Television and Fox Entertainment, will wrap its second and final season in May on the independent broadcast network.
The adult animated comedy featuring a voice cast that includes Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, Ike Barinholtz and Kumail Nanjiani, has been a lackluster performer in its second season as part of Fox's Sunday night block. Its most recent original episode drew 56,000 total same-day viewers, a series low.
The cancellation comes as animated comedies typically take longer to produce, with creatives needing to know sooner in order to make a fall schedule. Fox, meanwhile, continues to build up its animated slate with an eye on full ownership of its programming. In addition to Disney-owned The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers, Fox has The Great North (a co-production with 20th), Housebroken (fully owned internally) and the recently picked up Dan Harmon series launching in 2022.
Fox's animation push comes after the broadcast network purchased animation studio Bento Box, best known for Bob's Burgers, in a bid to own its animated offerings. In success, animated comedies can become cash cows for networks and their owners with lucrative merchandising lines. Bob's, Duncanville, The Great North, Family Guy and The Simpsons have all been renewed for the 2021-22 broadcast season.
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