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doctorfodder1969 · 12 hours ago
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Happy #28th Birthday to the #11th album by @aerosmith #GetAGrip Born #20th April #1993
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To my professor that assigned a project to be due on the same day as our final exam/during finals week:
Fuck you, you fucking fuck I hope you get bunions on every single one of your toes and that your gums recede and decay
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j-r-macready · 2 days ago
B-1B 85-0083
B-1B 85-0083 by David ilott Via Flickr: 34th Bomb Squadron B-1B 85-0083/EL at Nellis AFB in May 2018.
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chibimyumi · 3 days ago
Hello chibi! Where did you find that 28th anniversary illustration? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
It just comes with the G fantasy 28th anniversary release.... you know...? With the latest G Fantasy magazine.
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thereckorgning · 3 days ago
Hopefully we should start seeing some advertising for Laws of Attraction this coming week and we’ll get to see what we’re in for.
I know they usually do it in the order of; - Teaser - Trailer with release date - Love Interests - Friend Group
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callboxkat · 4 days ago
Do you like podcasts?
Do you like improv comedy?
Do you like sci fi?
Are you okay with adult humor?
You should check out Mission to Zyxx!
This is the description of it:
An improvised science fiction sitcom following a team of ambassadors as they attempt to establish diplomatic relations with planets in the remote and chaotic Zyxx Quadrant... better known as “the ass end of space.”
It’s hilarious and deserves much more attention than it gets.
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djsneakrfreak · 4 days ago
Slowed a bit but the message is clear
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studyfajr · 4 days ago
Hey film enthusiasts, especially those who’d like to see more non-western movies! And hello language lovers and those learning kurdish/interested in kurdish, i have very exciting news for all of us! Today (16.04.21) is the start of the global kurdish film festival, all online and - now get this - for free!!! To take part, you only need to create a free account on (it took me 10 sec to sign up) and you get access to 106 kurdish movies and documentaries, produces by kurdish directors, ranging from 1959 to 2021 and categorized into themes. I’m very excited and hope that other people appreciate this opportunity as much as i do!
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adhdvane · 5 days ago
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i was a dumb bitch and misread wiki info and thought i needed 10k crystals instead of 1k crystals to awaken all the weapons jfc; i would have done this literally a week ago on the 8th if i had realized bc i got all my boxes done during the interlude... anyways bastard man has to get leveled now 5 or 10 eternals 5* tien: 5* on 05-01-2019 1:29 am seox: 5* on 10-28-2019 12:36am 3-13-2020 10 of 10 eternals obtained feower: 5* on 7-25-2020 10:13 pm eahta: 5* on 12-18-2020 1:06 am seofon: 5* on 4-15-2021 2:39 pm
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redsnerdden · 5 days ago
Amazing Fantasy set to return with Spider-Man, Black Widow, Time Travel, and much more!
Amazing Fantasy set to return with Spider-Man, Black Widow, Time Travel, and much more! #Spiderman #AmazingFantasy #BlackWidow #comics #CaptainAmerica #Marvel
Amazing Fantasy began in December 1961 which included stories that were drawn by artists Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Don Heck with Writer/Editor Stan Lee gave readers a journey into the unknown within Science Fiction and Fantasy. With a motto on the cover: “The Magazine that respects your intelligence,” it would lead to the introduction of one of Marvel’s Greatest Heroes in Amazing Fantasy #15,…
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cinnimani · 6 days ago
Good luck on your exams!! 💕 Afterwards are you officially done with the semester?
THANK YOU!! <3 BUT.. I WISH ANON.. I WISH..................
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