mookquartet · 2 days ago
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the REAL reason he wears the hat now. the male pattern baldness caught up to him :-(
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quentincordonnier · a day ago
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Step by step
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gorillaz-official-art · 17 hours ago
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akamavarii · 2 days ago
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8 ball
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carnivaldisk · 2 days ago
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not sure which one i like more here u go
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erikitamura · 2 days ago
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mibol-gamer-log · a day ago
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What a great videogame! - Bloodstained Curse of the Moon
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sharkfinsouup · a day ago
Sleeping Powder
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I love how this turned out
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jadesjunk · a day ago
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Decided to take part in the rainbow horse competition over on instagram for SSO. Here’s my submission, the Spectrum horse!
Breed Description: Spectrum - A spirit of life, spectrum is a horse that travels through dreams and lives off the wishes of riders across the world. They represent the beauty of diversity and variety in life. They can take on many forms but most commonly prefer that of gentle giant breeds such as the irish cob, the cyldesdale and the shire. They desire to carry strength and comfort to those who need it most and bless inspiration upon the artists and creators of the world. They very rarely visit the waking realm, living mostly within the dreams of creatives except in special circumstances. Jorvik however is a land full of many hopes, dreams and wishes which allow the spectrum to manifest itself far more easily.
However they are not one to be overly flashy and will often conceal themselves as a simple pinto to mask their beauty. When they find someone who truly needs them they at last reveal their true form, that of a rainbow horse of shifting colors and blotches of white, not unlike that of a painter's brush smeared across their coat. They are a beauty to behold and have become known as a muse for many equestrian artists, inspiring many works from all walks of life.
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goliraz · 13 hours ago
You don’t understand how much I need 2D to be violent and rabid I need him to bite someone I need him to be insane
its so funny cos canonically he's not a very violent person at all. Never kills spiders carries a knife around purely for show takes vows of silence etc. I think he takes out all his anger driving big modded up trucks around a safe dirt track and the occasional destruction derby. But I agree with you 100% he needs to kill someone
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monkeyparasite · 2 days ago
pathetic/weird imagines, part two
Ace promised you to a fancy cheap resturant with some entertainment too, surpised and happy to hear this grand news, you gladly agreed to go with him. On the day of the special event, Ace had blindfolded you, (and was a little bit of agressive about doing it but its okay because hes baby), tied your arms behind your back, while your legs were tied close together as well, you tried to struggle away, but he somehow managed to throw you over his shoulder as he walked out the door, humming a little tune. "This gonna be so fun, toots! I promise!" he said in a cheerful tone, while throwing you down onto something, next he slamed something metal sounding down, as his whistling was now muffled as he opened what sounded like a car door.
You had realize then and there, you were in a truck. What the fuck ace. Anyways, after enduring Ace's terrible driving along with several bumpy roads, the car finally came to a stop. Hopping out of the driver seat, Ace opened up the truck, exclaiming in an excited tone, "We're here, Toots!!". He did cut the rope on your arms and legs at least, but he refused to remove the cloth that covered your eyes.
Guiding you somewhere that smelt like.. literal butt and hot garagabe, he sat you down, removing the blindfold, before sitting down himself. Looking around while fighting the urge to strangle the man that sat next to you, eyes darting around, you realized something, Ace and his gang (and maybe even the band??), had beauty-fied the whole garagabe somewhat.
"Look! Look! It's our waitor!", Changing your quick moving eyes to infront of you, there you saw, Snake, dressed in a ragged and torn waitor outfit, holding up a large silver plate with an even bigger silver bowl covering it, the plate and bowl were both covered in stains and gunk, while Snake wore a forced on smile while sweating.
Panting, Snake placed it onto the table, weakly raising up his hand to pull away the bowl off of it to reveal.. Lil Arotou sitting on the plate, chicken leg in hand, eating it!!1! Now Snake made a hissing crying noise and ran away, while Ace gasped in shock. The event was ruined, at least one person enjoyed it though!
You never knew Noodle had a PS2, until she invited you to play fornite with her, you gladly accepted, (you love fornite, you have fournight bedsheets and clothes and everything alright? your wearing a fornight t-shirt during all of this okay?) everything went well! You and her soon became gaming buddies together. One day, Noodle walked up to you, with a dead experession on her face, worried, you asked her if she was okay. She didn't reply, instead, she lifted you up by your throat up against the wall, and said in the most calmest yet agressive voice you've ever heard in your life "Listen to me Y/N, I need you to do something for me. I need you to go to gamestop, and you will ask the bastard working at the counter if they Bambi on the PS2, and if you come home empty handed, I will make sure you never get to play fornite ever again"
Russel loved to take long bubble baths, and you two were pretty far in your relationship. One day, after a hard, rough, and long day, Russel invited you to bathe with him. Flustered with his invitation, you accepted with rosy red cheeks. While in the tub, you two sat facing on another, both of you smiling at eachother. Until. You heard a loud noise, so loud, and so horrifying, your smile faded as a face of fear spread into you. There was only silence for a moment. A few bubbles came up, popping quickly afterwards, followed by a stench, so bad, so nasty, it made your noise hairs curl and burn off. Russel stood up, so humilated and embrassed, ran out of the bathroom naked, never to be seen again
2D was a fun boy! He loved the amusements parks and carnvials, so for your birthday, you figured you would take him to one! Once you arrived, it seemed he had been here before, because he dragged you to the a long, high up rollercoaster. Forcing you to go with him and sit next to you, you actually had a lot of fun! While it zipped down a large steep hill, 2D's hair ripped off, revealing it was a wig all along.. THEN HIS EYEBROWS, THEY FLEW OFF TOO!! Once off the ride, 2D acted like nothing had happened at all, until he saw himself in one of those funky mirrors, he cried afterwards
Murdoc did have a tendency to run off and leave you and the band behind, which he did admit was a bad habit of his, but he did defend himself saying it made for good adventures! So, today you all dececided to go to Ikea, and of course, he ran off again. He didn't have his phone with him, which made it worse, but eventually, you found him! There he was, sitting a colorful plastic child chair, in front the king himself, djungelskog.
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osatokun · 4 months ago
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oh tumblr is starting to discover my non vampire works..  Okay, have an animation I made for  MidnightSonata  7 months ago as a treat  Animation,background and colorkeys - me Coloring and composing - Maktiko
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artvaultz · 10 months ago
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sokka, inspired from That One Scene :>
some practice from a little while ago, inspired by the scene from A:TLA where zuko walks into sokka's tent at night to ask something, but sokka was expecting suki and had that rose in his mouth lol
used: clip studio paint, wacom intuos pro
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gorillaz-official-art · 2 days ago
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akamavarii · 20 hours ago
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it's the second floor
(lighting practice)
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akeussel · 2 months ago
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gorillazbitex · a month ago
Craig McCracken’s illustration for the Gorillaz Artbook! [out now]
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